Two more weeks of Stadium tours

Russo's hot hitting continues
Open Thread: The Next Big Import

The Yankees announced this afternoon that they will continue to give behind-the-scenes tours of Yankee Stadium through November 12. Sign up here, and act quickly because supplies are very limited. I don’t know if this will be the last extension of the tour schedule. If the weather holds, they may keep the tours running through the end of November, but as the new stadium gets closer to reality, they will soon begin moving the sights such as Monument Park across the street.

Russo's hot hitting continues
Open Thread: The Next Big Import
  • Smitt Dogg

    I’m heading there tomorrow morning for my first, and sadly last tour of the Stadium. My girlfriend bought me and my buddy tickets for my birthday. Should I feel lame if I get choked up?

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    I went for my first tour recently. It was great OTHER than the picture nazis they have in place. Not allowed to take pictures certain places and times and not allowed to take video at all even though a bunch of us did.

    Why cant we take video on tiny hand help digital devices? Its not like we can make a DVD quality release? Just another bad and unfriendly move by the Yankees to their fans. One thing I think would have improved had the Yankees moved elsewhere (Manhattan, Jersey etc) would have been the quality of Yankee Stadium worker. They have some nice people working for them (the people who gave the tour) but the people who were low level security for the tour were scumbags. I know that the orders come from above (so the scumbagedness is not just the low level employee).

    I just do not get why now that nobody will ever play there again, WHY in the world cant somebody take a 2 minute MPG of their favorite part of the stadium?

    Tour was fun, but fast. You get really rushed along. I did not get chocked up at all, which I thought I would. Just had fun for the most part and enjoyed the sights. It is worth you visit. Been to the stadium many times to see games over the years but never got to see the dugout or the clubhouse. Also my first time in monument park where I did not get super rushed. I personally would have liked to spend less time there and more on the field and in the dugout.

    Last note I have a feeling from how they were acting that the grass will be harvested in a sod like fashion and sold to collectors somehow.