Perry taken to task for pessimistic forecast

How to spend hundreds of millions without even trying
Open Thread: Wang avoids arbitration

Despite the Yanks’ $240-million pitching binge, FoxSports’ Dayn Perry still seems them as a third-place team. As a few other commentators have noted, the team’s defense isn’t still and the offense is no sure thing. But while Perry may have a point about the Yanks, Nick over at YFSF pinpoints the problems with Perry’s piece. The FoxSports scribe seems to be evaluating the Yankees in a vacuum without questioning how the Rays or Red Sox will perform next year. As Nick writes, “A lot of pundits are taking it for granted that neither team will take a step back,” and that’s just a bad assumption.

How to spend hundreds of millions without even trying
Open Thread: Wang avoids arbitration
  • mayo man

    The Yankees had about as much bad luck as a team can have last year — and they still finsihed just six games behind Boston, eigth behind TB.

    It has to be either ignorance or malice for a guy like Perry to dismiss an 89 win team that has just added arguably two of the top eight pitchers in the game. Actually, they’re adding three or four of the most talented pitchers in the game to their rotation. Wang was out most of last year. And Joba was in the rotation for what a dizen games. Sheer nonsense to think a team replacing Ponson, Rasner, Kennedy and Giese with four of the top pitchers in the game can’t even improve by six games. I had never heard of Dayne Perry. But I’ll make a point of not taking him seriously from now on.

    • That guy

      While I agree that we did get better, cant also forget that we lost 20 wins in Mike Mussina and while we all like to think Andy is comming back we have to assume for now we lost him as well. So if healthy, and Joba’s shoulder is used to pitching all the time (or whatever his problem was) we should be good. But as we know, anything can happen.

      • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

        “The Yankees had about as much bad luck as a team can have last year — and they still finsihed just six games behind Boston, eigth behind TB.”


        “cant also forget that we lost 20 wins in Mike Mussina”

        Moose got a lot of those wins because he played for a good team (by good I mean much better than average AL team)

        We needed 4 main things going into this off season:

        Top tier starting pitching (got some)
        Improved defense (got some if Swisher is our 1st baseman)
        A bench (only improvement so far was getting rid of Wilson B.)
        A top tier bat (none added as yet)

        Considering the bulk of baseball has not made very many moves as of yet, I think we are doing ok. I just hope Cash does not ignore the bench due to arrogance or a way to save a couple of bucks in the wrong place.

        We could also improve our D by Cano playing up to his ability and not down to intelligence / laziness or youth (whichever it may be)
        If we do sign Manny or Tex the bat will be answered as well.
        If no Manny or Tex the improvement on the hitting has to come from Cano, Jeter, Alex, Matsui, and Jorge while not losing too much from Damon’s 08 season (I think that is too much to expect)

        So sign Manny, and a couple of capable bench players and I think our team is much, much improved. Even without Manny or Tex, if we have more healthy guys this year the team will be playoff bound.

  • Stephen

    I don’t understand Dayn Perry, he contributed a lot to Baseball Between the Numbers (BP book), and he seems like a smart guy most of the time, but I have a feeling he doesn’t like the Yankees because he is often overly critical of them.

    • Jake H

      I agree. I don’t think his article had a ton of merit. He really didn’t talk about the fact that Wang who is a gb machine does fine with Jeter and Cano playing D. Also the fact that both Burnett and Sabathia miss a ton of bats.

  • Steve S

    Well the premise of the article is undercut by his last sentence. If the Yankees get texiera they are arguably the best team in the AL, if they dont they cant do better than third place???? I like Mark Texiera and I hope the Yankees get him, but he really doesnt make the difference between third and second place unless he is saying that all three teams end up around 92-95 wins and the yankees miss out by a little bit. And if that is his argument, then the entire article is disingenuous because the implicit theme of the story is that the Yankees have not improved themselves as currently constructed.

  • Matt

    Yanks just signed wang to a one year, 5million dollar deal

    • Bobby G

      I am left wondering why he got a 1 year deal. This means he is a free agent at the end of 2009. If he wins 15+ I would say he would end up being a highly coveted free agent. I guess the Yankees think Wang has no intentions of playing elsewhere.

      • A.D.

        Hes a free agent after 2011

    • 27 this year

      I was about to say that.

      • Stephen

        No he’s under team control until 2011. It’s a 1 year deal because he’s arbitration eligible. The Yankees could extend past 2011, but they don’t have to make that decision right now.

        • Arin

          So, essentially we’re paying $5mil to delay CHW’s arbitration by another year? I didn’t know that was possible.

          • Arin

            CMW, not CHW.

            • Arin

              Please ignore my previous posts. I’m an idiot. Thanks

          • Stephen

            No what happens with baseball contracts is that players get the league minimum for 3 or 4 years and then are arbitration eligible, and then after 7 years (i think) they can become free agents. SOmebody that knows more than can give the details

            • 27 this year

              they get the league minimum for three years and have three arb years. However, Wang was a Super-Two which means he gets minimum for two years and arb for four. This contract basically gives him 5 mil next year and avoids an arb case like last year where he and Yanks disputed over 600K. This contract just sets his pay for next year adn next year the Yanks will probably go through this process again or sign Wang long term or decide to just cut him (which they obviously wont).

  • Peter

    this guy perry is one of the most biased columnists in sports news today. i’ve said this for over a year now, as i remember how often he knocks the yankees. i’d say 99% of the time he write about the yankees flaws and how they aren’t good. could he make it more obvious he’s a yankee-hater?

  • tommy j

    obvisiously this guy perry has no clue wat he is tlkin about

  • Stephen

    On, Manny, the new ImpactoDeportivo article says:

    Exlusive and Confirmed: Manny will saign for 3 years and $75 million with the Yankees

    Although the General Manager of the Yankees, Brian Cashman, has denied a first report that he (Manny) will sign for 3 years $75 million, ImpactoDeportivo’s source restated this Monday that the deal continues.
    Then it says why the Yankees need Manny and
    Manny is in Brazil now and immediateky after his return, he will go to the press conference.
    The Deal continues.

    • Arin

      I’ll believe this when both MLBTR and ESPN confirm. Why does ImpactoDeportivo keep printing these bogus articles? There’s no way Scotty B. will let Manny sign before Teixeria.

      • mustang

        “Why does ImpactoDeportivo keep printing these bogus articles?”

        Just a theory, but there is a very larger NY Dominican community who would probably love the idea of Manny playing for the Yankees. A story like this would get lots of attention from that community.

        • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

          This could or could not be true, but either way Impacto Deportivo sells papers.

          I have been in a number of local Bronx businesses (not right around the stadium but in the Bronx none the less), that have Dominican workers and most of them have pictures of Manny with a Red Sox hat or jersey on. You would be shocked at the number of Dominican born and of Dominican heritage people that live in the Bronx that were Red Sox fans because of Manny. Some of them were Yankees fans before he went to the Sox.

          If Manny signs with the Yanks it will mean a whole lot to a whole lot of Bronx residents, I can promise you that.

          • mustang

            “You would be shocked at the number of Dominican born and of Dominican heritage people that live in the Bronx that were Red Sox fans because of Manny.”

            I’m not shocked at all I grew up in the area. Ticket sales will jump with a Manny signing. Washington heights has one of the biggest Dominican communities in the country and it’s cross the river from Yankees Stadium.
            I’m sure the Yankees know this.

            • ceciguante

              you guys are absolutely right about this. the yanks, if they sign manny, would essentially grab back a portion of their fan base (a dominican portion) that roots for their flag first and the yanks second. i’ve been at many games where a whole section has their flag up, and chants for every dominican player regardless of uniform.

              i frankly can’t stand these people, b/c it insults my allegiance to the yanks and i think it makes them bogus yanks fans. but the reality is, thousands of rabid baseball fans stop buying red sox or dodgers memorabilia, and start going to more yanks games. that defrays manny’s cost to some extent, and the yanks have always been a club that is very sensitive to PR issues like this.

    • mustang

      By the way Hal denied the story too.

  • RustyJohn

    Clearly the article is correct- Bobby Abreu is so good that his departure can in no way, shape or form be offset by replacing Ponson with Sabathia and Rasner with Burnett.

    (Tongue planted firmly in cheek)

    Further, the Red Sox can count on a healthy JD Drew for 162 games, a healthy Ortiz, and Mike Lowell will replicate his 2007 season.

    In addition, the D-Rays will have another dream season where every player on the roster will overperform.

    I am surprised the Yankees would even consider finishing in 3rd place with the powerhouse that is Toronto and all the improvements they made to their team this off-season.

  • Kevin G.
  • ko

    After all of the losses the Yankees suffered: Mussina 20 wins; Pettitte 14 wins; Giambi 32 HR, 96 RBI; Abreu – 20 HR, 100 RBI, the Yankees were the worst team in the division. They’ve moved themselves up to third in the Division by adding Sabathia and Burnett. To move to the head of the class, they must sign Teixeira, a pitcher (Pettitte, I presume) and another corner outfielder (I’d resign Abreu). Until then, third is where they belong.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

      Perry is that you?

      • inman

        perry is an a wipe on a good day

  • A.D.

    From a nice poste on the article:

    I am a life long baseball fan and i hate it when the Yankees buy their wins. INstead of the Rays and Sox they bring up their players instead of just waiting untill a superstar wants more money, and then sign them for an amount of money that could build another counrty with. THis is why i hate the Yankees and because they take away the real purpose of basebal

    I forgot about how the Red Sox developed the following players
    JD Drew
    Josh Beckett
    Alex Cora

    Ahh those red sox

  • JohnnyC

    Dayn Perry is a Cardinals fan and, yes, he hates the Yankees. He also doesn’t believe in objectivity or logic. He once tried to argue that Babe Ruth was not the greatest hitter of all time because played before the color barrier was broken in baseball. Fine but the analogy he tried to use as an illustration of his point was “try to imagine what Lance Berkman’s numbers would be if he didn’t have to face Pedro Martinez or Mariano Rivera.” Well, Berkman debuted in 1999, the year Pedro was traded to the Red Sox and Rivera has spent his entire career in the AL. Except for a handful of ABs in interleague play, Berkman never faced these pitchers. Small things like dumb facts often get in the way of Dayn’s arguments so this is nothing new.

  • Bobby

    Dayne Perry is a moronic,ignorant anti-semite(reference review of TV Miniseries of Billy Martin’s life)when he referred to John Torturro’s(actor playing part of Billy Martin)hairstyle as a Jewfro.