The most measured assessment out of Boston

Lowe bound for New York
Open Thread: Merry Tex-mas

As much as it pains me to admit it, Curt Schilling has the most level-headed assessment of the Yanks’ Mark Teixeira signing. While his loyalty to his friends — most notably, Mike Lowell — may lead Curt to overvalue what Lowell would bring and undervalue Teixeira’s potential contribution, he chides Boston sports fans for their reaction to the signing.

Take a look:

Please stop with the greedy bum statements too, all of you screaming that would be saying nothing if the Sox had ante’d up. I’m surprised but I don’t think nearly as much as most others. Why? Because not once, never, did you hear ANYTHING from Mark in this entire charade. This is how Scott Boras works, and his clients love him for it. Mark never said he wanted Boston, sources ‘close to negotiations’ did. That and a handful of nickels will get you a quarter.

Stop being surprised in these deals when you hear comments from EVERYONE but the players. Until the player speaks I am comfortable telling you more than 90 percent of what you hear is what teams WANT you to hear through their media ’sources’. Half of these folks get told things from teams because teams
WANT that message in particular, out there…

I think the Steinbrenners, coming off a miserable last season in Yankee Stadium, are dead set on opening the new stadium with a World Series and they don’t care how much it costs. Good for them. You can bitch all you want about the Yankees and greed but they spend money in a sincere effort to win it all, every year. What fan wouldn’t want their teams to do that.

We might not like Curt around here. He’s often outspoken and obnoxious, and he certainly knows how to goad Yankee fans. But he’s hit the nail on the head with this one. The Yankees did what they should do with money lying around, and Boston’s fans should realize that had the Red Sox signed Teixeira, they’d be dancing in the streets around Copley Square today.

Lowe bound for New York
Open Thread: Merry Tex-mas

    surprisingly level headed points by the man with the ketchup packet in his sox….

    btw Ben, I think you could get a job on Fox with this error you made…”he chides Boston sports fans for their reaction to the trade.”

    It was a signing not a trade….Sorry but I had to point it out…happy Holidays everybody!!

    • RkyMtnYank

      I think that in order to make any kind of original point among the RSN he had to actually be objective! Man, I hate to have to agree with him!

  • A.D.

    This is the most intelligent thing I’ve ever see come from Curt Schilling

  • Miraluka

    Yeah, I read this earlier linked off of MLBTradeRumors. Surprised it came from Schilling, and it was definitely a voice of reason to those Red Sox and other fans that are whining about the Yankee spending. Feels strange to call Schilling a voice of reason…

  • Old Ranger

    Every so often he surprises us with his diagnoses of the situation at hand. The guy is a very outspoken ballplayer and (for now) we still have the right to say whatever we want (within reason), so it’s nice to see him come out with the truth. 27/09.

  • ryan

    sick statement from an unlikely source…..I love it

  • kevin

    You know props to curt. He has experience with giving fans what they want. in 04 he painted his sock so his fans would think he was hurt. haha. but seriously. i do like his response. he is one of the people on my list of least favorite people in baseball (next to jason varitek, john rocker, manny ramirez, and eric byrnes), but he gives some good insight here.

    • Mike Pop

      I understand the others but why Eric Byrnes ?


        I actually like eric byrnes..

    • Matt M

      i hate coco crisp and kevin youkilis for thier batting stances. uuugh

      • TheLastClown

        Craig Counsell

  • Tom Zig

    The Yankees did what they should do with money lying around, and Boston’s fans should realize that had the Red Sox signed Teixeira, they’d be dancing in the streets around Copley Square today.

    If the Sox did sign Teixeira, they would have pronounced themselves as winners of the World Series already. In fact they would have said they will win it twice.

    Can Bostonians even say “Teixeira”?

    • RkyMtnYank

      Can Bostonians even say “Teixeira”?

      That’s too funny!!!! I had to say it to myself like a beaner like 20 times!!!!!

  • Yankee Magic

    Sounds like Curt is trying to lube his way to a June debut in pinstripes. I know he hates the Yankees, but I know he wants to win.

    • Joey H

      Ok, that’s just insane. He has a pure hatred for NY. And NY has a pure hatred for him. Besides, we don’t let players paint their socks.


      Not sure if you have heard this story , The Day of the deadline when the sox traded for curt He called the yanx for a last minute chance at him….apparanly he couldent get in touch with anybody in the front office…he went as far as calling the MIKE & THE MAD DOG SHOW to try and get in touch with cashman….the deadline came and went and he had no other choice but to go to Boston….I actually heard the phone call….imagine cashman wasnt awol?

      • Joey H

        Yeah we are talking years ago. Before he sunk his foot in our ass as a Red Sock. When he was years younger, the list goes on. Maybe this explains his bitterness but he isn’t going to be a Yankee

  • Bill O

    I read that earlier today expecting an illogical yankee bashing rant from Mr. High and Mighty himself, but I was actually very impressed with his take on this.

  • TheLastClown

    Kat O’Brien opines via MLBTR:

    The Andy stuff is probably the same conjecture as PeteAbe was offering, but the interesting stuff, if it has any validity, is the breakdown of the back-&-forth between Boras & the Yankees’ FO.

    I’ll bet ol’ Scotty is a pretty mean poker player.

  • LiveFromNY

    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a thing this man has eer said but this was really good.

  • ryan

    It’s not enough for the yanks to outbid the other offers … boras wanted them to outbid the competition by 2yrs or 22 million… what a deusche!

  • Simon B.

    I love Curt, actually. I used to be the same as a lot of you, but I changed my mind when he opened his blog and I realized that while he probably should keep his mouth shut a lot of the time, he’s really a pretty good guy.

  • owine

    Anyone read the comments? I think only Yankee fans actually read Schilling’s blog. Or at least they’re the only ones who comment.