Inside the new stadium


The Yankees opened up new Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon to the beat writers, and the reviews are glowing. Tyler Kepner raved about the amenities, and PeteAbe spoke glowingly of the new home as well. Dismaying though is the news that the seats are further recessed from the field. While we’ve known this for a long time, we will soon have to face the fact that intimate seating in the Bronx is a thing of the past.

In other stadium news, WCBS has some good aerial photos of the old stadium and the new stadium up. Monument Park looks so empty.

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  • Samsonov KGB

    will costanza’s desk still have that little crawl space?

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Nothing but clear, lucite desks now.

  • donttradecano

    anyone know when season ticket plans go on sale?

    • Peter Quintiliani

      Make a phone call to the Stadium. They will let you know.