Former Yank Joe Gordon elected to Hall of Fame

RoboKen: Yanks and Dodgers talking at the meetings
Pavano on Burnett: 'He has the stuff to pitch there'

This came on us pretty quickly. No sooner than we posted the Robinson Cano Dodgers rumor the Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee press conference started. They didn’t beat around the bush: no one got in. Ron Santo received the most votes again, but not enough to gain admittance. Joe Torre finished with just 29.7 percent, so he’s got a long way to go. The Hall of Famers have yet to elect someone via the Veterans’ Committee process. The next ballot will be held in 2010.

Update (10:14 a.m.): Joe Gordon, former Yankees second baseman, has been inducted with 83.3 percent of the ballot. How did he get in? This was a different process, covering only pre-World War II players. He won the MVP award in 1942.

RoboKen: Yanks and Dodgers talking at the meetings
Pavano on Burnett: 'He has the stuff to pitch there'
  • jsbrendog

    exclusive bastards lol

  • christopher

    i have a feeling this is going to happen to you guys a lot. You may want to consider (unless its a huge story), posting at certain time – maybe every hour rather than for each story. Just makes it easier for the posters in a discussion about a topic because people won’t often post in prior posts. Not a critisism just a suggestion.

    Onto this story – I am shocked about Joe Torre. His playing career added to his managing career – you have to think the guy needs to get in

    • radnom

      Nah, I think its better that they post things while they happen.

      Why else even bother making the trip?

    • Joseph P.

      Radnom’s right. We can sit at home and post every hour.

      And I think Torre will get in as a manager eventually. Pretty sure he won’t as a player.

  • Januz

    This might be one of the worst selections in the history of The Hall Of Fame (At least Mazeroski was alive to see his election) . When you look at guys who had superior credentials like a Marvin Miller And I am anti Players Association), a Santo, a Blyleven, a Torre, a Rice to name FIVE LIVING people,who have to wait year after year, and never seem to get in. Instead, they chose a .268 career hitter, who won an MVP during World War 2, played only 11 years, and died THIRTY years ago. There is no doubt that it means a lot to the Gordon Family, but it is not like this electing a Santo or a Rice, who should be alive to see it. Finally, I am a solid Yankee fan/ Sox hater, who hopes Jim Rice gets in this year, I saw enough of him to know he deserves it.

  • Steve

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here.

    Torre was only being judged on his playing career. He will make it as a manager one day. He was not a HOF player.

    Joe Gordon was not being judged against Santo, Rice, and others. This was a special vote for players who began their career pre-WWII. So what does him being dead for THIRTY years have to do with anything? Of course most of the players who began their career before WWII have been dead many years. Not a rocket scientist, are you Januz? Gordon did deserve the Hall. Imagine a better fielding Jeff Kent.

    • Elston32

      Very good comment!

    • Elston32

      Sorry – my additional post appeared in the wrong sequence – as I was disgareeing with Januz.

  • Elston32

    I disagree. This is essentially the selection that should have occurred back in 1994 – instead of (I even hate to mention it) the beloved Phil Rizzuto. Gordon was as good or better defensively than contemporaries Bobby Doerr & Charlie Gehringer – and hit more HRs than both while playing the majority of his home games in a field in which 400 – 450 ft. hits by any right-handed batter were fly ball outs. Mazeroski being in the HOF is a travesty (mainly due to hitting 1 home run at an opportune moment) but Gordon has a lot more going for him. Just ask Bill James (but not Joe Morgan – he’s still fuming about Dave Concepcion!)

  • Januz

    Steve, I happen to know baseball history. One of the biggest problems with Cooperstown is how the Veterans Committee votes for players. The Santo case is one of the worst examples of this (Leo Durocher is the SINGLE worst, waiting until he died to elect him).
    If they do not think Santo should be elected that is their option, but if they are not electing post WW 2 players, lets simply disband the committee, and stop wasting time, and breaking hearts. Let Torre, LaRussa, Cox, Francona, and worthwhile managers, have to go through the writters ballots, and put this obsolete group out to pasture.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      I half agree and half disagree.

      Yes, the veterans committee is horribly fucked up and flawed. But no, I also don’t trust the BBWAA, as their voting system (and track record) is also seriously fucked up and flawed.

      Not sure exactly what would be better (perhaps more of an amalgam of voters: players, coaches, writers, fans, something similar to how the NFL picks the ProBowl team?), but all these current voting systems for Cooperstown are jacked up.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

    Now that Gordon is in the Hall, here’s the list of Yankee Hall of Famers who do NOT have their numbers retired:

    Earle Combs – 1 (as a player), 30 (as a coach)
    Lefty Gomez – 11 (also wore 22 and 20 briefly)
    Joe Gordon – 6
    Goose Gossage – 54
    Tony Lazzeri – 6 (also wore 5, 7, and 23 breifly)
    Red Ruffing – 15 (also wore 18, 21, and 22 briefly)


    Waite Hoyt – 11 and 12 (played most of his Yankee career in the pre-numbers era)
    Herb Pennock – 11, 12, 16 (like Hoyt, played mainly in the numberless era; starting with the first numbers in 1929, the pitching staff basically had its numbers assigned in descending order of importance starting from 11, so the fact that Hoyt and Pennock and Lefty Gomez wore 11’s and 12’s means that they were the aces of the staffs…)
    Joe McCarthy – none (managers didn’t wear numbers back then)
    Jack Chesbro, Clark Griffith, Willie Keeler – none (played in the numberless, Highlander era)

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