A-Rod’s house is a very, very, very fine house

The small-market argument against a salary cap
Report: Yanks considered Swisher for Cameron

While Bobby Abreu may have to drop his asking price for his Manhattan apartment, A-Rod is facing the same problem in Miami. According to the Wall Street Journal, A-Rod is looking to sell the 8,300-square-foot house on Biscayne Bay in Miami in which he and his ex-wife used to live. The house — which you can view here — was first listed at $14.8 million, but A-Rod has lowered his asking price to $12.3 million. RAB fundraiser, anyone?

The small-market argument against a salary cap
Report: Yanks considered Swisher for Cameron
  • Mike Pop

    Heh, from that article Don King says this

    “I need to downsize,” said Mr. King, who is now 77 and said walking from house to house has become inconvenient. “I’m going to move to wherever I can find a nice little cozy, $10-to-$5-million house.”

    That’s funny. That kind of money still buys you a mansion but he’s saying, hey I can’t be living in such a big house.

    Must be awesome having these guys kind of money.

  • masonflint

    RAB fundraiser?.. even if every reader of the site contributed their entire life savings we still wouldnt be able to come up with the 12 mil (just a wild assumption).. maybe a down payment?

    • http://poormansanalyst.wordpress.com/ dan

      I believe he was joking.

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    You know, I was always brought up to think that I had it made…but I totally never had a private beach!

  • ceciguante

    wow, that house is incredible. looks like paradise.
    not feeling envy.
    i am not feeling envy.
    wonder if he gave it to madonna in that living room?
    i am not feeling envy.

  • 27 this year

    Do the profits from T-shirts sales add up somewhere around this?

  • RustyJohn

    8,000 square feet is pretty big- at least 4 times the size of the average house- one wonders what you’d do with all that space. But then i remembered, doesn’t John Edwards or Al Gore have a 28,000 square foot house? When I was in college I worked as a stock clerk in a grocery store whose square footage was approx 30,000 square feet and the store did about $450,000 (in 1990s money) in weekly sales. It just seems amazing that someone would own a house the size of a friggin’ grocery store. Where is Warren Buffet and his frugalness when you need him?

  • ortforshort

    You know the economy is really in the crapper when rich folks’ real estate values go down. They’re usually immune from the downturns in the economy that screw us middle class types.