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Did the Yanks offer Sabathia enough?
Saturday night open thread: Plans B, C and D

In the Bronx, the new Yankee Stadium is, according to’s Barry Bloom, 90 percent complete. The Yankees will shift their offices across the street in February, and deconstruction of the House that Ruth Built could begin as early as late March. I’ll try to swing by the Stadium in a few weeks to grab a final set of construction photos.

Meanwhile, across town, things aren’t as rosy. While the Mets’ new stadium will be completed on time, Citi, the Mets’ naming rights partner, has seen their stock drop nearly 90 percent this year, and the government is on the verge of bailing out the beleaguered financial institution. The Mets and CitiGroup again reiterated on Friday that the naming rights deal will remain in place, but I’m skeptical. If the Mets lose out on this deal — widely regarded as the most lucrative in sports history — the team will be struggling in this economic climate to find a replacement partner.

Did the Yanks offer Sabathia enough?
Saturday night open thread: Plans B, C and D
  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Maybe the Yankees can sponsor their stadium?

    • Ben K.

      Welcome to Yankee Stadium Queens, home of the Mets.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        It does have a nice ring to it.

      • TurnTwo

        ha, well done.

  • Budnik (Moose4HOF)

    From the Barry Bloom link:

    The new stadium is airy and open, with complete views of the field from every concourse, rest room and concession stand, no matter what level.

    1. Say what?

    2. Incomplete view of the field from the bleachers, no?

  • jsbrendog

    as usual, it sucks to be the mets and their fans……

    is it sick i feel amusement and pleasure form this?

  • Steve

    The Mets collapse year after year.

    Now Citibank buys naming rights to their stadium, and their stock collapses.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  • Matt K

    Well duh its pretty simple actualy. If the mets collapse (financially) Wont the government just bail them out too??

  • yankeestripes

    Any ideas when season tickets and other packages will go on sale

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