Open Thread: Saying sayonara to 2008


As 2008 draws to a close, let’s ring in the New Year and this open thread with a look at RAB’s top ten posts of 2008. After the list, use this thread as a general open thread. Have a safe and happy New Year. We’ll see you tomorrow in 2009.

1. Watch the nine-minute Venditte fiasco
Everyone loves a sideshow, and apparently everyone loves ambidextrous pitchers facing switch hitters as well.

2. Inside the new Yankee Stadium
In March, the Yanks unveiled some fairly detailed renderings of the steakhouse, martini bar and premium seating suites inside the new Yankee Stadium. We went for a digital tour.

3. The Free Agent Starter Debate: Sheets vs Burnett
A few weeks before the Yankees signed A.J. Burnett to a five-year deal, we decided that Ben Sheets would be the safer bet. Sheets, by the way, is still unsigned and is the subject of few rumors these days.

4. ESPN: Yanks acquire Swisher
In early November, long before the Yanks decided they needed to acquire everyone this off-season, they made the first splash of the Hot Stove League by trading for Nick Swisher. We had all the news.

5. Yanks seemingly rule out Sheets
The Yankees ruled out Ben Sheets. This, apparently, was our fifth most popular post of 2008, and it almost qualifies as anti-news. Who knew?

6. Preseason Top 30 Prospects
Mike unveiled his preseason rankings of the Yanks’ top 30 prospects, and everyone wanted to talk about it.

7. What about Swish?
One week before the Yanks went out and landed themselves Nick Swisher (see number 4, above), Mike urged Brian Cashman to do just that. We could be the Yanks’ GM.

8. Game 112: Hot hot hot
The only game thread to make this list just happened to be the one in which Joba Chamberlain left his start against the Rangers with a shoulder injury. Over the last two seasons, the Yanks have lost Joba, Phil Hughes and Chien Ming Wang to injuries while playing in the great state of Texas. Coincidence? I think not.

9. What would happen if the Yankees didn’t bring back Derek Jeter?
For better or worse, the fate of Derek Jeter will continue to be a hot topic of conversation over the next two seasons.

10. Where’s CC?
Four different reporters had CC Sabathia in four different locations over one weekend in November. We got a good laugh out of that one.

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  1. steve says:

    happy new years all !!!

    mike joseph and ben i’ve been coming to this site since it started and I gotta say this is your best year by far. keep up the great work and thanks for monitoring the comments and not letting it turn into pete abe 2.0

    by the way, anyone been to was watching lately ? is that a real hack ? or a joke ? heh.

  2. iYankees says:

    Ha, i was just there and was wondering the same thing. It seemed to only affect the homepage, at least at first.

  3. D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don says:

    Peep the Klapisch article on Tex and Jeter:

    comment by a poster at the bottom was pretty funny too

  4. 27 this year says:

    I love how a lot of Yankee fans are saying give Manny 2/50 with option or something like 1 yr 25. Kinda stupid. Offer him a one year deal really cheap, see where the bidding goes with other teams joining in, and maybe you get him for a year at less than 20mil. He will play out the one year in hopes for a better contract next year. Two years, like many say, at less than Manny wants means he will just sit the first year out.

  5. Corey says:

    thats a terrible joke if thats a joke

  6. VO says:

    Happy New Years everyone, great job this year Mike, Joe, Ben keep keep up the good work

  7. iYankees says:

    Jeter will always be a Yankee. He’ll reneg his contract and we’ll see him finish his career as a DH, probably.

    • Thomas says:

      I certainly hope not. Unless Jeter roids up in his elder years, he will never have the bat to DH. I’d rather see him fail defensively at SS, than see him lack of power at DH.

      If his defense continues to fall, you just don’t resign him. Get over it.

      • 'The' Steve says:

        Left Field, preferably when Damon leaves next year.

        • Thomas says:

          I agree with Jeter moving to left, but not after next year. We’d have no replacement at SS and there are no good FA. I’d keep Jeter at SS, until the. end of his contract. Then I’d try and add Hardy for short. If Jeter is willing to resign to play left, then I’d resign. Or I’d resign him for SS, if we lose out on Hardy and Jeter is still acceptable. But I’d wait to move Jeter, until we have an acceptable replacement at short.

          • 'The' Steve says:

            We have a SS, and his name is Melvin Croussett.

            He pitches like the Son of Mo, and has cat like reflexes. We will have him play SS, and then close games. His stuff is actually so good, he can throw it from shortstop and still SO 2 men per inning. He has been known to strike out the side with a pitch count of 5. On days when his left arm is tired, he can throw right handed and use his mysterious “Gyro ball” which is so nasty, its illegal in 26 states.

            • Mike Pop says:

              JJ Hardy !

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

              I’m glad to see that there is a new disciple to the Melvin Croussett Cult. Some little known things about Melvin…
              Nickname – “Asesino de Sueños”
              Birthdate – December 28, 1988 – Henceforth known as “Melmas”.
              Throws – Left
              Bats – It wouldn’t be fair.
              Other rumored stories…
              1. Was not offered a contract by Japanese clubs for fear that his pitching ability would embarass the players so bad that it would cause a drastic rise in ritualistic suicide otherwise known as hari-kiri.
              2. When he was 15, he struck out David Ortiz, Manny and Sammy Sosa on 9 pitches using an orange for a baseball. He then took the seeds from that orange and planted them in the ground. It is now the largest orange grove in the Dominican Republic.
              3. The wind power generated by bats swing and missing at his pitches contain enough energy to light Las Vegas for 7 years.
              4. Was told by Mariano Riviera, “You are not my replacement, you are the improvement of me.”
              5. Throws 12 different pitches.

              The day is coming! Melvin will be here soon.

      • iYankees says:

        The Yankees will use him at DH if his bat is still valuable. We used Giambi as our DH last year and I’d take Jeter over his stereotypical DH production, any day. The Yankees have had Ruben Sierra and Tony Clark as their DH in the past 10 years (and they still did well), so for anyone to say, “he’ll never work as a DH,” is laughable. DH’s nowadays are broken down power guys. If your lineup has substantial power, then a high average guy isn’t terrible there, either.

  8. radnom says:

    Happy New Years everyone.

    Stay safe out there.

  9. Happy New Year, fellas.

  10. OldYanksFan says:

    SS is the only position where Jeter’s offense can make up for his D and where he will be above average. What kind of fielder would he be at 1st (having never played the position)… and with a sub .800 OPS? We would be better of with DougOut.

    And in the OF? His running is not great anymore (witness the number of DPs in ’08). You want a below average defender with a sub .800 OPS in our OF? And DH? You want to commit that spot to a .750 (by 2011) OPS guy?

    If Jeter can’t play SS, he has no place on a contender. And 4,000 hits? HA!!! That is only 8 productive years away.

    I would give him a one-year contract so he can get his 3,000th hit and then give him a place in the org. He might make a good coach. However, if his Lacock isn’t frayed to nothing, he may want to get married and start a family.

    3 more years of Jeter. That’s it guys. In today’s money, his 2011 production as a SS will be worth around $6m. If the Yanks want to field a winning team, they simply can’t have a big bowl of pastadivingJeter with a side of .740 OPS.

    Of course, all this assumes he IS in decline, which he may NOT be. As long as he can post a .775 OPS or better, he’s still valuable at SS.

    • 'The' Steve says:

      “And in the OF? His running is not great anymore (witness the number of DPs in ‘08). You want a below average defender with a sub .800 OPS in our OF? And DH? You want to commit that spot to a .750 (by 2011) OPS guy?”

      I hate to break it to you, but Damon was .747 OPS as recently as 2007, when he had a down year and was banged up like Jeter was last year. We still managed top make the playoffs.

      When healthy, Jeter should be an .840 OPS guy, that’s what he’s been in recent years (03-07). Anything above .800 you can live with in LF.

      • J-Gao says:

        With all this in mind, if Holliday and Crawford both reach the open market next year, would you go all out for both (either the Teixeira/Damon method or CC) – “all out” as in money – say 188 mil./8 yrs. for M.H. and 126 mil./7 yrs. for C.Craw? Knowing the fairly large possibility that Jeter may need to move to one of their positions?

        • 'The' Steve says:

          No, Jeter retires a Yankee, and he has to play somewhere. His fielding at SS is getting ridiculous, and its too important defensively. Stick him in LF, let him get his 3,000 hits in 2011 and take it year by year from there.

          • J-Gao says:

            So Crawford or Holliday, keeping in mind that while Holliday is the better player, he does not represent a replacement for Damon atop the lineup?

            • 'The' Steve says:

              I can’t argue it Baseball-wise, but this has more to do with a very special, very popular player and the franchise.

              Do you think they will cut him loose? No, so where else does he play?

              RF-No, don’t think he has a RFers arm.

              Left it is. We’ll get plenty of hitting elsewhere, and he should still be able to carry his weight.

      • iYankees says:

        I disagree. This is where you need power, actually. Also, you can’t have a 37-year old Jeter roaming the OF (for the first time). It doesn’t work.

        • 'The' Steve says:

          1996-Gerald Williams
          1997-Tim Raines
          1998-Chad Curtis
          1999-Ricky Ledee
          2000-Ricky Ledee
          2001-Chuck Knobloch. That’s right, I said Chuck Knobloch

          Cant win with Jeter in LF?

          • iYankees says:

            I never said that you couldn’t win with Jeter in LF.

            I said it doesn’t make sense defensively or offensively. You can point to these players, but what you’ve showed is a group that could barely produce with a bat in the years you provided. Is that what you want in LF for the Yankees? That may have been passable 10 years ago, do you think that will actually work in the AL East now?

            Also, most of those players played the OF for the majority of their careers (except for Knoblauch). Why would you move a SS to a position he has never played at the age of 37 and expect him to produce there?

  11. Joey H says:

    Hey guys, Quick question. In the combined 5 years we will have CC/AJ/TEX how many world series do you see us going to and how many do you see us winning?

    • Thomas says:

      I’d suspect if we do well, it would mean that CC is healthy and effective and thus, probably would opt out. So in the 3 years we have them all I’ll go 2 WS visits with 1 win.

      If CC stays all 7 years, he’d probably have pitched poorly for the first 3 years (or a major portion), and therefore, I’d probably stick with the same results.

      • 'The' Steve says:

        I expect CC to opt out, those clauses get put there for a reason. I’m hoping in 3 years one of the two guys with very high ceilings (Betances/Brackman) will be ready to take a spot in the rotation. Joba should be an ace by then (health permitting) and I think Hughes will be a solid #2-3. Wang could be in the mix as well.

        Also, don’t forget King Felix is a FA at the age of 26 that year.

        • 'The' Steve says:

          Oh, and Melvin Croussett will have us all saying “Mariano . . . who?” by 2011.

        • Thomas says:

          Yeah, we can definitely win a bunch after he leave whether with homegrown, FA, or traded for pitchers. I was just saying it really is more like 3 years assuming CC opts out.

        • GG says:

          Hey, NYC is a pretty awesome city, if he is embraced big time, he may just decide its where he wants to play out his career, isnt SF going to have to pony up on Lincecum at some point and Zito will still have a couple of years left I believe at that point? Its not a given they could pick CC up….Yanks should have a good shot at it every year; and the playoffs are a crapshoot I think we all know that

          Anyway…Happy NYE to the fellow readers/contributers of the best NYY blog

  12. 'The' Steve says:

    Happy New Year! Lets hope 2009 is better than 2008 for the Yanks, the economy and everyone here at RAB.

  13. Bonos says:

    Boy, you never heard that the journey is more fun than the destination. Where’s the onion? Sign all the free agents.

  14. ortforshort says:

    Jeter’s a great athlete in great shape. He still runs well, fields well and hits well and will for quite some time. I believe the Jeter bashers are just envious that he’s everything that they’re probably not.

  15. Reggie C. says:

    Happy New Year to all. Seriously guys … now lets get jobs and let a new generation of RAB readers take over !!!

  16. Mike Pop says:

    It really couldnt of been a better offseason for us fans. I mean we got the 3 top FA’s and the best fits for us. So awesome what we did. But we will still hear calling for Cashman’s head for not trading IPK, Melky, Shelley and Eric Duncan for Sizemore because that s what Theo could of done.

    • Steve H says:

      Theo could have traded those guys for Hanley, Maybin, Hermida and Johnson. And made the Marlins pay $20 million towards Hanley’s salary.

      • Mike Pop says:

        He is a god among men.

        Honestly though, would you give up Joba as the mainpeice for Sizemore right now ?

        I would

        • Thomas says:

          I definitely would, especially considering Sizemore’s good contract. Joba is much less of a sure thing than Sizemore, considering injury risk. Also, we have many SP options in the minors (present and future).

          I probably be willing to do Chamberlain and Jackson for Sizemore.

        • That guy says:

          No. Sizemore I dont think would make the difference in winning right now. SP is more important. We can manage in the OF.

          • Mike Pop says:

            Dude, Sizemore is one of the most valuable players in the game.

            • 'The' Steve says:

              Pitchers impact the game more, especially in the playoffs. And this team has plenty of firepower to get to the playoffs.

              I pass. I don’t trade Joba for anyone.

            • Manimal says:

              Seriously. Sizemore is pure talent. All around. And his contract is a steal. I’m going to go check his value at Fangraphs.

              • Manimal says:

                Salary in 2008: 3.2 mil
                Estamated Value in 2008: 31.7 mil.

                WOW. 10x his actually salary.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  I deal Joba in a minute for him.. Sorry

                • Steve H says:

                  I would too. Would the Indians make this trade? Nope.

                • J-Gao says:

                  Joba, Jackson, and Hughes? I would probably still take it. Only one with consistent MLB success if Joba, Hughes has had flashes, and Jackson is a mystery. As important as pitching is Hughes, probably wouldn’t have made much of an impact this year, and IF Pettitte gives in, I’ll feel a bit better about the loss of Joba.

          • bobtaco says:

            Defensively Sizemore is also top notch. He would be worth Hughes + another decent player.

            CFers like Grady are not usually available. There are many pitchers in the Yankees system who might break through. They could survive giving up Hughes to obtain Grady’s services for years to come.

            It might take away the sting of not getting Beltran as well.

            Currently I see Sizemore, BJ Upton, Matt Kemp and maybe Colby Rasmus or Justin Upton as the best CFs or most potential upside.

        • GG says:

          Theo is overrated

  17. Manimal says:

    Giants won the superbowl, Great year. Baseball was interesting but hey, it was a transition year. Go Giants, Repeat!!!! And Yankees better win, you signed everyone available.

  18. 'The' Steve says:

    The Son of Mo performs another miracle

    “Melvin Croussett pitched a perfect 9th inning striking out “4? batters he faced for his 9th save. Croussett struck out a batter but it was a wild pitch and the batter took first. His era is 0.71.”;start=20

    He is so good he makes the catcher miss as well.

  19. Januz says:

    I can’t believe that people are concerned about what will happen in 2011. I am focused and fired up for 2009. If everything jells right, and they can avoid major injuries, they are serious World Series contenders. The Angels and Red Soxboth look weaker. The team that would scare me most, would be the Cubs if they add Bradley and Peavey.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Good GM’s always look to the future. ;)

    • Thomas says:

      I wouldn’t worry about Milton Bradley on the Cubs. He couldn’t stay healthy as a DH. He’ll miss at least 80 games as a RF. Also, his stats were much worse outside Arlington and had a BABIP .050 higher than his career average.

      And FYI it is spelled Peavy.

  20. Balls Deep says:

    Joba is untouchable… just for the aura and mystique he brings with him… in pen or in rotation, too valuable even for someone like Sizemore or Hanley Ramirez… anyone else : hughes, ipk, jackson, matsui, albadalejo, coke, anyone! He’s the Jeter or Bernie of this generation of Yanks… remember George almost traded Bernie (Gene Michael wouldnt let him) then almost lost him to Sox… If Michael was not in scouting, Jeter might not have made it either.

    • Mike Pop says:


    • Thomas says:

      Just because Joba is untouchable doesn’t mean he should be. Also, I hope Cashman does not value his players based on their “aura and mystique”. If the other team was willing, I would trade Joba for Hanley Ramirez or Sizemore without batting eye, especially if he is in the bullpen.

      Also the Bernie/Jeter comment is irrelevant. Joba is not at either’s level, yet. Additionally, those two may have been traded for better players.

      • Balls Deep says:

        sorry was watching tv/champagne thing…. NO, agree to disagree, i guess here… there is something to the jeter/bernie thing… even though he didn’t have struggles that bernie did early on… It’s not like he’s a hype star; like, uffff, long ago, Steve Balboni or BamBam Meulens; so hyped they never could perform to anything close to an exceptable level of play. And I never would say you value based on “aura and mystique”; it’s just something he has, like the feeling you get when Mo finishes warming up and “sandman” ends…or bottom of the 7th and O’Neill is up with ‘The Who’ playing… that something… you keep it… IPK, Hughes; they don’t… Hanley Ramirez is elite; so is Joba. You don’t release elite.

  21. Kevin G. says:

    Happy New Year everybody! I have a question, who could have the Yankees traded Eric Duncan for when his value was at its highest?

    • Thomas says:

      At one point, he was a major part in the Randy Johnson trade. Outside of that, I have no idea what his value was.

      • J-Gao says:

        Hypothetically speaking, if Eric Duncan has a very good year at Triple-AAA this year – say .290/.365/.475, 20 HR – would he be considered a top prospect at all – or would you write it off as a fluke?

        • 'The' Steve says:

          If Eric Duncan has a good year in AAA, then they should disband the league.

        • Thomas says:

          If Duncan had that year, he would not be considered a top prospect again. The problem would be that he is 24 years old in now his 3rd full year of AAA, so people would view him as figuring out the league like many older players do. They may consider him a legit prospect again, but not top.

          Maybe a better year, like .320/.400/.550, he may be a top 100 prospect again.

          • J-Gao says:

            True dat. I was thinking about him producing like you mentioned, but that’s a little too much of a fantasy. And wow, I didn’t realize he was still only 24, he’s still got some time.

  22. J-Gao says:

    In one year, Molina is a free agent. Say that Varitek gets only a one-year deal this year, and Cervelli proves to be an incompetent backup option. Who would you sign to backup Posada – considering defense, pitcher-catcher relationships, and hitting?

    Also, what are your top 10 Yankee blogs?
    In no particular order off the top of my head –
    Pending Pinstripes
    Bronx Block
    Chad Jennings SWB
    and Canyon of Heroes is good every two months when there’s a post.

    • Old Ranger says:

      In regards to Cervelli being incompetent…about 5% chance. Not only my word of his ability, check out some of the reports on him. I have been getting flack for liking him as Posadas back-up in 2010, so I’ve been doing some checking. Cervelli will never be as good as (projections of) Montero or Romine but, he will be an up grade over Molina. His top end is not like the others but, he is a good catcher and the closest we have to the Show. Hits well, calls a very good game and has a good arm. You notice, I never said great at anything…that’s why he can hold down the fort, for the big boys to catch up, after all they are only 18/19 years old.

      • J-Gao says:

        It was all a What If? situation. Maybe Cervelli’s injured, either way he’s out of the picture in this case. Which vet Molina or Varitek (disregard salary)?

      • 'The' Steve says:

        All reports say he already has MLB catching skills, he just needs to work on his bat. So he could be a backup right now.

        • Old Ranger says:

          Right again!
          He will hit better then Molina, how much better is still a guess. 2008 was a lost year for him, his numbers in the minors are not an accurate example because of residual effects of his injury. He is a better hitter then that and they are not major league numbers either.

  23. Old Ranger says:

    If the other team was willing, I would trade Joba for Hanley Ramirez or Sizemore without batting eye, especially if he is in the bullpen.


    Come on Thomas, you’ve got to be kidding, right? By the way, Happy New Year!
    First, Joba isn’t in the BP; secondly, primo SS, CF, #1 starters are hard to come by, Talk about the YET when speaking of Joba (he isn’t there yet), just means he is just like all the other young players…one has to earn the name of Star. Very few think that Joba won’t be a #1 starter and a star of the future.
    Phil, IPK+ would be ok, but no Joba…to much value in that right arm.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Have to disagree here Old Ranger. Top 5 player in baseball over Joba easy.

    • Thomas says:

      I only referenced Joba in the bullpen, because I was responding to this “in pen or in rotation, too valuable even for someone like Sizemore or Hanley Ramirez.” I hope never to see Joba in the pen again, except in a Mussina-esque playoff role.

      The YET had to do with the fact that the previous commenter put Chamberlain in Bernie’s and Jeter’s of legendary Yankees. I was really trying to say that the previous commenter reasoning for not trading Joba was poor. “Aura and mystique” are no way to evaluate players (I would trade Jeter and his “aura” for Ramirez anytime).

      Also, I would trade Joba for either. Simply, it is the potential of a top 5/10 pitcher (has a very violent delivery, which could cause injury) for a person that is already a top 5/10 player. Also, our rotation is much stronger than our position players in our system overall and an everyday player is worth more than a starting pitcher.

      Happy New Year, too.

      • Old Ranger says:

        You and Mike Pop may be right…no, you are right!
        Used my heart instead of my head. Sorry guys, I guess it goes with the territory…I don’t like doing that, damn getting soft.
        Thomas, I guess I misinterpreted your meaning…sorry!

        • Jay CT says:

          I am a little suprised this is even a debate. I LOVE Joba. Dude had a cult following after 7 innings in the majors. But you are talking about dealing for (Sizemore or Hanley) one of the top players in baseball signed to a RIDICULUS contract. Even Hanley is WAY under market. And you ALWAYS take the sure thing. There are WAY too many variables that could play into Joba never becoming the next someone. there is always “The next” big player. Rasumus is “the next Sizemore.” I would prefer to take the real thing if possible

  24. Steve O. says:

    Hey whats going on over at waswatching?

  25. al says:

    happy new year everyone.. ryan seacrest is gay..

  26. Ivan says:

    Happy New Year guys and gals and hopefully great things will happen to me and to all of ya.

    GO YANKEES in 09!!!!

  27. Manimal says:

    Happy New year, Let the sports begin. Football until February 1, March madness in… March and Baseball in April. Can’t wait.

  28. Old Ranger says:

    Happy New Year to all of you!
    Let us have a optimistic out look on the team for this year and may they achieve all our expectations.

  29. Kevin G. says:

    Happy New Year! BTW, I looked on Wikipedia and I found out that Andrew Brackman and I share the same birthday. We were both born on Dec. 4, except I am 10 years younger than him. Tadahito Iguchi and Carlos Gómez.

  30. VO says:

    HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! 2009=yankee greatness

  31. Manimal says:

    The first song they played at Times square was New York, New York.

    Didn’t help my unhealthy need for some baseball.

  32. Manimal says:

    Mike, I was looking at the 40 man roster, and this mysterious “Mike Dunn” appeared. Haven’t heard much about him. He pitched 134 innings in High A ball with a 4.55 ERA, which when translated to the MLB isn’t pretty. Why is he on the 40 man roster?

  33. dan says:

    Your LoHud post is up, btw.

  34. Reggie C. says:


    Never been drunker and full of warm wishes for pple i dont even know.

  35. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Just stopping by to thank the good folks at RAB for an awesome site. Thank you Mike, Joe and Ben for doing such a great job. Thanks to the commenters for being (mostly) a class act. Here’s to great baseball in 2009!

  36. 'The' Steve says:

    “Peavy To Cubs Unlikely
    By Tim Dierkes [January 1 at 8:55am CST]

    Yahoo’s Tim Brown asked Padres GM Kevin Towers whether the Cubs’ talks for Jake Peavy might reopen now that they’ve freed up cash. Towers’ reply: “Doubtful.”

    Brown says the $9MM or so the Cubs cleared from the ’09 payroll is to pay for Milton Bradley, their top right field target. Bradley wants three years and $30MM and the Cubs will come close to that.

    Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio considers the Cubs signing Bradley a “done deal,” though the Nationals were reported yesterday to have serious interest.”

    Milton Bradley and Lou Pinella in the same clubhouse. No chance that gets ugly.

    • E-ROC says:

      Ah, I don’t think Milton Bradley would be a problem for Lou Pinella. It’s not like Bradley can’t be coached or managed. He always had anger issues. Bigger deal than it really is, imo. Lou Pinella should worry about Bradley getting injured.

  37. I was wondering, didn’t there used to be a link to my blog, Heartland Pinstripes, on the blogroll? What happened?

    • dan says:

      Not sure, but the URL you provide here isn’t valid. You wrote “” instead of “(dot)”

      click your name and you’ll see what I mean

  38. pounder says:

    Ryan Seacrest is gay??? Didn’t see that one coming….the chicks were all over him.

  39. Marsha says:

    My favorite post of 2008 was Last Night on Earth (our last game at Yankee Stadium).

  40. zs190 says:

    Giants might trade Randy Winn to clear payroll for Manny, would that be an option for us? Randy Winn, that is.

    • 'The' Steve says:

      Nah, we have a light hitting CF already.

      BTW-For anyone interested in Pat Burrell, check out what happened to Aaron Rowand when he left Philly’s Citizen’s Bank Park.



      OOoof. From an OPS approaching .900 to one below .750.


  41. Balls Deep says:

    Anyone remember when Melky was as hyped as Austin Jackson as the next big CF for the Yankees? Jackson graded out a B in Sickel’s rankings… can he be another Melky(I hope he gets better than this) Cabrera?

  42. pat says:

    oof that comment section after your post at lohud is absolutely brutal. Some of the dumbest people in the entire world post there. That place is awful im glad to be a RABer.

  43. Sorry about that; the URL has been amended.

    Good post at LoHud. I’ll be posting something later in the month.

  44. [...] year on this date, I presented the top ten most popular RAB posts of the year, and so I offer it up again. Even as the Yanks won the World Series, our readers craved [...]

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