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Friday Night Open Thread
The proper way to evaluate trades

I am so jealous of WCBS 880 AM right now. They get to inside the new stadium while everything is being tested. Above, Jorge Posada in the old Yankee Stadium is shown on the screen at the new Yankee Stadium. That’s a nice-looking monitor they have up there. Meanwhile, other images include a shadow creeping across the field, a view from the broadcast booth and the outfield. Opening day can’t come soon enough.

Friday Night Open Thread
The proper way to evaluate trades
  • Giuseppe Franco

    I don’t know how the hitters won’t get distracted by that enormous HD screen in center.

    I guess they’ll get used to it like anything else.

    • whozat

      They won’t show moving stuff on in while guys are hitting, I’m sure. I’m pretty sure that’d be against the rules. I mean…hitters can ask that a pitcher remove a necklace, if they find it distracting. I’m pretty sure they could ask the ump to tell the Yankees to turn off the screen.

  • John

    You’re right…I cannot wait AT ALL for the season to start!

  • huuz

    do you really have no snow on the ground in NYC?

    we have 3 feet in albany.

    • http://poormansanalyst.wordpress.com/ dan

      It looks like it’s on part of the field in the other pictures.

  • Drew


  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    Oh… my… lord.

  • Mike R.

    8) I want to go to there.

  • jim p

    The wind currents. Remember you could watch the bat and tell which way the wind goes? And from that snow staying in right field, does that mean moisture will tend to stick in that area, even in July?

    What the wind does to the ball will be one of the new things along with this stadium.

    • Peter Lacock

      This time of year that half of the field gets little sunshine to melt the snow.

  • jrz

    Does anybody know the height of the wall? Is it one height all the way around?Is it the same height as the old place?

  • Hawkins44

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  • Corey

    Why is no one talking about Miguel Cairo to come back for us?
    Isn’t he a free agent?

    • Mike Pop

      Because noone should want him back.

    • Mike R.

      Because Joe Torre manages the Dodgers now.

  • http://ibleedblueandwhite.blogspot.com Jamie

    thats ABSURD

  • Fred Mertz

    I still can’t believe they way they have created bleacher seats that can only see about 50-60% of the field. Not even worth $12!