The real ghosts of Yankee Stadium

Money tales for the Yanks
Meachem most likely to take the fall

James Barron has written one of the most morbidly interesting stories about the impending destruction of Yankee Stadium that I’ve read so far. In today’s Times, Barron looks at the fate of those who have spread the ashes of their deceased loved ones in the House that Ruth Built. Some relatives are sad about the loss of a final resting place while others have some remaining ashes that will become a part of the new stadium. All in all, it’s one slightly disturbing and entirely fascinating article.

Money tales for the Yanks
Meachem most likely to take the fall
  • Joey H.

    One ghost I pray to never see again is the one of Kei Igawa

    • pounder

      Right on Joey, right on.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Creepy. I love rooting for the Yanks and all, but scattering my ashes on Yankee Stadium grounds? I hope my family thinks that my life had a little more relevance to it than WATCHING someone else do something. It probably doesn’t.

  • Crotchety Old Schmuck

    Pretty interesting. I don’t really see anything wrong at all with it. Honestly, what someone wants to do with their loved ones ashes, and with their own wishes of course, is their business. What I found pretty wild though is that Hamburg SV built a cemetery right next to their stadium for fans.

    Hamburg SV Cemetery

  • Peter Quintiliani

    How bout geting guys like Tino and Paul who had heart ,guts and FOCUS instead of theses freakin Tads and Tods living in Dads big Mansion.

    • steve (different one)

      wtf are you talking about?