Lowe bound for New York

Teixeira cheaper than originally thought
The most measured assessment out of Boston

Derek Lowe is most likely New York-bound, according to numerous reports. Only this time, the other New York team gets to make a free agent splash as they sign another potential Red Sox target. While Ben Shipgel of The Times figured that Boston and the Mets would duke it out over Derek Lowe, the Boston.com staff reports that Lowe and the Mets are nearing a deal. Omar Minaya will net himself another starting pitcher for four years at around $14-$16 million a year. That’s not a bad deal for a team sorely in need of starting pitching.

Teixeira cheaper than originally thought
The most measured assessment out of Boston
  • Tony S

    Minaya, is quietly having a good off-season

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      He still should attempt to convince ownership to land Manny. But he’s filling the holes. I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to beat the Phillies though.

      • Tony S

        I think Minaya wants Manny – But I think the Wilpons will not go along. Remember how fast they shipped out Benson after his Hot wife showed up as santa’s helper

      • TurnTwo

        get Manny and sign Varitek over Brian Schneider, and build his own little Red Saux South, like LA was Red Saux West?

      • Ryan S.

        Manny as a Met makes a ton of sense to me. They’ll have a very formidable team if they bring Lowe and Manny into the fold.

  • Corey

    putz -> k-rod is going to make the media all the more annoying in their attempt to get joba in the pen.

    • Matt M.

      ZOMG!!!!!! k-rod pumps his fist harder than teh jobbazzz!!11!!!1

  • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Billy Beane

    nice. let’s see how the sox fill out their rotation now…

    • Reggie C.

      THeo is a genius. I’m sure he’ll be able to get Matt Cain for George Kottaras….

      • Mike Pop

        George Kottaras ? He’ll sign Gaybe Kapler and deal him to San Fran for Matt Cain and salary relief

  • Barry

    Now if they can get Manny all top 5 FAs would be in New York. Oh the hate will be coming.

  • Januz

    It is no shock that Lowe is going to the Mets to join K-Rod, and company. It is exactly the same principle as the signings of CC, AJ, and Tex………… The two teams that have new stadiums coming in, are the ones that can spend money (I know the Yankees have a lot of money coming off the books, but they still signed the number ONE & TWO rated players plus Burnett).
    There is so much controversy about the New Stadium (And to a lesser amount about Citi Field), it is not funny. The bond issues, taxes, history, etc you name it. Most people oppose it very strongly (I have been a person who is a strong supporter, of the new stadium (Which puts me in the minority)). But their is one inarguable point. Which is those stadiums allowed the New York teams, to bring in the revenue needed to bring in the Texeira’s of the world (Anyone want to bet against Manny coming to the Mets, despite the denials?).
    I for one, am glad to see a Yankee team, that no longer has to take a back seat to Tampa Bay (Or worse) Boston, and I am sure Met fans do not want to be behind the Phillies either.

    • SG

      i am all for the new Stadium…but there’s plenty of people in NY who could care less about baseball and/or will never be able to afford a ticket to enjoy its amenities. how is any of this fair to them?

      • Old Ranger

        Are Taxes fair? Why do I have to support people that don’t want to work, etc.? News flash…life ain’t fair. If you are a Yankee fan it is now very fair. New stadium, CC, AJ, Tex and Christmass…life is good. 27/09.

        • SG

          social welfare programs and a new ballpark for a team that had a passable one not exactly analagous my friend.

          not sure if you are a city resident, but i’d much rather have my tax dollars go to alleviating the stench of hot garbage during the summer. and i love the Yankees.

      • NY Yankee Fan

        A seat in the bleachers still cost only $12, which is basially the same price for going to the movies in Manhattan. Anyone that wants to go can afford to go several times a year, which is why more then 4 million tickets are sold annually.

        We should also remember that the Yankees are getting the tax benefit of bonds, but the team is actually paying for its own stadium. The Mets are doing so too. The public is only paying to fix up the transportation around the stadium and similar types of undertakings. I do not see how anyone can complain that the subways are going to be improved or better parking will be installed.

  • Jeremy Bentham

    I read that one of the other commenters doesn’t think these additions are enough to beat the Phillies. Of course they are! The one thing the Phillies were able to beat the Mets at was in the bullpen, and now we are right there with them. Plus, we got three inning eaters in the starting rotation with Santana, Pelfrey, and Lowe, and when healthy, Maine is the same thing. Niese won’t have any pressure on him if he indeed takes the last spot, so he should be fine as well. The Mets rotation is better than the Phillies, and their bullpen is just as good. And don’t forget we scored the same amount of runs as the Phillies did last year, so we should be fine there as wel next year, even if the fucking Phillies got Raul Ibanez. 2009 National League East Winner: Mets. 2009 World Series Winner: Mets.

    • Tony S

      Hey lets not get crazy now. “2009 World Series Winner: Mets”

    • The Evil Dynasty


    • http://26ncounting.blogspot.com/ Johan Santana

      But I plan on being a bust next season. Sorry =(

      • Reggie C.

        You better not!!! You’re my #1 fantasy pick next season.

  • http://26ncounting.blogspot.com/ Mark Teixeira

    Yea sorry Mets but the Yankees are going to win =)

  • Tony S

    I just read that the Yanks will spend 121K in between revenue sharing & luxury tax? (murray chase article on his blog) Does anyone know the breakdown & what do they specifically mean with revenue sharing?

  • mike loopy-ca

    aw the mets.. this is a cute signing.

  • Simon B.

    I’d rather have Burnett for 80 mil. than Lowe for 60, even if both are too expensive.

    • Ivan


    • Reggie C.

      I guess so … its close though. The Mets could arguably be getting the more productive pitcher as Lowe should be able to continue his successful mult-year run, so Lowe is a great pick-up for any NL team. Lets just hope Burnett stays healthy b/c i think performance wise no one will have any complaints.

  • bill

    When is somebody going to start mentioning the Mets Payroll.

    If they sign lowe & Manny there payroll would be at 175 Million.
    The same New York Sportwriters that pick on the Yankees for there payroll we write what a great job the mets are doimg.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Bill, you keep pushing this line of reasoning and yet I haven’t seen any proof that New York Sportswriters are picking on the Yankees. Some writers outside of New York are, but you’re reading a conspiracy where one does not exist.

      • Reggie C.

        How good was Joel Sherman’s yankee coverage this past season?

        Ben, what’s your favored shortlist of NY/national sports writers?

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          I’ll get back to you on that one. I’ll have to think it over.

    • Januz

      Everyone knows most of the media is anti-Yankee, and will trash them every opportunity they get. You see this with Sabathia (Of course, the Mets getting Santana is ok), the stadium coverage, you name it. That is why the Mets do not get taken over the coals.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        That’s ridiculous. Prove it. I’d love to see a point-by-point comparison showing how the New York sports media is anti-Yankee.

        And if you question the stadium coverage, then I contend that you don’t understand the role of the media. The media has utterly failed in covering this stadium issued, and they’ve done a half-assed job after the fact. In my opinion, they haven’t gone far enough questioning the deal.

        • Bruno

          I think he meant the media as a whole, not the NY media.

          • Januz

            I am referring to most of the media starting with ESPN, and their collection of Yankee Haters. Lupica, Kruck, Gammons, Morgan, Olney to name a few.

            • Mike Pop

              I disagree Olney is a Yankee hater.

              • Januz

                What about Lupica, Gammons etc. When I watched Sports Center and ESPN News. I saw so much negativitity towards the Texeira signing, you would have thought World War 3 just happened. (Except oddly enough Steve Phillips, on Mike & Mike, with Marcus Wiley, and his co-host (He sounded like a lunatic)).

        • Januz

          Guys like Lupica make “Boston Dirt Dogs” and “Sons Of Sam Horn” look pro-Yankee. I remember when Thurman Munson died, and he thought he was funny and said ” Good Riddance He Did Not Talk To Us Anyway”. That is why I avoid that dweeb at all costs, and will not read his columns, nor watch him on “The Sports Reporters”. I will do nothing to support him (He is just one example of anti-Yankee bias). As for the stadium issue, I hear very little about the Mets getting bonds for Citi Field? I guess the Mets financed their stadium 100% totally kosher?

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

            What this comment tells me is that you get your stadium news only from me, and I filter for Yankee stuff because this is a Yankee blog.

            First, the Mets haven’t had nearly the same problems as the Yanks. They didn’t need the city to potentially illegally value their new land higher than it should have been because they already owned the land. They’ve been just as guilty as going to the trough of tax-free bonds as the Yanks.

            Second, the city is embroiled in a huge dispute over the plans to use eminent domain to plow over Willets Point to develop that for the Mets’ use. It’s been a disaster, but again, I don’t cover it because it’s about the Mets and not the Yanks.

            Don’t worry. The Mets have gotten their share of bad press for CitiField. There is no anti-Yankee conspiracy at work here.

  • BallBearing

    I know this is a little off topic, but…

    Has anyone considered the possibility that the Yankees want a salary cap? What better way than to drop a nuke on the market?

    Why? More do-re-mi for the Steinbrenners. A more profitable stadium pushes their potential profit margin from tickets/boxes and while I have no clue whether this is applicable or not, I bet they can get more cash from advertising from having more available space while charging more per square foot of wall space as well. I’m guessing concessions and souvenirs will be pricier as well, though the Yankees’ operation costs will not rise in proportion to their profits.

    Assuming attendance (box and seat) , feeding habits and memorabilia spending tendencies don’t decline, the stadium generates more cash. This means the front office has more cash to work with.

    This creates a front for the Yankees to be “recession proof.” Who on this site has seen the Yankees’ books to see what they are really pulling in and how they are spending? Don’t mention the Indians data from the 90s as a blueprint; the Yankees are pretty different, though I won’t claim that there are no similarities. Who nows how susceptible they are to this year’s economy.

    “But they just spent 400+ million!” They sure did. They have until the end of A-Rod’s contract to clear the books and start really reaping the profits. By fielding this stacked team for the next 6-10 years, they’ll remain competitive and this will help them pack that stadium. They need to establish themselves in the new house in order to justify the high ticket prices we fans will pay. In the meantime, they will flood money into their scouting and player development programs while simultaneously increasing their sphere of influence in Latin America and other potential international free agent markets , bringing them up to speed with the better systems in the league. While I don’t think our farm is a weakness, as others claim, I do think that the apparent lack of impact players shows that there is room for improvement. Slowly but surely, the Yankees become better at generating their own talent. This means decreasing the need for pricy free agents.

    When 2011 rolls around, the Player’s Union and the MLB renegotiate their agreement and if the Yankees push it next offseason and in 2010 as well, then maybe a price cap is finally established in some agreement that would maybe raise the pay floor and benefits for minor league players, or something of the sort (though I would still be shocked if this ever happened). It’s 2011 and the Yankees can no longer spend like before because it’s illegal. They are still winning, however, with their force of nature farm system. They still spend money on free agents, but only when they are especially marketable, such as potential record breakers or especially popular characters.

    It’s 2018, A-Rod just retired and where does the money from all the profits go? Into the Steinbrenners bank account. Hooya!

    I know there are plenty of holes in this argument (being able to establish an ultra successful farm system, MLBPU accepting a price cap, conspiracy theory, new regime’s openness to spend for the sake of winning like their father, etc.) but as the creepy store owner in Falling Down says, “Think about it.”

    • Old Ranger

      One very big hole…the draft. If they can’t sign free agents (as they can now) how are they ever going to win anything? By the year 2015 the only guys left from FA (we have now) will be down to A-Rod and Tex/CC.
      One can’t develop a farm if you draft in the lower 1/6th of the draft. Of course, after the first few years we would have high draft picks…because we would be in the tank. 29/09.

  • mike loopy-ca

    revenue sharing is a tax that every team has to pay based on how much money they bring in.. the yankees pay the most since they bring in the most, but every team pays it. then it’s divided equally. so when you buy a yankee hat, some of it actually goes to mlb, which is why the official hat costs more than, say, a nike replica. you’re paying for the mlb logo.

    luxury tax is based on a threshold – designed to create parity. so however much a team exceed this threshold, the yankees are taxed a certain percentage. i believe there is some sort of incremental climb in percentage based on how long your team exceeds the line, but the yankees have been over the threshold for years, so they’re in the highest tax bracket. i think this year, the tigers were the only other team that had to pay a luxury tax.

    the luxury tax threshold climbs every year, so by staying at or below their payroll from last year, the yankees luxury tax number actually goes down.

    their new stadium affects their revenue sharing number somehow, since they’re essentially writing off the money they’ve spent on the stadium against their team revenue. now, as we all know, the city has paid for part of it – just how much is blurry.. this is part of why it’s such a kind of a point of contention.

    i’ve dont my best to read up on this.. but i could be wrong. any corrections or additions?