Stadium memorabilia will be expensive

What Went Wrong: The Dynamic Duo
Sublett finally returns from injury

The Yankees and the City of New York — the actual owners of Yankee Stadium — have yet to announce their plans to sell off everything of any value in the House that Ruth Built. However, as Shazia Kahn at NY1 reported today, the Yankee sell off is bound to be very expensive. Personally, I’d like to buy a seat or two, but if the going rate for a pair of Shea seats is $869, I can only imagine what the Yanks will charge.

What Went Wrong: The Dynamic Duo
Sublett finally returns from injury
  • Rebecca – Optimist Prime

    I imagine it’ll be around $2,000/pair of seat.

  • Matt K

    Id be willing to spend 100-200$ on something small… But that will prob only get me a rusty screw

  • Joseph P.

    I want a section of the facade. How much will that cost?

    • Bruno

      Bill Gates, Donald Trump numbers.

  • Bruno

    I got my seat for free! ripped it off the bleachers after game 6 of ’96 series! woohoo! the value’ll go up once they knock down (tear) The Original Yankee Stadium?

  • jk

    The stock market is crashing and so will the market for this stuff.

  • jsbrendog

    come on guys its cool, they only want your first born child and your left testicle.

    they’re leaving you one nut so you can have another kid. ITS A BARGAIN!

  • Mike A.

    I just want something, I don’t care what. Dirt doesn’t really mean much to me, I never played on the field. I would prefer something from the actual Stadium. A little say, 2″x2″x2″ chunk of concrete from Tier Reserved somewhere would be just fine.

    • Pete


  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    If they’ll cut me up a seat from the rightfield bleachers, I’ll tell them where the other 7 David Ortiz tee-shirts are buried in the new Stadium.


    There’s Yankee stadium dirt on eBay already.

  • yanksfool

    The post reported a few weeks ago that a pair of seats would cost 1923.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Huh. That’s odd… That price makes sense, but if the Post reported it, it’s gotta be wrong.