CC visits the new Stadium


He’s looking rather svelte, no? (h/t Brooklyn Ed)

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  1. Sam says:

    He looks like a cuddly bear.

  2. Steve H says:

    For a guy who hates New York, the East Coast, and the AL, he looks pretty happy. And not even fat and happy, just happy.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Hes not happy, hes faking it

    • Steve says:

      Stud Free Agent Pitcher #1 LOVES New York=20 mil per year/5 years

      Stud Free Agent Pitcher #2 can take or leave NY=22 mil/6 years

      Stud Free agent pitcher #3 hates NY, wants to pitch in LA=24 mil/7 years

      • kunaldo says:

        uh, what?

        • Steve says:

          Its called negotiating. Who knows how he really feels about NY.

          Notice how Pettitte says “He only wants to be a Yankee” and they’re asking him to take a pay cut?

          • Steve H says:

            Who knows how he really feels about NY

            It’s funny, we heard that he hated it, but of course it never was said by him. (negotiation)

            Now that he’s signed, he’s obviously going to say he loves NY.

            And you’re right, we have no idea how he feels. Hate/Love/Indifferent, we’ll never know the truth. I’d lean towards indifferent if I had a guess, the hate was clearly negotiating, and the love is obviously what he’ll say, because it’s not like he came here for the money.

            • Steve says:

              “because it’s not like he came here for the money.”

              Hahaha! Of course not, he came here because “the fans are so knowledgeable” and he “grew up as a Yankee fan”. These signing ceremonies are so scripted, and its always the same playbook.

          • Ryan S. says:

            My guess is that he loves California more than he dislikes New York. I’m willing to give the guy an honest chance since negotiating is all business. Let’s see how he performs on the field and how he represents the team now that we’re done with the bullshit … at least for the next 3 years.

            • Steve says:

              Yeah, Thats pretty much my take. I look at this as a marriage of convenience for both sides, but I’ll try to keep an open mind about it.

              Though those Opt-outs are put there for a reason, and they usually get exercised.

              • Ryan S. says:

                I think that’s one of the reasons we gave him such an epic contracts. Even if the economy is better in 3 years, will teams be able to top the 4 year / $100,000,000 option? If he actually gets comfy in NY, I’d like to think he stays, even if he continues to be dominant.

              • Chris says:

                Usually, but not always. Posada had an opt-out clause that he did not exercise.

                Also, the highest offer CC got from someone other than the Yankees was for 5/$100, and he was coming off of 2 Cy Young caliber seasons. After the opt-out, he would have 4/$92 left on his contract. Unless the market changes significantly, there’s a good chance he won’t opt out.

          • kunaldo says:

            ohhh that’s what you were getting at…totally went right over my head haha…i gotcha though, good point

      • Jay CT says:

        What does this mean? Is it a joke?

  3. Steve says:

    He seems like a great guy, and is by all accounts.

    I’m going to be so sad when he opts out in 3 years. But hopefully, I’ll have a parade or two in between.

  4. jad says:

    Weight loss resulted from the stress of figuring out how to spend 20+ Million a year. Betcha is wife didn’t lose too much weight or sleep over it.

  5. UWS says:

    I’ll bet he developed an eating disorder when he was trying to decide where he wanted to play. Hence the weight loss.

  6. Brooklyn Ed says:

    tomorrow at 1 PM, CC will be introduced at the Old Yankee Stadium on the Yes Network.

  7. T-Dizzle says:

    how come he hasnt officially signed his contract yet

  8. Manimal says:

    They even put his picture up on the screen. Pretty sick. I just realized that the yankees need someone to take over the whiteboard duties since Moose is gone.

  9. Tim says:

    Next up, Mark Teixeira!

  10. Steve says:

    Mike, Ben, Joe or anyone else that knows the answer.

    Can anyone remember a player asking for an opt out who DIDN’T use it? I can’t think of one myself. A-Rod, JD Drew, AJ Burnett all insisted on opt outs, and all were exercised.

  11. Todd says:

    I want a C.C. jersey for Christmas.

  12. Ivan says:

    CC lookin G’d up right now.

  13. Lancer says:

    That’s a damn good site to see :)

  14. VO says:

    look at tht picture his mouth is wide open hes ready to drule, somebody had a hamburger

  15. Lancer says:

    Looking at the picture again, he looks like the kind of guy that deserves a pinch on the cheek. He definitely looks happy, but then again, wouldn’t we all be after receiving a $160 million contract?

  16. Ivan says:

    Yo when did the yankees had a player like CC who dresses like a rapper.

    CC should of put up the ROC sign and had his cap real low like Jay.

  17. Shep-nasty says:

    Haha isn’t it a little awkward that his picture’s up on the jumbotron??

  18. Steve says:

    Rocco Baldelli misdiagnosed?

    “Great news for Rocco Baldelli. A visit to the Cleveland Clinic last week revealed that doctors had misdiagnosed his illness. Baldelli missed much of last season, and when he did play, he was limited because of extreme fatigue. Doctors thought it was mitochondrial disorder, which can be fatal. The Baldelli family told me tonight that the Cleveland Clinic diagnosed his condition as channelopathy, a non-progressive, highly treatable disease.”


    While I certainly hope this is true, the timing is a bit suspect. Its no secret that you can go to different Doctors and get different opinions, especially on a disease which is as poorly understood as his. But the “all is well” is tough to believe while he’s on the free agent market.

    I hope someone offers him a job, and he pulls a Josh Hamilton. I wouldn’t even mind it being the Yankees, but it would have to be an incentive laden deal with little guaranteed money.

    Again, I wish him well.

  19. VO says:

    6:07pm: Kat O’Brien just got off the phone with Brewers GM Doug Melvin:

    He said: “Nothing new. At this point, I don’t anticipate it’s something that we would (do). … I haven’t talked to Brian (Cashman) since last week.” Melvin said they had originally looked at moving Cameron to gain some flexibility on the pitching front but that is no longer such a need.

    Melvin added that trading Cameron was “not something that we’re pushing at this time.” Sounds like it’s dead. (For now, anyway.)


  20. Phil McCracken says:

    Why does it matter if he likes NY or not?

    As long as he performs, who cares. Its like any other job, you’d like to stay in your comfort zone instead of moving 3000 miles away. But if the money is somewhere else, you move and adapt.

    When Unit came, he was over the hill. If we had signed him in his prime, nobody would have cared about his lousy attitude.

    • Ryan S. says:

      It doesn’t matter. CC is a competitor, he can’t help himself. He’ll put his all into this team and carry it on his back if he has to.

  21. Mike R. says:

    Tomorrow’s press conference is to announce the signing of Sabathia and the team’s move to Sacramento. It is believed that this was a condition of his signing, due to the fact that he hates NY and is only willing to play on the west coast.

  22. Manimal says:

    So is it just CC or CC and AJ together. I keep hearing different things.

  23. Manimal says:

    How many times has the Cy Young winner and MVP both came from the same team? Yankees have a pretty good chance with CC/Arod.

  24. jobatheheat says:

    I was on another Yankee blog and someone asked a Redsux fan why the all out aproach on Tex. The person responded the sox arent so sure Ortiz still got it and basicaly are getting Tex for his replacement. What do you think of that opinion. Kind of makes sense

    • AndrewYF says:

      I think people are underrating Ortiz, and he is going to hit .280/.390/.510 next year.

      • Mike Pop says:

        I think he will be alright but he is not as much of a threat anymore

      • jobatheheat says:

        Im not underrating Ortiz. Just saying that now It makes more sense to me why the sox are going all out on Tex. Like how sox dont offer long contracts,they are to Tex. How the sox need to move infield around if they sign Tex. They will. Just saying maybe there is more to this Ortiz thing then we think.

    • A.D. says:

      Realistically no

      the issue is Ortiz & Lowell are signed through ’10 and they have Lars Anderson coming up. If they get Tex, they essentially eat Lowell’s contract, and move Youk to 3b. When ’10 comes around they have a team option on Ortiz and can make a decision based on Lars.

      Future core of Pedroia, Tex, Lars, Youk… not bad if everyone keeps it up.

      Downside could be if You doesn’t age well at 3b (hes currently 29) if he needs to play 1B you could have 3 1b/dh types.

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