Report: Mussina to retire


Via Ken Rosenthal, Mike Mussina has decided to call it quits and retire. The soon-to-be 40 year old leaves the game after his first 20 win season, having grossed over $144M in his 18 year career. Only 32 men have won more games in the big leagues than Moose, a rather remarkable number. The decision will be officially announced later in the week.

Congrats on the wonderful career Mike, few have done it better.

Update by Ben: From a personnel perspective, this leaves Yanks now with just Chien-Ming Wang and Joba Chamberlain as their starters under contract. The Yanks will probably now try to wrap up a deal with Andy Pettitte in short order and may increase the team’s push to sign CC Sabathia and either A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe. Of the two Yankee starters from 2008, I was hoping Moose would be back instead of Andy, but you have to respect Mussina’s decision. He’s definitely going out on top.

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  1. jim says:


  2. Ben K. says:

    This is bad news for the Yanks, but I gotta tip my cap to Mussina. He turned in one helluva performance this year and knows that it’s better to go out on top than it is to fade away. I’m sure his memories of 2007 are fresh in his mind.

    The Yanks now have a rather huge rotation hole to fill.

    • 1) CC at 6/140
      2) Pettitte at 1/12
      3) Sheets at 3/42 + a vesting option

      3-Joba (+ Aceves)
      4-Pettitte (+ Hughes)
      5-Sheets (+ IPK)

      + Sanchez, Coke, Giese, Jones, Hacker, Wright

      I think we can make it through 162 starts with that, and have virtually no Ponsnerian debacles…

      • Ben K. says:

        I wish the Yanks were higher on Sheets. I’ve heard virtually nothing about him this off-season.

        • Me too. You could slot Burnett or Lowe right into the outline I put forward and it still works, but it’s not what I want.

          Even with him possibly still being injured TODAY, although his agent denies it, I’d still go with Sheets on a 2+1, 3+1, or 3+1+1 over Burnett on a 4 or five. Even at identical AAV’s (which I think it won’t be; Burnett seems to be aiming for an AAV of 16 or higher, and I think Sheets could be had in the 13-16 range.

          Sheets is the better pitcher and requires the shorter contract. Those two things seem fairly clear to me. Unless we have reason to believe that elbow is totally fucked, like TJS-level fucked, I can’t see why the Yankees would prefer Burnett over Sheets.

          And don’t give me the “he’s AL tested” line. Burnett was a 3.00-3.50 ERA NL pitcher, and he moved to the AL and now he’s a 3.50-4.00 ERA pitcher. Well, guess what: Sheets is a 3.00-3.50 NL pitcher. Big whoop.

          The likeliest of all scenarios is that both Sheets and Burnett spend some time over the next few years on the DL, and both of them pitch with good-but-not-acelike numbers, somewhere in the #2-#3 starter range. So, if you’re going to get that, why not get it for 3/42 + an option instead of 4/64 or 5/80?

          • Lanny says:

            Sheets will be one of the last guys off the board. The situation where his agents can see who went where and for how much and the losers can bid on the guy with upside.

            He’ll get a nice 4 yr deal someplace like STL or Hou.

        • Joey H says:

          You would seriously sign a pitcher who is a candidate for TJ surgery? seriously guys c’mon. Do you not remember him missing the end of the season with the arm troubles…

  3. MrJigginz says:

    Hall of Fame?

  4. Moose Returns! says:

    Here, here. Well said Mike A.

    Moose was a champ and a warrior. Very rarely would he let you down in a big spot. My only regret is that we couldnt get a ring for him.

    And kudos on going out on top and not fading away like so many others before him (See Glavine, Wells, Maddox).

  5. frank says:

    He had a nice career; can only hope Pettitte follows his lead and does the same.

  6. yankeefan91 (sign c.c asap) says:

    we gonna miss u moose u did a hell of a job this year for ussssss i wish u tha best

  7. Brooklyn Ed says:

    I would like to thank god for making a Moose a Yankee!


  8. jsbrendog says:

    does this mean ice cream in the clubhouse goes with him?

    but seriously, i really wanted himt o come back even if he couldn’t do it anymore just for the hope that he could get to 300 wins and be “guaranteed” the HOF because pitching his whole career in the AL east during the steroid era his numbers are better than any other pitcher who pitched in the nl their whole career.

    • Old Ranger says:

      Very well said, I was going to post about the same thing…mostly about the steroid thing. A lot of people forget that he had a very good fastball and wicked curve and change-up for all those years, before age caught up to him.
      He will be missed greatly…good luck Moose! 27/09.

  9. Tim Q. Mills says:

    Mike Mussina has been my favorite pitcher in all of baseball for the last 10 years. I respect his decision to retire and expect to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Thanks for all the wins Moose.

  10. I tip my cap to Moose. I don’t think the Yankees will miss him though–he’s been on a bad season, good season, bad season, good season. Add that to his age and a the luck factor, and I don’t think he would have been better than Andy Pettitte.

  11. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    The Curse of the Moose is over?

  12. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Note to CC:

    there’s a house in NY for sale.

  13. Chip says:

    It’s unfortunate but he could see the writting on the wall that if he struggled, he might be replaced in the rotation if somebody like Hughes or IPK was just dominating. Best to go out on top!

  14. christopher says:

    i dont know about a curse after all he did pitch one of the biggest games in yankee history against the A’s…the play – enough said

    2001 mariano doesnt throw it into center and he gets a ring…2003 if Aaron boone gets the man in from 3rd in extra innings with one out the yankees win that series too IMO.

    doubt he makes it into the HOF. He pitched basically at the same time that glavine did with the major difference being glavine did it in the NL. Glavine held on looking like crap his last couple of years just to get to 300 wins. For my money mussina was a better pitcher and yet glavine will get the bid because he stayed longer than he should – there is something wrong with that.

    i had hoped mike would stay to finish the 300 wins because unfortunatly as it stands now i dont think he gets in.

  15. Lanny says:

    He has to be a HOF guy.

    Is he the bets pitcher of the last 20 yrs? No. But hes certainly in the top 10 which means HOF.

    Plus I see him and many other pitchers getting major points from old school writers because they were “clean” or people assume they are.

    • andrew says:

      not attacking here, but do you want to make a list of the top 10 in the last 20?? think it would be interesting

      randy johnson
      pedro martinez
      kevin brown(sadly)

      thats 12 off the top of my head…

  16. Frank says:

    I remember how excited I was when we signed Moose going into 2001. Congrats on a great career, Moose. Come back in a few years and coach our pitchers and we’ll get you a ring.

  17. ko says:

    I was thinking that Mussina was bluffing retiring to get a three year deal out of the Yankees. Depending on how the free agent signings go, he still may be in play.

  18. christopher says:

    gammons on espn radio predicts CC to the dodgers

  19. christopher says:

    it really is amazing to me that he retires…how many guys retire that close to 300 wins when they are still effective.

    only the 4th pitcher in history to retire after a 20 win season joining koufax (who retired from injury) and 2 of the black sox who didnt really retire but were thrown out of baseball

  20. mustang says:

    Bottom line the man showed what he was made of last year. It’s always better to walk out the door on top then to be pushed out.

    Wish him all the best and thank you.

    MOOOOOOOSE !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jeff B. says:

    Mike Mussina H.O.F. Period.

    • Ron says:


      I don’t know why, but I just compared his career #’s to Steve Carlton’s. Now before anyone jumps ugly on me, I’m NOT saying Moose was as good as Lefty.

      But… WHIP – Moose, 1.19. Carlton 1.25; K/9 – Moose, 7.10, Carlton, 7.13; K/BB- Moose, 3.58, Carlton, 2.26.

      I believe Moose definitely belongs in the HOF, but let’s face it, if those morons can’t even figure out who’s a rookie, how the hell can we expect them to figure out who is a HOFer, out side the totally obvious?

  22. stuart says:

    Good for Moose. Leaving on top, not being dragged out.

    He is a smart man.. His Yankee career was a good career not great but very good.

    I will miss his delivery with men on base….

  23. Christian says:

    Congrats to a HOF career Moose. I wish he would have won a ring though.

  24. Colombo says:

    Sad day indeed…

    Since joining the yanks in 2001, Mussina won 123 games for us. Thats damn good if you ask me.

    Of all the things I’ll miss about Mike, from the knuckle-curve to the bent over motion in his stretch to the great defense, I think the thing I’ll miss the most are the Moose-burns he rocked. Not sidebrns, Mooseburns..

    So, for one last time, lets hear it oud and clear…


  25. Thirty5Thirty6 says:

    To be honest, I do not want to believe this until I actaully hear it from the Moose’s mouth.

  26. J.R. says:

    Well there go my theories that Moose was gauging the market.

  27. Joseph M says:

    Let me ask this, outside of Sandy Koufax (and now I guess Mussina) has any pitcher in the history of baseball retired off a twenty win season?

  28. DonnieBaseballHallofFame says:

    I am interested in a one year deal for Randy Johnson and / or a two year deal for Ben Sheets in addition to CC. I would no way give AJ 5 years or Lowe an offer. I would offer Andy a one year 6 mill plus incentives take it or leave it deal, and possibly offer him arb if i think he would go somewhere else like the Stros so we could get them picks.

  29. Steve says:

    Now that Moose is gone, the Yanks have no excuse to make Andy wait any longer for a new contract. Now they either want him back, or they don’t.

    I’m fine with it either way, but don’t give me that bullshit about him wanting 2 years, demanding 16 mil. Andy was QUOTED at the Joe Torre dinner saying that there has been no contact between him and the Yanks whatsoever, no discussions of any kind.

    If you don’t want Andy back, just say so. But don’t lie about him on the way out. This isn’t Boston, and he deserves better.

    • DonnieBaseballHallofFame says:

      Andy and his agents do the whole good cop bad cop thing. That is why you hear conflicting reports. It is not the Yankees fault on that front, it is Andy’s. Andy is the one who employs his agents. Their interest is not just Andy’s $ but also the overall pitching market as they are pretty much pitching specialists, and latch onto most big name pitchers from that region.

      • Steve says:

        Sign him or don’t. But if he goes, don’t smear him on his way out. That will piss me off more than him not being resigned.

  30. E-ROC says:

    The “Cerebral Assassin” Mike Mussina retires. HOF!

  31. Brian says:

    “ix-nay on the PK-I-ay”

    well done, tsjcakamrsinsj. you speak like a man who pisses horseradish.

    so moose’s departure begins a new era in the Great Junk Food in the Locker Room debate. point: joe girardi?

  32. Ivan says:

    Well So long Moose, you will be miss. You had a tremendous career and hopefully your retirement will be just as good if not better.

    Thank You Mike Mussina.

  33. Ivan says:

    And here’s farewell to one more moose call


  34. Lanny says:

    On the bright side the Moose-Giambi jinx is now gone.

  35. YankCrank20 says:

    Some of my fave Moose memories:

    -Him being on the mound and his effort in the game that supplied the Jeter flip play.
    -His gutsy relief appearance in gave 7 of the 2003 ALCS.
    -His 20 wins last year.

    Of course, there are many more great memories of Moose. Can’t believe the next time we see him on the mound will be for Old Timer’s Day :(

    • Ivan says:

      Well you could put that performance against Boston in 01 when he was a strike away from a perfect game and overall had one of the most dominate pitching performances I,ve ever seen. and that game was a Sunday Night Game on ESPN.

  36. Shamus says:

    Wow, so this changes everything.

    Here’s what they have to do:

    Sign CC, 6 years, $150M. Bring back Pettitte for 1 year, $13M.

    Try to sign Lowe for 3 years, $54M. Thats $18M a season. I’d rather do that than tie up the same amount of money (18M) over 5 years for AJ.

    With CC and Lowe in the fold, go after Tex. At least make a bold offer, like 5 years, $135M.

    Try to convinve him into a Damon deal, lite on years but high on dollars. Tell him that he can go out at 35 and get another 4 or 5 year deal worth another $100M then.

    Then we are ready to play!

    • Ivan says:

      Moose retiring doesn’t really change anything.

      We all knew that Moose was going to retire or the chances of him doing so was high. At best it will affect the yanks offseason as a minor problem. Sure, it would have been great for the yanks for him to comeback and pitch for them, but that was unlikely and now it’s official.

  37. Thirty5Thirty6 says:

    Favorite Moose moment:

    His almost perfecto. I can remember watching it, and feeling the mystique. In all seriousness though. Fuck you Carl Everett.

  38. Larry says:

    Other than this year it seemed Moose was rarely the recipient of great run support. He pitched his ass off many a game with a 1 or a 2 run lead.


    I hope Andy doesn’t get the Bernie Williams treatment.

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