The River Ave. Blues Podcast – November 13, 2008 – Episode 1


Okay, we’ve tried this a couple of times before, to no avail. This time, though, we’re super cereal. Mike and I team up this week to talk about the upcoming days, when free agents will be eligible to sign with everyone.

We go over the basics. Pitching, as in CC Sabathia and the rumored 6 year, $150 million offer the Yanks will make. That could have been a concoction of Joel Sherman’s imagination, but the figure makes sense. We talk about CC’s uniqueness, and about the prospect of adding a seventh guaranteed year to the deal. Then it’s about the also-rans: Derek Lowe, A.J. Burnett, Ben Sheets. We discuss the pros and cons of this, plus talk about the conditions under which we would consider Oliver Perez. As a final note on the pitching front, we talk about the popular trade ideas, including why I’m uncomfortable with giving up Phil Hughes for Jake Peavy, and an available starter I wouldn’t mind getting, but will probably get me pelted with rotten veggies.

Then it’s onto position players. We talk about the Jermaine Dye idea Jamal wrote about last night, and how it’s like the Mike Cameron deal. Hey, we’re not saying we should go out and get all these one-year, aging players. We’re just saying that the fit into the strategy. You can’t get younger overnight, so you might as well bring in vets with short commitments.

Of course, we debate the merits of Mark Teixeira, including the prospect of him getting an eight-year deal from some team. Would you go that long for a guy who will be 29 in 2009? Then it’s onto the trade guys, where we bring Nick Swisher back into the conversation. Would they swap him for Damon and a lower level pitcher? Would we throw in IPK? Would the White Sox even be interested in that?

Just so it’s not neglected, we hit on the bench to close things out. No one has yet been able to answer Mike’s challenge: name three utility infielders better than Betemit. He’s a homer threat every time he steps up, which is a positive for a bench guy. We also talk about how the rest of the bench could round out, including the Yanks attempting a little experiment with Justin Christian.

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  1. Chip says:

    Crank up the Hermida trade rumors again, the Cubs just traded for Kevin Gregg;ATT=3498

  2. AndrewYF says:

    Hopefully this podcast fares better than Star Wars Episode One.

  3. daneptizl says:

    Mike sounds far away…

  4. Rafi says:

    Is there any way to put them on iTunes?

  5. daneptizl says:

    Didn’t they say on MLB Trade Rumors that they were looking for pitching since they have Baek and Young as their starters?

  6. Jamal G. says:

    Mike: “John Kruk, who’s opinion doesn’t matter to me at all … Kruk was saying he [Daisuke Matsuzaka] he had to put so many base-runners on to be successful (which is just completely stupid and made no sense)…”

    Jeez, tell us how you really feel.

  7. AlexCT says:

    mike’s audio sounded way harsher and sharper than joes. especially when pronouncing sounds like “S’ it was a little shrill for my ears. otherwise, very good. it was all clear and loud enough for me.

  8. daneptizl says:

    Now that the Royals have Jacobs, we should go get Ka’aihue…

  9. christopher says:

    so happy to see Dunn’s name finally mentioned. his is a much cheaper alternative to texiera. after this season DH opens where dunn can spend a lot of time he is very comparable to what Giambi has been, but he is younger but will be cheaper than what we were paying and is at least more athletic

    no doubt the team needs to focus on starting pitching, but if they lose both abreu and giambi this offense will suffer. I know they didnt have posada or matsui last season, but neither is a anywhere near a lock to stay healthy – especially matsui and those two arent the offesive players that abreu and giambi were (last season).

  10. Infamous says:

    yankees get nick swisher for marquez via mlbtr

  11. Joseph P. says:

    Just wanted to note a gaffe in the latter part. I said “I’d love Dunn at 4 years, $45 million,” in response to Mike saying he’d get 4 years at $15 per. Yeah, I suck at math. You can tell by my hemming and hawing before saying $45 mil. Clearly, it doesn’t take an abacus to figure out that would be 4 years, $60 mil.

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