The RAB Radio Show – December 30, 2008 – Episode 8

Bang for the Yanks' buck
Open Thread: Tex vs Giambi

We missed last week because of Christmas, but Mike and I are back this week a bit earlier than our normal Thursday spot. As you know, there was a major deal last week in which the Yankees acquired a top-tier first baseman. Mark Teixeira is now in the fold for eight years and $180 million. Mike and I talk the deal and how it went down.

From there we move onto the roster implications this move creates. Do the Yanks trade an outfielder or hold onto the depth? Do they keep their $10 million offer to Pettitte on the table, or do they pull it and have a fifth starter competition? Do they bat Tex third or fourth? Some of these questions are more important than others, but they’re all ones the team will face prior to April 6.

Since we had some time, we decided to talk salary cap, since a couple of owners decided that since the Yankees have the same payroll as last year, there should be a cap. There are plenty of arguments here, but in the end Mike and I just can’t support a cap. If anything, a cap is just a red herring. The real issue is the management of smaller market teams.

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Bang for the Yanks' buck
Open Thread: Tex vs Giambi
  • deezer

    Off topic, but will the Yanks have any interest in Yadel Marti?

  • Mike Pop

    I would call up Andy and have Howie Mandel say

    “Mr Pettitte, you are being offered 10 million dollars and Cashman is not positive you can get a better deal than that with as good as a chance to win as you have here. Let me ask you now Mr. Pettitte, Deal or No Deal.”

    • Andy

      All i care about is money, not a championship. Texas might offer me 12-15

      • The Evil Empire

        Join me

      • Japan

        Hello there.

    • GG

      haaahhaa, im all for that, Andy’s got a lot of nerve when younger better arms are making less

  • LeftyLarry

    Just heard a rumor or Erik Bedard to Yanks for Matusi and prospects.

    • VO

      that rumor was yesterday and on the chat on MLBTR he said he spoke to (gamons?) who said it was false.

  • billyballa

    Is the Cash gonna be on the show? Who are the guests lined up? I hope you guys plan on having experts talk on the show.

    • Joseph P.

      We’re just 8 episodes old. Give us some time to grow.

      • VO

        my little boys are all grown up now. But seriosuly guys good job.

  • Thomas

    Why isn’t Ben on the show? I always assumed you two didn’t like him, but this just seems a little harsh.

    • Mike A.

      He was finishing up finals and stuff. He’ll be on eventually.

      • GG

        Jesus who has a final on 12/30

  • yankees fan

    check this out: “Hail The Champions”
    (SWB Yankees)

    search: Hughes, Kennedy Headed For Scranton?, IronPigs Stomp Yankees

  • GG

    Webb 5.5
    Haren 4
    Beckett 10
    Dice-k 8
    Lackey 7.33
    Lilly 8
    Dempster 7

    I could go on and on as I’m sure all of you could….Andy why do you deserve a dime more than 10 million?? Its a pretty generous offer.

    • GG

      I know I clowned a bit on the selections as webb and haren are probablly in ARB years but I think my point stands

    • GG

      I know I clowned a bit on the selections as webb and haren are probablly in ARB years but I think my point stands

  • The Evil Empire

    Matt Holliday for 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ava Davis

    I always watch Deal or No Deal on TV, what an exciting show and i love the briefcase girls too.'”-