CC, Genske playing the game perfectly

Very unconfirmed rumor that doesn't make sense: CC declines Yanks' offer
Joe Girardi press conference

As campaign season rounded out and Barack Obama became President-elect of the United States, many in the media commented that he ran a “perfect campaign.” They played everything even-handedly, took advantage of every opportunity they saw, and never lost their cool. Once this whole CC Sabathia fiasco is in the books we’ll probably marvel at how perfectly he and his agent, Greg Genske, played the market perfectly.

They were dead-on from the start. The Yankees came out guns blazing with their record offer. Genske and Sabathia, however, were mum. They let the media do their work. The result were stories about the lefty’s preference to pitch on the West Coast and even his — totally unconfirmed — lack of desire to live in New York. The longer we waited, the crazier the stories got. Even better, people were actually believing it.

I’m guessing that CC and Genske knew from the start that they wouldn’t address the offer until the Winter Meetings. There was nothing that would behoove them to do so. They already had a record offer on hand. They knew it wasn’t going away, so waiting was the best way to play this. They had little to gain by jumping on the first offer, no matter how large.

So they waited for the offers to roll in. But they didn’t. Even as the media suggested that Sabathia would take less money to play out West, we heard nothing about offers from the Giants, Dodgers, or Giants. This part, I’m guessing, the Team CC did not anticipate. Yet, they knew that even if they got no further offers, they still had the one from the Yankees.

Now the Winter Meetings have rolled around, and Team CC is ready to get serious. What’s the first thing they do? Request a meeting with the team with the highest bid. Then what did they do? Take meetings with anyone willing to talk. Then they skipped town, leaving behind only an air of mystery and a reported weekend meeting in San Francisco.

We’ve heard about CC’s meetings, and we’re getting word on some additional offers — the Angels and the Red Sox have placed their bids, according to Peter Gammons. Yet he has a very telling quote after mentioning these offers: “Nothing,” says a source close to Sabathia, “is different than it was a week ago.”

Of course nothing’s different. That’s because Genske and Sabathia have played this off-season perfectly.

Very unconfirmed rumor that doesn't make sense: CC declines Yanks' offer
Joe Girardi press conference
  • AMS223

    offer him 7 years 160 and give him 1 till christmas

    I know you dont wanna scare agents/players away with a deadline but the yankees need to show some backbone here. If no CC then we move on….but we cant really afford to lose out on our plan B. C, D, etc

    • Joseph P.

      It seems to me that the Yankees are pursuing these plans simultaneously.

      • AMS223

        yea they are…but what if they lock up burnett to the absurd 5 year 100 deal and lowe to the predicted 65 million dollar deal…are they going to take back their offer for CC or no? I would rather hear a clear no from CC after a week and then sign the others than screw ourseleves over

        • Chip

          If Lowe or Burnett signs, the other’s offer will be withdrawn if CC is still on the board. I don’t think they want all of them unless the price is low

    • Reggie C.

      Naw man. Stay at the 6/140 mark as long as you can. Nothing has come out that should unnerve the Yanks from their position. I’m starting to think that Cash could’ve offered 7/160 from the get-go and CC would still have not signed yet…

      Yanks have to forget Burnett and get Sheets signed this week. Give the fans something!! Sign Sheets to a 2+1 vesting at $15M AAS. If CC wants to meet with the Giants next week … okay … seriously pursue Tex in the meanwhile, so as to not give the RS an open run at Tex.

      If we get close to signing Tex, i guarantee you that CC will make up his mind.

  • Tom

    Genske has played it perfectly thus far, however, he did not anticipate that he would get no other reasonable offers. I strongly believe what was posted on here a couple days ago. Genske is dead as an agent if he blows this deal. However, if all goes to plan, he’ll improve his reputation tremendously

  • JeffG

    Played perfectly for the money? Sure as long as the big money doesn’t move on.

    But what will CC’s reception be in NYC if he and his agent drag this out another three weeks, feeding media tid-bits through anaonymous friends? Does he come in a la Giambi, a fan favorite in need of one little “Yankee Moment,” or does he come in as A-Rod, a hired gun playing for the money and nothing else? The fans seem to turn on that kind of guy pretty quick.

    I guess what I’m saying is the distinction between “played it perfectly” and “over-ripe” is a fine one. At a certain, not too distant point, the market is what it is and everything else is just shenanigans.

    • Jamal G.

      …does he come in as A-Rod, a hired gun playing for the money and nothing else?

      Seeing as how ARod requested a trade – after already signing the record, $252M offer – to Boston, because of their trip to Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, I don’t see how any rational mind could have formed the opinion that ARod plays for “nothing else” but “the money”.

      • Matt

        Because he’s not cluthz0r$ like teh Captain.

        • steve (different one)

          A-Rod is a hired gun, but Jason Giambi is a true yankee b/c he hit a HR in the rain one time.

          and his dad liked Mickey Mantle.

          • Brian


            • Jay CT

              If he comes in here what will the media be like? They will kiss his ass. WHY does everyone have such a problem with a guy deciding on his right choice in life. Shit, I bet his first choice would be to have the Giants move to Hawaii so he can lounge there with 200 million dollars.

              I think the longer it goes, the better the chances the Yankees still can get him. There main competition are the Angels. The other teams could have had him by now; I think there is a reason there is no contract offers- the economy… oh, and Barry Zito

  • Jeff

    Perfectly? They are waiting for an offer that comes close enough to the Yankee offer, for him to rationalize not coming to the Yankees…

    That offer unfortunately has not come..

    Anything else on why CC has not taken a Yankee offer that is 40 million more then the next offer is rationalized bull

    • Ben K.

      It’s only rationalized bull if you don’t understand how negotiations work and refuse to read any of the common-sense articles that have laid out why exactly it’s perfectly normal for this not to have been resolved already.

      • JeffG

        Actually, I know very well how negotiations work. My point is, CC may end with NY dollars and Bronx cheers if this thing goes two or three more weeks.

        I don’t expect it to be resolved already. If it were me free-agent year, I wouldn’t have signed with anyone already. But if CC’s agent is hoping to play this out to drive up the Yankee offer, he may end up with a very rich, and very ill-received client. Something for him and CC to take into account.

        • Ben K.

          If CC signs with the Yanks, no one will boo.

          • steve (different one)

            unless they give him #21.

            • Jay CT

              Seriously, why would anyone boo? Cause he didn’t run to them? What do you think buisness is all about? This is a buisness. Companies kiss ass to get the top employees on their side. This is no different. CC has managed just fine in Clevland/Mil. for the past 7 years. Now he has the right to look around, see what is out there, and go from there. Its only a couple times in the players life they can have this much luxary of deciding things. Give him his time, and kiss his ass… anything to get the hefty lefty

      • JeffG

        WHOA! my bad – responded to the wrong post – a thousand apologies.

      • Steve S

        I can see the argument for CC and his agent. But to say perfectly, Im just not sure. They are running a serious risk that the Yankees pull back the offer. If that happens then the market will run seriously cold for him. And its also abundantly clear that no one is willing to make that offer. We can speculate about the Angels but at this point they have not made a move. And he is caught in the ultimate catch-22.

        – CC wants the Angels to make an offer,
        – the Angels want Tex,
        – Tex is represented by Boras who knows that his best chance for a huge deal for Tex is for the Yankees to be involved. If the Yankees sign CC then most likely their pursuit of Tex will be tempered if anything at all. So Tex needs CC to be resolved in order to properly judge the market. Not to mention Boras is the king of waiting out the market.

        I mean this is the ultimate game of chicken. CC is pandering to every team on the west coast including the Dodgers and Giants. There is ABSOLUTELY no shot that either team can realistically offer anything near what the Yankees would offer. And the Yankees know that. This game is far from being perfect, its more bizarre because everything seems to be pointing to the fact that CC is willing to take less to play on the West Coast, its just a matter of how much less. I dont know how thats playing the game perfect. Playing the game perfect would be getting the Yankees to increase the offer. I dont see how that happens given the current scenario.

  • Shamus


    Nady Nation says:

    December 9th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    Would you seek out an employer and talk with them for 4 hours about the opportunity they’re presenting to you if you had sincerely no interest in pursuing said opportunity? Answer that before claiming CC has no desire whatsoever to be in NY.

    Reply to this comment

    Shamus says:

    December 9th, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    Yeah, four hours is nothing if it means it makes the Giants/Dodgers/Angels or whomever up their offer $20 million.

    Hell, if my firm’s main competitor was so inclined, I’d sit in a room naked full of broken glass with NESN on the TV at full blast for 8 hours if it would net me an extra hundred grand a year!!!!

    But, I do get where you are going with this, Nady Nation…

  • Jeff

    Ben, if the Dodgers or San Fran offered him 140 hours after free agency began, do you think we would be sitting here on December 9th with an unsigned Sabathia? I don’t think so

    The point it has nothing to do with a agent and client playing it perfectly, the waiting out has more to do with LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION… He want’s to play on the west cost…

    If this was Mark Teixera, and the Yankees made a similar offer and we were in the same predicament, then you would have a valid argument IMO…. All I am saying is this is a unique situation based on a player who wants to be home on the west cost, and has little or noting to do with a agent playing it perfectly…

    • Chip

      I do. He’d go to the Yankees and say, these guys are offering me 140 as well, what do you have? To which they’d reply, 6/150. He’d then sit there and wait until January to see if the Dodgers or Giants will match it or to see if the Yankees get cold feet and put a seventh year on it. It’s simple negotiation

      • ceciguante

        good guess, chip.
        either that, or CC would just take the 140 and be thrilled that he got to go home for record breaking pay (if in fact he prefers the left coast enough to not bother pushing the # up).

        to date, these negotiations strike me as very standard. the only reason it’s at the pace of molasses is b/c there’s no competitive counter to the yanks’ opening bid. there’s no real magic as to why CC hasn’t moved a muscle…he doesn’t have to. he’s waiting for a real counter, so he’s posturing the time away.

        where it gets interesting is if the yanks attach a deadline, or another team actually puts a real counter (i.e., 7 years or $125M+) on the table.

    • Steve H

      When has CC said he wanted to be on the West Coast? Why did he negotiate to stay in Cleveland (not West Coast) or consider Milwaukee (not West Coast)?

      • Jay CT

        Exactly. The only person who I can recall going on the record is Jimmy Rollins. And he said he comes to NY. Hell, I could be the “annynonmus friend” of his saying west coast. And I am sure a 140 million offer from the Dodgers would have gotten him already. There is nothing wrong with prefering to pitch there. EVERYONE who gets drafted HOPES he goes to a certain team. Its a dream. However, dreams arent always reality. I think with the Dodgers being cheap, the Giants having a 5th starting making 90 million more, and the Angels needing hitting, hitting more hitting, and hitting (plus Lackey being FA next year), I still say he comes back here soon. Have some faith for cryin out loud

  • VO

    Does anyone know what the highest bid on Teixiera is right now anyways?

    • Chip

      None, nobody has made a bid because they know Boras will shop it around

  • Shamus

    Best tag I’ve seen in a while:

    Al from BK( CC is a bum, enjoy 50 million less and pitching for the Giants!)
    December 9th, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    (of course, the guy is a Lohudder)

    Also, saw this, found it funny:

    Joe Torre was just on NESN talking about the liklihood of Andy Pettitte possibly signing with the Red Sox. That’s been the big rumor here in New England today.

    Torre said he just can’t imagine Andy ever crossing that line. He mentioned Mike Torez,but Torez wasnt homegrown into the rivalry like Andy was.Torre even mentioned that Don Mattingly was hoping that his son wasnt going to get drafted by Boston when the time came. lol

  • Jamal G.

    The Mariners need a power hitter. The Tigers need a closer. There is speculation that the two teams are discussing a package involving J.J. Putz and Prince Fielder. – Steve Phillips

    Why is he so dumb?

    • Matt

      In his mind, Prince = Cecil and it’s the mid 90s.

      • Chip

        I’ve been sitting here wondering if they mean the Brewers need a closer or if they’re supposedly trading J.J. Putz for some Tiger’s slugger (I couldn’t imagine who that could be though).

        You might know a rumor is made up if:
        1. The report lists players not currently on the team in question as trade chips
        2. Any free agent is reported to publicly turn down the top offer
        3. The report comes from Heyman

    • Matt

      In all seriousness, what does everyone think of the Brewers possibly moving Prince? I feel like they probably shouldn’t now that they’ve lost LaPorta unless they’re thinking they can move Braun to first.

      Something tells me, though, if they did move Prince, they’d get a lot more back than Prince is really worth. They may be able to fleece a team like SF or SEA who’s in need of a power hitter/1B.

    • Mike Pop

      Eh, he hated Josh Hamilton, traded for Mo Vaughn and Roberto Alomar when they sucked. But he did draft Kaz, Wright, and signed Reyes.. Milledge too I think

      • Jay CT

        Yeah but there is a reason he works for ESPN and plays slow pitch softball in Wilton CT and not working for MLB as a GM anymore…

  • MS

    On Lohud someone wrote that Edes says the Sox all but sealed a deal for Tex. If this is tue than we lose out on CC too because the Angels will surely throw $120 at him and he’ll take it.

    • Chip

      Well I heard that CC already signed with us and this is all just a sham to keep the other FA pitcher’s prices down! Consider the source

      • Steve H

        I heard that the deal CC already signed with us is for 8/50 because he’s always wanted to wear slimming pinstripes.

    • ceciguante

      if that’s how it plays out, cashman should be fired.

      • Chip

        If that’s how it plays out, nobody will ever hire Genske again

    • Steve H

      If this is tue than we lose out on CC too because the Angels will surely throw $120 at him and he’ll take it.

      It’s funny CC, when you post on Yankee’s message boards that you use the initials MS. I know its you because clearly CC is the only person qualified to make the above statement. Oh, you and the Angels GM and Owner.

      • Mike Pop

        MS = Moreno Sabathia ?

  • Mike Pop

    Sabean said they arent meeting with CC lol

  • VO

    Now theres reports the yankees are offering a contract to Sheets what happens if all 3 sign and CC suddenly wakes up and realizes he wants to be a Yankee?

    • Mike Pop

      Once one signs the other offers could get pulled I guess.

      • 27 this year

        Yeah, it also important to note that if a team offers someone anything and the other side says yes, the team could still nix the offer. Both sides have to sign the dotted line.

        • Jay CT

          I think Sheets is just gravy. On Michael Kay today, Joel Sherman said that Sheets would be the number 5 guy instead of Pettite I believe. Of course, again, consider the source.

    • Reggie C.

      Best case scenario could be that Sheets signs first, Burnett and Tex talks progress, which forces CC to decide. That’s why I strongly believe that we got to sign Sheets this week so as to not drag it out much further with CC.

      If the idea has always been CC + 1, then it doesn’t make a difference if its 1+CC.

  • B.George

    Great write up Joseph…..agree with this one hundred percent.

  • Dudeyoyo

    You’re giving too much credit to “Team CC” on that.

    I wonder what will happen if the Yanks take away their offer, and CC has to sign for $120m with the Giants. —-> LAME.

  • Larry

    Good negotiating analysis Joseph P. I’d worry though if the rumor mill started to get legs.

    No CC to NY
    Tex to RS
    NYY bubkis

    The lineup would look very old.

    Not a good start to Cash’s own renewed contract

  • Joseph M

    I’m starting to think CC isn’t going to happen. The Yanks could offer 5 at 140, with a 6th year for 20 million at CC’s option, if certain performance targets are met in year 5. The Yanks should pull the offer by the 20th and move on if CC’s name isn’t on the dotted line.

    Let’s face it he may not want to sign and that’s it, why should the Yanks allow him to shop the Yankee deal indefinitely.

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