Derek Jeter in the house


Sorry I couldn’t get closer. Had I known Jeter was here I would have sat up front.

Oh, and it might look like Jeter is looking at the camera, but I was actually standing next to her:

She’s approximately 18,456 times hotter in person.

Update: Davey Johnson called Jeter up to speak for a minute. Says the Captain: “I did not think I’d be speaking today.”

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  1. UNION YES. says:

    Hope you slipped her your number and room key.

  2. Andy says:

    who is she?

  3. UWS says:

    …and who the heck is she?

  4. UWS says:

    Is that Dick Cheney on the right?

  5. Conan the Barack O'Brian says:

    Looks like she’s Varitek’s workout partner at the moment…

  6. jllive says:

    It’s like throwing a bone(blonde) to a pack of hungry dogs.

  7. Eric S says:

    I’m pretty sure the Dick Cheney-looking guy is Bob DuPuy, President of MLB.

  8. Joseph P. says:,128236

    Well, well, well. Look at what reporter is eyeing up Jeter.

  9. pat says:

    k-rod was big news for like 10 minutes bahah

  10. john says:

    for 20 million a year, jeter could probably afford a nicer suit and shirt. what the hell is he wearing?

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