Heyman: Yanks all in for top three pitchers


Taking the old maxim that you can never have too much pitching, the Yankees, according to Jon Heyman, are making a play for all three top free agent hurlers. While we await word from the third meeting between CC and the Yanks, Heyman reports that the Yanks are willing to top the Braves’ four-year, $60-million offer for A.J. Burnett by adding more dollars and either a guaranteed fifth year or a vesting option. Heyman also feels the Yanks have “a good chance” at landing Derek Lowe as they are willing to go at least four years at $64 million. That’s a lotta pitching.

Update 12:19 a.m.: For those of you bemoaning Derek Lowe, Tyler Kepner has word of a different pitcher. The Times writer says that the Yanks are closing in on Ben Sheets. He doesn’t confirm or deny the Derek Lowe report, for what that’s worth.

Update 12:52 a.m.: One last update via the same Graziano piece from earlier. The reporter says the Yanks may have floated the idea of an opt-out to Sabathia in case he truly doesn’t like New York. It’s an interesting idea, but after A-Rod burned them last year, I highly doubt the Yanks would go that route again. This may just be a sign of good faith on the part Cashman and Co.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Wow, your gonna pay Lowe 16M for 4 years but you can’t pay Pettitte 16M for one year and their basically the same pitcher and Pettitte might be better than Lowe. That’s a watse of money.

    Burnett, well I don’t want him on the team period.

    • X-Man(Angel) says:

      100% agree

    • Mike Pop says:

      Im not about Lowe but Burnett is the type of signing that I wouldnt be upset if we did not get him but I would be excited to have this guy in our rotation. Id rather sign Pettite over Lowe though especially with Dellin, Brackman, and Z-Mac coming up

    • doty25 says:

      i dont get all the hype on lowe… he is a nice starter but would rather have pettite over him any day especially for 1 yr. sometimes it seems that teams tend to fall in love with other teams players, then to appreciate what they have already… in this case andy pettite.

  2. Mike Pop says:

    If we sign all these pitchers do you think there is a good chance we add another bat via trade ? Maybe Cash is thinking bout moving some of the younger guys in a deal ? Maybe even IPK.. I hope this doesnt mean he is willing to trade Hughes, we will need him when an injury happens

  3. doty25 says:

    i’d rather they sign Sheets for 2 yrs then Burnett for 4-5 yrs. I have not heard anything about brad penny why is that? Also look at jon Garland numbers over the past 8yrs… pretty impressive, especially as 4th starter… he averaged about 200 inning… won 18 games twice

    love to have the following rotation:


    not to bad lol

  4. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Yanks looking at Sheet’s medical records:

    New York spoke Tuesday with the agents for Burnett, saying it was prepared to exceed what the Yankees believe is the offer he received from Atlanta, a guaranteed four-year deal worth about $60 million. They also met Monday with Sheets and were examining his medical records.


    If the Braves countered with the 5th year, then lets the Braves have Burnett. If we might Sheets, then our rotation will be 30 and under if Pettite doesn’t come back.

    • Reggie C. says:

      We’re looking at Sheets’ medical records?? That’s got to mean something right?? I havent read that we’re looking into Burnett’s records.

      • Ed says:

        Sheets finished the season injured, Burnett finished healthy. Knowing the extent of Sheets’ injury and how his recovery is going is key to deciding on an offer.

    • Brooklyn Ed says:

      6 things for Ben Sheets to do when signing with New York:

      6)He will teach Wang how to base run better in an NL game.

      5)He will dare not to ask for #51 due to the fact is Bernie William’s number upton flip flopping #15.

      4)He will wear #25 because of a)Joe Girardi wore it, b)Jim Abbot threw a no-hit game, c)at the age of 25 was his only dominating year in 2004 before the injuries, d) started 25 major league career games, e) and flip flop #52 in honor of CC Sabathia.

      3)He will actually wear #52 because CC told him too.

      2)He will live with Joe Girardi until he finds a house.

      1)Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez will teach him how to be rich and famous, and score hot celebrities.

      :) lol, I wrote this as a joke.

  5. brockdc says:

    Tex > Lowe and Burnett

  6. AndrewYF says:

    I doubt that the Yankees actually want to sign all three. I think they’ve been hedging their bets, while at the same time pricing Burnett and Lowe up so high Boston balks…or blinks.

    I really think they’d love to sign Sabathia, and then remain in the Burnett/Lowe sweepstakes simply to fuck with Boston. They’d have an incredible amount of leverage.

  7. E-ROC says:

    Just sign CC, Sheets, and Pettitte. No need to dole out all that money especially Burnett.

    • Ivan says:

      Exactly. Just those three starters.


      and if Pettitte don’t wanna sign with the yanks


      Again, I,ve said it before, both rotations are potentially dope.

      • Reggie C. says:


        If pettitte isn’t pitching next season, then you pitch your best performing minor leaguer out the 5 hole. That spot isn’t the make-it-or-break-it. Aceves will give Hughes a run for his money for playing time. It’d make ST more interesting for sure.

    • brockdc says:

      Agreed. Some combination of Aceves, IPK, and Hughes could provide a similar output to Derek Lowe for a fraction of the cost.

      • andrew says:

        the difference is with lowe, you know you are getting a very very solid starter, but with the young guys, its very hit or miss. hughes could dominate for a month and then fall apart, we really dont know what we’re getting with them, while lowe is aproven commodity

  8. doty25 says:

    hasn’t Cashman learnt from the Pavano disaster???? why would he even offer burnett 4 yrs? he will not even last through half his contract! just does not make sense! and by the way: he is not that great! he pitched great against the yankees, but take a look at his overall numbers.

  9. emac2 says:

    It’s looking Like CC told the Yanks he would consider them but wanted to try to work something out in california.

    Cash then went out and made offers to everyone else and CC realized he couldn’t trust the CA teams to even come close and that if the Yankees moved on he was screwed. He then agreed to take the Yankee offer.

    I expect we will see the Yanks pull most or all of the other offers once this is tied up.

    • Mike Pop says:

      He then agreed to take the Yankee offer.

      Not quite yet

    • andrew says:

      i believe this is true up until the last two sentences. i think hes going to eventually sign with the yankees, but probably not tonight. and then i dont think the yankees will pull the other offers just yet. they want two of these guys, and if they are able to secure burnett, lowe or sheets then will all other offers be removed

  10. dan says:

    Ben, when do you plan on going to sleep? I want to know when to stop checking for updates. Unless Mike and Joe plan on writing something, that is.

  11. Mike Pop says:

    You guys see us trading for position players if 2 of these 3 deals go down ? Obviously I think we need one more hitter to help replace Abreu and Giambi. Will Cash use young pitching after this deal ? Maybe a trade for Ankiel/Francouer/Dejesus ? Idk I hope we get another bat.. I would have to think it would be the trade route considering all the money we are giving out

  12. dkidd says:

    simply cant believe the yanks would pay 64M for derek lowe. sounds like a way to get leverage with andy.

  13. Phil McCracken says:

    I hope Kepner is right. I don’t want Lowe anywhere near a Yankee uniform.

    Sheets has more upside.

  14. Cashman: You know, I think we’re probably going to sign CC. He’s warming up to us.
    Common Sense: That’s pretty awesome, Bri-man! I told you that patience was the key.
    Cashman: Yeah, and we’ve got the high offer on Sheets too.
    Common Sense: Okay… that’s smart. He’s got some bounceback potential. I’m with you.
    Cashman: And, it looks like we could nab AJ Burnett! That guy has a ton of strikeouts every year.
    Common Sense: Wait, but you just said–
    Cashman: And Derek Lowe! God, Hank’s in love with that guy; it would be a coup if we could land him too…
    Common Sense: [ hangs self with own shoelaces ]

  15. Brooklyn Ed says:

    if the Cubs do nontendered Chad Gaudin, why not give him a shot as a #4 starterif Pettitte doesn’t come back? He pitched 199 innings before with the A’s back in 2007, and he certainly does have the stuff to be a mid-rotation starter. Cashman should try to catch a lighting in a bottle with him.

    If Gaudin is signed as a #4 starter, then our rotation is 30 and under.

  16. Joltin' Joe says:

    Guys, I need you. I need to be comforted by the good people here at RAB. I have been lashed, whipped with pre-Expansion Era baseball logic. I have been shamed by the moronic majority. I, and my deep, deep affection for OBP, wOBA and OPS, have been shunned.

    IF IT DOESN’T GET SPAM FILTERED!111!1111!11, here is a link to a Facebook group in which the perpetrator dispels his ancient drivel.

    Please, everyone. Join the discussion and HELP ME!

  17. 34hughes says:

    nonono cash what is he doing the yanks cant afford to sign stupid contracts with the likes of aj and lowe is would be pavano and wright it would be version 2.0

  18. Reggie C. says:

    My last comment of the night:

    Opt-out clause in Sabathia’s contract isn’t a bad idea. If Sabathia chose to opt out after … say 3 seasons in order to get paid more (if possible) or simply b/c he longs for Cali, that’s fine with me.

    Sabathia will be 31 then and entering into the last years of his prime. If we can win a championship in these next 3 seasons, the contract would have been worth it. How many more prime seasons does Sabathia have in the tank anyway? 2, 3, 4?

    Hopefully by then, we’ll have a stud like Brackman or Betances or Z-Mac ready to step in the fold cheaply and admirably. Don’t be afraid of the opt-out clause when it comes to pitchers.

  19. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Cashman to begin final talks while CC talks to SF

    Joel Sherman has a source saying it’s possible Cashman could begin the process of finalizing a contract for Sabathia while in San Francisco.

    this has to be sorta good news.

  20. 34hughes says:

    so he looks better with 34

  21. RustyJohn says:

    Cashman’s nightmare- he wakes up tomorrow and Lowe, CC, AJ and Sheets have all accepted and the Yanks are on the hook for $300 million in additional payroll. Bigger nightmare- come the All-Star break 3/4 of them are on the DL.

    • E-ROC says:

      It’ll be Cashman’s fault. Grab your torch and pitchfork…..!

      • RustyJohn says:

        Lol..personally I’d be quite content with CC signing and Sheets to a 2 year deal leaving a rotation of CC, Wang, Sheets, Joba and the youngsters fighting it out for the fifth spot. I’m not too keen on Lowe and AJ unless we’re looking at 3 year deals or less.

        I thought the lesson learned the past few years was youth and roster flexibility…

  22. RollingWave says:

    it’s also about winning, they’re signing FAs aren’t all the same, signing CC Sabathia is certainly not signing Carl Pavano, playing youth is good but there is a difference between playing Joba Chamberlian or even Melky Cabrera to playing Bubba Crosby and Andy Phillips.

  23. BigBlueAL says:

    Joel Sherman on the NY post website is reporting that Sabathia has chosen to pitch for the Yankees.

    If this is true, all I can say is, THANK GOD Cashman stayed with the Yankees. I really believe he is one of the biggest reasons the Yankees, besides the money obviously, can sign all these big-name guys. He seems to know how to sell NY and the Yankees, and you have never heard a bad thing about him from agents/players. He may get ripped alot for some of his decisions, but the man knows how to close the deal when he wants to get his man….

  24. Infamous says:

    Espn has also reported that CC has signed with the yanks. I Hope this is true!!!

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