Astros quash Pettitte rumors

Daniel Cabrera takes out Melky
Stealing Juan Cruz

Cross the Astros off of Andy Pettitte‘s list of possible destinations. The lefty, currently engaged in a contract cold war with the Yankees, won’t be going to Houston,’s Alyson Footer reported yesterday. Astros GM Ed Wade said that the team “[doesn’t] see a scenario where he would fit into our payroll scenario at this time.” Rob Neyer, meanwhile, thinks that Pettitte might be worth more than $10 million but should probably just suck it up and sign with the Yanks. We’ll see.

Daniel Cabrera takes out Melky
Stealing Juan Cruz
  • Should be working

    Not a surprise. Cmon Andy, the only place to come is here, we all know it. Just accept and get your last ring.

  • Ed

    For another take on Pettitte’s worth, FanGraphs had a story on the values of the remaining free agent pitchers. They gave projections based on FIP and how that translated to wins. They came up with Pettitte being just a slight bit worse than Lowe, and projected both to be worth around $16 million next season.

    • jsbrendog

      lowe wont get that form the mets, and pettitte wont get that from ANYONE

      • Ryan S.

        Yeah…I doubt fangraphs has calculated the recent economic downturn…

  • Jake H

    Remember that the Yanks stuck by Pettitte after the Mitchel report. The organization gave him support and he was paid well.

    • Colombo

      That’s because he took the yanks $16 mil deal a week before the Mitchell Report came out and he didn’t tell the team he was going to be mentioned. What else were they supposed to do?

      • jsbrendog

        expect him to take a slightly lower salary after the team stood behind him after he played hard and loose with the facts and stunk it up like a turd the second half…..

        oh wait, we are, and he’s being a tool

  • Ryan S.

    There’s no disrespect or dishonor in taking a paycut in this economic climate. He’ll still be making an 8 digit salary this year, and it doesn’t look like any other team is willing to go beyond something around half what we’re offering. Isn’t that the truest way to examine whether an offer is “fair” or not?

    • Ed

      No other team has made him an offer because he said he’d be a Yankee or retire. No one will make an offer unless he gives a serious indication that he’d play elsewhere. The Yankees know that as well, and that’s why they’re taking such a hard stance.

      And to continue with your logic, when Mariano threatened to leave last year if the Yankees didn’t give him what he wanted, no one else made an offer. Does that mean Mo’s not worth much?

  • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

    pretty interesting piece on Pettitte and the first time he signed with the Stros
    by Richard Justice

    As far as him not signing with the Stros this year, its been pretty obvious. They have no money, and they do not even want him if they did. Andy had ONE landing place for $10 million, and its “the only team I want to play for” yet he has not inked it.

    THIS STORY IS TIRED. Andy BUZZZZ OFF. Enjoy not playing baseball, spend time with your family that you love so much. Most of us would love to be able to not work the rest of our lives, so ENJOY Andy.

  • Should be working

    So if we get Pettitte does Hughes stay at Triple A to build his innings? Cause wont he not accomplish that if he spot starts in the majors. Maybe its better if Pettitte doesnt come. (Assuming all are healthy)

    • Ryan S.

      Yeah, Hughes would be in AAA and be the #6 starter for the major league club should anyone go on the DL, or possibly if we have a double header. Hughes will not be the long man – that’ll be a battle between Aceves and Giese I would think.

  • Evan in NYC

    At this point the Yankees will have to raise their offer. I don’t see Pettitte crawling back and signing for $10M after declining it. The Yankees aren’t going to insult him and offer less money either. I think that in the end, the Yankees will offer another 500K-1M and maybe throwing in a couple incentives to make it look pretty. I think it’s the Yankees or bust for Pettitte, and the clock is ticking because if the Yankees do make a move on Nady for a SP I think that offer for Pettitte goes away.

    • Reggie C.

      Do you think a trade of Nady will net us a quality back-of-the-rotation pitcher?

      If that’s the way the brass wants to go, then they should really be calling AL teams in need of some offensive punch.

      • Evan in NYC

        I don’t think the Yankees are LOOKING to move Nady, but they are certainly listening to offers. Nady is a solid corner OF and could be valuable to many teams, but with our OF consisting of Damon, Garnder, Swisher and Melky as the 4th OF we can afford to bounce Nady who has trade value. But with a pending competition in CF I don’t think our brass is actively looking to deal him. But for instance, say that Harang deal comes to fruition for Nady and a prospect I DO think that the Pettitte offer expires. There is a potential time limit on this thing Andy, so sign soon.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

      “At this point the Yankees will have to raise their offer.”

      Why? Because he has a made up offer on the table? He has NO other real offer. If he gets one it will be for 7 or 8 mill max, and not for “the only team I want to play for”

      The Yanks don’t owe Andy, if anything he owes the Yanks.

      • Evan in NYC

        I agree, but how stupid would he look going to play for say, the Braves for 8M per? He will come to an agreement with the Yankees, and only the Yankees. The Brass being the way they are will offer slightly more money just so they don’t make Andy look foolish.

        • Reggie C.

          Hmm…Pettitte would actually be a good 1 year fit for the Braves.

          • Evan in NYC

            But why would Andy go to the Braves, who are not going to offer more than 10M when they just let Smoltz walk for 5M. It makes no sense. Andy would be stupid to sign with the Braves for less money.

            • Reggie C.

              Nah. I’m saying that if the Yanks finally decide that this whole thing has gone on too long and close up shop, Pettitte could do alot worse than signing a 8M offer sheet from the Braves. That’s if he still wants to compete…

      • Evan in NYC

        The Yankees offering more than the $10M will not come from them trying to compete with “another offer” because there is no other offer exceeding the $10M one from them. Pettitte fills a need the Yankees have which is a back of the rotation starter who will give you 200+ innings and will sign for 1 year. I don’t think the Yankees are looking to move Nady to fulfill this need because they would rather hold onto him and pay Pettitte the additional 500K-1M to get him to sign. In the end, Andy will sign for 11M for 1 year.

      • UWS

        I don’t think anyone “owes” anything to anyone else. It’s just business.

        The Yankees have put a price tag on Pettitte’s services, and clearly in their estimation his contribution is worth $10M. Pettitte values his own services at $10M + X. If they can’t find a middle ground and he gets a better offer elsewhere, off he rides into the sunset.

        I don’t see why anyone should be up in arms over all this. The Yankees don’t owe Pettitte anything, they’ve compensated him handsomely for his efforts over the years. Andy doesn’t owe them anything either, because he repaid their $$$ with (most decent-to-very-good-toe-excellent) performance. It’s turned into a ridiculous soap opera.

        • Evan in NYC

          Agreed. I think they will come to an agreement. I’m not saying anyone owes anyone anything. Pettitte makes sense for the Yankees at a price around 10M and Pettitte won’t be getting an offer from any other team even approaching that offer so they should just come to an agreement and start focusing on 2009.

  • Old Ranger

    At this point in time, I don’t care if he signs or not. There are pros and cons with his signing. One being AAA, for Phil even though he, Aceves and maybe even Coke are about as ready as one can be…probably do a better job too.
    One thing I worry about with Andy is his elbow and shoulder. He did pitch in pain last year, maybe he isn’t fully healthy this year yet.

    • Evan in NYC

      I honestly don’t know how much I could rely on Hughes out of the gate. I like the option of starting him in AAA and bringing him up in late June/early July when someone eventually goes down, which is inevitable. I just don’t want to see him explode like he did last year and push him back another season.

    • whozat

      “One being AAA, for Phil even though he, Aceves and maybe even Coke are about as ready as one can be…probably do a better job too.”

      I disagree about all three of these. Phil introduced a cutter last season, and really has spent only a couple months of minor league starts and winter ball using it. Another few months at AAA is far from the worst thing for him.

      As for Aceves, look at his FIP and BABiP. I think he could be a capable swingman and depth guy, and maybe even squeak out a couple effective months before the book really gets around on him, but I think expecting him to out-produce Pettitte is wishful thinking. As for Coke…the guy’s never even started at AAA (or, not much at least); definitely not ready to hold down a rotation slot in the majors.

      With Burnett and Joba, there will be starts for Hughes, and plenty of them.

  • steve (different one)

    i expect Pettitte to take that 3 year, $36M offer any day now.

  • pounder

    Pedro for a few starts….if only to tick off the Bosox.

    • Jeremy

      It won’t tick them off if Pedro gets bombed.

  • Jay

    Both articles say Pettitte thinks his 2008 season wasn’t that bad — and so he’s worth more than $10 million.

    Not that bad?!? For basically the second half of the season, he had a 5.35 ERA, a 1.53 WHIP, and a .302 BAA. And for the entire YEAR, he had a 1.41 WHIP and a .290 BAA. And for the entire YEAR, with runners on, batters hit him at a batting champion level .326 and a Ted Williams-like .344 with runners in scoring position!

    Rob Neyer says it was because of the terrible fielding behind him. Well, I’m sure that didn’t help. But after the All Star Break, somehow the entire Yankee staff, without Wang and Chamberlain and with every scrub the Yankees used in the second half last year, and even including Pettitte’s own putrid performance, managed a 4.50 ERA and a .272 BAA. And with the same team behind him, after the All Star Break, Mussina managed an ERA of 3.10, Chamberlain (in between the injuries) managed an ERA of 2.57, and even Aceves managed an ERA of 2.40.

    Maybe Pettitte was tired in the second half. Maybe he didn’t prepare like he should have going into the season because of distractions related to steroids, etc? But what’s just as likely is that he reinjured himself.

    It’s incredible to me that the Yankees are even CONSIDERING offering him $10 million. If this was Boston in the same situation, they would be offering him a low base, no more than $5 million and probably less, and performance bonuses at MOST — if they were offering him anything at all. This kind of stupid contract is why the Yankees always wind up with lots of dead wood and overpaid, underperforming players bloating their payroll in recent years while Boston has been kicking their asses, ending the Curse, and winning championships.

    To me, this is an intelligence test for Brian Cashman. If he resigns Pettittte, he fails. And I don’t think there’s that much pressure from the Yankee faithful to sign him, but even if there were, then it would be a test of his resolve, too, about doing what makes sense rather than what’s popular. They can choose sentimentality over winning if they like and keep getting their asses kicked by Boston. The choice is up to them. Let Andy go, please — unless it’s a low base with performance guarantees.

    • steve (different one)

      To me, this is an intelligence test for Brian Cashman. If he resigns Pettittte, he fails.

      if this sentence was an intelligence test, you’d fail.

      This kind of stupid contract is why the Yankees always wind up with lots of dead wood and overpaid, underperforming players bloating their payroll in recent years

      no, no it isn’t. one year contracts do not fall into this category.

      have some perspective.