• Manimal

    Mike there was a question I meant to ask during the live chat but I forgot. What makes Tazawa exempt from the MLB draft, why should he be treated as a free agent? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have him enter the draft?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      The only players eligible for the draft are residents of the United States, Canada, and US territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc.), which is why Tazawa is exempt. An international draft would be a logistical nightmare, but it would definitely even out the field for acquiring amateurs.

      • Manimal

        Oh gotcha.

      • whozat

        It’s something that’s been noised about, though.

        It will also be interesting to see what MLB says about signing this kid. NPB is pretty pissed off about the whole situation.

  • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

    Very good work.

    A Miranda/Duncan platoon is not something I’d like to see–mostly because of Shelley Duncan. I don’t think he has any future with the organization at all. If I had my way, he would’ve been dealt after last season when his stock was at its absolute highest.

    • whozat

      It still wasn’t high enough to get back anything. They had a need for some right-handed bats to take ABs at RF, 1B or DH, so he had some value to them and not really much to anyone else. They hedged bets with Duncan and Ensberg (both reasonable low-cost choices) and came up empty.

  • Tom

    Can the Yankees get Scott Proctor back? He was so good for us when he was healthy. Not to mention, Wilson Betemit SUCKS. Can we trade him back for Proctor?

    • whozat

      Name three better UT infielders.

      Also…talk about selective memory. Proctor was mostly crap. 2006 was good. He was bad before and after.

    • Manimal

      Has there ever been a legit trade back in MLB? Just curious. And no, Proctor is much worse than before and I believe he had surgery. Our bullpen is all set for now.

      • whozat

        What do you mean legit? There was the Mirabelli thing with the Sox and Padres, and the police escort to Fenway for a game against the Yanks.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          I think he means a straight trade back. Player A is traded for Player B, then sometime in the future Player B is traded back to his original team for Player A.

          I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but I do know some players have been traded for the same player twice, albeit with different teams involved.

          • whozat

            There was a guy who was traded for himself once.

            He was flipped for a PTBNL mid-season…who then turned out to be himself the next winter.

            • Mike Pop

              Lol thats so funny

            • kenthadley

              Harry Chiti, catcher, Mets, 1962

  • Nickel

    “Name three better UT infielders.”

    I honestly can’t off the top of my head right now, being that it’s 12:30 and I’m exhausted, but I’ve got to think it has to be somehow possible for the Yankees to find a utility infielder that can…oh, I dunno…FIELD?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Don’t judge Betemit’s defense based on what he’s shown at first. He never played there until the Yanks traded for him, and even still he’s only been there sparingly.

      He had that one game early in the season where he was absolutely brutal at third – booted a couple balls, made a few bad throws – but it happens. He makes all the routine plays at 2nd, 3rd and short, and that’s all you can ask of a utility infielder.

      These days, if a player isn’t the ideal model of what people want, then they’re considered useless. Betemit has value, and he’s one of the better utility infielders available.

      • whozat

        “These days, if a player isn’t the ideal model of what people want”

        So much yes. It’s incredibly aggravating. Any move that doesn’t bring aboard an all-star caliber player is met with whining. Unless it’s a move to get a guy that has some flashy moment that people glom on to…like, if they signed Baldelli after his Game 5 homer.

    • whozat

      Sure. And he’s be an even more anemic hitter than Betemit. Are you really yearning for an Alex Cora? Betemit has power. He actually showed decent plate discipline with the Dodgers and the Braves too.

      Did he have a shitty, shitty day in the field that one day? Yes. Is he that bad all the time? No. Is he a decent PH option late in a game when you need a homer off a righty? I think so.

    • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

      I’m with you on Betemit. I want him gone. I’ll take what I say of Ransom instead. I don’t need a bat in my utility infielder. I need a glove, and some speed helps….

      Betemit’s .893 Field % as a 3rd baseman? C’mon…..


      • whozat

        Fielding percentage is worthless, especially with a small sample size.

        Given the limited number of innings available to a UT guy on the Yanks, I want someone who brings SOMETHING useful to the plate. If Betemit would start taking his walks again, he’d be an asset. If they need someone to step in for a couple weeks, that guy should be at AAA playing every day anyway.

  • Miles Roche

    No DotF, Mike?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Tomorrow. It’ll have Thursday’s & Friday’s games as well. Whole bunch of nothing going on.

      • Miles Roche

        ( I think i noticed that Hughes start was skipped [Marquez in his place]. Any idea why? )

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          No idea, but I’m sure it’s nothing serious if he’s hurt. If it was, we’d know by now. It’s been over a week.

  • Rafi

    Any idea how to get new ads? There’s one on the top right for YawkeyWayStore

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Yeah … that’s got to be fixed.

  • ortforshort

    Cashman is nuts if he goes into the season relying on a 37 year old catcher coming off of major shoulder surgery to be his number one. We’re all hoping Jorge comes back and repeats 2007 offensively and defensively, but you need a solid backup plan, something I haven’t seen Cashman be able to implement. Personally, I think you need to keep I-Rod around. Between Posada, I-Rod and Molina, at least you’re covered. I’d rather have too much than too little back there. Cashman, watching his pennies, probably has an other opinion. At first base, landing Teixeira is an absolute must. The Yankees need a young stud in the middle of the lineup and a contender needs a big time stick at first base. On top of that Teixeira is young, an excellent fielder, a positive influence in the clubhouse and a switch hitter. If Cashman doesn’t land Teixeira, then whoever the Yankees trot out there will make first base a weakness. I’d re-sign Giambi in that case. Some combination of Matsui, Damon, Betemit or Posada would be ugly. Miranda is a long shot – the kind of player who ends up playing first base for the Pirates or the Royals.