Fool me once…

Good morning from the Winter Meetings
RoboKen: Yanks and Dodgers talking at the meetings

MLBTR links to a GAKIII rumor concerning the Brewers and Sabathia. Milwaukee may give CC an opt-out after three years in an effort to get the lefty to stay. I’m sure that will end well for the Brewers.

Good morning from the Winter Meetings
RoboKen: Yanks and Dodgers talking at the meetings
  • Matt

    This is nothing more than lip service to their fans. The only way CC would’ve stayed on in Milwaukee was if they won the WS.

    • Ivan

      and even that was a less than 50 chance.

  • Chip

    I would think by now that clubs realize opt-out clauses are not a good idea at all. You’re basically handing your personel decisions over to a player and his agent. If the guy is injured, he’s just going to stay around and make money while not giving you anything. If you made a great decision on the price a years, he can just tear up the contract and go find another Tom Hicks to pay him a stupid amount of money and you’re left without your ace.

    • AndrewYF

      What would be great is some kind of mutual opt-out. The player gets the opportunity to opt-out, but so does the team.

      • Ben K.

        I think hell would freeze over before the players association allowed one of their members to sign what would be a non-guaranteed contract like that.

        • Chris

          You could easily structure it as a mutli-year team option. Just like the opt-out clause is really the player turning down an option on the remaining years.

        • A.D.

          Wakefield has a recurring team option

      • Matt

        That’s even more unfair than the player opt-out deal. Basically that would be allowing the team to let go of a player after any mediocre season. No player would ever sign it and the union would (rightly) have a fit if any owner or GM put forth such an offer.

        • Tim Wakefield


        • A.D.

          Plenty of players sign similar contracts, Wakefield at “Tim” noted is very much like that, but how about Manny’s contract that just ended with back to back options at the end, Longoria has 3 club options at the end, as more younger players sign early you’re likely to see more multiple team control options, which essentially is a few years guaranteed then team control

  • Chris

    I just read King’s article, and I think I’m dumber for having done so.

    • mustang

      You should know better.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

    CC’s agent retorted that if they offered him a contract that had a constantly exercisable opt-out clause, as well as an full immunity against tampering charges from the other 29 teams in baseball, thus allowing CC to be a free agent continually negotiating contract parameters with the Yankees while simultaneously under contract to the Brewers, that yes, CC would sign THAT contract.

    • radnom

      THIS is how you eat a burrito.

  • UWS

    I was under the impression that there is a moratorium on linking to Newspaper-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named ’round these parts. Wha’ happen’??

    • Chris

      Technically, the link is from RAB to MLBTradeRumors. You have another degree of separation, so it’s safe…

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        Don’t worry… Ben used a condom.

  • A.D.

    Since the Brewers can’t compete on money, if they want CC that badly it makes sense, its essentially giving him a 3 year contract, under the guise of a longer one.

  • christopher

    it probably is overblown but after reading the daily news i am beginning to get to taht point where i say screw this guy.

    I have never swayed from my positiong that they desperatly needed sabathia, but I am beginning to get to the point where i am starting to really think the yankees are t his guys 8th choice and he desperatly wants to go somewhere else.

    The team should leave the offer out, but start moving on plan B. If they still want to sign 2 pitchers than make offers to Lowe burnett sheets and leave the CC out there. First two pitcher to accept are yankees.

    boras wont let tex sign until the yanks have a chance to put a bid in and i dont think he will let manny sign either without telling the yanks — much like the beltran negotiations where the yanks basically pulled out in the beginning but were given a last chance at the end. a benefit of being the big money guys.

    I dont want them pulling the offer, but at the same time they cannot wait on this guy anymore. the worst thing would be to get a late no or even yes from him and have all the other pitchers off the board

  • jsbrendog

    i would wager a guess here that the yanks sign sheets. before the new year.

    • Ron

      I would like to see the Yanks sign Sheets this week.

      While I understand that Burnett, and to some extent, Lowe, want to wait for CC to set the market, I feel Sheets, because of the injuries, will be viewed separately. Plus, if they sign Sheets early, that will put pressure on CC to make up his mind or risk losing the Yanks offer should they decide, that with Sheets in hand, they can pursue Tex.

  • nick blasioli

    if i was part of the yankee brass.i think that i would move on without cc…it sure looks like he does not want to be in ny…..make the deals you have to now…and dont wait any longer….

  • Ron

    “it sure looks like he does not want to be in ny”

    I must have missed it. What makes it look like that?

    • Yank Crank 20

      Nothing. People get impatient and feel like because he wants to wait and see if more options come out to maximize his earnings that he hates all things New York and would never dare put on a Yankee uniform.

      Not everybody grows up wanting desperately to be a New York Yankee. I don’t blame CC for taking his time and seeing if he can get all the money he wants. I’m sure if no other offers come up and he realizes New York has the best offer, he’ll take it and love being a Yankee. But a lot of fans want that now and they all of a sudden, irrationally, think we should just give up on him and move on.

    • Chris

      Well, he’s had the Brewer’s offer for longer than the Yankees offer. And he still hasn’t rejected that offer, so obviously that’s where he’s going to sign.

  • E-ROC

    Ben, according to Ken Rosenthal, the Yanks and Dodgers have resume Cano trade discussions and the Dodgers like Melky Cabrera.

    • A.D.

      Well that makes 1 team

  • christopher

    i dont know if the issue is whether he would play in NY. I think the issue is that he clearly wants to pitch in Cali. Now, I do think the Yanks can still get him, I just do not think that they can wait on him – they need to have a meeting down in tampa and come up with plans to be more fluid.

    As I said earlier I cant see Boras not giving them a chance to get in on tex and manny so should CC not come to the bronx they will have at least an offensive fallback (very offensive in manny’s case). the big problem is the market for pitchers. with the way the economy is going (and I believe it is affecting owners a lot – just look at the stock market. think they dont have a ton invested), I can see the econd tier of pitchers – lowe burnett and sheets (especially sheets because of health concerns) jumping at an early offer if a team gives them a deadline. these are the guys the team could very well miss out on along with alot of those corner outfielders who I really think will be jumping at early offers to avoid being left out in the cold. If the yankees wanted to add dunn or bradley or any of them they need to get on it.

    I know free agents dont usually sign early, but we are in the winter meetings now and things are going to get moving. Add to that the economy which is affecting everyone – for god’s sake the yankees pick the season that they are moving into a new stadium to cut payroll – is going to affect this FA class.

    Also – quick note on the arbitration guys. One thing I dont think people are factoring enough into the players’ decisions is security. While Abreu wont get an AAV of 18 million, I think he would prefer a 3 year 36 million dollar deal. These guys in their mid 30s, dont want to be playing on one year deals. For the most part at this age they are more inclined to be hurt and have families that they do not to be moving 2 or 3 times in three years which is what could happen if a player took a 1 year deal or accepted arbitration. The same reason they do not accept arbitration is the same reason you do not see players taking 1 year contracts. On a one year deal the AAV is always going to be greater whether it is arbitration or free agency. these guys want years more then the bigger check in 2009

  • A.D.

    Looks like Cash brought Reggie Jackson in with him to talk to CC