The End of An Era

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  1. Ben K. says:

    The end of FJM? Wow. What has the world come to?

  2. Thomas says:

    Truly a tragedy.

  3. Accent Shallow says:

    All good things must come to an end.

  4. Jamal G. says:

    Damn, 2008 has been witness to the end of a couple of great blogs: Saber Scouting and Fire Joe Morgan. Although the former was short-lived, it was still fucking bacon.

  5. Rayblay says:

    I really felt like I was going to tear up when I saw that a while ago. That blog was the light of my life.


  6. Biship says:

    this is a very sad day

  7. A.D. says:

    Damn good blog

  8. Jeez, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I really thought that “Fire Joe Morgan” would outlast Joe Morgan’s grotesque tenure on ESPN. Then again, I picked the Rays to win the World Series in six games over Philadelphia. Terrible news. It will take ten blogs to make up for the quality work that FJM did.

    Joe Morgan can kiss my ass, that wretched, ill-informed little worm.

  9. Count Zero says:

    A shame but you had to see it coming since Ken T had the kidlet — their post count has been declining for months. Plus isn’t there a rumor Morgan’s off SNB in ’09? Mission accomplished?

    /salute to one of the funniest blogs I ever had the pleasure to frequent…

  10. NYFan50 says:

    Jeez. That really sucks.

  11. dan says:

    I’m stunned right now. I know they haven’t updated in a while, but why just end it? They could just post less frequently if they don’t want to do it all the time. I have a feeling right now similar to when Luis Gonzalez’s blooper landed in behind Jeter, although obviously to a lesser extent.

    FJM was one of the best blogs ever created, and will be sorely missed.

  12. Joey says:

    damn I’ll miss it, RAB was always #1 and FJM was #2. Sucks, I guess Shyster slides up a spot. Love FJM, sad sad day

  13. I promise to beat every dead horse I see in your honor, Ken Tremendous.

  14. Mike NYY says:

    The irony is the post right before their goodbye.

    They may have really got Morgan fired.

  15. Rich J says:

    The thing is, given Joe Morgan’s replacement on Sunday Night Baseball, I have a feeling that it won’t be long until they register

    Let’s hope Rick Sutcliffe does chats too.

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