Teixeira cheaper than originally thought


Perhaps this means they still have enough money left to pursue free agent pitcher Jake Peavy? (h/t to reader John Kilfeather for the screen cap)

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  1. Joey says:

    ugh, I was gonna quote a few things from this, but the whole thing is completely idiotic. If only FJM were still around… (if anyone wants to do it up–yes you TSJC, be my guest)

    • That guy says:

      Some people just dont get it. It amazing how these people are allowed to write for papers

    • Jeremy says:

      I like how this article’s entire argument against the Yankees’ spending habits is:

      “It just smells bad.”

      Riveting, hard-hitting journalism there.

  2. Jared says:


    1. What they guys at Fox sports are smoking.

  3. Ben K. says:

    That also means he’s getting $387 million less than Dustin Pedroia. Rough month for the fact checkers at the sports websites.

  4. Derek says:

    i just read schilling’s view on the tex deal.. first time i havent hate curt after reading something he’s written

  5. al says:

    the old crusty sports caster on my local am station couldnt pronounce his name and said it was an 8yr 280m deal..

  6. VO says:

    YES NOW WE CAN GO GET MANNY! thank god he took a yankee discount

  7. Ryan S. says:

    I always love it when the internet exposes the retardness of major media outlets like fox or espn.

  8. Nady Nation says:

    Any ideas on Sterling’s HR call for Teix? How about “an Exclamation Mark from Teixeira?” I think that one fits the bill in terms of the cheesiness and name-incorportating factors.

  9. Ballgame says:

    He Tex-turized the ball!

  10. Kevin G. says:

    Mike, it’s spelled “Peavey” not “Peavy”, duh.

  11. mike loopy-ca says:

    rosenthal got smoked on this story. yeah, heyman did boras’ bidding for a few weeks, reporting every bit of news they leaked to him. but i’m pretty sure they rewarded him with a 10 minute head start on everybody – including olney.

    meanwhile, peter gammons is breaking that the red sox front office holiday party has a strict “no business at the dinner table” policy

  12. Jared says:

    “He just sent the fans in the right-field stands a Tex message”

  13. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    So, ….what other changes are coming? Any predictions?

  14. Ken says:

    What number will Tex wear? I would guess Giambi’s #25.

    • Un-Named Yankee Source says:

      With all the numbers that are being retired by the Yanks, they are going to need to start 3 digit uniforms. How many HOF can one team have!

  15. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    Hey Yankee fans, …Now playing First, …..”The Big Texy”

  16. Ken says:

    What’s will be Sterling’s home run nick name for Tex?

  17. Ken says:

    I am late with my post. Its funny some one else was thinking the same thing.

  18. Mark Teixeira says:

    I am thinking I’ll wear number 25. I wish I could have number 23 but I know who that number belongs to.

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