Metro-North sets pricing for Yankee Stadium stop

Filling the starting void with a familiar face
Everyone loves a new t-shirt

When the new Yankee Stadium Metro-North station opens in a few weeks, thousands of Yankee fans will eschew the pleasures of parking, traffic jams, gas prices and toll fares for the relative comfort of commuter rail cars. Recently, the MTA unveiled the pricing schemes for game-day service to and from the new station stop. While schedule information is not yet available, Second Ave. Sagas has the latest on the fares. Briefly, tickets will cost a dollar more than regular service to Grand Central. That’s not too bad.

Filling the starting void with a familiar face
Everyone loves a new t-shirt
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    That’s not bad at all.

    Given where I’m coming from I’d probably still take the cheaper D to the games, and then, if it’s late, the MetroNorth back.

    If I decided to come from NJ, however, I’d still be fairly screwed.

    • A.D.

      you’re not screwed, this just won’t change anything.

      • Michele CT

        Out of curiousity, coming from CT, is there now a Metro North that goes directly to the Stadium without stopping at 125th or Grand Central? Or is this dollar hike for the subway. I know I sound stupid, but I don’t understand. I always rode MetroNorth to 125th, then took the subway in Harlem to the Stadium. Will this stop the transfer and go directly?

        • Ben K.

          This is a new station that will make it a one-seat ride from Connecticut to Yankee Stadium on Metro-North.

          • Should be working

            Only on the weekends. Weekdays/nights you have to get off at 125th and take a shuttle.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Out of curiosity, where are you coming from?

  • Yank Crank 20

    Not as bad as I expected, i’ll gladly spend an extra dollar to not have to deal with traffic.

  • jay pee

    I’ll still take the subway,it will probably be less crowded.

  • Chris

    How would they enforce this? There is no one checking tickets when you get off, so I could buy a ticket to Grand Central and get off at Yankee Stadium, thus saving me $1.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      Chris, they might have gates at Yankee Stadium that you have to pass your ticket through, a la Secaucus Junction in New Jersey. The gates then might not open if your ticket isn’t encoded with the right destination or the right amount.

    • liam

      Actually at Shea they do check at the stadium when you get off.

  • BBDC

    Yeah Im wondering about this because I use the Metro-North everyday (my station is Spuyten Duyvil) and we pass Yankee Stadium and what will be the new Yankee Stadium Station, I always assumed that if I want to catch a game next year I can just use my regular monthly pass and get off early (and then take the train home afterwards). Usually you can exit the train at any point within or before your zone without paying any additional fare, I would think the same rule should apply for Yankee Stadium.

    • A.D.

      usually monthly pass is safe

  • Should be working

    Comming from CT I think I’ll still drive. As far as I know the shuttle you have to take on weeday/night games is going to cost extra money as well as each person buying a train ticket opposed to 1 parking fee. For some people its worth it I guess because they cant handle the traffic and what have you but it looks like I personally will still drive in.

  • Evan in NYC

    I assume that the Monthly Metro-North rail tickets are valid for this stop, right?

    • jsbrendog

      they have to be. there’d be a riot if they weren;’t

  • mike

    Hey Guys:

    I read over the weekend about Michael Young – I know he is on the downside and his D is pretty bad, but he rakes. I understand the Rangers need/want a 3rd baseman and always can use some pitching.

    Young for Cano (move him to 3rd) + IPK + Robertson

    Young plays 2B and bats Second, moving Jeter to leadoff, or vice-versa

    Trade Damon, sign Manny to play LF.

    Tremendous offensive upgrade, and while the D would certainly suffer (and payroll wil increase), there is the leadoff question to be answered next year anyway – and this will dispense with the will he/won’t he of Cano

    • Joseph P.

      1) Off-topic. Stop that.

      2) Just ridiculous. Anyone who would trade Cano, IPK, and Robertson for Mike Young and his five-year, $62 million contract should be fired on the spot.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Agreed. That may be the worst Yankee deal since the Ken Phelps acquisition.

    • Chris

      Just to clarify, Young doesn’t rake (unless you’re referring to leaves). He had 1 very good season, and a couple seasons that were slightly above average. His career OPS+ is 102.

      For comparison, Cano’s career OPS+ is 109.

      • Jay CT

        AH… the leaves fall in October, and this is just the time the Yankees need someone to rake. Now if Hank is reading these posts, Michael Young will be here in no time.

    • Should be working

      These types of posts are good for brightening ones day.

    • Mike Pop

      I got one. Joba, A-Jax, and Sanchez for Carlos Silva?

  • liam

    I’m pissed that they aren’t doing this for the LIRR. Its easy to get to Yankee Stadium from the east side trains!

  • Roddy

    I wonder what this means for people with Monthly Passes into Grand Central… I take the Hudson Line every day. Going to Yank games for free works for me.

  • Colin

    Will they be raising the fare to 125th on GameDay?

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  • Holly

    does anyone know what stop i would get off on metro north to go to a yankees game from New Haven CT? I know they are making one that is direct, but for now what is the best??