RAB Fantasy Football League Update II


The last (and only other) time I posted an update of our fantasy football league I was buried with a 2-4 record, good for 15th place in a 20 team league. I had lost Rashard Mendenhall (who was primed for an increase in carries due to Willie Parker’s injury) and Vince Young to injury and suicidal thoughts, respectively, and San Diego’s sorely underperforming D was no help either. The future looked bleak.

But then something unexpected happened. I got huge games out of Calvin Johnson, Ryan Grant & Brandon Jacobs in Week 7, leading to a 34+ pt win. The following week my team gritted & scrapificated out a 3.24 pt win behind my boy Chad Pennington to pull to .500. Solid contributions across the board led to a firm 20 pt win last week, and viola, I’m suddenly right in the thick of the playoff hunt at 5-4.

With five weeks to go before the postseason (the top eight teams will make it), I’m tied with four others for seventh place, although my lack of total points has relegated me to tenth. Three of my final five games come against the teams currently in second, third and fourth place, so I’m going to have to earn my way to the playoffs.

I lost one of my most consistent point getters when Michael Pittman landed on the IR, so my 3 RB / 2 WR lineup suddenly became a 2 RB / 3 WR setup with Antwaan Randle El falling into a full-time gig. The waiver wire & free agency pool is barren, and attempts to acquire a fill-in RB via trade have proved fruitless. The trade deadline is next Friday, and barring some minor tweaks, it looks like I’ll be going to war with my current roster.

I’m sure some of the other players will chime in via the comments. Current standings after the jump.

  1. Unstoppable Duo (formerly Craptastic Jay), 7-2, 809.94 total pts
  2. Tommie’s Titans, 7-2, 767.32
  3. JSBrendog (rocks), 7-2, 733.78
  4. Our Daily Brett, 6-3, 826.68
  5. Tiki’s Empty Finger, 6-3, 819.90
  6. Rae Carruth’s Hitmen, 6-3, 728.82
  7. Punk in Drublic, 5-4, 930.98
  8. Jamal G., 5-4, 831.84
  9. Rafi, 5-4, 801.04
  10. Mike A., 5-4, 690.54
  11. Patrick, 4-5, 733.38
  12. Cano’s Hustlas, 4-5, 724.18
  13. Vin R., 4-5, 721.72
  14. Manimal, 4-5, 607.56
  15. grgoyldef2, 3-6, 832.32
  16. baseballbackyet?, 3-6, 720.42
  17. SAMIAMSPORTS, 3-6, 640.92
  18. The Highlanders, 3-6, 571.18
  19. GoYanks, 2-7, 641.56
  20. Joseph P., 1-8, 498.46
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  1. Patrick says:

    Still fairly happy with my team, despite the mediocre record. Once I get Bush back, hopefully that’ll propel me upward a bit.

    It’s hilarious how barren the FA/waiver pool really is, though.

  2. jsbrendog says:

    yeah, i never thoruhgt id be in a tie for first, 3rd cause of points, but here i am

    it’ll be hard with schaub out for a month…..but GORE!!! plus, with 20 teams, when i tell people i have tj duckett they laugh, but he has 4 or 5 touchdowns.

    this is fun.

    • You’re only tied for first because I allow you to be tied with me. I don’t like to run away from the league like a bully, I like my victims competitors to feel like they have a chance. My all-encompassing wisdom and rugged good looks are well complemented by my beneficent charity and inviting humility, if I do say so myself. So, you’re welcome. I promise not to crush your spirit until the last minute possible.

      Nevertheless, all of you should probably start kneeling before Zod.

      I stand astride this league like a mighty Colossus. In fact, I should trade for Dominic Rhodes just to complete the simile.

      Me = awesome. Everyone else = not so much.

    • Jay CT says:

      Yeah, tied for first and collecting kickers

  3. pat says:

    culpeppers arm + megatron + shitty detroit defense = mad bombs

  4. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Football is gay.

  5. Jamal G. says:

    I thought I had it bad in terms of points scored in relation to my record, but check out “Punk in Drublic”, yeesh.

  6. jsbrendog says:

    here’s to hoping kurt warner gets injured and matt leinart can play, cause im hurting at qb….

  7. Ivan says:

    Hey guys BA has begun it’s top ten prospects for each organization today. BA will come out with the Yanks in Nov. 10.

  8. Rafi says:

    Is there anyone in the league looking for a big-time WR or a QB? I’ve got plenty to spare in both departments, and want to try and get a better RB than what I’ve got. Interested?

  9. Joey says:

    lol I getta get in on this next year… I’m dominating the 2 leagues I’m in now, but they’re 10 league teams with some serviceable parts in the pool.

  10. Jay CT says:

    Please. You all know my team is the best. Brees. Boldin. Marshall. Westbrook. Leon Washington, McFadden, Torrain, Camirillo in a PPR league… this team is far and away earning the number 1 spot. a 20 team league, and I have like 5 first or second round picks? CRAZY

  11. Matt says:

    I thought I had a decent strategy for this league, getting away from the two RB mold and picking whoever was the best player on the board. After all, I figured everyone would have players on their team who were weaker than desirable. Unfortunately, those “best players” turned out to be T.O., Housh, and Kellen Winslow. Oh and Fred Taylor, projected to be the 60th best player is coming in at an impressive 1410. 1410!! Suck it Fred Taylor.

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