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In a shaky economy, you can trust Kevin Maas
NLDS Game 3: Phillies for the sweep

When the free agent frenzy begins, Bobby Abreu will be front and center among the Yankee free agents. He’s done very well in New York, and he’s coming off a 20-20 season in which he yet again drove in 100 runs and hit .296/.371/.471. It is not easy to replace a player who puts up Bobby Abreu-like numbers.

But Bobby Abreu is no spring chicken. He’ll turn 35 prior to Opening Day and doesn’t fit the Yanks’ purported youth movement. The Yanks, however, still have to field a team of nine viable starters, and in that regard, a short-term solution involving Bobby Abreu wouldn’t be bad. It certainly would be a better and safer move than allowing Xavier Nady to claim the right field job uncontested.

Abreu, however, has different plans in mind. He, according to Mark Feinsand, wants a three-year deal from the Yanks.

Abreu has said several times that he would like to remain with the Yankees, having enjoyed his 2-1/2-year stint in pinstripes. But the 34-year-old also is seeking at least a three year-contract, leading most baseball insiders to believe the outfielder will wind up in a new uniform this winter.

According to a source, Abreu has been upset by some recent media reports and speculation suggesting that his days in the Bronx are over. Abreu is vacationing with his family in the Bahamas and is expected to return to the area this weekend, although his situation won’t be settled until next month at the earliest, as he figures to test the free agent market.

GM Brian Cashman said he has not discussed any contract issues with Abreu or his representatives, so he wasn’t in a position to say how many years Abreu is seeking. But Cashman…stressed that he is “a big fan” of the outfielder. “I thought he was a welcome addition,” Cashman said. “He solidified right field, was an offensive force and has been a steady performer. He’s a professional, and his demeanor is outstanding. He’s done a great job.”

There are a few things going on here. First, this is the standard “negotiate through the media” technique. Abreu’s reps — or whoever this anonymous source is — now claim he wants “at least” a three-year contract, but 35-year-old Bobby Abreu would probably not get any more than three years on the open market.

The Yankees meanwhile have something of the upper hand here. They like Abreu, but the team also seems content to let him walk. They also hold the arbitration trump card. The Yanks could offer him arbitration and then re-sign him for a year. They can also offer him arbitration, let him walk and claim a draft pick. It’s a win-win for the team.

I’ve always had something of a soft spot for Abreu. I know his defense isn’t all that, but replacing his bat would not be an easy task. Xavier Nady had a terrible September after his red-hot August, and his career line of .280/.335/.458 is a far, far cry from Abreu’s .300/.400/.500 line. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two split the difference, and the Yanks bring Abreu for two years. If they let Bobby go, I wouldn’t be too shocked either if Manny Ramirez then ended up pinstripes.

Ah, the machinations of the off-season.

In a shaky economy, you can trust Kevin Maas
NLDS Game 3: Phillies for the sweep
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    No Manny. I’d rather Melky play full-time.

    • Jake K.

      Seriously? Is that just based on personalities? Because Manny is 100 times the player Melky is.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Manny is one billion times the player that Melky is.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yeah, I mean, if the choice is between those two, it’s not even a contest. Manny with one arm would be a better hitter than Melky.

    • Reggie C.

      I think Manny is a last-resort on this team. But playing Melky full-time is also right there. A LAST RESORT.

      If we strike out on landing a CF via FA, Melky still won’t play full-time. He’ll share it with gardner. And Gardner would get the majority of those at-bats b/c he’s coming off the better season at the plate and glove.

      • Reggie C.

        excuse me .. i meant:

        If we strike out landing a CF via TRADE (not FA), melky still wont play full time……

    • Mike Pop

      he hates manny

      • Slugger27

        ha… all yankees fans have to at least a little

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Have to get away from that LF/DH/1B no defend kind of player. We’ve seen where constantly signing declining big name free agents to plug holes gets them. Time for a new direction.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

        But Mike, while I’ll agree that we shouldn’t have 5 or 6 “LF/DH/1B no defend kind of players” on the team at once, having one or two isn’t that bad. Manny coming in is offset by Abreu, Giambi, Damon, and Matsui going out.

        And Manny’s so much better of a hitter, his defensive shortcomings are much more minimized compared to those other ironhands…

    • mustang

      NO MANNY !!!!!!!

      Lets get a T-Shirt going.

  • Mike Pop

    Melky is gonna have a bounceback season wherever he is next year

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Only because it would be hard for him to do worse and still get 453 plate appearances, right?

      • Mike Pop

        pretty much yea

  • Mike Pop

    Id love to see one of Manny/Tex in a yankee uni tho

  • Slugger27

    no manny. according to bill james plus/minus system, he could be the worst defensive outfielder in the last 20 years. yes i know he can mash, but still, the 20M per year over the next 4 years it will take to land him wont be worth it all things considered.

    i still think they should give brett a shot out there. the way he destroys the basepaths and covers exceptional ground in the outfield, even if he has a very modest OBP of .310 or something he can be sustainable in the 9 hole… all for the league minimum

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      The Designated Hitter is a glorious, glorious thing.

      No matter how fast Brett Gardner is, an OBP of .310 would not help and would in fact hurt the team. For more on the pratfalls of speed, read this post.

      • Slugger27

        i get ur point. im in no way saying id rather have brett gardner than manny ramierz in the yanks lineup next year… im saying assuming that manny will want a contract in the range of 4/80 and plays ((unquestionably)) the worst defensive left field in baseball, id rather take my chances with gardner for the league minimum.

        as u said, if manny is the full time DH id have to think this over in a different way, but that does however take away at bats for matsui and probably posada.

        i totally agree that manny, even at his age ((other than maybe pujols)) the best hitter in baseball, no argument there…. all im saying is that committing to a full time DH ((and in my mind thats all he is)) for the next 4 years at probably 20M per year doesnt seem like a wise move even for a great hitter like him

        yes, while i agree hes a stud, all things considered, id rather take exceptional defense/speed in the 9 hole for the league minimum and no future contract commitment

        • Mike Pop

          plus gardner is gritty and thats what wins ball games !!!!!

          • Slugger27

            him and pedroia were brothers separated as infants… its a little known fact

            • Mike Pop

              fun fact— pedroia is hitless so far in the playoffs.. he will still get praise from the media for his at bats and he will be the reason boston goes deep into the playoffs

        • jm1572

          I agree.

          Nobody signs 4 year contracts to full-time designated hitters, and the Yankees certainly should not start the trend. Can’t say I’m crazy about handing Gardner the job, but signing Mr. Ramirez when this team has so many other holes doesn’t sound that thrilling to me.

          • Mike Pop

            David Ortiz

            • ceciguante

              ortiz was what, 7 years younger than manny is now when boston signed him?

              pass on manny. he’s got lots of the skills we already have, and none of the ones we lack. plus he’s a headcase who plays hard when he feels like it. pass!

              tex is a far better investment (age, defense) at the same avg salary.

      • Old Ranger

        Ben K…
        I think you may have misunderstood what some are trying to point out. I want some speed, not the team made up of speed with no hitters. We do have A-Rod, Posada, Cano and Matsui (maybe even Nady) for the heavy lifting…add Tex. With those guys hitting, I believe we can afford Brett in the 9 hole…don’t you? His “D” and base running alone makes us better…if he can post a .333/.350 OBP. Personally, I think he can hold his own, next year. 27/09.

  • Infamous

    As much as i cringe everytime i see a ball head to right field with Abreu there, thereis no doub the is a huge asset to the lineup the way he makes pitchers work and consistently gets on base

  • jim

    im so tired of signing guys in their mid-thirties to multi-year contracts. Offer him arbitration, if he accepts, we got him for one year and about 16mil. Thats not too bad. If he declines and signs with another team, then we get draft picks. Its a win-win.

    • Slugger27

      im gonna have to agree with u here… no question replacing bobby with Xman is gonna result in a production slip, i think we can all agree on that

      but the fact is, at it stats above, the yanks hold all the leverage… they like bobby, but they dont LOVE bobby, and they certainly dont feel they absolutely need him

      i agree with u jim, off the guy arb, and either way, its not a bad thing

      losing his production will hurt, but not as bad as i think the 3rd year of his 3 year contract will

      • Mike Pop


    • B

      Offer him arbitration, let him decline and take the draft picks just like with I-Rod.

  • gg

    nadys line is also mostly from the NL he might fall off big this year who knows….I’d like to sign Manny and have a platoon in right if abreu wont take the arb offer

    what about cc??

    which team is going to pony up and offer even CLOSE to what we wll???

    • whozat

      It’s not like he pitchers are worse in the NL. Nady’s not what he was for the first half of this year. He’s a 110 OPS+ guy. Solid bat, but not an all-star.

      • gg

        no they are not, you are right…i wouldnt be all that suprised if nady bat .260 this year though would you? I’d rather him bat .330 like he did when he came to us

      • Mike Pop

        I regret the Nady trade

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          Why? Because Jose Tabata had a good 3 weeks to finish the season?

      • jsbrendog

        we’ve seen wat happens when we sign allstars at every position

      • Old Ranger

        Agree but, we don’t need all stars every where (as posted above). What we need is steady, solid, disciplined and versatile bats…X-Man, may be that guy conversely, he may not! .300+ would help. 27/09.

  • Mike Pop

    When Manny was placed in irrevocable(dont know how to spell that) waivers that means any team could of claimeed him by jus taking on his salary right ? If so why didnt the Yanks pick him up just to give it to the sox ?

    • whozat

      You mean back in 03 or whatever? When they put him on waivers and NO ONE claimed him?

      • Mike Pop

        Wish we did =(

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Well, no one wanted that contract. Can’t blame ’em.

  • nolan

    I’m confused as to why the yanks would even consider bringing back Abreu due to the following reasons
    1) He won’t accept arbitration. He wants (like all ballplayers) a multi year deal. So when he leaves the yanks get 2 1st round picks for him.
    2) MANNY RAMIREZ. Manny would be perfect for NY because Manny is a better hitter than anybody we have on the team.
    3) We have 3 corner outfielders for next year…WITHOUT ABREU.

    Offer him arbitration and sign Manny when he walks

    • Ivan

      And how much your willing to sign manny?

  • gg

    i like this line of reasoning a lot…manny can move to dh after ’09 and the sawx will hate us for it AND after we make the playoffs with him next year he can add to his HR record which will be reclaimed by the yanks

  • Mike Pop

    Id like to see bobby back but id like to see manny more lol but not at 4 yrs

  • gg

    i dont want either of them but where do ppl think burrell and dunn will end up?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Burrell – Braves
      Dunn – DBacks

  • Mike Pop

    Dunn – yankees burrel- mets

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  • Mike W.

    I would do anything to have Manny as our DH for the next 3-4 years. The guy is an amazing hitter.

    We can solve the excess DH-type problems if we brought Manny in. If we get rid of Abreu and Giambi, we better start figuring out how we are scoring runs? Who is picking up the approximately 200 RBIs of those two?

    Money is not an issue for the Yankees. They are printing it in the basement of the new Yankee stadium.

    I guess that a good argument against it would be that he could potentially be a disaster in terms of his clubhouse relationship with Girardi, but who knows…. We seriously need people who can mash the ball, and he certainly fits that description.

  • The Green Monster

    This is to the guy who was citing Manny’s Zone Rating or whatnot. Clearly he isn’t a top defensive outfielder or even an average one, but he isn’t as awful as you’re making him out to be. A lot of his defensive metrics were distorted by playing half his games in front of a giant wall in shallow left for 7 1/2 years, and if you notice he has a decent arm and is actually quite good at playing the caroms.

  • sabernar

    FYI: Abreu was actually the worst everyday fielder in baseball (or at least in the AL). Worse than Manny. Any plus that Abreu’s bat brings is canceled out by his atrocious fielding. If we had a DH slot (or partial DH slot) open, I wouldn’t mind signing Abreu for one year, but he’s not worth the money if he’s going to be our everyday RF. Nady is a much better RF than Abreu is, and his bat isn’t that much worse. Overall, he helps you more and hurts you less than Abreu does.

    Of course, we’d need to replace Nady in LF…

    • Rich

      You’re not making sense to me. You claim his bat is canceled out by his fielding but then you state you wouldn’t mind signing Abreu for one year. Why would you care about signing a player you say is neutral. Or are you exaggerating for effect?

  • gg

    so…would people be against signing manny and tex?? I would like both and an ace. This is all predicated on the fact that Posada will catch. I think we need to get Tex, not signing him would be very very foolish, I just hope we have a chance, I think LAA will resign him but I hope not. Money isnt a problem so lets go get everything we need! Tex is more important than any of the OF’s if we get tex we can sign Abreu to two but I rather have Manny anyway….Anyone notice how Abreu’s production spiked when Nady came?? I’d be pretty afraid he will be eating too many cheesburgers and relaxing this offseason if he gets anything more than one year.

    • Rich

      Abreu’s production “spiked” to what he’s been doing the last 4 years. I guess in your mind he only did that because of Nady, not because he does it every year.

    • tomaconda

      The only way you could sign Manny is if we could trade Matsui, let giambi go and use either Damon or Manny in left. Manny is not a good defensive outfielder and Damon has no arm. The best defensive outfield the Yankees could field next year would be Nady (league avg defender, no speed, low ops in left, Gardner in center (great range, good arm, gritty player, no power but would have a 350 obp imho) in center and Abreu (good hitter, speed, league avg defender, good arm afraid of the wall) in right. There are some interesting options available via trade ie Rick Ankiel (good range rediculously good arm probably best in baseball, good power ks alot) who could play right or left in Yankee stadium, Nate Mclouth (bad defensive plater but offensively good), Holliday (very comparable with Abreu) Dunn (free agent not bad defensively, more speed than Nady would be best power hitter in Yankee outfield in years. Walks alot, good ops) I would offer arb to Abreu, if he signs trade Nady, Matsui (love his bat but slower than Giambi) Make Damon the DH and sign Dunn or trade for Ankiel. I would rather have Ankiel if the Yankees got Tex.
      Damon DH
      Jeter SS
      Tex 1B
      Abreu RF
      Ankiel LF
      Posada C
      Cano 2b
      Gardner CF

      That would be my ideal line up.

  • Marcus

    Manny would be worth it considering he’s one of the top three most dangerous hitters in the league. Plus, he stated he wants to join the Yankees to tear up the Red Sox the next few seasons.

  • ortforshort

    If you don’t sign Manny Ramirez, then you need Abreu for 2009. Gardner and Cabrera are clearly not viable options. In 2010, AJax may be ready and Carl Crawford and Matt Holliday look like prospective free agents. However, you’ll be wanting to unload Matsui and Damon in 2010, plus Nady is a free agent then. Therefore, Abreu looks like a viable part of the mix in 2010, as well, regardless of who else gets brought in. To get Abreu for 2009 and 2010, you’ll probably have to pay for 2011, that’s just the way the game is played. It shouldn’t be an issue for the Yankees, who can afford it. The real issue with 2011 is if Abreu isn’t a viable piece of the puzzle, Cashman should drop him at that point and eat the final year of the contract. Unfortunately, the accountant in Cashman has always forced him to keep old guys around that final year or two, even to the detriment of the club.

    • Rich

      As much as the Yankees likely gross in 2011 you think eating the $15mm “last year” of Abreu’s deal is a pittance? It is an issue.

      • Marcus

        When don’t we have a player that eats up 15 mill a year?

        Not an issue.

        • Old Ranger

          It is, with Hal at the adding machine. 27/09.

    • Old Ranger

      Not much of this post to agree with…no offence but, nobody is worth a 4 year deal at 36/37, including Manny. Bobby 3 year deal also, a big fat no! Tex at 7years ok (front loaded), he’ll only be what, 36/37 at the end of the contract…big difference between 37 and 40+. I know Posada got 4 years but that was the Bosses. 27/09.

  • Marcus

    If we end up with an Adum Dunn, instead of a switch-hitting Teix…..I’m going to shat my pants.

  • http://nyystadiuminsider.com Ross

    According to analysis by http://replacementlevel.com, Bobby gave back something like 70% of his value with his horrid defense.

    Of course, this is based on defensive statistical metrics which are hardly perfect. However, his defense is awful and you can see it without any fancy metrics.

  • Marcus

    Everyone here keeps stating Manny is expecting 20 million a year.

    Is there any truth to this?

    I would expect him to ask for a 4 year deal around 15 mil. That sounds more reasonable for him to be able to achieve a long year deal to retire at the end of the contract.

    He is eager to play for the Yankees. He wants the most opportunities possible to crush his ex-Red Sox.

    I’m sure he would accept a 3 year deal at 15-17 million, wouldn’t he?

    • Marcus

      Or a 4 year deal at 15-17 with a club option for the 4th….

      • Lanny

        Don’t throw #’s out. The Yanks have so much $ to play with this off season that if they wanted him or anyone they’ll get them.

        And no one is right on $ on Oct 4.

        Who thought Zito would get his $?

        Always add up with FA’s.

        CC may get 160 mill here. Lowe may get 20 mill a yr. Burnett too.

        Go with the player in his prime. CC and Tex.

        • Marcus

          How could Lowe realistically demand 20 mill a year or Burnett? I would think 16 per max.

          Lowe is old and his numbers in the AL make any GM nervous.
          Burnett is inconsistent with a 4+ ERA and oft-injured.

          I don’t see how either of those situations add up to 20 mill a year.

          If we got CC and Teix, we’d have to be really pleased with how free agency went. We would have a much improved staff and the help of our minor/major league relief pitchers to help out next season would make the 6th inning and beyond look really solid.

          The aspect of our team that I am most looking forward to is our bullpen next year. Should be great.

  • Lanny

    They let Giambi and Bobby walk they have to sign Tex to make up for the OBP and power.

    Just makes sense.

    Get younger. Get better.

  • Marcus

    Instead of signing Manny to a 4 year deal….

    …..we could always give him 30 mil for the next 2 years :D

    That would remove any contract talks about the “length.”

    Get a Red Sox killer and a big bat to help us out of the Divisional Series.

    I mean, money is important or anything…right?

  • Old Ranger

    Manny will be 37 next spring, Tex will be 29 next spring…so, Manny 4 year deal=Manny at 41, not good even at 39. Tex 7 year deal=Tex at 36…sounds better to me.
    Money is a big issue with the team as of 2007/08, even before that. They will spend whatever needed to get the player they want, if it makes sense…but, as Cash has stated; some deals just don’t make sense. 27/09.

  • ohbwonhomie

    I love RAB. I’m always reading but never really commented. I’m not sure you guys would want me to comment again after what I have to say and ask. Look I love Cano but could Cain or Peavy be had for Cano. We could sign switch hitting Hudson, usually averages 130games maybe Ransom can play some. I feel like we need a top notch pitcher, I wish CC was in play but I keep reading he’s not interested in the east coast even w/ the $$ and Burnett’s history w/injuries frightens me a bit. Even though he has great stuff when on. I wouldn’t mind signing Manny he’ll be hungry to get into the east for redemption, but as a DH. I just feel like Cano can bring a top flight pitcher. ohter than that I would keep him.

    • Old Ranger

      Welcome to the war!
      Cano is young and has a very very good up side…this year was a aberration. Hudson is 6 years older (30/31), ready to go on the down slide…Cano is on the up side for the next 6-8 years. Manny wants 4 years and would be 41/42 years old at the end…I’ll take Tex for 7 years, he’ll replace Bobbys’ bat.
      Again, welcome to the war zone. 27/09.

  • Joseph M

    The surest way to 4 or 5 losing seasons in a row is to continue to prop up a near miss team, down the tubes slow but sure.

    I won’t sign Abreu to a one year contract let alone a multi year agreement. With Abreu the Yankees would have three outfielders at 35 (Matsui turns 35 in June) and two huge question marks as candidates for center. I would trade Matsui (more like give him away) move Nady to right, put Damon in left and see what develops with respect to center. The Yanks may have to try and survive with Gardner or Melky in center (unless they trade Cano for a centerfield and sign Hudson which is a very risky plan).

    I would be interested in exploring Ramirez as a fulltime DH (a supersized version of Chili Davis). I think Ramirez behind Rodriguez would present interesting possibilities.

    CC then becomes the real missing piece to the puzzle. If the Yanks can sign him a rotation of CC, Wang, Petitte, Hughes (fingers firmly crossed) and Joba the should be competitive and the team has a chance to do some real damage.

    I have just put forth a plan that puts off reality for a year or two and gives them a chance to catch lightning in a bottle by temporarily infusing the club with several big time performers and hoping for the best rather than bringing back Abreu and Matsui players who have been part of the annual disappointments.

  • bigthree

    If we have learned anything from the past 7 seasons or so, it is that attempting to insert an all star at every position will get us an early playoff exit at best. as this is an offense post, ill save pitching for another day. the yankees need to let giambi and abreu go (and with abreu, offer the arbitration if it appears he won’t accept).

    I hate to say it, but the best way for the yankees to improve is to sign Manny to DH. We can’t speculate how much he wants, but with the money off the book now, damon and matsui done after 09 and the new stadium, they can afford Manny for a few years.

    The yankees should also not attempt to lock themselves up for a long contract with Texiera. Yes, he is the best available FA 1B and plays great defense. But these contracts to prior all stars at every position have killed the yankees. Manny is the exception here. He is the best hitter out there other than Pujols, he won’t hurt you defensively as a DH and you can solve the 1B position on the short term rather than locking yourself into a 1B for the next 7-10 years.

    This would be my lineup:

    1B- sign an avg hitter with above avg defense short term. if this does not work out, there is no long term risk and you leave 1B open incase jeter or posada eventually need to be transitioned there.
    2b- cano
    ss- jeter
    3b- arod
    C- posada (hopefully)
    LF- damon
    RF- nady
    CF- Garnder- deseves a shot. With his speed and defense, can he really be worse than melky? if that turns out to be the case, insert melky. But gardner seems to play harder and maybe can bat .270/.350 which is great with his other skills. again, short term risk, if it doesnt work out, put AJAX in 2010.
    DH- Manny (arod can hit 60 HRs with manny batting behind him)

    Matsui- try and trade. if not, he can platoon with damon/nady as necessary and you get a draft pick when he leaves after the season.

    Bottom line is the yankees have failed recently because of their subpar defense and long term committments to all stars. bringing back abreu/giambi because they have better numbers than nady or whomever will only continue that. same goes with signing a CF or Texiera, if you commit long term to all stars, you forget how the yankees lineup looked during their championship years and risk the same problems again and again. Manny is the only exception because of who he is and you know he will do everything he can to beat the red sox.

    • tomaconda

      The Yankees have failed not only from bad defense but also because of poor baserunning, clogging bases, lack of effort etc. The problem with your team is the only thing you have upgraded was your centerfield defense (slightly) and 1b. You still have Damon with no arm, Nady slightly below avg. Posada who needs to prove he can throw, Jeter who was better this year and makes the plays on the balls he gets to but lets face it has poor range. Cano (mental errors) and have lost the patience of Abreu and Giambi.

      • bigthree

        I agree it’s been an overall poor effort. I would like tp upgrade defense wherever possible, but also have to consider that there are certain players under contract that we can’t get rid of. Damon and Nady and Posada and Jeter are there for better or worse defensively. Abreu and Giambi’s patience can be made up for by Mannys hitting.

    • Old Ranger

      Tex at 7 years (29+7=36) is a better deal then Manny at 4 years (37+4=41). This is one time the longer deal is better then the short one. As for Manny playing hard to beat the Rsox, they are one of what…16 teams. Tex batting behind A-Rod would be the same as Manny, although Tex would bat 3rd (I think) with Posada or Matsui hitting 5th & 6th. 27/09.

  • ortforshort

    I agree with the concept that you don’t mindlessly put an all star at each position. You can end up with a poorly constructed team with too many similar types of skills, while completely lacking in others. A case in point being the 2008 Yankees, a poorly constructed team loaded with old lefty dh’s. However, you must have top quality players. The Cabrera’s and Gardners of the world are not quality players. Unfortunately, this offseason, there isn’t much quality available to be had in the outfield. Next offseason, you’ve got the likes of Crawford and Holliday. That’s when you make your move. Plus, the Yankees do have one quality outfield prospect in their organization, AJax, and he may be ready to contribute by 2010. As much as I dislike Ramirez as a person and as a cancer in the clubhouse, he does bring a big time righty bat to the lineup. Teixeira is in every way imaginable the much preferred addition to the club, but if Cashman screws the pooch and doesn’t get him, you would, unfortunately, have to consider Ramirez as a band aid. Again, with the Yankees resources, you would probably have to eat the last year or two of his four year deal, as opposed to keeping around an old washed up one dimensional slugger who, by then, would be kryptonite in the clubhouse.

  • Matt

    Ideal Line-up


    Trade Matsui

    Moose or Pettitte
    Kennedy or Aceves

    Put Joba back in bullpen.

    We would be spending the same amount.
    Abreau 16 mil. goes to Manny
    Giambi’s 20 mil. goes to Tex
    Petite or Moose’s money goes to Sabathia

  • luis

    Manny will be a great addition bring him to his home here in nyc. and then bring mark tex and cc and lowe and krod to setup.

    • Mike Pop


    • Slugger27

      tell me ur kidding and/or being sarcastic

      • Old Ranger

        I hope you’re right! 27/09.

  • luis

    bobby is never gonna be as good as he use to be hes aging bad and manny is aging good let bobby go

  • Tim

    I believe it is time for more radical change to the Yankee lineup. I would rather not see band-aid going forward.

    Abreu – thank him for his contribution, offer him arb, and help him pack
    Giambi – thank him for being a great guy, help him pack

    Those are the easy ones.

    Nady – as a player he makes me nervous. I do not feel like he will get it done in the AL East and believe that the Yanks bought at his very peak of value. He still has value now but I believe that will decline over the year. I would try to trade him this off-season because the risk of his value declining in the market and too the team is too great.

    Damon – another player who I believe is at his peak value this off season. I would do everything I could to move him for value this winter.

    Matsui – I would love to trade him but I do not believe there is a market for him at this point.

    Marte – I like him and think that he would be a real asset for the yanks this coming year. However, the team does not have many chips to use this winter so he would be on the blocks. To an NL team he is a proven left-handed closer.

    Cano – I would keep him. The problems created by trading him are greater than the value of the solution I believe he could fetch.

    Bullpen – This was a real asset to the Yanks and should be again next year. While I am loathed to tinker with it I think relievers other than Marte need to be looked at for trades.

    Aceves – I like the kid, but I believe that this is the peak of his value. Now is the time to trade him to bring back some value.

    Minor league pitchers – I believe that it is time to pick the keepers and try to move some of the young pitchers for young bats.

    As I see it our trading chips are:

    Nady – decent outfielder and offensive player, especially for a NL team

    Damon – still a decent fielder and great offensive player

    Bullpen – as I think about this, I am looking more at this as a single chip. I see the yanks being able to trade almost an entire bullpen (for example: Edwar, JB Cox, Britton, and Veras with Marte as the closer) in a unit. That bullpen, with maybe some mix and match substitutions, would be better than what several teams are running out now.

    Young pitchers – I believe the Yanks need to include some of these guys in deals. A chase Wright or an Aceves could hold some value, especially for a NL team.

    I believe that our big needs at the moment are the standard starting pitcher, 1st base, and outfielders (especially if the Yanks allow to leave or trade away most of the outfield) As far as solutions:

    Tex – good player but I do not think that a “fair value” offer will get him so by definition I believe that he would come with a bad contract. I am just not feeling this one.

    CC – I have to admit that this guy scares the shit out of me, but I still want him on my team. Given the work load I am shocked he has not fallen apart . . . but he hasn’t yet. I am not sure how to play this. My heart says get him but my head says hell no!

    Trade – I would really like to see our trade assets parlayed into assets that could fill the holes and conform to the younger and more athletic philosophy. This is the route I would really like to see pursued. The challenge is to identify the trading partners who need what we have and have what we need (as is always the problem).

    Just my thoughts. I know it is a little more drastic than most of the thinking ont he board but I would enjoy hearing feedback.

    • Old Ranger

      Arbitration to Bobby, Jason, I-Rod and let them go away…Pavano, pick up his option (we do need a #4 pitcher).
      Trade Johnny, Wilson, and Moeller.
      There are some pitchers/players that will be rule #5, look to trade a few of the pitchers (clean-up the dead wood).
      No to Manny and CC (he doesn’t want to be a Yank).
      Sign Tex for 7 years (he’ll only be 36 at end).
      Keep Nady…if he can’t cut it, cut him.
      This way we have CMW, Joba, Phil, Pavano, Anyone of; Coke, Giese, Aceves, IPK. OF of Brett, Nady and whom ever we can obtain in trade.
      I believe we only need a 1st baseman (Tex) and OF (?).
      Nothing else to do so that’s, that! I know it is very simplistic, but do-able. 27/09.

    • Old Ranger

      Damn good thing we aren’t the GM! 27/09.

  • Mike Pop

    What about a Nady for Jair Jurrens trade ?

  • Slugger27

    your problem is that u kept saying “trade such n such for avlue” without ever offering the actual teams u would like to trade them to and who for, which is really 90% of the actual debate

    and i have to imagine aceves and chase wright have the trade value of a paperclip, but i do agree both are at peak value if u can call it that

    again, u have to include ur thoughts on what THE ACTUAL TRADE would be… saying trade this guy and that guy without saying the team ur trading to and player ur getting doesnt really help

    for instance, u want them to let bobby go, trade damon, and trade nady…. thats our entire starting outfield… yet u offer no suggestions as to how 3 starting outfield holes will be filled… and i hope to god ur not counting on trading a 5 reliever unit for 3 starting outfielders

    • Slugger27

      sorry i forgot to click reply… my post was in a response to yours tim… i read mine again and it comes off as sounding like a jackass and i didnt intend for it to… its just without offering replacements for ur trade suggestions it makes little sense

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