Not exactly a ringing endorsement


It’s still early here; the press room and halls are pretty empty. Don’t worry, it’ll pick up.

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  • Manny

    Manny Ramirez wearing pinstripes! haha sorry i just felt like writing that.

    • Matt

      Manny in pinstripes would be terrible. Terrible guy in the club house

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        Luckily, they don’t play baseball games in the clubhouse, they play them on the field. And 99% of the time, Manny Ramirez is the best player on the field… so putting him in pinstripes would be a good thing, not a bad one.

        • Mike Pop

          Once we give him his money, he wont sit out on us. He will tear it up against the Sox. Im all for him

          • A.D.

            What would actually be awesome is to give Manny a constant vesting option based on his offensive numbers i.e his OPS is over .850 for the year with a certain number of plate appearances then the next year vests, so basically he’s constantly motivated for his payday.

            Never happen, but in theory

        • Manny

          I think it might be better than 99% of the time. Manny IS the best hitter in basebell, and even if the clubhouse part was important he’s accompanied by the second best hitter (a-rod) who happens to also be from the dominican republic, along with Melky and Cano if we keep them. I think he can get along very well here.

          • Mike Pop

            A-Rod is my boy but Pujols has got to be the 2nd best hitter in baseball is Manny is the 1st. In my eyes Pujols is the best hitter in the game

            • Ivan

              No Doubt. If Pujols isn’t the best hitter in baseball then who is.

        • Ivan

          Im not really huge on manny. Yes, he can hit, but he’s old (team need to get younger and more athletic) his D well sucks obviously, and you can’t dismiss the fact that Once he does get paid, there always that possibility of him just “takin days off”.

          Now if there is one position player I would want is Tex.

          • Mike Pop

            Him “taking days off” led the Sox to 2 championships in 4 years.. Just the possibility of what he can do for us is worth signing him.. Regardless of him not trying his hardest hes still going to put up numbers

            • Ivan

              Yea but lets be fair, the dude basically quit on the Sox twice. In 06 when the team was out of it, he quit, and then in 08 he quit on the sox.

              Plus, Manny working with Girardi has the potential to be well not good.

              • Mike Pop

                Well then we are going to have to bring Torre back. We would of made the playoffs with him last year ;)

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

                Yea but lets be fair, the dude basically quit on the Sox twice. In 06 when the team was out of it, he quit, and then in 08 he quit on the sox.

                … and, in ’03 the team was furiously trying to dump him, in ’04 when he won them a title they loved him, in ’06 when the team was injured and sucky, they tried to dump him again, in ’07 when they won, the team loved him again, etc. etc. etc.

                I’d love to hear Whitey’s thoughts on this, because with the one possible exception of Big Papi, who’s like a big mumble-mouth teddy bear, the Boston fans and the Red Sox organization themselves seem to have a constant love-hate relationship with all their stars. That team and town is constantly showering their players with unbelievable affection one minute and stabbing them in the back and portraying them as insufferable baby-rapers the next.

                As an outsider, I’d blame the Manny divorce on equal parts Manny being Manny and the Red Sox being the Red Sox. No franchise runs stars out of town on a rail like Boston.

                • Mike Pop

                  Agreed, Manny wanted his options picked up. Why not at least pick up one of them ? He was well worth 20 or so million for them. He brought them titles

                • Miles Roche

                  How exactly did this post become a Manny thread???

              • Count Zero

                This is a myth. I had the same discussion with a Red Sox fan a couple of weeks ago. Boston media brainwashed everyone.

                Here’s Manny’s numbers for July ’08 — the month he supposedly “quit” on the Red Sox.


                He can phone that in for me anytime…

                Hat tip to FJM who first pointed it out.

  • radnom

    Looks like a classy joint.

  • Mike Pop

    Get the Rumors going !

  • christopher

    short term deal would immediately fix the offense and allow for future roster flexibility – unlike an 8 year deal which after the giambi contract I do not want to anywhere near with a guy who is stuck at first base

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      Giambi was “stuck” at first base because he was a shitty athlete who sucked on defense.

      Texy won’t be “stuck” at first base, because he’s an excellent defender at first. We’ll be happy to put Tex at first for the next eight years.

      We weren’t “stuck” at first with Mattingly or Tino, you know…