A lover spurned

Yankee Economics 101
Expecting the World in 2009

It seems that the Red Sox and Mark Teixeira have a decade-long history that goes back to the 1998 draft. According to Justin Sablich, Boston tried to draft and sign Teixeira in the first round, and when the then-18-year-old expressed his desire to go to college, the Red Sox made sure Teixeira wasn’t drafted by anyone else. A jilted lover — or, in this case, a first baseman — never forgets.

Yankee Economics 101
Expecting the World in 2009
  • Yankees=warriors

    Wow, what an amazing discovery.
    So the Red Sox are even lower than I thought!

  • Should be working

    Cause im sure they’re the only team thats ever done that.

  • Chris

    I think Tex basically said before signing that this wasn’t going to be an issue because the entire Red Sox organization had changed (new owner, new GM, etc).

    • Jamme Tan

      You could chalk that up as a negotiating tactic. A boras client would not alienate a team like the Red Sox during the free agent process.

  • JeffG

    Read the article yesterday in my Christmas boredom. Sounds like the Sox have been on Texiera’s shit list for some time now. Very nice to hear.

    I was also thinking about Hendry’s man-love for Texiera and how his hatred for the Yanks grew even stronger now that we stripped away the prize. Thought there should be a theme song for it:


    In fact that little number goes out to all the RedSox fans who keep crying like little babies … for the ones that maintain the Yanks are somehow the bad guys for nabbing the player they wanted.
    Cry me a river.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Hendry = Cubs’ GM
      Henry = Red Sox principal owner

      • JeffG

        Yes, I meant the second choice – thanks.

  • Trevor

    This is great. Yankee players who dislike the SAWX. First Swisher who dislikes Beckett now Texiera. Woo Hoo!

  • Reggie C.

    I think Austin Romine saw the news of the signing and shook his head. The inside track to succeed Posada just got tougher for him as the brass will now undoubtedly stick with Montero as catcher for as long as possible.

    • Mike Pop

      I really dont think he cares that much.

    • Bruno

      You forget about DH? Plus, who says Montero can ONLY move to 1B? RF/LF might be a possibility as well IF he can’t stay behind the plate.

      • Reggie C.

        Maybe i’m playing this too old-school, but DH’ing a 21/22 year old doesn’t sit well with me. I am intrigued to see him snag fly balls. Probably something that won’t happen as the Yanks could go Jackson, Swisher, and Nady for the next several years. Could go…

        I think Montero’s bat is ML ready in 2011. Natural hitters always seem to fly through the system — look at Lars Anderson.

  • Januz

    I have been reading about the history of Teixeira and Boston, and I really believe that it is very personal. This guy comes from a military family where terms like honor actually mean something, so he found Boston’s tactics disgusting, and did not forget. The argument that it was a different ownership and management group is true, no question about it. However, they still treat their former players like garbage (See Nomar and countless others (Such as a Mike Lowell who they were willing to kick aside)). The Yankees, although they are far from perfect (No organization is), still do stuff like Old Timers Day, so former players are never forgotten about, once a Yankee always a Yankee (Sort of like once a Marine always a Marine).
    Another thing I read about him is he is a true believer in Scott Boras, and his hardball strategy. That is why he said he was willing to go to Boston, so that he and Boras could play teams against each other (In my opinion, the plan always was to send him to the Yankees, if possible. Which is why there is NO opt out clause like CC got). When the Angels dropped out, he was essentially between a rock and a hard place. He had three choices. a: A bad team such as Washington or Baltimore (And he played in a place (Arlington, Texas) where they usually lose, so he knows how unpleasant that can be) . b: Boston (Which of course, he did not like). c: The Yankees. That is why when Cashman gave Boras essentially the drop dead offer, of $180m, and Boras called back 20 minutes later and accepted it, instead of risking the Yankees walking away, and ending up with a team like the Washington Nationals.