Thankful for the Yanks

Thanksgiving eve open thread: Bluffing in Anaheim
Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

As part of our guest stint at On the Yankees beat filling in for Kat O’Brien while she’s on vacation, Joe took at a look at the things for which Yankee fans have to be thankful. Among the Yanks we’re thankful for are our owners, our GM and the underappreciated A-Rod. On a personal note, we’re also thankful for the nearly five million fans who have stopped by River Ave. Blues in our 21-month history. It wouldn’t be the same without all of you.

Thanksgiving eve open thread: Bluffing in Anaheim
Thanksgiving Day Open Thread
  • Derek

    i’m thankful for high ceilings and unlimited upside

    • Steve

      I’m thankful for mirrored ceilings and unlimited backsides.

  • Joey

    We’re all thankful for RAB (kiss ass, I know, but I’m bored waiting for FA signings checking here every second…)

    • Chris C.


      You guys are awesome.
      I may not always agree with your opinions, but you are constantly
      under every rock digging out any and every bit of Yankee news.
      Your work is definitely appreciated by me.

  • Mike R.

    You’re welcome. :)

  • dan

    I believe Cano is trying to improve on his 2008 season specifically, not his 2007 season.

  • Old Ranger

    Thank you guys for being here and so up to date with the stuff you blog.

    Until late last year, I never even knew there were Yankee Blogs out here but, I have an excuse…I am a rookie on the PC (bought my 1st, last year) and a few years older then most everyone that posts on your blog.
    As a visitor of other blogs (not lately)…thank the gods for RAB. Each of you put in a lot of time and energy to make this blog one of the best…congratulations you have succeeded.
    So I must reiterate; “Thanks much, guys!” God watch over any of you traveling for the turkey day festivities. Happy Thanksgiving to all you out there! 27/09.

  • Manimal

    Honestly, Despite how many times we question decisions and scream at tv’s and criticize ever little fault, baseball is a wonderful sport.

    • Jeff G

      perfectly said

      • Manimal

        Think about it, what would you be doing 7-10 pm almost every day from april to october.

        • Manimal

          I’d be doing nothing.

        • dan

          I’d be blogging about the subways. Oh, wait…

        • Baseballnation

          See now imagine if you delivered that with a little more emphasis and two or three mph quicker…Ahhh forget it I guess we can saved that for Phil Hughes. ZING!

    • mustang

      Well said.

  • kenthadley

    I’m thankful for the World Series I’ve seen….58 (best), 60, 61, 62, 63 (lousy), 64, 76 (playoffs), 77, 78, 81, 96 (best), 98, 99, 00, 01 (reminded me of 60, should have won it), 03……..remember some of 57, and read about the rest…….much longer list than Sox fans are blogging about today…..oh, and of course, 09 when Hughes wins 2………

  • mustang

    Thank you for a site that allows us to express our views as respectfully as possible.

    A Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • Steve

    Something tells me Kevin Towers isn’t feeling as thankful as he would have hoped this year.

    “Towers Finds Third Team For Cubs-Peavy Deal?
    By Tim Dierkes [November 27 at 12:46am CST]

    Yahoo’s Tim Brown has new info on Jake Peavy:

    Padres general manager Kevin Towers said Wednesday night he might have identified a third team that would facilitate sending the standout pitcher to the Cubs, who don’t possess the depth in prospects or big league-ready talent to meet the Padres’ asking price.

    Feel free to pose your guesses in the comments. Cubs top prospect Josh Vitters seems the most reasonable candidate to be in the middle of this trade. The 19 year-old third baseman is a few years away from the bigs, while the Padres want MLB-ready talent. Brown says Towers plans to speak with Jim Hendry after the Thanksgiving holiday. ”

    Man, he is really bending over backwards to try to deal one of the best pitchers in Baseball. The Cubs have repeatedly squashed these rumors, especially since they re-signed Dempster.

    • Chris C.

      “Man, he is really bending over backwards to try to deal one of the best pitchers in Baseball.”

      The Padres owner is going through a messy divorce that is costing the organization a fortune. The problem is, everyone knows this, and Towers was given a directive to deal Peavy.

      When all is said and done, Peavy will be gone from San Diego, and the Pods won’t get anywhere close to his value in return. It will end up being strictly a salary dump, for a few minor leaguers.

  • Mark B

    Ben, Mike and Joe – Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for making this such a great blog. There isn’t another website out there that provides a better forum of interesting links, intelligent ideas, engaging debate and lively discussion on our favorite team.

    To all of the other active posters on this site, have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving as well!

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  • Steve

    Great piece by Mike A on Newsday.

    It explains in detail the Yanks 40 man situation and the upcoming Rule 5 draft.

    • Chris C.

      Speaking of Newsday, and not to go off the topic, but does anyone know why in just about every article about the Knicks, the following line appears: “the Knicks, who are owned by Cablevision, who also owns Newsday”.

      We all know how strange Dolan is, but could this really be some kind of directive he’s thrown Newsday’s way?

  • Relaunch

    Thanks for running this site. I always start my morning here.