Yanks protect four from Rule 5 draft


Via Chad Jennings, the Yanks have added LHP Mike Dunn and RHPs Chris Garcia, Steven Jackson & Anthony Claggett to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft. Notable players not protected include LHP Zack Kroenke, IF Ramiro Pena, and RHPs JB Cox & Alan Horne. Shows what I know, I thought Cox & Horne were shoo-ins to be protected. The Depth Chart has been updated.

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  1. Simon B. says:

    Pretty surprising really. Makes me think the organization doesn’t think that well of Cox considering he was supposed to be very close to the majors and wouldn’t be much of a burden to go on 40-man. Always kind of a strange guy to be so high up on the prospect lists. His fastball rarely goes to 90 and no really outstanding secondary pitches.

    • Steve says:

      Actually, I think this is because Cox and Horne were injured last year. They’re pretty safe bets not to get selected. Cox was coming back from TJ, and didn’t fare all that well in AAA. Some TJ guys take 2 years to come back fully, so he’s not attractive to other teams.

  2. Chip says:

    I’d imagine that somebody will try to hide Horne in their bullpen. I’m not really shocked at all about Cox though, he had no control last year (yeah probably because of the TJS) and can’t strike anybody out. Sure he might get taken but I doubt he sticks with a club

    • emac2 says:

      A non playoff team would ne nuts not to take Horne. Cox is worthless but Whelan is probably drafted.

      Bad choice leaving Horne unprotected unless his injury was worse then we know.

      • Miles Roche says:

        Have to disagree here. I don’t believe Alan Horne can be put on an Active Major League Roster given how he struggled last year and with the surgery he underwent. Hope not to be proven wrong as i’d hate to see him go, but i still believe that protecting the others instead was the right call. . .

  3. E-ROC says:

    Kevin Whelan not protected? That’s not good.

  4. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Whelan is sure going to get picked. He’s been unhittable in the minors and has some nasty stuff.

    • Steve says:

      Have you seen his walk rates? 7/9IP last year, and unlike Cox he wasn’t coming off TJ. He followed this stellar AAA performance up by walking 13 in 15.1 IP in the AFL.

      Do you think he’d be able to fool MLB hitters for long if he can’t throw strikes to minor league hitters? I don’t.

      Whelan’s a bust.

  5. Frank B. says:

    Garcia supposedly has excellent stuff and a great arm… unfortunately he’ll probably never be healthy, he’s seems to be freakishly injury prone. Hope I’m wrong, cause he may be one of best young pitchers we have, with the potential to be THE best… IMHO.

  6. SWB says:

    Horne probably won’t be picked b/c you have to keep the on the active 25 for at least 90 days (half the season) and he is coming off of surgery so might not be effective enough to warrant a roster spot

  7. walter says:

    Very disappointing. I have never been impressed with Jackson. Horne and Whelan both talents. Maybe Horne is just too risky because of his surgery. Still, I see all sorts of mediocrities on the 40 man. Britton, Ransom certainly seem expendable. Big surprise that Claggett was kept — he and Dunn could be sleepers.

  8. SWB says:

    Do these guys make more money by being put on the 40 man? Not that it matters, just curious

  9. pat says:

    horne is coming off shoulder reconstructive surgery, nobody is gonna touch that

  10. Brooklyn Ed says:

    just curious, could the non-protected still be traded?

  11. rbizzler says:

    Does this mean that JB has some sort of arm problem that we don’t know about? If you are a bottom-feeding organization whay wouldn’t you take a flier on him?

  12. E-ROC says:

    Is there a complete list players who will be available in the Rule V draft?

  13. Chip says:

    Speaking of the Rule V draft. Can you imagine how crazy good the Rays could be if they still had Hamilton?

  14. Bruno says:

    Anyone we fans should be pining over? Any Cust-like OFs?

  15. Jack says:

    Are all 40 spots filled now?

  16. Troy says:

    While I’m happy my boy Garcia got protected… I can’t believe Horne didn’t get protected. Whelan I can understand, those command issues require more time in the minors, I can’t see him sticking with anyone, but I hope Horne slips through. He still has big time talent

    Of course… keeping guys like Ransom on the 40 man over Horne is laughable. No offense to Ransom, but he’s a AAAA player while Horne is a legit major league talent. They can’t justify that at all, imo

    I feel the same about Cox. Perhaps there’s something we don’t know about him. But he’s also someone I hope slips through the draft

  17. Dudeyoyo says:

    Oh my god, Alan Horne.

    A lot of teams liked Horne in 2007, he was one of our best trade chips probably those teams might take a shot with him. We never know.

    Cox > Claggett

    Any info on who the hell is Mike Dunn? thanks.

    • 27 this year says:

      he is a lefty reliever who only reached AA this year I believe. He is nothing more than possible lefty reliever/middle relief.

      • Arizona Steve says:

        Mike Dunn has the potential to be just like Phil Coke. A starter who may of found their calling in the bullpen. Dunn was great in the AA playoff. Those stats don’t show for the regular season but Dunn helped Trenton to the Championship. He really could be the second lefty in the pen letting Coke give starting one more chance. So keep an eye on Mike Dunn. PS. no to Adam Dunn.

    • jack says:

      In Baseball America a couple weeks ago Cashman and Newman were quoted as saying Dunn was throwing 95/96. He K’d like 1.5/inning in the last couple weeks of the season and the playoffs. On top of that he’s a lefty.

  18. 27 this year says:

    We won’t lose more than one guy adn chances are we don’t lose anyone. The thing is, there are thirty other teams.

    How many rounds are there?

  19. UNION YES. says:

    Is it possible that they’re left out because of some possible upcoming trade? I don’t get this move.

    • steve (different one) says:

      what is more likely is that no one will pick the guys you are worried about.

      everyone was worried about Eric Duncan last year when there was no chance anyone was going to take him.

  20. Dudeyoyo says:

    When is the draft?

    What picks do we have?

  21. jim says:

    seems like they fucked up

    • Stryker says:

      i’ll agree with you there. i thought with garcia’s propensity to be injured they’d let him go. i personally think whelan is a sleeper talent and would have liked to see him protected.

    • Troy says:

      I wanted to see Horne protected. But maybe they think he’ll slip through the draft or not stick on a ML roster (as a starter, I doubt he would either). Whelan definitely won’t stick on any roster… command is still a big issue for him.

      Cox is the most questionable… he has, imo, by far the best chance of sticking with somebody. I doubt Horne or Whelan would stick with anyone

      • Reggie C. says:

        Horne should stick as a reliever and a team with bullpen woes should take a flier on the power arm. Once he gets the arm strength back, Horne’s a good bet to help out a ML squad.

  22. A.D. says:

    As someone pointed out these guys have to be healthy the whole year, so doubtful that Horne gets picked, as he’ll be rehabbing pretty much the entire year.

    Little suprised on Cox, since he had a decenet year his first year back… maybe he’s headed to KC for DeJesus. Also suprised they went Dunn over Cox.

    Can they still DFA ppl and add or no?

  23. The Original Brian says:

    If another team applies the same logic in the Rule V that we applied in the 11th round of 2005, then Horne is gone…that would be a shame.

  24. AndrewYF says:

    Why would any team trade for Cox or Horne when they have to be added to the team’s 40-man to be protected from the Rule V? Nevermind they can just select the player themselves, if they’re that interested in the guy.

    • A.D. says:

      because if they pick them in the rule V they have to spend the entire year on the 25 man roster in the majors, and stay healthy, if they trade they can keep him in the minors.

  25. steve (different one) says:

    remember, if the team that takes our player can’t keep them on the active roster all year, they have to offer them back to the Yankees for $50K.

    Mike Gardner, the reliever the Padres took from us last year, was eventually returned. the Red Sox took Colter Bean from us one year and he came back.

  26. Reggie C. says:

    If healthy Horne could stick as a reliever. He’s just gotta get his arm strength back. A team with bullpen woes should take a flier on Horne. Nobody should be surprised when he gets selected.

  27. Reggie C. says:

    As long as Chris Garcia pitches in the system, i’m gonna say that he’s the dark-horse impact pitcher. He’s probably got the second best arm in the system. If the planets line up right and Garcia avoids another extended injury, he’ll be an option for the 2010 rotation.

  28. christopher says:

    i dont get leaving guys with horne and whelan’s talent out there and keeping a guy like ramson on the 40 man. AAAA player over 2 power arms?

    Until last seasoon, horne was a guy that i loved and will hate to see him go. Watch out for the padres who love to take any pitcher starter or reliever and sticking them into the pen where they become very good major league set-up men.

    Can a player get claimed as a rule V and then be put on the DL, or would that override the pick or do they only need to spend 90 games on the ML roster to stay?

  29. Conan the Barack O'Brian says:

    If Garcia gets protected and Horne doesn’t, then it says a lot about where they are in their recoveries and about the Yanks’ thoughts (still) on Chris.

    a new handle….stupid enough to work. deliciously awfully terd-bakin stupid.

  30. j says:

    Whelan has little chance of being picked. With his control there is no way he could last a season at the ML level. Hes still got loads of potential, but for now hes too far away. I’m more concerned with Cox getting picked. Seems like every year the first guys to go are the command guys who are close to the bigs.

  31. Mulls says:

    man you think the mets couldnt use a kevin whelan in that dogshiiite pen of theirs

  32. J says:

    Look at his walk numbers. Not only that but at this point he has bad command as well. He’d get rocked in the bigs. Next year, two years from now he could turn into a setup guy, but for now I just can’t see him lasting a week in the majors without being sent back.

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