Brand spankin’ new Depth Chart

When does too much become too much?
Counting our chickens well before they hatch

Our Organizational Depth Chart is a pretty popular feature; I get emails and comments from you guys all the time about how useful it is, or questions as to why someone is placed where they are, stuff like that. There was just one problem with the thing: it was ugly as sin and hard to read. I guess that’s two problems.

Well not anymore. I had a technical snafu yesterday and lost all the data (thanks Time Warner), so I took the opportunity to tear the whole thing down and rebuild it. The result: it’s easier to read, easier to follow, and not so freaking ugly. I’m going to add some more players eventually, but for now I just wanted to get the thing back up and available for you all.

So let me know what you think, hopefully everyone finds it useful and more aesthetically pleasing. Any feedback is appreciated, so either leave it in the comments or email me. Oh, and before anyone asks, I’m not adding CC Sabathia or AJ Burnett until they pass their physicals and officially sign.

When does too much become too much?
Counting our chickens well before they hatch
  • dave

    no love for justin chrisitan?

  • Bonnie

    Justin Christian was non-tendered making him a free agent, if I am correct.

    • TurnTwo

      and you are correct.

      wouldnt surprise me to see him come back on a minor league deal, though.

  • TurnTwo

    maybe we can anticipate adding Jake Peavy while you’re at it instead of Andy Pettitte:

    Jake Peavy’s agent Barry Axelrod explains his client’s preferences:

    “Jake has a strong preference to stay in the National League. If Jake’s ever going to accept anything to the American League – and I don’t want this to be taken wrong – I can safely say that it’s going to be the Yankees or Red Sox or maybe the Angels. Those teams are going to be in contention and are going to spend money.”

    there is still hope!

  • Mike Pop

    If you added them and then the CC deal fell through.. OMG !

  • ryan

    I don’t see george kontos in the depth chart yet he is farther along then hacker, garcia, and brackman …also i don’t see McCallister in there either and i’d have to say he’s right behind guys like hacker garcia and could join them in AA in 09. Also i see ransom is in line for SS…I heard cash say they were gonna use him for 1st and 3rd and they were planning on using someone else off the bench for SS and 2B. let me know what u think and maybe there are reasons im not thinking of for this.

    • Joseph P.

      Kontos and McAllister aren’t on the 40-man. Hacker, Garcia, and Brackman are.

      • Joseph P.

        Also, before anyone points it out, I realize there are non-40-man players on the depth chart. Just saying that this is the best explanation to ryan’s question. That, and I’m sure Mike will add them eventually.

    • Mike A.

      Like I said in the post, I’m going to add more players eventually, but I just wanted to get the thing up as soon as possible.

  • josh

    if you include aj and cc and lets say pettitte at 13 mil what would the payroll be for2009? if it is still substatially less than last year (20 or 30 mil) i say there is almost no reason we shouldnt be going after texiera

  • josh

    also what was the number that the yanks came out with a couple of months ago thah they would spend this offseason

    • Mike Pop

      I dont think we get Texieria.. Sorry man I love em too but we just spent $$

      • kenthadley

        Agreed……Cash has shown that it is much easier to add a bat in June (Justice, Fielder, etc) then it is to find pitching…….it seems that we will spend our $ on pitching, and save any reserve for June…..maybe add Cameron, but I dont see any other big push for a hitter until it is proven that we need another bat

        • Mike Pop

          Its funny though how Reagins and Towers are talking about their own “hot stove” and about the offer to Tex and whats been going on with Peavy but then Cashman does not say a word. In all of Cash’s interviews all he pretty much says is I am trying to improve the team in any way thats possible.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Something around $180 million, right? I have no idea who actually said that though, probably an anonymous source.

  • Ace

    Does anyone know what the deal is with Humberto Sanchez? There was a lot of hype surrounding him when we traded for him. I know he had Tommy John surgery but is he projected to be a starter? Is he throwing 98mph still? Will he be in our pen to start the season?

  • SWB

    You should asterick players not on the 40 man and leave the 40 ones plain b/c its hard to figure out who is on it and who is off b/c some are bold and some are light blue b/c of the profiles (or find some other way of denoting each). I like the new format better though, good work

  • josh

    it seems like you guys are right, but i think if they sign tex they will still be under last years payroll – giambi $ = sabathia $, abreu $ = burnett $, gives me at least 30 – 40 mil left over from pavano,moose and pettitte. swisher is pretty cheap and if getting cameron means we cant be in the hunt for tex than i dont want him.
    btw – who will the big free agents be next year

  • josh

    adding burnett sabathia and tex makes this team a monster

  • ortforshort

    Nice Chart. Its got two glaring holes in it: Centerfield and First Base. Plus I’d sign Abreu and I-Rod for deeper depth. To add a personal touch, Id throw in Romine at catcher and Montero in right field with another color (gray maybe).

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Who is Justin Leone? When did the Yankees sign him? Did they sign him to a minor league deal?

  • Jamal G.

    I find the introduction to “RAB’s Guide to Stats” amusing:

    Over the course of this season, and hopefully many more to come, we at River Ave. Blues (and by “we” I mean Ben and me; Mike doesn’t believe in this VooDoo bullshit) will be using various statistics to back up our arguments.

    • dan

      It’s no longer valid, as Mike has since made the jump to accepting statistical analysis. Still funny though.

  • X-Man(Angel)

    What about Willy Taveras?

    • Steve H

      No. No. No. No. No. Taveras at his best is probably what Gardner will be at his worst.

  • Mister Delaware

    I’m going to throw something ridiculous out here, mostly out of boredom with a little bit of coffee buzz mixed in. How much money on Gary Matthews Jr.’s contract would it be worth absorbing to bring him on as a roving 4th OF with the real benefit being a chance to let Anaheim free up enough money to keep Teixeira from Boston? He’s not very good and he’s not cheap, but from an overall cost/benefit standpoint, hmmm …

    (I promse I’m usually more sane than this, I’m not asking to trade IPK and the Duncans for Sizemore, but my weekend of solitude has my mind wandering. To ponder …)

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Gary Matthews is owed $33 mil over the next 3 years, and he sucks. People are always killing Cashman, but if he ever made that move, he would deserve all the vitriol that would come his way.

      • Mister Delaware

        You ignored everything I wrote aside from Matthews’ name. I know he sucks, I said as much in my post. What I’m asking how much salary absorbed would be worth it if it kept Teixeira away from Boston. If we take on $15MM over 3 years and that means Lowell instead of Teixeira in Boston’s lineup, is it worth it? Its not a player evaluation question, its an economics question given that, on some level, a marginal loss for Boston is some fraction of a marginal win for us.

  • Matt L

    What’s the plan for Chris Garcia? He can’t seem to stay healthy but has dynamic stuff, does it make sense to change him to the bullpen instead of keeping him as a starter?

  • AndrewYF

    RAB – you should add this to your various roster tools: an unofficially definitive payroll tool. You can even enlist me to update it, should none of you actually care enough. It could be expanded to 2017…the end of A-Rod’s contract, where the Yankees will be on the hook for $20M + 24x$.39 = $29.36M

    2009 Yankee Payroll, in millions (thanks to Cots)

    Alex Rodriguez………$32
    CC Sabathia………….$23
    Derek Jeter…………..$20
    A.J. Burnett…………..$16.5
    Mariano Rivera………$15
    Jorge Posada…………$13.1
    Johnny Damon……….$13
    Hideki Matsui………….$13
    Robinson Cano……….$6
    Nick Swisher………….$5.3
    Chien-Ming Wang…….$4 (+arb)
    Kei Igawa………………$4
    Damasco Marte……….$3.75
    Xavier Nady…………..$3.35 (+arb)
    Jose Molina…………….$2
    Andrew Brackman……$1.1375
    Brian Bruney………….$0.725(+arb)
    Melky Cabrera………..$0.4612 (+(-?)arb)
    Cody Ransom…………$0.45
    Dan Giese……………..$0.4125
    Philip Hughes………….$0.40635
    Juan Miranda…………..$0.4
    Shelley Duncan……….$0.4
    Ian Kennedy…………..$0.4
    Jon Albaladejo…………$0.4
    Alfredo Aceves………..$0.4
    Francisco Cervelli…….$0.4
    Joba Chamberlain…….$0.4(+ awesome bonus)
    Anthony Claggett……..$0.4
    Phil Coke……………….$0.4
    Michael Dunn…………..$0.4
    Chris Garcia……………$0.4
    Brett Gardner………….$0.4
    Steven Jackson………..$0.4
    Edwar Ramirez…………$0.4
    David Robertson……….$0.4
    Humberto Sanchez…….$0.4
    Jose Veras……………….$0.4
    Chase Wright……………$0.4

    Now, and I could be wrong on this, players on the 40-man that have simply been tendered contracts do not make major-league money while in the minors. That includes Shelley Duncan and Dan Giese, but not Juan Miranda or Kei Igawa. The details are extremely pithy, so we’ll just average all the pre-arbitration guys down to $0.4 million, the major-league minimum for 2009.

    Assuming the Burnett and Sabathia contracts, and assuming neither are backloaded, the Yankees are now on the hook for $176.32 million for 17 players in 2009 without arbitration increases. Adding the 8 pre-arbitration players to the major league roster takes it to $179.52 million. Taking Peter Abraham’s arbitration estimates, ($5 for Wang, $6 for Nady, and $1.2 for Bruney), and giving Melky $0.5 instead of the minimum, that bumps it up to $180.49 million. And that’s without the $10 million (minus the $0.4 million player he replaces = $9.6 million) slotted for Pettitte, which would take the payroll to $190.9 million.

    No wonder the Yankees want the Brewers to kick in part of the $10 million owed to him in 2009.

    • AndrewYF

      Forgot about Juan Miranda, but let’s just assume he wins a major league job. Otherwise, add another $0.4 to the payroll, assuming he never makes the majors in 2009.

      Not like that really matters, but still.

    • AndrewYF

      I also made a mistake. It’s $183.7 million with arbitration increases. So the final payroll tally with Pettitte is $193.7 million, or just call it $194 million.

    • AndrewYF

      Also, the AAV is at $180 million, which means they’re not really paying that much luxury tax. $12 * 0.4 = $3. That can’t be right, can it?

      • AndrewYF

        Er, confused the AAV issue. It’s the total AAV of all the contracts on the 40-man roster. So deduct Igawa ($4) and add 15 more guys making the minimum (15 * $0.4 = $6), that brings it to $182.

        Adding Pettitte brings it to $192.

        The luxury tax threshold is $168 million, so $26 million * 0.40 = $10.2 million luxury tax hit, which would be the least the Yankees have paid into the tax since it was instituted, but still higher than any team other than them has ever paid into the tax.

        • Sweet Dick Willie

          Adding Pettitte brings it to $192.

          So then if the Yanks don’t want the same payroll they had last year, they CAN’T afford Tex or Manny (or Dunn, for that matter).

  • dan

    I agree with what someone said above– it’s hard to see who’s bold and who’s not. An asterisk might help with that.

    And who the fuck is Justin Leone? It would probably be more beneficial to write in Nick Swisher as the backup in left and right.

  • ryan

    The yanks should quit while they’re way ahead. With the rotation how it is, the BP solid like last year and an abundance of options from within, the pitching is locked. The lineup is more than enough to produce runs to win with the quality arms the they have now. Pass on cameron please…last thing the yanks need is a strikeout king that makes minimal contact. I feel like melky deserves a rebound chance and if gardner can hit for average he can be a leadoff man when damon leaves. I hope cash isn’t forgetting all about the farm he spent so long strengthening, It almost seems as tho in the last 2 wks the youth movement and development has been put on the backburner yet again. With the entire outfield vanishing next year wouldn’t it be important to find out what the top outfield prospects in the system are worth?