PSA: Yanks reopen Yankee Stadium tours


When I went on my Yankee Stadium tour in August, a lot of readers wanted to know if they could enjoy the stadium on a similar tour. At the time, all remaining tours were sold out, and the Yanks had no plans to continue the tours after the final game a few weeks ago. Due to popular demand, however, the Yankees have reoped the Stadium for tours. Right now, the booking covers only through the end of October, but plans seem to be in the works to run these tours, weather-permitting, until the end of the year when the team starts moving Monument Park across the street. You can book the tours here. Act fast; time slots are selling out quickly.

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  • Slugger27

    good for the yanks… too bad i cant make it to one but its nice to do this

  • Cam

    Holy shit! This is awesome! I was so afraid that I would have regretted this the rest of my life, having never taken a tour of the stadium. This is literally some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. You said that you could book through the end of October, but when I clicked on your link to buy tickets they were only being sold until the end of next week, which of course seem to be all sold out. Unless I missed something, is it really going to be through the end of October? And how likely do you think it will be that they will go on through year? Thanks so much for this news!

    • Ed

      I emailed the Yankees about a tour a few days ago. They wrote back to me yesterday saying that tours start up again today and continue at least until the end of the month. Nothing is set past that.

      • Cam

        I guess I’ll just have to keep looking until the tickets go on sale for the rest of the month. Thanks!

  • Infamous

    They seem to all be sold out already. dam.

  • Roddy

    Just got 5 tix for tomorrow… I had tix for the end of Jun and the Yankees canceled on me the week before the tour. This is AWESOME.

  • DonnieBaseballHallOfFameDotCom

    From what I heard if you show up in person you usually get in no problem even towards the end of this year.

    • Roddy

      I have heard this as well. From a few people that have done it. But when you live far from the stadium it’s kind of hard to go on the hope they will have tix’s.

  • Freddy

    I wanna go bad…any word on when they’ll be selling tickets for this beyond October 10th?