Expecting the World in 2009

A lover spurned
Yanks shopping outfielders?

The Yankees may be able to outspend the field, but when push comes to shove, they are going to have to win on the field as well. Jonah Keri, for one, isn’t quite ready hand the World Series trophy over to the Yanks. With so much money on the table, anything short of a World Series title will be a huge disappointment, but Yankee fans know as well as anyone that the highest payroll doesn’t lead to winning. After all, the Yanks have doled out the most per year since 2001 with nary a championship. This time, the money seems to be well spent, but can that translate to success on the field?

A lover spurned
Yanks shopping outfielders?
  • MJ

    For some reason that link didn’t work for me…

    What does Keri say to back that up (not that I disagree; $ doesn’t guarantee rings).

    • andrew

      link doesnt work for me either

  • pounder

    Listen folks, and i’m addressing this to all the outlanders out there in anti Yankee land…..competiton for the entertainment dollar in NY is severe.Baseball is now and has been for some time now a business,a big business,and to compete in the capital city of free enterprise it is necessary to spend,spend, and spend some more.It’s a matter of survival.Teams like the Twins,Red Sox,KC etc face competition from a far lesser group of business concerns.

    • steve (different one)

      i guess you need a new drum to beat now that your “Cashman should be fired for not signing Teixeira” drum is broken.

  • claybeez

    This may be more relevant to the thread “Yankee Economics 101,” but I wasn’t around for that discussion. Here are two takes that back up what I’ve been saying as I argue against the philosophy of the anti-Yankee/cap contingent in my dynasty league. I’ll just leave links as I’m not sure how to quote on here nor if it is permitted.

    From Dan Szymborski of BBTF: http://tinyurl.com/75zpkl
    From Joe Sheehan of BP (subscription req’d): http://tinyurl.com/9baerp

  • Manimal

    The yankees got guys with the right attitude to win. Tex the buisnessman and CC who wants the ball every day. Burnett I question his determination and his willingness to stay healthy but time will tell with him.

  • Januz

    There are few guarantees in life, so when people say there is no guarantee of them winning, I say tell me something I did not know already. They thing you do know, is you are not bring in guys with excess baggage like Manny, ARod, Or worse, Burress. There are always going to be players with excessive baggage (Babe Ruth was no Saint). But the less you have of them the better.
    I have heard complaints that Teixeira is aloof etc, from the Texas media. I wonder if they would rather have, aloof or the likes of TO mouthing off everyday? People said Lou Gehrig was aloof, I would take 25 aloof guys named Gehrig everyday (They would go 162 and 0), Finally, Paul O’Neill did not like talking………….. he just liked winning. That is what Yankee fans want winners.

  • Ryan S.

    Anything short of a World Series victory is a disappointment every year for this team, isn’t it? That’s the mandate of the team coming into ST – its a weight no other team bears like these guys, though some other teams do carry those same expectations.

    I think its unfair media BS to call a team a failure if it doesn’t win it all though. Once a team makes it to the playoffs, all bets are off – everyone has an equal chance to win it all and they all deserve a pat on the back for making it to October.

  • nick blasioli

    look,,,all the yankees did was fill the holes left by departing players…what did the other teams want them to do….sign all minor leaguers to those positions…they happened to be available and they took them…other teams would have if they had those same holes to fill…they had the money but didnt lay it out….so now they all are crying and want a salary cap….you all werent crying last year when the yanks did nothing to better their team…go yankees and i hope you all win every game….