Filling the starting void with a familiar face


By most accounts, the Yankees could use a back-end starter who can eat innings in 2009. While they have CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Ching-Ming Wang up front, having two of Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Al Aceves, Ian Kenned, Phil Coke, Chase Wright and any other youngster the Yanks trot out there fill up 70 starts while pitching the Yanks toward a playoff berth may be a tall order.

To that end, there’s a certainly a reason to bring Andy Pettitte back into the fold this year, but that soap opera has seemingly reached a stalemate. Pettitte doesn’t want to take a $6-million pay cut, and the Yanks don’t want to sign a pitcher turning 37-year-old in June and coming off his worst season of his career to a lofty contract. I don’t blame them.

In the meantime, the Yanks have alternatives. Derek Lowe remains unsigned. He, however, wants a few years and $15 million per before affixing his John Hancock to a contract. Ben Sheets is still unsigned as well, but teams have concerns about his health.

There is another pitcher out there, also 37 and coming off his worst season. As John Garica notes, Pedro Martinez could be an intriguing option for the Yanks. It’s not as outlandish as it sounds.

Last season was not one of Pedro’s finest. He was coming off of major arm surgery and got lit up. He threw 109 innings in the NL and gave up 127 hits, 19 of which were home runs. He walked 44 and struck out 87, his worst K/BB ratio since 1993. Over his final 40 innings of 2008, opponents hit .321/.379/.500 off of the former Cy Younger winner (while striking out 38 times). No matter how you slice or dice it, those are ugly numbers.

So Pedro is looking to rebound in 2008. Maybe he’s the guy the Yankees need in the back end. He could be their John Smoltz, a low-risk, high-reward type of signing. Considering that the only Pedro rumors this off-season were either his own desire to return to New York and some quickly quashed Marlins rumors, I would think that the Yanks could swoop in and sign Pedro for a low base salary with incentives.

It might not be the answer to the innings gap, but the Yanks don’t have much — other than money — to lose. Pedro could make some starts, and if he’s healthy, he’ll fill that 4/5 whole in the rotation. If not, the Yanks seem ready to rely on the kids anyway. And, hey, then maybe we could all go back to wearing these shirts again. Crazier things have happened.


  1. Doug says:

    difference between pedro and smoltz was that smoltz was still good before he got hurt. pedro is a 5 inning pitcher at best these days and would be too taxing on a bullpen that’s gonna be looking out already for joba. pedro is done, move on.

  2. BklynJT says:

    This is more like a low risk, low reward move. You really didn’t just advocate bringing in Pedro did you???

  3. Rob in CT says:

    I haven’t seen him pitch in a while, but hasn’t Pedro been reduced to basically throwing junk now? How’s that gonna work in the AL East? I figure he’s cooked.

    • Joseph P. says:

      “How’s that gonna work in the AL East?”

      Ask Mike Mussina.

      • Leo says:

        Mussina’s control is far superior to Pedro’s, walks are how you get destroyed as a junkballer.

        • Joseph P. says:

          Pedro’s BB/9 has always been low. Moose’s might have been a bit lower, but Pedro’s is by no means high. He displayed poor control in 2008, yes. Just remember, though, how Moose got hammers in 07 before bouncing back in 08.

          • Jay CT says:

            I wouldn’t rely on Pedro. A guy who can’t go more the 5 in the NL will get slaughtered in the AL. Also, why even bother with a guy who is old and coming off major major shoulder surgery. Just doesn’t add up. I would rather spend a little more for the injured Ben Sheets

          • As has been said many times, 2008 Mike Mussina was highly rare and unlikely. Moose basically figured out, on the fly, how to transition from being a power pitcher to being a deceptive El Duque kind of pitcher. Had Pedro already shown that he can or has done that (survive without his gas), I’d be inclined to take the shot. He hasn’t.

            We shouldn’t gamble on old pitchers “pulling a Moose”, because the overwhelming majority of old pitchers are unable/unwilling to “pull a Moose”.

            In a related story, Sarah Palin is getting itchy trigger finger from reading this post about all these mooses.

          • Abe says:

            True but Moose’s season was a complete aberration.

  4. A.D. says:

    There’s not that much reason to believe that Pedro will eat innings, or be all that effective… I’d rather give it to the kids

  5. Ace says:

    I’m still hoping for a Ben Sheets/Phil Hughes if Sheets goes down combo.

    • Jay CT says:

      I agree. I say offer that 10 million to Sheets. Trade Nady for a prospect if needed to slash a bit off the payroll. Girardi has already said- 20 starts from Sheets is better then 32 starts from most. Plus, when Sheets/Burnett get banged up and need time off, you have plenty of kids to step in. Takes all the pressure off of Hughes/Kennedy because they will not be so depended on.

  6. UWS says:

    Can Pedro learn to pitch like Jamie Moyer?

  7. Daniel says:

    No no no…younger pitchers!!! Please sign Sheets already!

    • Joseph P. says:

      As we discussed on this site weeks ago, teams are shying away from Sheets because of his shoulder. It’s tough to justify giving big money to a guy with potential shoulder issues. See Schmidt, Jason.

      • huuz says:

        as times drags on, sheets could be willing to go for a low base-pay, high-incentives deal…?

        if he isn’t signed 3 weeks from now, and the Yanks offer $7M (base) + another $6M (incentives), maybe he’d bite on it…

        although, i do see the value in Pettitte’s 200 IP/year @ league average ERA…i’d be happy either way.

      • Daniel says:

        Who said anything about big money? No one has shown interest in the guy. Do what the Red Sox have been doing. Offer a reasonable, somewhat low one year offer with some incentives and club options.

  8. Ace says:

    Maybe I’m crazy, but if we gave Sheets 2 years and he pitches around 135 innings each season with the youngsters filling in when needed, isn’t that still a good signing?

    The guy has dominant ace type stuff when he is healthy and he would be our fifth starter.

    If he is healthy in September-October it would be a steal.

  9. jsbrendog says:

    this way when pedro strikes someone out we can all yell who’s your dadddyyyyy

  10. Matt L says:

    I would love this, I have always been a Pedro fan, even in Boston. While he may not be the workhorse that Andy would be, he has huge upside and still allows for the kids to pitch every once in a while. As long as it is a one year deal for less than $8 million I would fully support this move.

  11. MattG says:

    I do not think the goal is low-risk, high-reward. I would say that Hughes fills that need. I think the goal here is insurance–to have someone to pitch innings in the fifth spot, with a league average ERA, and not block any prospects. I don’t see Pedro meeting those requirements at all.

    Aside from Pettitte, I don’t see any remaining free agents that will fill that objective. The Yankees will need to decide if they want the innings or the flexibility, because I don’t think they can get both.

    The Yankees looked into Sheets. There has to be something very frightening in his health file.

    Paul Byrd is one name, but I wouldn’t expect a 100 era+ from him.

    • Ace says:

      The Yankees looked into Sheets. There has to be something very frightening in his health file.

      I hear you man. What I don’t get is why Sheets and his agent would decline arbitration. They obviously know his health status and medical reports better than anyone. If the reports are that bad wouldn’t he just take the guaranteed $15 million he would’ve gotten from arbitration instead of taking the risk? He did throw 198 innings last year. 120-150 is all we need.

      Or maybe I’m just infatuated with that sick curve ball he has.

      • frank says:

        The thing is the Yanks are the 1 team that can afford to take a chance on Sheets on a 1 year incentive laden contract with an option. Besides being able to afford it financially, the Yanks also have the back ups available in case he flops(Hughes/Aceves/Kennedy/Coke) We’re talking about him being a 4th/5th starter. If they had too, the Yanks could also limit his innings per start (say 6) if there was concern about him breaking down. he’s clearly the best pitcher out there. If he even gives them 20 decent starts, it’s well worth.

      • Daniel says:

        I completely agree with you. If he knew he was hurt and that no one would touch him, he would’ve taken arbitration in an instant. Give him a few million guaranteed with incentives and club options and call it a day.

  12. Tripp says:

    Would be nice for the Yankees to go after some sort of low risk veteran to give them a chance in the rotation. Someone besides jason johnson. Are there any other vets out there who may take a similar deal?

  13. ryan says:

    I would love to see the kids battle for the 5th spot in the rotation but somethin’ tells me pettitte will be in pinstripes this yr.

  14. jonathan says:

    5th starter debate pros and cons:
    I think that joba is set in the rotation, so we are looking for an innings eater who has the ability to pitch in the AL, and will accept an affordable short term contract.

    Garland 2-year 5 million per with option= sinkerballer who is AL tested and consistant, but has posted some terrible ERAs recently

    Freddy Garcia 2-year 4 million per with option= hes a horse who has pitched in the AL and was a solid #2 before, hasnt been the same after the injury but would be bada~s with a good offence.

    Pettitte= we all know the drama there

    Pedro= to many question marks there, might be worth the risk but we need consistancy and not risk.

    • Reggie C. says:

      i still think Garland is going to get 3 years. It just wont be at the AAS that we all thought he’d get. His agent will have to convince him to take a 1-year flyer with any ball club, but coming off a 1.51 WHIP season …. Garland would do better to take guaranteed years.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Freddy Garcia 2-year 4 million per with option

      I have no idea what it would take to sign Garcia, but that has to be worth a look. Would he be amenable to an incentive laden deal? Low base, w/ significant bonuses for 100, 50 and 200 IP?

      Worth kicking the tires, no?

    • huuz says:

      joba is set in the rotation

      do not forget that he cannot give us 200 IP, we’ll need somebody to cover about 50 IP for him (assuming that he makes it though the season unscathed).

      really we have 3.5 SPs right now

      CC, AJ, Wang and Joba.

  15. viridiana says:

    With all due respect — because I enjoy the work you do at RAB– Pedro to the Yanks has to be the worst idea of the off-season.

    There are just some guys who will never outlive their hateful Boston pasts. Martinez is a guy who used Jeter as target practice when he had the heater and practically ended the careers of both Jeter and Soriano in successive ABs. This is a nasty guy– I want no part of him and I’ll bet many Yankee players and fans agree. What next– offer a three year deal to Varitek?

    • MattG says:

      Martinez is not a nasty guy. I don’t want to read into what you are writing, but another hated ex-Red Sock with a reputation gave noted Yankee fan Suzyn Waldman an orgasm.

      A reason not to sign Martinez: he’s cooked.

      A non-reason: he is a highly-competitive pitcher.

    • KW says:

      Ah, I think it’s pretty overrated. Heck Clemens was utterly despised at a point in time by NYers, but that worked out pretty well didn’t it? (pre PED)

    • frits says:

      You mean that Pedro ALMOST or COULD HAVE ended the careers of both Jeter and Soriano in successive ABs.

    • With all due respect — because I enjoy the work you do at RAB– Pedro to the Yanks has to be the worst idea of the off-season.

      No, sign and then trade Jason Varitek to “keep the Sox from getting a first rounder” was the worst idea of the offseason.

    • jsbrendog says:

      this makes no sense. not signing someone because of the team they played for previously or that they were “hated” while on a diff team is the second worst idea of the offseason after the varitek keep away sans first rounder.

      • Yeah, I can think of lots of reasons why I wouldn’t sign Pedro, but the “He’s a former Red Sock!!!1!!!11!!” isn’t one of them. I don’t give a crap where he pitched before. All I care about is what he can do for me in 2009 and beyond.

        Ditto Manny Ramirez; the Red Sox history shouldn’t be a deterrent. I’m not interested in being petty, only in building great teams that win championships.

  16. Robert Goulet says:

    While I personally don’t believe that Pedro has anything left in the tank (and is thus, not the answer), I DO believe that Cash has to do something rather quickly to fill our rather alarming pitching voids.

    As previously mentioned in a prior post, 2/5th’s of our starting rotation are tremendous question marks (i.e. Joba/Hughes, and co.). I feel great about our 3 horses in the front, however, as we all know, it takes around 7-8 starting pitchers to get through an entire season.

    In terms of our bullpen, does anyone really feel good about Veras, Bruney, and Ramirez? While I am more than comfortable with Mo and Marte, the other 3 guys are also huge question marks. Bruney was out for pretty much the entire season last year, but considering his awful 2007 campaign, why should anyone be confident that he will rebound from his historically shaky command. And Ramirez??? Gimme a break, all the guy does is throw change-ups, and once the league realized that, he got pounded. Veras was a nice story last year, but whose to say he wont resort back to his very ineffective 2007 numbers?

    The only point I’m trying to make is that the Yankees desperately need quality pitching depth. Sure, they went out and signed a couple of big pitchers this season, but in reality, all they did was replace 2 big pitchers from last year who are no longer with the team (Moose and Pettite). So in essence, we’re right back to where we started – no pitching depth.

    With the fast and furious moves that the Red Sox have been making (can someone please explain to me how Cashman allowed Boston to get BOTH Smoltz and Ianto – haha, not sure how to spell the Japenese guys name), the Sox now have the pitching advantage going into 2009. While our rotations are pretty similar, our bullpens aren’t even close (I’m including Smoltz as a reliever here).

    Cashman needs to wake up from his CC/AJ/Tex hangover and add some quality depth into this team. We have absolutely no bench and our pitching is paper thin. IMO, we need to add either Lowe/Sheets/or Pettite to the starting 5 and add atleast one more reliever to the pen.

    Now I realize that some are going to say, “But Cash wants to reduce the payroll this year.” but my response is, “why?” The Yankees are moving into a cash cow New Stadium and are raping their patrons with increased ticket prices. In short, the Yankees are far and away the most profitable franchise in all of sports. So with this seemingly endless revenue coming in, why are the Yankees looking to cut payroll? Perhaps its too appease the Main Stream Media and RSN who collectively cry “foul” everytime the Yankees make a signing. To me, this is ridiculous. If the Yankees have the money, they should spend it towards putting the best product on the field. While they have made great strides this offseason towards that end, it is obvious that glaring holes remain. Instead of sitting back and watching the best (2008) teams in our Division get better, Cashman needs to grow a pair of balls and tighten up our loose ends. And trading Swisher for Cameron is NOT what I’m talking about. If true, that trade couldnt be stupider.

    p.s. Who wants to make a bet that Young ends up with Boston?

    • steve (different one) says:

      Who wants to make a bet that Young ends up with Boston?

      i do.

      Boston are a smart team and trading for Young would be monumentally stupid.

      • Robert Goulet says:

        Why would that be monumentally stupid? He’s a tremendous upgrade over that shleprock they got playing over there now and would add great length to their lineup?

        • steve (different one) says:

          because Young is owed $80M over the next 5 years, he is poor defensively despite his Gold Glove, and his contract spans his age 32-37 seasons.

          • steve (different one) says:

            also, reading this i assume you mean Lugo? and not Lowrie?

            you do realize that teams have these things called “farm systems”…and that from their “farm system” they are allowed to call up “players” that are sometimes able to provide comparable performance for a fraction of the price, right?

            reading your posts, i am not sure you do.

            Lowrie: .258/.339/.400 in 2008, 25 years old in 2009, $400K
            Young: .284/.339/.402 in 2008, 32 years old in 2009, $16M

          • And, considering that his splits are .322/.369/.480/.850 at home and .279/.323/.404/.728 on the road, it’s probably safe to say that he’s a creation of the Arlington launching pad.

            Young may be better than Julio Lugo, but he’s also easily one of the most overrated/overpaid players in baseball.

          • C.Panella says:

            Young is not owed 80 mill over the next 5 I’m positvie it’s around 63 ish not that I’m saying he will be with Boston bc I don’t think he will but I’m just correcting your numbers that are way off

    • JeffG says:

      Young to Boston? … he was unhappy and asked to be traded in the first place because he does not want to change position. Do you really think they are going to uproot Pedroia?

      Your Bosotn complex is getting the best of you bro. Saito although looks like a nice cheap pickup I’d say our pen is not a weakness so taking a chance on an injured pitcher is not really where we have to be right now.

      Albalandejo is going to be a stud – just you watch.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      In terms of our bullpen, does anyone really feel good about Veras, Bruney, and Ramirez?

      Don’t like that trio? How about Albaldejo, Sanchez and Melancon? The point is, the bullpen is an area of strength. Absolutely no need to look outside the organization for bullpen help. That’s the one area that we have depth.

      Theo has committed about $11.5 mil to 4 old guys that may not contribute anything to his team this year. Wouldn’t a better use of that money have been to make sure he signed a 29 year old GG 1B who can rake?

      Granted, if even one of those moves turns out well, it will be worth it. But the reason Theo made all 4 is that he realizes the odds are that they won’t pan out.

      Who wants to make a bet that Young ends up with Boston?

      Who Young? Michael? If that’s who you’re talking about, I will bet you anything you desire that Theo will not pick up an $80 mil contract on a 32 year old.

    • steve (different one) says:

      your whole post is about “depth” and yet you ignore every minor league reliever the yankees have that should be able to provide quality depth.

      the yankees actually have a lot of bullpen depth.

      just because you aren’t aware of the players in the organization, that doesn’t mean giving Smoltz $5-10M to RELIEVE is a smart idea.

      it isn’t.

      • Robert Goulet says:

        What minor league depth are you talking about?? Brackman – see you in 2010; Sanchez – nice try, did you see his fall/winter numbers; Coke – we’ll see if he can pitch well for more than 15 innings in the majors; IPK – yawn; Albejelojo – guy spent more time in Dunkin Donuts than on the mound at Yankee Stadium. The only legitimate pitcher the Yankees have in the minors who anyone can get excited about for this year is Melancon.

        Is it possible that the Yankees may “overhype” their prospects a little but and everybody believes it??? The same people who stridently believe that the Yanks have great pitching depth in the minors this year are the same ones who thought – Marquez, Tabata, White, IPK, Hughes, A Jax, etc. were “untouchable” in a trade for Johan. How did they all turn out???

        And I love how everyone on this site gets so defensive and wants to pick fights and be sarcastic afer someone makes an opinion that other people dont agree with.

        • Joseph P. says:

          Your comments were banned a while back, and now I understand why. If you have an opinion, by all means share it. But get your facts straight. The only guy any of us (and some of us didn’t) considered untouchable for Johan was Hughes. All the others we didn’t care. And Steven White?!? Seriously? No one thought him untouchable in any sense of the word.

          • Robert Goulet says:

            Haha, first of all, I’ve never been banned a “while back” since my first comments here were like 2 weeks ago.

            Secondly, you just proved my point about the people who post on this site:

            “Your comments were banned a while back, and now I understand why”

            What grounds do you have for making that statement other than your upset about the the opinions I shared. With that logic, everyone should be banned who thinks the Yankees lack pitching depth and overhype their prospects. Thank you for proving my point.

            • Joseph P. says:

              1) Your IP was banned a long time ago. Perhaps that IP was released and it is now yours. But this IP is definitely on the moderation list.

              2) I explained the grounds for making that statement, which is your factually false premise that we thought all these players were untouchable.

              So no, your point is not proved. I wasn’t bashing your right to express your opinion. I was saying that you based it on a false premise.

              • Jay CT says:

                I think that this guyjust likes to piss people off. You say no depth, but what you mean is no high priced possible high reward depth. Instead, we have low priced high reward depth. The team will add another starting pitcher somehow. Something tells me Cash knows a bit more then you or I do. You have absolutely no idea what cost efficent means. At a time where players are going to be put on the market because teams won’t be able to afford them (like Magglio Ordonez for example) you want us to spend every penny on players now. The only guy I really would LOVE to see them get is Sheets. Hitting is a luxary at this point, and bullpen is really not necessary unless we get someone like Cruz. I agree Saito was a nice bargin, a possible steal, but there is a better possibilty that he will be average in the AL East, old and coming off a big injury. Wouldn’t suprise me if he winds up with TJ surgery soon.

            • jsbrendog says:



        • steve (different one) says:

          How did they all turn out???

          they haven’t “turned out” yet.

          that’s the point.

          you seem to think that it is 2020 and we are looking back and Hughes, AJAX, and IPK’s careers.

    • Hey Champ, why don’t you stop talking for a while, maybe sit the next few plays out.

      • Robert Goulet says:

        Your one of those guys who just sits at his computer and reads blogs all day right? I can tell – you seem a little upset over some “controversial” statements I made. Sorry for messing up your “flow,” bro. You may now continue obsessing over RAB posts now…

        • Joseph P. says:

          I’m riffing off Tommie here, but…

          Ben, Mike, and I, we like traffic. In fact, what we do is in part based on having a large readership. So we don’t like to turn away customers. Yet Goulet has become so inflammatory that we’ve asked him to leave and not come back.

          • jsbrendog says:

            well now i can get back to obsessing over RAB possts in between, i dont know, that thing, shit, what’s it called, oh yeah, real job.

            he did have a cool name though.

            “Nature!! That’s why I come up here! GOULET!”

        • Let’s recap:

          You: [lengthy post about what we should do that nobody agrees with]
          Me: Your idea sucks for the following reason. Also, here’s a humorous jab at your diatribe via a reference to a funny movie that we all like, while I’m on the topic. Feel free to respond in kind with your own reasoned rebuttals and clever wit, if you’re so inclined.

          You stay classy, San Diego

          • jsbrendog says:

            this basement could use some plants….

            • Jay CT says:

              Way to go Tommie. Because of you, you made someone leave this site. You also stole my fantasy football title away from me. I finished first and I collapsed like a stack of cards as the Giants did. I hope you are proud of the type of person you have become.

              • Speaking of me stealing the fantasy football title away from you, did you hear that I stole the RAB Fantasy Football League title away from you this year? It’s true.

                I totally destroyed you, as well as Mike, Joe, Ben, Rafi, Jamal, jsbrendog, and SAMIAMISPORTS just as easily as the Eagles destroyed Eli and the Giants yesterday. Both on an intellectual and on a physical level, I’m so much better than all of you, it’s like how much better all of you are than pal Robert Goulet here; the discrepancies mirror each other. So, they way you look down on him for falling for that simplistic logic trap and reacting with theatrical, racist non sequiturs, that’s how I look down upon you all for not being as smart, handsome, or as good in bed as I am.

                Because I’m a champion.

                [ Fantasy Football Championship Bragging Rights Name Drop #28 of 1000 ]

  17. Chris says:

    Andrew Marchand just reported on the Max Kellerman show that Cashman did offer Nady or Swisher for Mike Cameron. I guess with the surplus, Cashman figures he can just give players away now.

    • MattG says:

      Did Andrew Marchand report why Milwaukee would turn down Cameron-for-Swisher?

      • Reggie C. says:

        Weird right. Brewers must be looking to get back a real CF who can actually hit. I think Marchand is wrong on this one.

        • Jay CT says:

          I fucking HATE Max Kellerman. The person who left Around the Horn cause he didn’t get paid enough and he was the who show. I really don’t know how anyone can listen to him. He isn’t funny at all. I like the fact that he backs up his arguements with stats, but UGGGHHHH, the attempt to be a sports Howard Stern is just bad.

          • His Eli-pimping is over the top as well. (And i’m fairly confident I’d say that even if I were a Giants fan.)

            • Jay CT says:

              That whole Big Blue, Big Blue Big Blue thing is dumb also. Him and his soldiers are ridiculus. He is almost as annoying as that asshole who stole my fantasy football title away. This retard even forgot to put anyone in his lineup one week. Seriously. He scored a ZERO. I will be getting my revenge against said person in baseball- clearly, as regular season champion, the dominating force all season long who unfortunetly had such amazing players that their real teams decide to rest them, I am the biggest threat coming in as I am a force week in and week out. I will have my revenge.

              In all seriousness, its people like this that make me happy that I listen to Sirius. All the commercials and with the stupidity of Kellerman, I would prefer to pay to listen to the radio then be subjected to him.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Cashman did offer Nady or Swisher for Mike Cameron.

      I find that very hard to believe, and won’t until 1) the trade is consummated, or 2) Cash confirms it.

      To me, that just seems like a very un-Cashman-like trade. But hey, that’s just me.

    • rbizzler says:

      Cash didn’t trade Tabata for Nady, just so he could give him away for a one year rental. He may have bought low on Swish but that doesn’t mean he is going to give him away either. Melvin would jump all over Swish if that trade was offered as he is a perfect NL guy (ie position versatility).

    • Should be working says:

      Wasn’t Milwaukee ready to go for Igawa/Melky but we pulled back? I find it very hard to believe that they turned down Swisher.

  18. Mr. Pappageorgio says:

    Pedro = low risk / even lower reward.

    However, I do not agree that Hughes/Joba filling out the back end of the rotation is a good idea. If that is the case, when starters go down (which they will) you can welcome back Sidney Ponson in June.

  19. Personally, and I can’t give any sort of rationale for this, but if we’re going outside the organization for a fifth starter, I like Looper.

  20. Chris says:

    No, but they certainly did turn it down. I guess it might have to do with the money that is owed to Swisher or the fact that Nady will leave via free agency after this year.

  21. MattG says:

    I can offer a rationale: Looper might pitch to a 110 era+, probably won’t get hurt, can move to the bullpen, and you’d have no problem kicking him to the curb if a better option presents itself.

    It’s damn near ideal, actually. I betcha Ben K. is wishing he wrote about Looper instead.

    He must want multiple years, or something–or, maybe the Yankees know something about pitching in the NL central that makes Looper look better than it appears.

    • Joseph P. says:

      I bet he’s not wishing that. Looper will be 35 this year and has only started for two years. He’s not a strikeout guy, and his K/BB ratio is only slightly above 2:1.

      Also, you’re saying he’s going to go from a 102 ERA+ in the NL Central to a 110 ERA+ in the AL East? Look, I’m not one of those guys who thinks that no NL pitcher can survive in the AL, but that’s a bit ridiculous a presumption.

      • I don’t care for Looper, but I would pick him before Pedro if I absolutely HAD to sign one more starter.

        I think my list is as follows (all deals are one year deals only:

        Plan A: Andy Pettitte
        Plan B: do nothing and go with the kids
        Plan C: Ben Sheets
        Plan D: Randy Wolf
        Plan E: a rehab flyer or two on Freddy Garcia/Mark Mulder/Mark Prior
        Plan F: Braden Looper
        Plan G: Pedro (only at a supercheap rate)
        Plan H: do nothing because every other option seriously sucks balls
        Plan I: no, seriously, there’s nothing else, STOP READING there are no other names to consider, just wait for pitchers and catchers and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
        Plan J: sign the craptastically Ponsnerian Paul Byrd, just as insurance against us doing something much more monumentally stupid, like
        Plan K: Jon Garland
        Plan L: forfeit every 5th game
        Plan M: dismantle the team and convert YES into a sports memorabilia home shopping channel
        Plan N: outlaw baseball
        Plan O: blow up New York City

        Plan Y: summon the aliens from Plan R to come back and kill whatever seamonsters were not eliminated in Plan V
        Plan Z: annihilate all life in the universe with a massive black hole created by a large hadron collider experiment gone awry

        Some unletterable plan below Plan Z: Sign Oliver Perez

      • MattG says:

        You’re right, I got carried away with the 110 era+. Or maybe that was a typo.

        But he still makes a good bit more sense than Pedro, no?

        1. Younger
        2. healthier
        3. you can push him around easier
        4. more projectability


        1. upside (debatable)

  22. Axl says:

    Why Pedro? Why can’t we just get a B-type cheap innings eater guy. Braden Looper may not be the answer…but something like him could be. Even if everybody stays 100% healthy, Joba and Hughes still have innings limits. The odds of everybody staying healthy is extremely low.

    Is there a decent pitcher we could get back for Nady or Swisher?

    I think that would be better than going for a Mike Cameron. Pointless.

  23. D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don says:

    Picking up Pedro would be silly. A guy who was a 5 or 6 inning pitcher 4 years ago, has been hurt half the time since then and could not give his team innings in the NL.

    I am no fan of Ian Kennedy, but I would rather see Ian penciled in as our #5 than sign Pedro for free.

  24. nick blasioli says:

    if we cant rely on hughes this year..then its time to unload him in the peavy deal…he is supposed to be so great..its time to shine pal or else….

  25. jay pee says:

    NO PEDRO. Remember Don Zimmer? Pedro is a piece of garbage I don’t want wearing Yankee pinstripes.Take a flyer on Sheets,his value is sinking and we can get him for a good rate.

  26. JeffG says:

    I know it’s January but Pedro? I think we’d all rather see Coke or Hughes get a shot before that happended. At this point I don’t think he has nearly what it takes to pitch in our division.

  27. steve (different one) says:

    if Pedro took a MINOR LEAGUE deal, then sure. bring him to ST.

    if he requires a roster spot, he’s probably not worth the risk.

  28. E-ROC says:

    Pedro Martinez gave up 19 homeruns in 109 innings. I don’t know if he’ll ever be as healthy as he was in his first year with the Mets.

    Ah, I don’t know. I’m more in favor of Randy Wolf than Pedro.

  29. Pete Abraham says:

    The only problem with Pedro is that I’m fairly sure Jorge Posada would knock him out within five seconds of his walking into the clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field.

  30. Curramba says:

    No Thanks let him go back to the MUTZ.

  31. Old Ranger says:

    Don’t sign anyone if Andy doesn’t come back.
    Some people sound like the Phil and IPK show is going to happen again…I don’t think so. It may happen to one of the guys but, last year (most) people thought IPK, Phil and Joba were shoe ins for rookies of the year or something. Most of the fan base over reacted when Phil and IPK fell off their lofty perches…no mistakes this time around.
    Both IPK and Phil have gotten the mess out of their systems (I hope). We have a deeper bunch of guys ready and willing to jump at the chance to go for the brass ring; Phil, IPK, Aceves, Coke and Giese, just off the top of my head.

  32. Abe says:

    I find it very interesting that the Red Sox are taking flyers on pitchers left and right, none of which had even close to the season Ben Sheets had. Saito, Penny and Smoltz combined for 169 innings pitched last year and Sheets went for 198. Now obviously Sheets got injured later than the other three, but it still is crazy to me that by January 12, not one team has offered Sheets a contract. Which begs the question in my mind – can this guy even pitch this year? Maybe teams don’t think he’ll miss the entire season but I suspect they expect to miss a good chunk of it. Either way, I feel bad for the guy, he (and Abreu) just picked a bad year to become an FA.

    • That’s starting to become the most likely explanation: he’s hurt and can’t contribute.

      Nobody seems to want to touch the guy.

      • Abe says:

        that was supposed to be a reply:
        I wonder what his agents are asking in years and $$

        • Jay CT says:

          I realize I have been a Sheets homer all along now, but how hurt can he be to turn down arbitration? He MUST have known that his medicals would be offered around. He turns down 15 M and can’t get work anywhere? I met the guy before the AllStar game, he was great with the kids and everything. His curveball was amazing. COME ON, I realize I sound greedy since we singed just about everyone, but this signing would be great. Plus, the Brewers would get a 4th rd pick for him, lol

  33. Abe says:

    I wonder what his agents are asking in years and $$

  34. Jake says:

    Any word if the Yanks are in on the Cuban defectors…I thought one was a stand out pitcher in the WBC last go around.

  35. DreDog says:

    I kind of feel bad for Lowe. AJ gets an $80 + million deal because the Yankees are involved in the bidding, and Lowe gets pushed to the clearance rack at Marshall’s. Not that $40+ million is chump change, but if the Yanks lost out on AJ don’t you think Lowe would have commanded a 4th yeah and something closer to $60 million?

  36. Rob S. says:

    Pedro? No thanks. I like Jon Garland better.

  37. Rob S. says:

    or even Paul Byrd

  38. RJ says:

    I beleive Ben Sheets despite the risk is the best bet in the middle or end of the rotation, no pressure because AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia will bear that.

    With the Yankees excellent bull pen it would be a 7 inning game

    Cut salary next year, save the last spot for the younger guys, still think Joba needs to be in set up role

  39. the dude says:

    as already mentioned….SIGN SHEETS. quality over quanitity, its too easy to pick up a starter with a 5 plus era or promote from within for the same era, aka Ben Sheets is more useful, especially since we know that john smoltz can be either a starter or an 8thg inning pitcher for the red sox who have also signed saito…

  40. O'Neill Fan says:

    Sign Sheets and Manny already, this team would DOMINATE. Bullpen still worries me though. I realistically think the moves to be made would be to sign a guy like Joe Beimel, and then get Sheets or even Jon Garland. It seems that they’re ready to go with the Younger arms, although the moves Boston has made would make me think a little more about adding Sheets and Manny.

  41. Sean says:

    Yea, Pedro is a terrible idea – the guy throws 80 mph at this point of his career, and just when you think he’s going to stay healthy, he doesn’t. He’s got some personality, but he would get destroyed in the American League even if he stayed healthy. There are other things the Yanks can do to come up with a back-end starter, come on now. By the way, you should check out my daily Yankee blog site:


  42. Chuck says:

    I say no on Pedro under any circumstance. Lets see what we get out of Swisher/Nady. You want innings get Garland. But Id say sticking it out with the aceves, hughes, and whomever is better and cheaper.

  43. Max says:

    Does anybody actually proofread this garbage for typos?

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  50. Ben K. says:

    This is your last warning: Stop posting the same comment on every thread. We heard you the first time, and you’re in violation of the rather lenient RAB commenting guidelines.

  51. Jay CT says:

    Seriously dude. You make that same stupid post over and over again. We get it- You want Manny. That has nothing to do with the Pedro thing.

  52. But he’s “jdubz”! Anybody with a handle that unquestionably cool and fly should have full carte blanche to do whatever he wants.

  53. Jay CT says:

    Lol, that IS a solid point

  54. This is the show we call “Doggie Fizzle”…

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