Rollins: Sabathia will end up with Yanks

Final nail in the Peavy coffin
Suspended WS Game 5 postponed

There’s really not much new in this Jon Heyman column. Will Sabathia go for home or money? Yeah, no one has a clue. He does talk to a friend of Sabathia, though. Plenty of reporters have seemingly done that this year, asking random Sabathia friend after random Sabathia friend about the pitcher’s intentions. Most of them, it seems, feel he’ll go home. The friend Heyman tracked down: Jimmy Rollins. His take: “New York, American League. They’ve got enough money, and they need him.”

Of course, this is just as meaningless as the opinions of Sabathia’s nameless friends. That’s the point, though.

Final nail in the Peavy coffin
Suspended WS Game 5 postponed
  • E-ROC

    It is pretty much anyone’s guess as to where Sabathia will end up. Lol, I do agree with Rollins though.

  • steve (different one)

    i don’t know, the last time Rollins made a bold prediction, it turned out OK.

  • Double-J

    Jimmy, feel free to come with once you’re done trampling Tampa. ;)

  • mike G.

    i don’t know if CC is coming to the bronx or not. he could be a workhorse but he could fail in the playoff, or have his arm fall apart after the brewers raped it.

    but with all these baseball players sticking to the script i love that Jimmy Rollins says whatever the hell he wants.

    Of course he wants his friend to make big bucks, wouldn’t you want your friend to make big money?

  • Bo

    Love Heyman but seriously. How many articles can he write doing the Sabathia choice thing? NY or Cali? Money or home? It’s like 20 columns now about it.

    The day he files CC’s agents will hold a press conf saying he loves NY.

    • Reggie C.

      I don’t know. Offseason hasn’t begun yet. I still think Heyman’s got another half dozen of those columns in him.

      • Michael

        I did hear Peter Gammons say that CC really loves the Boston area, and that CC could be pitching in Fenway next year! Mark it down, Gammons is never wrong on these things.

  • Slugger27

    wait, jimmy rollins said this?

    OH THANK GOD… i can sleep easy now, i was worried it would be another irrelevant person’s random opinion

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      At a time like this, where is Ja Rule to help me make sense of all this?


    • christopher

      he has made some great predictions in the past… he ever a free agent – love to get him

  • Old Ranger

    The world will not end if we don’t get Tex and CC…it’ll come close, with some!

    We will come back from this years disaster, let’s not get to reactionary.
    CC and Tex would make this team very good but, we must be optimists, any up grade in what we have is an upgrade to the WS next year. Key word…upgrade!
    Now that the BS is out of the way, why worry about things we can’t change…things are what they are, that’s that. We have to discuss something, so be it, we all agree CC and Tex would be a good fit! What if there are a couple of guys we can get (not to high a cost in players) out there at AAA that could fit almost as well but, they are blocked? Should we go after them? If not, why not? A few have been mentioned before on RAB. Of course, no one as good as CC but, maybe a CF/1st baseman. Just something to think about. Have fun and destroy your competitors. 27/09.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      But who would trade us a young, quality, cost-controlled CF or 1B prospect? Arnold Johnson doesn’t run the A’s anymore, we can’t just steal some other teams rookie youngsters…

      • Old Ranger

        We wouldn’t be steeling a player from anyone. If one is good but, blocked by someone else…why would you not trade him for someone your team could use? People on this blog keep saying, trade this guy or that one for whomever it may be at the time. Same difference, right? 27/09.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          No, Ranger, what I’m saying is, those “quality youngsters in AAA who are blocked” in other teams organizations, guys like a Colby Rasmus in St. Louis or a Jordan Schafer in Atlanta, teams just don’t deal those guys. If some organization has a good, young, cost controlled player in AAA ready to go but he’s blocked by a vet at the majors, they don’t deal the youngster, they deal the vet. So, yes, the Cardinals would talk to us about Rick Ankiel, because they’re much less interested in keeping Rasmus than they are on Ankiel.

          I’m saying that to get a quality youngster who’s near major league ready from some other team, we’d have to give them TWO quality youngsters who are near major league ready, otherwise it’s a non-starter. Nobody just deals away good youngsters for nothing (well, maybe Dan Duquette does, but you know what I mean.)

  • John D

    This CC wanting to go/be “home” talk is very frustrating. His “home” (at least as far as the baseball writers believe) is Vallejo, CA. The 2 closest teams to Vallejo are Oakland and SF. We all know he is NOT going to be pitching for the A’s or Giants next year. So … that leads the media to construct this fallacy that somehow CC signing with the Dodgers or Angels would constitute his “returning home”. News flash — LA is 386 miles from Vallejo and Anaheim is 410. Shorter distances between major US cities include: Chicago/St. Louis (300 mi), Pittsburgh/Detroit (285 mi) and DC/NY (228 mi). So I guess if I’m from Brooklyn and I’ve been at school in Texas for the past 4 years and then I take a job in DC, I’d be going home? I realize Vallejo and LA are in the same state, but come on. Let’s get real. Neither LA nor Anaheim is “home” to CC. He may very well sign with a team not named the Yankees, but he’s not “going home”. I guess it’s a slow news time around MLB.

    • Mulls

      yeah so true. Cc’s gonna be living in harrison next year bank on it

      • kenthadley

        Harrison, New Jersey? hey, maybe right near the old Two Guys………

        • Kay Sturns

          I think sports writers also forgot what the baseball schedule looks like in addition to geography

    • planet

      good point John D. Those distances are especially annoying being that he’d have to make the decision to either drive(be driven) 6 hours to and from the ballpark or go through the airport procedure just to hop on a 50 minute flight. Yes I understand he’d be chartering a private jet however there is added time required for to/from airport transportation, take off, etc… There is literally nothing convenient about either of those choices.

  • Steve

    In what may or may not be related news, The Angels picked up the options for Lackey and Vlad today. Personally, the notion of CC going to the Angels strikes me as far fetched. They have PLENTY of young, good starting pitching. What they need is to re-sign Tex or find another big bat or two.

    BTW-They declined Garret Anderson’s option, so you’d expect them to go after an OFer as well.

    • JeffG

      Agreed if they were to spend money on a pitcher why not K-Rod?
      I think Giambi would be a good DH fit for them. Or perhaps if the Cubs get rid of Soriano to go after Manny then they could try to pick him up. Hoping Tex won’t be an option because he should be wearing pinstripes.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        Why would the Angels waste 15M per year on KRod, who walks everybody and looks to already be entering his decline, when they’ve got in-house options in Shields and Arredondo?

    • Old Ranger

      Good news, thanks for the update.
      Looks like we will have a lot of competitors for one Tex, the 1st basemen of the future…for someone. Could it be us? We will know when we know, I guess. 27/09.