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Via MLBTR, St. Louis GM John Mozeliak called the Yanks asking about the availability of second basemen Robinson Cano. The Yanks’ response: it’ll take Carlos Beltran pwner Adam Wainwright. And that was that. Good to see the Yanks still have faith in Robbie and believe he will return to elite 2B status.

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  1. I would have asked for Rasmus: he’s just as untouchable but at least he fills a need and is quite the prospect himself.

    • Reggie C. says:


    • Mike Pop says:

      Agreed Pablo.

    • I’m not sure if Cano is worth Wain. Cano has tons of potential especially for a 2nd baseman. I look for him to blow up this year in a lethal lineup. Hopefully he doesn’t take the first half of the year off like last season. Plus filling a starter would then create a hole at second. Here’s my two needs for the Yanks…
      - Forget Andy P. How terrible that he’s holding out for more money. I always loved him, but he’s beyond his best. Who had your back with the HGH ordeal? He should be begging to come back on this amazing new team in a sweet new ballpark. I say we take a cheap risk on Sheets. We can use Hughes or whoever until we know how Sheets is holding up. If he is the Ben Sheets I’ve seen in the past… he’s a stud.
      -Centerfield… I like Gardner’s hustle and Melky’s D, but I would love to see someone more established. I’d hate to trade Nady (I think he’s a great hitter) but if we could get a nice centerfielder, I’ll take my chances with Swisher who may bounce back in a big way.

    • Cuso says:


      2012 pointed me to this post. Good God, man.

  2. Bruno says:

    I’d hate to see Robbie go, so I’m glad Cash is asking the right price.

  3. Mike Pop says:

    Is Wainwright worth Cano?

  4. Bryan says:

    I really hope we don’t trade Cano. O-Dog would not be worth it. Cano has too much potential to give up unless it is an absolutely overwhelming deal.

  5. meytrix7 says:

    rick ankiel should be next cf trade kennedy and melky and maybe nady for him cards like kennedy alot ankiels a free agent after 09

  6. meytrix7 says:

    cause ankiel is short porch built swing in a fa year you know hes gonna put up big numbers watching him trow is worth price of admission , this is the guy cash wants hes just waiting to see what pieces he can trade after spring traing

  7. meytrix7 says:

    lol be realistic cards want to move him need pitching

  8. teixburnathia says:

    Cano, Kennedy and Swisher for Wainwright and Rasmus

  9. meytrix7 says:

    no cano give him another shot you trade cano who plays second wait maybe cards can throw in thier 2b adam kennedy ,, naaaaa

  10. Mike Pop says:

    Big trade just went through.

  11. Bonos says:

    Interesting that the Yankees were not in on that Pie trade. They must feel Gardner/Cabrera are the better option. This makes me feel better about Gardner. Pie is a very nice trade for Baltimore, at worst a very good fourth OF.

  12. UNION YES. says:

    and the Os are about to lock up Markakis.

  13. Bonos says:

    Anyone who thinks that Ajax is blasting into NY by 2010 needs a reality check. He looks to be at least a couple of years away if then.

    • UNION YES. says:

      I know he’s raw. But 2012?

      • Future Dweller says:

        Nah. He’ll be ready by 2010, but I don’t see the Yankees playing both Gardner and AJax. Maybe a deal to the Tigers. Package AJax and one of the Big Three for Curtis Granderson, giving the Yankees some LH’d power in the OF.

        Make it happen, Cash!

        Feeling really good about the team’s chances in 2009. I think they’ll go all the way.

        Anyway, gotta hop. Time machine is humming.

    • Zack says:

      it all depends what he does this year, if he’s just mediocre in AAA then they’ll wait another year, if he lights it up theres no reason he wont be up in september

  14. Bonos says:

    I’m a fan of both Gardner and Jackson. I just wish we had a few more high end OF options in the minors. With the mega contracts we need some reasonably priced players especially in the OF.

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