Old stadium not going anywhere quite yet


While yesterday I suggested that Yankee Stadium demolition could begin as early as March, PeteAbe has a different take on it. In a post chock full o’ goodies, the LoHud beat writer drops in a note about the stadium:

— We’re hearing that the old Stadium won’t be torn down until next fall. A movie will be filming there in the spring and summer, it seems. It’s going to be a while before fans get to purchase seats and other memorabilia. Will the long delay reduce the value? I’m hardly a marketing guy, but it seems to me that the best time to sell that stuff would be now when the experience was fresh in people’s minds.

To respond to the latter point, the delay isn’t going to reduce the value of anything. Yankee Stadium memorabilia will always be Yankee Stadium memorabilia. They could sell it today, tomorrow or five years from now when people will, hopefully, have more disposable income, and the seats would sell like hot cakes.

It will, however, be odd to see the old stadium looming over the subway tracks while fans pour into the new park. The old and new will face off until the day comes when the city starts dismantling the House that Ruth Built, one piece at a time.

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