• dan

    Why is the chat preview written in like Latin, or whatever language that is?

    • radnom

      I think it is just random letters arranged in a way so they look like words. Ths avoids having to come up with actual content for the preview this way is safer.

      • radnom

        Then again, I don’t know latin.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

          I took a year of Latin in college. It’s Latin. Most text previews tend to be. I’m not sure why.

  • Matt K

    I love these player like Peavy and CC who say apparently want to stay in the NL. Too me they are saying they don’t want to compete.

  • christopher

    Why not even a mention of adam dunn? Id everyone that down on him for his “lack of love for the game”

    Imagine him infront of AROD – he wil either geth fastballs right down the middle or hr will walk getting a runner on setting up a big inning.

    I see this off-season and the next as critical to the yankees future success. First off, Ace’s are rarely available via free agency and CC is sitting there not to mention sheets when healthy. Burnett has the talent to be an ace as well.

    Get the Ace and another good pitcher with Adam Dunn. Nect year the team will also lose Prttite or mussina’s money assuming they retire along with matsui and damon that makes carl crawford the number one option next off season.

    I dont ever like the idea of the yankees having a budget near 30 million less than next year – this is a rare off-season and in that us fans have been looking forward too for the past 2 or 3 years. now is the time to spend more then ever before.

    and if they can get peavy for hughes, cano, and another prime prospect they have to do it. this guy has arguably the best stuff of any ritghty in baseball and is young – he is also very cost effective even if they sweeten his deal by adding a couple years at big money. Imagine a staff of CC, Peavy, Wang, Joba, ad Petitte this year …with brackman or another young darkhorse for 2010 and beyond