Yanks looking at “Larry Bowa type” at third base


It appears our long wait for a new third base coach may be coming to a close. Jon Heyman, reporting from the GM meetings, notes that Mick Kelleher could be the favorite to land the job. Here’s what he says about the candidate:

Cano’s struggles have led the Yankees to consider hiring as a major-league coach infield instructor Mick Kelleher, who’s emerged as the leading candidate to replace fired third base coach Bobby Meacham. Kelleher, who has received high marks for his coaching in the minors, has the distinction of playing 11 seasons in the big leagues without ever hitting a home run.

The Yankees are still weighing how to utilize their coaches, and one possibility would be to make Kelleher the first base coach and move Tony Pena to third base. Kelleher is seen as a “Larry Bowa type.”

This should make Yankees fans happy. Everyone wants Larry Bowa back because they believe he’s the remedy for Cano. So what if we just brought in his evil twin? They’re both about the same height, are within two years of each other, and were mostly powerless (Bowa just had 15 more home runs in his career than Kelleher in 7,901 more trips to the plate).

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  • Mike Pop

    Joe you love this hot stove stuff eh

  • Mike Pop

    And jesus Heyman wrote a new column

    • Steve

      Who’s Jesus Heyman?

  • Tim

    I preemptively blame Mick Kelleher for the decline in Jeter’s power numbers.

    • Bill R

      What power numbers?

    • Tim

      I also see this as a move to help Gardner feel more at home on the team.

      • Slugger27


        • Tim

          This way Brett will see that you can have a major league career without hitting a home run.

          • Tim

            I actually like Brett for center field . . . but have come to grips with the fact that he doesn’t even have Gary Pettis power.

            • Steve

              You can’t look at Gardner’s OPS, he’s not that type of player. You look at Runs Scored, OBP, SB. He can also be very valuable in tight games against tough pitchers by creating a run or two out of nothing.

              Gardner’s speed affects the game in ways that don’t show up on his baseball card. When a fielder makes an error because they were rushing the throw to try to get him out, he gets no credit for that. The fielder gets the error, but his speed is largely responsible for the play.

              When he stays out of a double play, it goes down as a fielder’s choice and yet on a close play, anyone else on the team would have been out. That extends the inning and good things can happen.

              When a pitcher gets distracted by him on 1B and serves up a meatball, he gets no credit for that. Many pitchers are also not as good pitching out of the stretch, so if he’s getting on base he’s raising the BA of anyone hitting behind him.

              • Old Ranger

                Great post Steve, very intuitive stuff…27/09.

          • dan l

            Louis Castillo never hit home runs and has had a nice career so far with a solid batting average and on base percentage.

  • s

    hows that

  • dan l

    I would like to see Dave Miley the AAA manager brought up in some coaching capacity.

  • Steve

    Boy, for a team that’s looking to trade Robby Cano they sure seem to be doing a lot to straighten him out. Strange.

    • Old Ranger

      Only posters and writers have said they were looking to trade Cano, unless I missed something…I haven’t heard the Yanks say they wanted to trade him. As the Yanks need good young players, why would they trade him? 27/09.