Feinsand: Manny expects an offer

Yanks lurking in the Teixeira background
What it would take to land Teixeira

I know we talked about this last night in the open thread, but it’s worth its own thread. Mark Feinsand reports that a source of his close to Manny says that the slugger expcts the Yanks to make him an offer. That’s about as reliable as a game of telephone, but there you go.

Yanks lurking in the Teixeira background
What it would take to land Teixeira
  • Marcus

    A-Rod and Manny together? I wouldn’t mind that. Would be some great consistency on the offensive side to back up our pitchers great performances. Nothing feels worse than a pitchers performance going to waste.

    • 7 Angels

      With Damon in cf and Manny in left, any ball hit to left center field is going to cost a good performance.

      • Marcus

        Then Manny will be like crap. Did I just allow that? Oh what?!? I just hit a three-run homer. Back in the lead, i guess.

      • Stephen

        Damon is not good, but he’s not horrrrrible in centerfield

        • Ryan S.

          Agreed…Damon would be good enough. Its his arm more than his range that would concern me, but still … you’d have a lineup with Manny, Damon, and Matsui (not to mention Rodriguez, Jeter, etc). Its definitely worth it. Like it said in my post below, you can always make defensive substitutions with Cabrera/Gardner should the situation call for it, and we’ll be giving all 3 of those guys a decent amount of time off, and whenever you do, one of the youngsters takes over center. It’ll totally work out.

          • Jay CT

            True, Damon has no arm. BUT, if Manny is in left, he can be Damon’s cut off man!

            • Ryan S.

              LOL. It still boggles my mind how the same guy who made that hilarious move is the one who made the “high-five double play”. Freakin’ Manny … I’m so glad he pissed off the Red Sox big time before he turned into a free agent. Call me crazy but I actually think that as a Yankee fan, he’s now easier to like after how he behaved in Boston last year.

  • Batman

    thats the right move, let tex go elsewhere

  • A.D.

    Wonder what the offer will be

  • Steve

    Boras always expects the Yanks to be involved, even if they’re not.

    • Ryan S.

      Manny would be such a beast in this lineup. With him in the lineup along with Rodriguez and the pitching staff we have, how are we not the team to beat? Besides Manny being a measurably better hitter than Tex, I’m more in favor than ManRam simply because we’d seemingly only have to make a 3 year commitment to the guy…less than half of what it would take for Tex.

      The defense will be fine with Manny in the lineup, trust me; there are so many different ways to make it work (DH Manny or Damon over Matsui at times, make defensive replacements when its appropriate, etc). Its not like we’d have 9 innings of Manny in LF for 162 games.

      • Ryan S.

        btw I dunno why I replied to you, Steve. That was supposed to be a new post. My bad.

  • X-Man(Angel)

    Trade Damon for a two B prospects Damon and Manny DH/LF-LF/DH

  • X-Man(Angel)

    Trade MATSUI for a two B prospects Damon and Manny DH/LF-LF/DH

    • Ryan S.

      Matsui is going to be hard trade, but maybe if you eat half of his $13M salary and get a couple BS prospects you can off him to somewhere like Seattle. Nady is actually the guy who has the most trade value, by far.

      • JeffG

        Matsui is a player that can easily hit 25+ HRs while batting close to .300… yeah lets eat half his salary for couple of B prospects. Brilliant.
        After we have that 7.5 mill off the books we can bust out 22-25 mill for a player who is at the end of his career. Defense, who cares?
        Give me a break. Why on earth would getting rid of Matsui and adding Manny be a good idea? If there is a player that we should add it’s Tex. He can play a position that we should be upgrading. Swisher makes me nervous. So does Damon in center.

    • A.D.

      on the flip side would you trade 2 B prospects to get Matsui… probably not

  • ortforshort

    You would hope that if the Yankees were going to throw a hundred million at Ramirez, that they’d go the extra mile and throw 180 million at Teixeira instead. There’s absolutely no comparison in which is a wiser decision. However, when you’re talking Steinbrenners, wisdom isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

  • bkight13

    I really think Manny for 3 years is the best deal. He played everyday in LF for the Dodgers last year and did OK. His bat is tremendous and coming home to NY would keep him happy, plus being able to stick it to the Red Sox 18 times a year.

    His attitude problem was really with Boston’s management. They tried to trade him every year and even placed him on waivers. They wouldn’t pick up both his options early or re-new his deal, so he knew he had one chance to get out of his contract and Boston fell for it. If a .950+ OPS is quitting on his team, I’ll take it.

  • The Scout

    Manny in the Bronx brings to mind a comment Craig Nettles made back in the 1970s. He said that as a kid he wanted to join the circus or play major league baseball. With the Yankees, he got to do both.

    Pass me the cotton candy!

  • Let’s Talk About Tex Baby

    This is where Yankee management frustrates me to no end. They’ll bid against themselves for mediocrity and then pass on the rare free agent star in his prime like Tex over a couple million bucks a year. If the 8-160 offer is true there is no legitimate reason for us not to get him. The difference between 160 and 180 is pretty negligible to the Yankees over an 8-year period.

    Unlike Manny, Tex improves our defense, gives us more flexibility rather than less, and is a quality guy who plays hard. He’s the kind of player you want to root for as a fan. If it’s a matter of having Hughes/Aceves fill out the rotation instead of Pettitte and settling for the Melky/Gardner/Swisher mix in CF to offset the money, it’s well worth it.

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