Murti: Spend on Teixeira


Courtesy of Sweeny Murti, here is an interesting take on the path the Yanks should follow. The WFAN personality wants the Yanks to swoop in as they did with Johnny Damon and sign Tex to a short-term deal with a high average annual value. He’d then be able to cash in on another payday while still producing, and the Yanks could fill an obvious hole with the proper piece. While I disagree with Murti’s second plan — trading for Aaron Roward is a waste of money and resources — I like this stealth move he proposes. It’s probably just crazy enough to work.

Update by Mike (11:41 a.m.): Looks like we’ll get a Tex announcement today. My guess: BoSox for 8/188.

Update by Ben (11:44 a.m.): Buster Olney ponders the Yanks’ receiving an offer they couldn’t refuse from Boras for Teixeira. I guess we’ll know soon.

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  1. A.D. says:

    I like the Tex idea (but I also like Tex for 8 years)

    But the Rowand plan, no thanks. If they added Tex they can better afford to play BG in CF and hope he produces, and the Yanks would be better served to trade those 2 for prospect type players, ideally to the Braves for an outfield prospect, since the Braves could both use a starter and a left fielder

  2. A.D. says:

    Per Washington Times via MLB Trade Rumors:

    A major league baseball source has told The Washington Times’ Thom Loverro that there will be an announcement today regarding the future of free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira.

  3. TONY says:

    whatever they need to do to get tex – do it. He reminds me of a better hitting tino.

    • steve (different one) says:

      right, and Tino only had about 2 seasons after he turned 30 that can be called “very good”.

      Teixeira is much better than Tino, so i don’t think it’s a great comparison.

      but comparing him to Tino should tell you to NOT sign him.

      • TONY says:

        RIGHT – Tino had no value when he played with Yanks – ah what was I thinking

        • steve (different one) says:

          who said that?

          i said that after Tino turned 31 (i said 30, i meant 31), his production dropped considerably

          this isn’t something i made up. it’s a fact.

          if Teixeira is going to age like Tino (and i am not saying he will), i wouldn’t want to give him an 8 year contract.

          there is nothing controversial about what i am saying.

          • TONY says:

            an 8yr contract to tex will be fine – hell be 36 at the end of the contract – 36 is not that old.

            In free agency – you cannot expect to sign players only in their prime yrs – you will also have to take some sub-prime yrs. Because if you dont – you’ll never sign anyone of value – you’ll just get lower class players

            • jsbrendog says:

              ok you obv dont get his point. YOU ocmpared him to tino, so he is saying that after age 31 tino was worthless.

              so, basing it on YOUR COMPARISON TO TINO the yankees should not sign him if that is the case because once he becomes 31 + he will drop off a mountain like the yodeler on price is right and be an absolute albatross around whatever team signs him’s neck.

              then he said you shouldnt compare him to tino anyway.

              But you did. so there you go.

              there is nothing controversial about what i am saying.

              • TONY says:

                I dont believe he will off the mountain – we have a differtence of opinion

                • Jamal G. says:

                  Guy, they are agreeing with you about Mark Teixeira, their point is that your comparison of him to Tino Martinez is misplaced because of how how the latter’s production dropped after age 31. They are arguing with you over your comparison of Teixeira to Tino, not Teixeira’s production in the latter stages of his career.

                • TONY says:

                  All I am saying is that he reminds me of a tino in his prime – I am not over analizing when Tino declined. In my mind when I think of Tino – I remember him from the late 90′s to the early 2000′s. I am not refering to his later playing days.

                  In my opinion – tex reminds me of tino in his prime. Thats it – thats my only point

                  Tino was not major star – but he was a very good player. I view Tex in the same manor. He is not & will not be A-Rod.

              • TONY says:

                ok guys let me re-phrase. I am saying that he reminds me (not that he facsimile of him) of Tino. Tino who played with the Yanks from 1996 – 2001. I did not go & look up his age. (I knew he was in his late 20′s at the time)

                Now Tino was a good piece for that team & I feel Tex could be a good piece for this team. I am not dwelling on the amt of yrs because I FEEL he will be productive for the next 8 yrs.

                Some of you guys can really take the fun out of this. I didn’t realize that one needed to dot all your i’s to “comment” on this blog. Cant we just talk like GUYS or all of you just a bunch of geeks

      • RollingWave says:

        Mark Teixeira’s comparables at this point is very good.

        Carlos Delgado (935)
        Kent Hrbek (925)
        Fred McGriff (913)
        Jim Thome (911)
        Will Clark (910)
        Jeff Bagwell (909)
        Willie McCovey (906) *
        Richie Sexson (904)
        Shawn Green (901)
        Paul Konerko (899)

        McCovey is obviously a inner circle HOF, Thome is a pretty solid lock, Delgado probably makes it with a moderately good finish. McGriff and Bagwell are obivoulsy solid borderline cases themself.

        I’d say that Teixeira’s talent as a hitter is comparable to McCovey and Thome and Bagwell, obviously how his career ends will depend the world on health though.

  4. Bo says:

    Why they aren’t in on the best in his prime position player I don’t know.

    Especially since they desperately need a bat and need to improve the defense.

    Doesn’t Tex solve both?

    • Jamal G. says:

      Why they aren’t in on the best in his prime position player I don’t know.

      You – nor anyone outside of the organization – has any knowledge of whether the Yankees are “in” on Mark Teixeira, so to say something like above is pretty arrogant, no?

      Especially since they desperately need a bat…

      No, they really don’t.

  5. Jon W. says:

    It’s amazing that an idea so good (signing Tex) and one so bad (trading Nady and IPK for Rowand) can come from the same person. I wouldn’t trade Nady or IPK for Rowand straight up, let alone both of them. I wish I knew where people come up with this stuff.

  6. steve (different one) says:

    The WFAN personality wants the Yanks to swoop in as they did with Johnny Damon and sign Tex to a short-term deal with a high average annual value.

    this is a false analogy.

    you can’t swoop in and offer a short-term deal when there are several 8 year offers on the table, unless you do something crazy/stupid.

    what are you going to offer, $150M/5? is Teixeira worth $30M/year?

    provide an example of a short-term, high AAV deal that makes sense FOR BOTH SIDES and trumps a $170M/8 year offer.

    • A.D. says:

      did you read the article, he explains why it can make sense for both sides

      • steve (different one) says:

        i did. and the example he provided makes little sense from Teixeira’s side.

        he proposed $102M/4.

        it’s absurd to think he would leave $70-80M on the table.

        i understand that he would get another shot at a big contract. but what if he gets hurt? or declines?

        that’s $70-80M GUARANTEED.

        there is not a chance in the world he would forego 4 extra years for what, $3M more year?

        • Steve S says:

          Agreed. It also says that Boston is out of the bidding. I think all the rumored reports and logic tell you that isnt the case, rather they have capped out their offer. The Damon strategy worked because there wasnt a market for him. Texeira has a market. The only team to really back out is the Angels, and I think if he went back to them and said give me 8 for $160, they would do it.

          Plus, how does no one say anything about Aaron Rowand??? Aside from the actual player and how he fits, the idea that the Yankees would have to give up anything tangible for him is ridiculous, that guy would be a pure salary dump and if Sabean wanted Nady and Kennedy, I would say enjoy paying that contract.

          • Jay CT says:

            Totally agree. I brought this up the other day. There is no reason what so ever that Tex would sign a 4 year deal unless it is worth almost as much as the long term deal in some way. Why would ANYONE leave 70 or 80 million on the table for a possible increase of 20 more (if he were to get another 4 year, 100 million dollar deal). Forget Boras, think if you had a son, what would you tell him? Roll the dice and try to get roughly 10% more, or just “settle” for the 180 now?

    • AMS223 says:

      5 years 125

  7. John NY says:

    Yanks are off between XMAS and New Year’s Eve. It’s two days before their holiday break. IF they pull off a Tex signing, it will be the best stealth move ever.

  8. TurnTwo says:

    ^ ^ crossing my fingers.

    and just to add… looks like the timing of all the Manny stuff/rumors is still on track.

    if he said he’s not signing until after Teixeira, and he’s in Brazil right now and said he will make an announcement when he returns, then it all does fall into place for maybe the first week of January once the Yankees open up shop again after winter break.

    just saying.

  9. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I say the Marlins sign him.

  10. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    From Sweeny’s article: Offer Teixeira a 4-year deal worth $102 million

    That means he’s gambling that in 4 years he can get at least 4/$82. That’s quite a gamble, considering all that could happen in the next 4 years, including the economy not recovering, him not having 4 great years, or him getting injured etc.

    I wonder if the union would have anything to say about that? I don’t know, just asking.

  11. pounder says:

    He’s gone to the Red Sox.FIRE CASHMAN.This puts us light years behind them.

  12. Lancer says:

    All I’m praying for is that it isn’t the Red Sox that are about to sign him.

    I can’t understand why the Nats or O’s would waste all of their resources on one guy who isn’t the greatest superstar out there. He’s not someone that will have a city flocking to the ballpark to go and watch, so why would they handicap themselves in overpaying to just one player?

    The Yanks and Sox are the only two teams in the bidding that are capable of overpaying without setting themselves back a decade financially.

    • steve (different one) says:

      The Yanks and Sox are the only two teams in the bidding that are capable of overpaying without setting themselves back a decade financially.

      why can’t the Nats afford Teixeira?

      what other contracts do they have? none.

      this is like starting from scratch for them.

      • Lancer says:

        The Nats were ranked 5th to last in salary this past year at a little bit under $55 million.

        According to the reports out there, it would cost nearly half of last year’s entire team salary to add Teixeira to their roster.

        It’s pretty obvious to me how it’ll handicap them while at the same time not bringing in a full-fledged superstar that has the potential to sell out a stadium.

        • He’s only “not a full-fledged superstar” because he’s played for last-place teams and for pennies. He’s a damn good player that baseball fans know about, but he has no national cache because he’s not highly paid, not a record holder, and not part of championship teams riding floats down parade routes.

          You know when Alex Rodriguez became a full-fledged superstar? When he signed that gigantic free agent contract and he became the face of a franchise. Tex isn’t a superstar today… but he will be by April. If the Nationals get to have a press conference where he’s holding up their jersey and smiling for flashbulbs and they plaster his face on billboards all over the DC metro area, he’ll be a superstar in no time.

          • Lancer says:

            He’s not a full fledged superstar because he’s not from the top 3 at his position. He also won’t be selling out ballparks no matter how much he signs for.

            Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player and I’d love to him but he isn’t what [at least I] call a superstar.

            To say that A-Rod wasn’t a superstar before he received the Rangers contract is ludicrous IMO.

            Here’s the bottom line, will he sell out seats like a Pujols or an A-Rod? The answer is: not even close.

            • He’s not a full fledged superstar because he’s not from the top 3 at his position.

              Name me three better.

              To say that A-Rod wasn’t a superstar before he received the Rangers contract is ludicrous IMO.

              Look at the media exposure ARod had in Seattle, where he was a great young kid but not a national icon, vs. what happened in Texas after he made HEADLINES for signing a $252M deal. It seems ludicrous to you because you’re a baseball nut and ARod has been part of your mental rolodex since he was 18. To the NON-baseball fan, ARod was a non-factor until he got paid. Signing a megadeal basically confers celebrity status on you.

              Here’s the bottom line, will he sell out seats like a Pujols or an A-Rod? The answer is: not even close.

              Tex will be the biggest baseball thing to hit DC since Frank Howard. He’ll sell tickets.

              • jsbrendog says:

                hometown (or close to it kinda) ki comes home to try and revitalize failing franchise that has a history of losing?

                I SMELL SITCOM!!

              • Lancer says:

                Obviously Pujols is #1. Howard next, and probably Prince.

                To clarify my point on the exposure of his signing, I don’t mean to say that there won’t be any bump to his stature. All I’m saying is that it won’t be enough to make him unbelievable in the eyes of fans unless he puts up monster numbers to go along with it.

                Very few players have the ability to be a mega draw for the fans, and I don’t think he’s one of them. I may be worng, but that’s what I truly believe.

                Perhaps for the first year (or maybe just part of it) he’ll draw a crowd, but after that it’ll fizzle out unless they put a decent team out on the field.

                Just my $0.02 for what it’s worth.

                • MattG says:

                  Pujols and Berkman are 1 and 2. Tex is in the discussion for #3, but guys like Pena and Youkilis have their arguments.

                • RollingWave says:

                  Howard and Prince have nothing on Teixiera, espically Howard.

                  Berkman is a interesting case. his age comparable is actually not too encouraging, but his actual track record is.

                • Lancer says:

                  You guys telling me that you’re more scared of facing Mark Teixeira than Ryan Howard? Get real!

                • Obviously Pujols is #1. Howard next, and probably Prince.

                  Wrong. And, you actually proved my point a little about stardom and records.

                  Mark Teixeira, wOBA:
                  2003 – .345
                  2004 – .389
                  2005 – .405
                  2006 – .374
                  2007 – .406
                  2008 – .410
                  Career – .389

                  Ryan Howard, wOBA:
                  2004 – .378
                  2005 – .382
                  2006 – .436
                  2007 – .396
                  2008 – .366
                  Career – .396

                  Prince Fielder, wOBA:
                  2005 – .326
                  2006 – .354
                  2007 – .417
                  2008 – .370
                  Career – .379

                  Howard is a poor defender (and older), and while his career numbers are higher, it’s mainly due to that spike year of ’06, where he was otherworldly good… a year he’s never approached before or since. Tex is the better player. Fielder is good, but not close to either of them (although he’s younger, so that’s likely the reason.)

                  The man you left out was Lance Berkman:
                  1999 – .321
                  2000 – .403
                  2001 – .435
                  2002 – .411
                  2003 – .396
                  2004 – .427
                  2005 – .399
                  2006 – .425
                  2007 – .383
                  2008 – .419
                  Career – .410

                  Berkman is easily the second best 1B in baseball, behind Pujols, and Tex is #3. But before you think of Berkman ant Tex as the best first basemen, your mind goes to Howard and Fielder, for these reasons:

                  1) Howard won an MVP.
                  2) Howard won a title.
                  3) Howard once hit 50 homers, a nice, round, easy number to remember.
                  4) Howard had cache before he hit the league, as the highly touted rookie in a baseball city (Philly) who displaced a local icon (Thome)
                  5) Fielder once hit 50 homers, a nice, round, easy number to remember.
                  6) Fielder had cache before he hit the league, as the highly touted son of a basball icon (Cecil) who was once the highest paid player in baseball.

                  Berkman and Tex are better first basemen than they are, but they have no natural factors that would lead them to stardom (rings, fat contracts, shiny awards, notable counting-stat numbers, etc. But they’re better.

                  And, if Tex signs the biggest deal in Expos/Nationals history, and the biggest deal in non-Yankees/Red Sox east coast history, he’ll be a star. Money confers fame.

                  Hell, journalists will write stories pointing out all the shit i said above.

                • Rick in Boston says:

                  Howard’s OPS splits:
                  .745 vs. Lefties
                  .967 vs. Righties

                  Tex’s OPS splits:
                  .901 vs. Lefties
                  .993 vs. Righties

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  Hell, journalists will write stories pointing out all the shit i said above.

                  Whoa there, big fella. I’m pretty sure you didn’t have those numbers memorized, but that you actually had to do a modicum of research to produce them.

                  Name me a journalist that would go through the painstaking research (okay, two minutes on baseball reference) that you went through to bring us that data (KLaw doesn’t count, because, you know, like, he’s a BLOGGER!!!).

                • RobC says:

                  good point on the defense
                  too bad we do not have the defefensive stats like we do for offense
                  I like a great glove at first.
                  When my team is trying to rally and cannot afford to hit into a DP I fear a guy like Tex in the feild.
                  Remember execpt for the P and C the 1B touches the ball the most

                • Mike Pop says:

                  No hes a stat machine.

              • Jay CT says:

                Tommy, I usually agree with you, but I think ARod was a superstar before Texas. I know what you are saying, but when he was in Seattle he was huge. Hell, when he was in high school, he was huge. I think you are saying that he became “mega-huge” when he had 252 million dollars attached to him, which I agree, but to say he wasn’t a superstar in Seattle is wrong.

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  but when he was in Seattle he was huge

                  1996 = 358/414/631, OPS+ 160. That, my friend, pretty much defines huge.

                • What I’m saying is, guys like us who love baseball so much that they spend hours daily on sites like RAB knew who ARod was in 1999.

                  38 year old mothers of two who watched Tom Brokaw and never turned on ESPN didn’t know who ARod was in 1999. But, when he showed up on the news as the Quarter Billion Dollar Man, he was a superstar, and those 38 year old mothers of two who lived in the Dallas, TX region now had their kids asking them to go see ARod play for the Rangers and they said yes because they knew who he was now.

                  ARod’s amazing baseball ability made him a star in the game. ARod’s amazing contract made him a star OUTSIDE of the game. Money confers fame.

                • Jay CT says:

                  I gotcha. You’re right.

        • steve (different one) says:

          you are making the assumption that $55M is close to the ceiling of what they can afford.

          we don’t know if that is true or not.

          if it was so obviously true, they wouldn’t be making this type of offer.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        why can’t the Nats afford Teixeira?

        Because they don’t have the resources to afford him AND a supporting cast capable of contending. They would be putting themselves in the same position the Rangers did with A-Rod. Don’t forget they came to the conclusion that they had to pay Alex ~$10 mil/yr NOT to play for them in order to become competitive.

        • But the Rangers DID spend money outside of ARod, they just spent it poorly. The ARod contract didn’t hamper their ability to field a competitive team, the Chan Ho Park and Juan Gonzalez and Ismael Valdez and Rick Helling and Carl Everett contracts did.

          • jsbrendog says:

            annnnnd were’nt the national srather high up in attendance and revenue stream last year? so basically they hoard their gold and then go on a binge spending spree once they have a core to build around.

  13. E-ROC says:

    I think Teixeira will sign with the Nationals. Do it Teixeira!!!

    • I was about to say the same thing. Tex signs with the Nats for $190M.

      • UWS says:

        If that’s the case, I’ll bet he’s got an opt-out after 3-4 years and Yanks might as well save a roster spot for him come 2011/2012.

      • Reggie C. says:

        I’d be shocked to see him go to a last place team for only another measely 10-15 million bucks. Even with an opt-out clause included, Tex won’t sniff competitive baseball for a while as a Nats.

        What the heck are the Nats thinking by offering that kind of contract to Tex?? Why not continue player development and get guys like Giambi, Abreu, Baldelli, DUNN…

        • The Nats are thinking the only way to relevance is success; the best path to success is great players; Tex is a great player and a hometown boy and we can pimp him out and have a real face for the franchise, and all we have to do is avoid the Chan Ho Park secondary move and we’ll be okay.

          Tex + Zimmerman + Flores + Milledge + Dukes + Marrero + Burgess + Lannan + Balester + Detwiler + a fast-tracked Steven Strasbourg + maybe they sign a big FA pitcher winter (Harden? Lackey? Webb?) = maybe they can be contenders in a wide open NL East by 2010

    • Reggie C. says:


      otherwise, we’re going to answer with Manny.

  14. Dave says:

    With nothing doing in the hockey world until after the roster freeze, I’m hoping for some Tex news to keep me entertained at work.

  15. pat says:

    geez i hope he signs with the yankees cuz we can never catch a break!

  16. Brooklyn Ed says:

    The Yankees, on the other hand, continue to review their options, preparing for the possibility—however real it is—that Teixeira might make them an offer that they couldn’t refuse.


    will this time, “pulling a Beltran” works for the Yanks? I wonder what that offer could be?

  17. jsbrendog says:

    i’m not afraid of tex on the sox. lookhow far he took the angels in thepost season last year


    nope. and in yrs 6-8/9/10 it will interesting to see him falter

  18. Reggie C. says:

    Arghhh … that Beltran non-signing sucks.

  19. Lancer says:

    ESPN reporting that it’s between the Sox and Nats…

  20. Bill says:

    When the Red Sox get him I wonder if they will get any negative press or the press will state how the Red Sox outsmarted everybody else.

    • Mike A. says:

      Oh please, do you even have to ask?

      Gammons was on Sportscenter yesterday saying that the Sox have been planning to get Tex for two years, like how the Yanks have been planning to get CC since last year. I assume resigning Mike Lowell was integral to that plan.

      • E-ROC says:

        I can’t wait to see Mike Lowell catch some balls in CF.

      • I assume resigning Mike Lowell was integral to that plan.

        Classic red herring. It was designed to lull us into a false sense of security. Theo the master debater strikes again.

      • Ryan S. says:

        Gammons is going to say something like this:

        “The Red Sox master plan was consummated today with the signing of Mark Teixeira. Having survived both the urges of greed to splurge on overpriced pitchers and outsmarting, for what very well may be the first time ever, super agent Scott Boras into getting a discount on the best player available this off season at only 8 years and $185M.

        The scope of their plan was a momentous one, with Teixeira being someone they had their eyes on for over two years – trumping even the Yankees and their decision last year to forgo a Johan Santana trade in favor of acquiring CC Sabathia.

        The Red Sox are stronger than ever now after letting go of useless riff raff like Manny Ramirez and getting in return more committed, young players like Jason Bay and now Mark Teixeira, and have completely reinvented their lineup – making it both stronger and more youthful in doing so. One can only wonder at what majestic future plans that boy wonder Theo Epstein has in store for what it already the best team in baseball”

        • jsbrendog says:

          this mmade me laugh. it sounded classic gammons til the final sentence about majesticity lol

          • Ryan S. says:

            Yeah I may have gone a little too far at the end lol… but I didn’t want it to sound too realistic for fear that I’d actually sound like a Red Sox fan. As Nietszche wrote:

            “When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.”

            You gotta be careful with this kind of stuff. I had to watch the Jeter farewell speech after I wrote that to purify myself.

        • MattG says:

          no, you used far too much punctuation for this to be believable gammons. You can never read a gammons paragraph once, and understand what pronoun refers to what noun. You need to write it like this:

          “The Red Sox master plan was consummated today with the signing of Mark Teixeira when they survived both the urges of greed to splurge on overpriced pitchers and outsmarting for the first time ever super-agent Scott Boras, getting discount on the best player available this off-season for only $185 million.”

  21. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Olney’s hypothesis that Boras will offer the Yanks a “Beltran discount” on Teixeira doesn’t make sense.

    I would think he would offer that discount to the RS if anyone. If he can steer Tex to the RS, he can then peddle Manny to the Yanks, or at least use the Yanks to drive up Manny’s price.

    If Tex winds up w/ the Yanks, he can’t use the RS for a landing spot for Manny, nor to drive up Manny’s price.

    Back to the drawing board Buster.

  22. Lancer says:

    WEEI in Boston is now reporting that a source has told them that he’s signing with the Sox.

  23. ryan says:

    It has to be the Red Sox …. Nationals are jus there to up the ante.

  24. Joey H says:

    188 from the sox Ben? isn’t that an awful lost since their owner seemed he didn’t want to break the bank

  25. Joey H says:

    To me its funny how right now we all kind of like Teixeira but in a matter of 12 hours we are all going to hate him if he gets inked by the BoSox.

  26. Matt-LI says:

    Curious to see where Lowell ends up, how much contract they have to eat and what they get in return for him… Twins and Giants could matchup well for em’.

  27. Mike Pop says:

    Id rather him be there than Manny. Everytime Manny was up against us it was hard to watch. Tex cant be the same unless Edwar pitches against him after striking out the first 2 than giving up a hit and walking 2 batters leading to a Grand Salami.

  28. Pedro(from Brazil) says:

    MLBTR has a story about Mauer turn free agente after 2010. He”ll be 27 in 2010 !! We need to be a factor on that. By the time he become free agent Posada will have only 1 more year is his contract. He can move to Dh and let Mauer become the catcher.

    • Matt-LI says:

      Mauer is probably gonna re-up with the Twinies… I wouldn’t get too excited about that.

    • Moshe Mandel says:

      Agreed. But the likelihood that Minny will allow him to hit the market is quite slim- they let Santana go to pay for Mauer and Mourneau, and I’m pretty sure Mauer is from Minny.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Or we could just monitor how Jesus Montero, Austin Romine and Kyle Higashioka develop.

      One guy that I want signed no matter the circumstance (yes, I realize how insane that statement reads, I just don’t care) is Felix Hernandez. Give him ten years (Hernandez will have completed his age-25 season in his final year prior to free agency… age 25), I want that dude.

  29. MattG says:

    Reading between the lines: Tex does not want to go to WAS. He would go to either NY or BOS. Olney posits that he’ll offer the Yankees a discount, but more likely, he’ll offer either team a discount, but not quite as much as a discount as BOS would like.

    This falls to a game of chicken between Cashman and Epstein. If BOS would go to 180, I think the deal would’ve been done already. I think BOS is probably sitting more around 170, and WAS might go to 190/195. First out of NY and BOS to offer 180 probably gets him.

  30. Jamal G. says:

    Shoddy rumors at is finest, but shut the fuck up and read:

    PEOPLE: ESPN’s ticker says that Buster Olney reports that the Yanks are discussing contract figures with Teixeira.

    That is from a poster on NoMass. Yay?

    • Jamal G. says:

      OK, I just saw the ticker myself, Buster Olney basically states that the Yankees are preparing to offer Mark Teixeira a contract.

      • Arin says:

        The stove is finally heating up. Someone left it on warm.

      • Reggie C. says:

        HOLY CRAP…

        i thought cash was going to sit this one out…

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        I dont know, I get the feeling that the Yankees are trying to get Boston to raise their offer, maybe add a year or something.

        • Arin says:

          Maybe Ca$hmonies realized that’s it’s a great idea to try to sign Teix? Don’t you think that there’s a chance that Cash convinced the Steinbrothers that it’d be smart to go after Teix?

          • Mike Pop says:

            Or vice versa.

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            Oh, I definitely hope so. Its just that considering the very public nature of these negotiations, I would think the Yankees being seriously involved would leak, as opposed to this vague stuff about them “lurking.” Furthermore, everyone has known Tex would hit the market for months. It would be weird that the Yankees ownership suddenly decides that they want him when they have the financial power to be involved from the get-go.

            • Arin says:

              Valid point. Entering this late is likely to cost the Yanks much more likely than if they would’ve entered the sweepstakes the sime time as everyone else.

    • Matt-LI says:

      Hard to believe… Maybe its because I don’t wanna believe anything unless it is absolutely concrete at this point.

      I’ll go Nay on this one… No reason to get the hopes up.

  31. Bruno says:

    Tex the player = yes. Tex’s contract = no thanks. Unless he takes 6/$150, and even then I’d have to think HARD about it. A-Rod, CC, Jeter, Tex wow that’s a lot of coin. Manny? HELL NO in my opinion (all things considered). Adam Dunn it is!

  32. Mike Pop says:

    Hank wants him, Hanks gonna get him.


    • Joey H says:

      Isn’t it really Hal though?

      • jsbrendog says:

        yes people still thihnk hanks in charge because he blathers on in the media and he’s the face people see. but hal is officially in charge which he was already since he controlled the books previously so hank could do whatever he wanted except tender a contract

  33. E-ROC says:

    12:08pm: Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has the Nationals at nine years, $180MM and the Red Sox at eight years and around $170MM.


  34. Klemy says:

    Common Cash, do it up buddy.

  35. christopher says:

    it would make sense for both boras and manny to keep a pssinble deal on th hush hush. boras keeps his leverage for negotiations with
    Tex and the yankees by staying quiet can give the impression that they are still in on tex, thus upping the price the sox will have to pay for tex.

    this could very well be a plsn that both sides have come up with. boras is thte type of agent that is clever enough to pull this off. i wouldnt be surpised if this is an all in game of poker. While it is true that boras and the yankees domt have the best of relationships – this could be beneficial to both sides.

    my guess is tex goes to the sox and within the next couple of ddsyd thr ynks get manny. to me it turnd out to be a wash

  36. Matt says:

    If the Yankees miss out on Tex, I’m sure they’ll hit the mini-panic button and call Manny ASAP. I hope that doesn’t happen, especially if it’s a three year deal. I’d rather just sign Dunn to a cheaper contract. Meh, whatever. We’ll see. Either one of the three is fine with me, but like I’ve said, my order of preference goes Tex/Dunn/Manny.

  37. christopher says:

    dont want to get greedy, but let petitte walk ad sign dunn and manny to a backloaded contract. trade nady and/or kennedy for some young talent. preferably a centerfielder and use swisher as a super-utility guy.

    a year after missing the playoffs is not the time to worry about payroll especially wirh the dpression currently going on inbaseball where playes wll be at a discount.

    imagine a 3-4 -5 of Arod, mannyy and Dunn


  38. Mike Pop says:

    I would deal for Rowand if San Fran ate like 10 mill. Why not for Nady and IPK. We need outfielders for 2010. I like IPK but he really is not in the future plans. I would make that deal.

    Our 09- Damon, Rowand, and Swish with whoever the 4th will be and thats if we sign Teix. If we don’t sign him you put Gardner out there I would guess.

    2010- Rowand, A-Jax, and Swish. Gardner or Melky or Gabe Kapler, etc is the 4th OF.

    Not so bad and he is only 12 million a year and thats less if they eat some money. Its not crazy to think guys like Ankiel and maybe even Nady would cost more than 40 mill if the market gets back up. Its obvious that guys like Bay, Holliday, Vlad(if he reaches FA and I dont think he is much of an outfielder anymore) could cost more than that easily.

    Nady is an FA anyways so Rowand is better than draft picks I would think especially since we lose Damon who would likely be a type B at least. Thats if we offer arb.

    I dont think its that bad of a deal, Rowand gives it his all every play which I love. Offensively and Defensively he is above average for CF, no ? Of course offensively he is much better than anything we have in CF now.

    IPK and Nady for 4 years of Rowand and salary relief I might pull that trigger. He can still hit

    • MattG says:

      Rowand’s UZR ratings were at the very bottom of the CF list for 2008. He still leads the league in wall-face-plants, though.

    • Joey H says:

      “He can still hit” Not to mention the outstanding defense.

    • Considering that Rowand is still owed 44M over the next four years, the Giants would have to eat about 20M minumum before I’m willing to listen.

      Because Rowand is:

      A) over 30,
      B) not that good in CF, and
      C) not that good at the plate. He’s had two good years: 2004 with the White Sox, and 2007 with the Phillies. Outside of those peaks, he’s firmly in the low .320 wOBA stratosphere.


      • kunaldo says:

        agreed…giants were dumb to give him that deal…this past year, 94 OPS+….i’d rather have garder/melky!

      • Mike Pop says:

        Ya but our outfield for 2010 as of right now is scary to think about. He would be for 4 years rather than giving 6 or so to Holliday. You put him in there now and our offense is better. If they are 10 mill you dont think Rowand is worth 8 million a season for the next 4 years ? We are only asking him to play center for one year and hopefully A-Jax is ready. He would do fine in right or left and while doing it he would be cheaper than FA alternatives like Holliday and Bay.

        Im not saying Rowand is the answer but for 8 million a year would be decent. I think he is better than the year he had last year. Factor in a better lineup, I think he would be alright. I know people are still hesitant to give away IPK but he really does not fit the plan right now and if you say don’t trade him because we will need him if injuries happen is not the right move. With all the young arms we have I think he will get traded sometime in the future anyways.

    • Matt says:

      He can hit…but not well. Three of the last four years, he’s had an OPS+ under 95. Aaron Rowand is nothing more than an average baseball player. He’s not wroth giving up Nady (who I don’t even like that much) and IPK.

  39. Jay CT says:

    MLBTR is saying that Yankees are deep in negotiaions- Heyman’s latest

  40. mustang says:

    “Update by Mike (11:41 a.m.): Looks like we’ll get a Tex announcement today. My guess: BoSox for 8/188.”

    Looking at your record on baseball matters last year I say the Yanks now have a good chance.

    Just busting chops.

  41. Joey H says:

    You know guys, I don’t know what to make of this. Simply having said that, Is this a classic Cashman last minute scoop or is it just riding up the price for the rival Sox?

  42. ryan says:

    Nady’s bat is a clutch bat. I watched every game this year from spring training on(unfortunetly) and although his numbers aren’t jumping off the page with the yanks, he had a lot of big hits for them. nady is young and has pop and just came off his best year yet. Who’s to say he doesn’t have a repeat year. Woulda been nice to have his bat all year long when he was batting 330 and winning games for th pirates(not that it made much of a difference).

  43. A.D. says:

    Heyman has Yanks in “Deep discussions”

  44. Moshe Mandel says:

    One thing that I was thinking about is that its a bit late in the game to be driving up the price. What are they going to cost Boston 10-12 million over 8 years? Not really accomplishing much. The only thing that would make sense (outside of real interest on the part of the Yankees, is an offer with a lower AAV but more years, hoping that Boston locks Tex up deep into his decline phase.

    • Joey H says:

      Not a bad idea you have there. I think if running up the price was a priority they would have done it not so close to when he is supposed to sign.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        Exactly. And if the Yankees are really in on this, it creates a perfect storm for Boras, bc they will basically have acknowledged that the lineup needs help. At that point, Boras can steer Tex towards Boston, leaving the Yankees as a landing spot for Manny. If the Yanks get Tex, Manny has no where to go but crawling back to the Dodgers, hat in hand, which is clearly not Boras’ style.

  45. FWIW, MLBTR quotes Ken Rosenthal who says that

    “Mark Teixeira is ‘almost certain’ to get an escape clause in his deal.”

    Over/under on the “ZOMG CASH YOU SUX0R IDIOT CAN’T GIVE TEH OPTOUT TO TEXERA?!?!?!” histrionics if we sign him? Ten articles in each NY Daily per year and 10,000 comments annually here at RAB?

    • Mike Pop says:

      Gammons will say- Cashman gave in idiotically not only in the CC deal but now with the overpaid MArk Texieria deal. I laugh at Cashman for making such a bad deal that will kill the yanks in the future. They will be screwed with Jeter and Posada having to move after next year. Cashman sucks and Theo is better.

      But if he signs with Sox and gets the opt out.

      Theo made a great move here especially since top prospect Lars Anderson will be sooo much better than Teix within 2 years and Theo made such an incredible yet daring move. Theo rules, Cashman sucks. Red Sox 09!

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      If the Yanks don’t sign Teixeira, lets hope they don’t bid against themselves on Manny. The Dodgers would appear to be their only competition, so if I’m Cash, I play the waiting game. If he goes back to LA, then gear up for Dunn.

  46. TONY says:

    Yankees on the verge of signing Teixeira – jon heyman

  47. Mike Pop says:


  48. John NY says:

    OLNEY on ESPN Radio …TEX a Yank!

  49. Mike Pop says:


  50. Jeff says:

    Smart with the opt out if that’s what does it. Jesus Montero will be the future first baseman and give the yankees time to let him develop. Say its 3 years and opt out, i call it win-win. Win for Teixeira and Boras who can get him another 8 year deal in 3 years when market conditions are better and win for the Yankees who will have Montero ready in that time… Not a bad heist Cashman if all reports are true!!

  51. TONY says:

    there really is a santa clause

  52. TONY says:

    8year 180k offer – jon heyman

  53. ryan says:

    whatever happens ARod should move to the 3 spot…last yr he bated 270 with RISP….every option including Manny, Tex, Matsui batted well over 300 in these situations. Maybe batting him 3rd will take some pressure off or somethin’ who knows with this guy.

  54. TONY says:

    What would the potential lineup be with Tex?

    Damon – lf
    Jeter – SS
    Arod – 3b
    Tex – 1b
    Posada – c
    Nady – rf
    Matsui – dh
    Cano -2b
    Melky – cf

    Not Bad

    • kunaldo says:

      melky, really? i’d rather put damon in center, swisher at one of the corner….or if you’re really into the defense, gardner for melky

      • TONY says:

        I think gardner & melky are interchangeable. I think melky will do better than 08 – but he will have to earn it.

        I do think that it is important to have either melkyt or gardner in cf. (for defensive purposes)

    • MattG says:

      Oh come on–Swisher is twice the player Nady is.

      • TONY says:

        hey let them fight it out – a little competition never hurt.

        • MattG says:

          Damon LF
          Jeter SS
          Rodriguez 3B
          Teixeira 1B
          Matsui/Nady DH
          Swisher RF
          Posada C
          Cano 2B
          Gardner/Cabrera CF

          There are many interchangeable parts. Swisher is probably a little bit better CF than Damon, and they could go all offense with Swisher in CF and Nady in RF, but more likely one of Nady/Swisher/Matsui will be moved. I’m hoping it’s Nady, who’s 2008 looks like a fluke to me.

  55. TONY says:

    Its official – Yankees reach agreement with Teixeira on 8-year, $180M deal – Jon Heyman

    • Doug says:

      OMG OMG OMG I am totally losing my shit here

      It’s the patented “Cashman swoop.” I love this deal so much, I want to take behind a middle school and get it pregnant.

  56. TONY says:

    Mark Teixeira a Yankee – It is a proud day to be a Portuguese American

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