Yanks’ Wang feeling better

The Peavy rumors just won't die
Ruining Spring Training

The best way to understand Chien-Ming Wang‘s popularity in Taiwan is to compare him to the Beatles in the mid-1960s. So this week, when Chien-Ming Wang finally returned home to his native country for a few weeks, an adoring press corps was there to greet him. The news about the Yanks’ ace right-hander’s foot was encouraging as well.

According to the Taiwanese news, Wang says his foot is completely healed, and he had been throwing three times a week as part of his rehab program. The News Agency reported earlier this week:

Taiwan-born New York Yankees starter Wang Chien-ming returned to Taiwan yesterday morning and pronounced his right foot injury that forced him to miss the last four months of the season completely healed.

Wang, who suffered the foot injury while rounding third base in an interleague game against the Houston Astros on June 15, had to delay his return to Taiwan for several weeks to rehabilitate the foot in the United States following the end of the baseball season…

Wang said the Yankees have arranged a special training program for him during his time in Taiwan to help strengthen his foot, with the program including cycling and weightlifting exercises, but no jogging. Since being diagnosed as completely healed, Wang said, he has been throwing three times a week, including one session last month where he threw fifty pitches and “felt really good” afterwards.

Wang also let slip some details about his next few months. The so-called “Pride of Taiwan” won’t be participating in the World Baseball Classic because Brian Cashman doesn’t want him to. That’s the right call. By the time the WBC rolls around, it will have been nine months since Wang last appeared in game action. There’s no need to throw him into the middle of a heated international competition.

The sinker specialist also hopes to be on the mound come Opening Day. For that, I say, much depends on CC. It is very encouraging to hear that Wang is feeling good.

The Peavy rumors just won't die
Ruining Spring Training
  • Big Stein

    Wang Chien-ming “(???) ”
    Family name comes first in traditional Asian culture.

  • http://www.RotoJunkie.com Bob@RotoJunkie

    In Chinese names the given name is the last listed; when it translates back to Chinese the patronymic comes last, hence Wang Chine-Ming; Chien-Ming is the family name.

    • Raven

      No, you’re wrong.
      The MLB put Asian players’ family names last in Western style.
      Chien-ming Wang’s family name is Wang.
      Chien-ming is his given name.
      In Taiwan, he’s called Wang Chine-Ming.
      Ichiro Suzuki’s family name is Suzuki.
      In Japan, he’s called Suzuki Ichiro.
      Chan-Ho Park’s family name is Park.
      In Korea, he’s called Park Chan-Ho.

  • steve (different one)

    According to the Taiwan news, Wang says his foot is completely heeled

    pun intended?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Oof. Definitely not.

  • http://salarydump.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

    My foot hurts.

  • Mike Pop

    He looks fresh in that pic

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Nice douche shirt he’s wearing. Did he get that from the Giambi Collection?

    • gxpanos

      haha he’s got the whole douche ensemble going with the sparkles and glasses and necklace and hat.

      Still love ya, Wanger!

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Douchey Couture.

  • Accent Shallow

    If Wang’s ok, I’m feeling good about 2009 already.

  • Chip

    Well now that the Yanks’ Wang is feeling better I think they should move on to the next priority which is obviously acquiring Wood

    • dan


    • http://salarydump.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

      Wang leads to Wood at the end of the “game”

      • Chip

        I think we obviously need Wood to close the deal. We can’t have Wang limping off the field like we did this year :)

  • Mulls

    good news he’ll slot in nicely as our 4th starter this year

    • http://fightingyankees.blogspot.com/ jessica(Let’s Go Yankees!!)

      Even though Yankees get CC and AJ, Wang won’t be no.4.

  • Eric

    I don’t want ANY Yankees playing in the WBC.

    • Chip

      I’m ok with the position players but I’m not a huge fan of pitchers playing

      • Baseballnation

        Agreed. It’ll give Jeter/Arod a jump start in training &preparing for the season. Who are some of the guys that might cover the rotation squad at WBC anyway?

  • zzzzz

    i’d love to see wang win a gold glove. hes a very solid fielder.

  • Old Ranger

    It would be nice to see CMW win 20+ games for once…before he becomes 30+. He was something like 8-3 (or 8-2 can’t remember) before getting injured. With or without CC, we could use a 20+ season from him. With CC, CMW, Joba as our front 3…bring on the playoffs/WS (if healthy). 27/09.

  • Wang fan

    I think something in this news is not right,I saw the press conference,Wang said he doesn’t expect himself to pitch in the 2009 opening day because he knew he didn’t pitch much in 2008.

  • FL Yank

    Here’s a question I always want to ask during the live chats but somehow forget: Even with all the young pitching coming up through the system, do you make a strong push to resign Wang when he hits FA. With all he’s done since coming up I say you have to.

  • http://fightingyankees.blogspot.com/ jessica(Let’s Go Yankees!!)

    Wang knows there are a lot of good pitchers on free agent market. No matter who Yankees get, Wang said they are the best. He wishes to go get champion with them.

    Wang actually asked Cashman in person regard of WBC before coming back to Taiwan. Of course, it’s not smart to let any pitcher go.

    Just in case, if someone is interested in the details of that Wang’s press conference, I have that details on my blog.

    Yankees don’t have to worry about Wang’s contract at the near future. It’s not easy to get good pitchers in the major. Once Wang hit FA, Yankees will take care of business. Not to mention Yankees know Wang can handle New York’s spotlight.

  • Daniel Hughes

    as to his name, his last name is WANG. and actually WANG sounds more like WONG (not WANG—which is how Jeter likes to pronounce it for fun).

    his first name is actually not Chien-ming (with a G), but Chien-MIN (no G—-whoever transliterated his name got it wrong—a lot of Taiwanese can’t distinguish between the G and no G sound)…the two words should be pronounced quickly in succession..

    So anyway, this is probably the closest to how his name sounds:
    WONG JIANMIN (with the stress on JIAN)

    by the way he told the local media his two goals for next year are: win 20 games (sounds ambitious) and get a Golden glove award (also ambitious)….

    I just hope he stays healthy

  • Mandy

    He didn’t really wanted to be the opening pitcher, he said he thought Mussina should be the opening pitcher because he did great in 2008, as for himself, he did not start many games in 2008.

    The interviewer pushed him to say he would like to be in any chance.

    Wang is not a no. 4 pitcher by the way, he would be offered a lot of money
    as CC if he was a free agent.