The Yanks visit Congress

Davidoff: Moose probably done
RLYW: Teixeira a great fit for the Bronx

Yankee officials are currently sitting in front of Dennis Kuchinich’s Congressional subcommittee on domesti policy, and Neil deMause is liveblogging the event. For all you good government types, part one is available here on the Village Voice’s website, and the current live log is right here. The issue at stake right now is the land value assessment of the new stadium plot. It appears that the city significantly overvalued it to ensure tax breaks for the ball club.

Davidoff: Moose probably done
RLYW: Teixeira a great fit for the Bronx
  • Mike A.

    That has to be the most uninteresting live blog in the history of the universe.

  • radnom

    Kucinich is the man, but I can’t imagine why he would be dealing with what seems to me like a local New York issue…he represents Ohio in the house. The whole thing is too boring to find out though. This thread is going to kill any discussion on this site, thank goodness for the chat at 3 or I might actually have to do some work.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Government’s interests must be in protecting the people, particularly the common man. Once big business tries to outwit the government and the people, big business must be punished. It’s that simple.

  • Januz

    I cannot deal with publicity hounds like Kucinich who have all the power of a loud mouth terrier. This reminds me of when Community Board # 4 tried to stop Yankee Stadium from being built (How successfully were they?) (By the way, he is also the guy who tried to impeach President Bush, when it had ZERO chance of happening, and BANKRUPTED Cleveland while he was Mayor). I admit to being a politically incorrect, right-wing, Yankee fan, who believes that the term “Good Goverment” is an oxymoron. Goverment is not good for most people (Unless they are well connected, bureaucrats, or are getting goverment handouts).
    I am glad the IRS let them not only let them keep the bonds they got, but are letting them get additional funding, and hopefully, the same will apply to Atlantic Yards as well (I hope Kucinich enjoys Lebron James playing in Brooklyn?). I want to see the cleanup of the Yankee Stadium area, Atlantic & Flatbush Ave’s, and Willets Point, for the communities, as well as for the fans of those teams, to have a good environment to not only watch a game, but after the game as well, and I don’t care if Kucinich does not like it (I guess there are no problems in CLEVELAND to deal with?). I also want the team that I root for, to actually win titles unlike his team (The Cleveland INDIANS, who have not won in SIXTY YEARS (There is a politically INCORRECT name INDIANS if I ever heard one. Why doesn’t Kucinich complain about “Insensitivity Towards Native Americans”, and make the Indians change their name?)). PS: I simply DON”T LIKE Cleveland (I am a Steeler and Penn State Nittney Lion Fan, so why should I ?).

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      “I want to see the cleanup of the Yankee Stadium area, Atlantic & Flatbush Ave’s, and Willets Point, for the communities, as well as for the fans of those teams, to have a good environment to not only watch a game, but after the game as well…”

      Gentrification says hello.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      Booyeah! dont be ashamed oh your political views, be proud my friend. Constitution > all

  • Januz

    This is NOT about gentrification. There is no one in their right mind who thinks that Jerome Ave will become Lilly White. And Willets Point is NOT a community, it is an industrial toxic waste dump, that has the worst roads in New York. There are certain areas that would benefit by cleanups, and there is no area that needs it more than Willets Point. I am a die hard Yankee fan, but I feel sorry for Met fans, because they have those junk yards less than 30 feet from Citi Field.

    • kenthadley

      Januz… need to defend your opinions….TSJC plays the racial card more often than Wayne Newton plays Vegas……your points are well taken… family grew up on Jerome Ave…..the future is for a clean, safe, AND diverse community……

  • Januz

    Kenthadley, thank you for the kind words. What disturbes me, is there are Yankee fans who want them to sign every free agent possible (I even remember TSJC trying to make a case for spending $13m to pick up Pavano’s option), yet they are opposed to the new stadium to such a degree, that they act as cheerleaders for Yankee haters, like Kucinich or the Daily News’s columnists like Lupica and Juan Gonzalez. The Yankees will quite likely be run as a business in the future (Unlike when George ran things) and in order, to spend money, they need to make money, these “Fans” need to realize that reality.
    Another point is this: If there is one thing I have learned down through the years, is there is a double standard in baseball. One for the Yankees and another for the Red Sox or Mets (Why else was there NO complaints about bond funding at Citi Field. If the Yankees are wrong, and should be investigatived over bogus appraisals, and ripping off the taxpayer, why not the Mets?). It is also funny, that the people who are so concerned about the “community”, should think about this. At least the Yankees stayed (Unlike the Football Giants, who left the same community), or the Baseball Giants, who went to San Francisco, and what is left? The WORST projects in Manhattan (The Polo Grounds).
    Think about it.

  • kenthadley

    the Sox slip under the radar because they brand themselves as “David” against the Goliath Evil Empire… has worked pretty well for them, because they can outspend anyone other than NYY, but still can point to the big Bronx Bully for cover and sympathy……….the Mets, on the other hand, dodge the bullet because…..well, watch the opening scene of the first Star Wars movie from back in the 70’s……the first ship you see is the Mets, then comes the Yanks…..Met’s also manage to avoid a lot of scrutiny that way, but this year they took it on the chin because we dropped by early September……it will always be that way unless the Bronx Bombers slip to a late 80’s /early 90’s mode of operation….doesn’t look like that will happen….by the way, Kucinich got spanked at the hearing…….