Open Thread: Ranking the remaining free agents


Jon Heyman has quite the history of pumping out poorly constructed lists. Back in May he took a stab at ranking the twenty greatest free agent signings in history, which was embarrassingly bad not because someone not named Barry Bonds circa 1993 topped the list, or even because he ranked a lefty reliever ninteenth, but because he omitted Randy Johnson’s original deal with the Diamondbacks in 1999 entirely. Four year contract, 81 wins, 1030 IP, 1417 K, four Cy Youngs. Yet Hideki Okajima was a better signing.

Today, Heyman took a crack at another list, this time ranking the twenty best remaining free agents. Topping the list is Manny Ramirez, who’s followed by Derek Lowe and Adam Dunn. Oh wait, no it’s not. Heyman ranked … wait for it … Bobby Abreu the best remaining free agent, followed by Milton Bradley and Pat Burrell. Three DH’s top the list. Orlando Cabrera and Joe Crede come in at numbers four and five, respectively, just ahead of Dunn. Derek Lowe? He’s tenth, sandwiched between Orlando Hudson and Oliver Perez. Manny? Try thirteenth, between Andy Pettitte and Ben Sheets. Yeah.

So how would you rank the remaining free agents? I’d go Manny-Lowe-Dunn for my top 3, but after that I’m not sure. I’d guess Bradley, Burrell and Orlando Hudson would make sense as the next three. Abreu and Mr. Strikeout Juan Cruz would probably round out the top eight.

Anyway here’s your open thread for the night. Utah & Alabama battle it out in the Sugar Bowl tonight at 8pm, and the Knicks take on the Pacers at home. The Rangers are off, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Blueseat Blogs, where I’m covering for Dave while he enjoys a little holiday vacation. Oh, Hot Stove Live on the MLB Network starts at 7. You know the deal though, play nice.

Site Note: I was working on my Preseason Top 30 Prospects List earlier, and accidently hit “publish” instead of “save,” so it was up on the site for a second. I took it down right away, but all of you RSS subscribers got it anyway. It’s just a first draft, and I’m going to revise & reorder it about a dozen times between now and when I post it in Spring Training, so don’t put too much stock into it. Otherwise enjoy the sneak preview.

Update (7:05pm): Barry Larkin just said Orlando Hudson is a guy that “could steal you 40 bases.” O-Dog has 42 steals total in 865 career games. Swing and miss on that one, but I’m still enjoying the network.

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  1. UpStateYank says:

    Anyone disappointed with the MLB network analysis thus far?

    Harold Reynolds has already spit two gems by saying Joba belongs in the pen. Leiter was the only one who thought he should be a starter. Second, he said the Yanks have abandoned their youth movement, mockingly saying “we going with Phil Hughes blah blah…not their not”. Also they are reporting on the Giants offering Manny a contract when several outlets have called that false.

    Like I said…just disappointing.

  2. A.D. says:

    Good old Joe Crede #5 FA… oh Heyman, 8 spots before future hall of famer Manny Ramirez.

    This is almost as good as Hideki Okajima as one of the top 20 FA ever signed

    • Jamal G. says:

      Jon Heyman is just the national version of Peter Abraham: good reporter that is horrid at analysis.

      • A.D. says:

        I mean i think everyone misses a something when they put together these lists, but Heyman seems to miss a lot of shit, and for a SI writer I would expect a bit more, get an intern to read this and be like WTF where is Randy Johnson or Okaji, really

      • J-Gao says:

        Solid comparison. They tend to get the facts really quickly and report things well, but their opinions may be a little off.

      • anonymous says:

        Peter Abraham is a good reporter? Really? Has he actually reported anything so far this off season the wasnt blatant speculation or sourcing another writer like Heyman?

        • 'The' Steve says:

          That’s not fair. His blog is the (with all due respect) biggest Yankee blog on the planet for a reason, because you get all sorts of info there you don’t find anywhere else. Occasionally somebody else has it first, but that’s just the news biz. If you read nothing else but his blog, you would be 100% up to date on Yankee news. His comments/analysis of that news is pretty weak, but the news gathering itself is first rate.

          • deadrody says:

            Grant you, the news is good, and he deserves credit for doing it, but it drives traffic to their site, so he ought to be getting paid accordingly, and I fully expect he is.

            So, you are giving him props for doing his job. Yay for Pete.

            Now, if he knocked off the holier than thou act, and took the chip off his shoulder about Girardi, Mangini, whomever, owing him info, well, then he would really have something.

      • 'The' Steve says:


    • christoper says:

      i want to punch heyman’s face in and have lost the little respect that i once had for his journalism

      • Rich says:

        Is that how you gain respect, by wanting to punch someone in his face? That’s real classy of you.

        • christoper says:

          i dont remember saying that i was trying to gain any respect – just that he is a moron…sorry if i offended you – you two dating?

  3. whozat says:

    Barry Larkin just said Orlando Hudson is a guy that “could steal you 40 bases.” O-Dog has 42 steals total in 865 career games.

    Can we please lay to rest the fallacy that players are somehow the best baseball minds? I got tired of hearing stuff like “Johnny Damon likes Joba in the pen, and I’m pretty sure he knows baseball better than YOU do, whozat,” last year, and I’m sure there’s a similar meme around Manny right now. These guys may be great at baseball, but they pretty much never take the long-view (because they shouldn’t…they should be concerned with winning TODAY), and they’re not all the smartest of men.

    • A.D. says:

      Maybe Larkin is expecting a 5 year deal or so for O-Dog, so he has a chance for 40 over the life of his contract

    • J-Gao says:

      Yeah, many are incredibly short-sighted. Almost every player said Joba belongs in the pen. I don’t get it. They SHOULD know a little more, but it just doesn’t show. I think Mussina would be a good analyst, though. He’s a smart guy.

      • VO says:

        i watched a post game interview of mussina once and mi impression was just wtf this dudes wierd

        • Jay CT says:

          I have to say, although I don’t think I agree, I gain alot of respect when they will actually say something. Usually athletes won’t ever say anything about another one, because they are all in the fraternity. Its like Deion Sanders for instance- he has great contacts but he never EVER asks a hard question.

          Say what you will about Jorge or Damon being wrong about Joba, at least they are saying something. I know that no one is saying anything about what I’m talking about but I just figured its a point to be made.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      and they’re not all the smartest of men.

      There’s a reason the moniker “dumb jocks” came about!

  4. Steve O. says:

    Can I see the first draft of that top 30 prospect list?

    • Steve O. says:

      Come on guys… Anybody there?

      • Mike A. says:

        Nope. There’s still too much to do, and I don’t want to start handing the thing out to everyone that asks. I put too much time and effort into it to start passing around first drafts.


        • Steve O. says:

          I understand. I would just like to see some insight on the Yanks prospects worthwhile.

        • Steve O. says:

          Mike, how do you know so much about the Yanks prospects anyways?

          • Mike A. says:

            You must be new here. ;)

            I follow the minors religiously, and obviously focus more on the Yanks’ prospects. The whole phenomenon of player scouting, drafting and development just fascinates me.

            • Steve O. says:

              Actually I’m not. Depends on what you call “new” I’ve been reading since the playoffs started and it’s safe to say I’m impressed. We have something in common, I too am fascinated by player scouting, drafting, and player development, I just don’t know enough info on it.

            • 'The' Steve says:

              “Religiously”? How often you go to church?

              By ‘religiously’ do you mean you follow the farm system twice a year, on Christmas and Palm Sunday?

          • anonymous says:

            He’s Kei Igawa in RL. He knows them all very well.

  5. Matt says:

    There are 20 things wrong with that list.

  6. Ed says:

    I’d guess Johnson’s signing was omitted because while it was a great signing baseball wise, it was horrible business wise. The Diamondbacks still owe him a ton of deferred money from that deal, and it’s limiting their payroll now.

    The contract helped with the goal of buying a World Series, but they’re still paying for it…

  7. Steve O. says:

    Bobby Abreu wasn’t even the best free agent from the yankees, let alone the entire MLB.

  8. A.D. says:

    Sure, he won’t run into walls; but hey, the cautious approach keeps him healthy.


  9. VO says:

    quick guys turn on mlb network there showing us how to play the bal of the wall!

  10. E-ROC says:

    Nomar Garciaparra
    David Eckstein
    Craig Counsel
    Omar Vizquel
    Miguel Cairo
    Sean Casey
    Sidney Ponson

    That’s my top 7. Heyman is smoking crack.

  11. Jay CT says:

    What do you think Ben Sheets winds up going for? I really think that if he falls cheap enough, signing him for a 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd might be worth it, even if he needs TJ surgery. I realize I am just a big Sheets fan, so its partially my bias, but I believe it could be a very worthwhile pay off

    • Steve O. says:

      That ship has sailed, the Yanks saw something that they didn’t like in Sheets.

      • 'The' Steve says:

        Yeah, apparently not only the medicals scared them off, but the interview they had w/him in Vegas shed light on why he’s hurt so much. They weren’t impressed with his training regimen, or lack thereof.

    • Ivan says:

      I can see him going to Milwaukee for one year.

      • Matt says:

        Agreed. I think he’ll probably get an option for a second year as well.

      • Jay CT says:

        I thought that too. And I realize the Yankees saw something the didn’t like in the medicals, but it was a forearm strain I believe. Even if TJ surgery comes from it, I still think if the price is right, it would be a good investment

        • Steve O. says:

          I would rather have a reliable innings eater type than an unreliable injury risk not likely to scratch 200 innings type albeit with ace potential. In the Yanks situation anyways, Sheets may be a great fit for another team like the Rangers or the Brewers, but not with the Yankees.

          • Matt says:

            If it was a one-year deal, it’d be fine for the Yankees. But, yea, not gonna happen.

            • whozat says:

              One year makes no sense for a potential TJ case. You wind up paying for his rehab and then never getting him on the mound while healthy. One plus a team option, ok.

              In the specific case of Sheets, it’s pretty clear that his medicals have scared EVERYONE off. Which means they must be truly heinous. And the Yankees really need a solid pitcher for THIS season, not a potential-ace-after-he-gets-back-from-TJ-in-mid-2010.

              • Matt says:

                Fair enough. Good points.

              • christoper says:

                you arent paying for 2010 because it tpically takes a pitcher a year to get totally back. the gamble is that he dooesnt need the surgery. its a role of the dice

                you could walk away a big winner or a big loser, but the yankees unlike other teams can afford to take that risk.

                sign him for one year and hope he gives you a 175 innings

          • Jay CT says:

            True, but Sheets did almost put in 200 innings last season (196 or so?). And I was in favor of getting Burnett over him when we did that topic. I just think Sheets is a top talent that if you could sign to a 2 year contract, might very well be worth it. Just a thought, and as I stated, I am bias

            • 'The' Steve says:

              Without knowing what was in the medicals, from what I understand TJ isn’t something that would show up on an MRI. A Doctor has to perform a specific elbow bending test to see if that’s what is going on, and then I think its followed up with a different type of scan.

              In any case, I bring that up to suggest that if what’s scaring them is something in the medicals, it may very well be something else entirely. Also, don’t forget the Yanks were worried about Pettitte’s elbow for years, and he’s never had TJ.

              • Jay CT says:

                All good points. I just think if his price continues to fall it could turn into a steal. How about 2 years 8 million per with bigtime inning incentives.

          • christoper says:

            exactly the opposite of the way the teams manager thinks.

            he has said he would take 150 of ben sheets innings over most any other pitcher in baseball giving 200.

            sheets or no sheets it is a mistake making phil the 5th starter tis year. what if CC, AJ or Wang go down for an extended period of time and those two need their time off. do we get Aceves and IPK in the rotation then?

            at least add a low cosst veteran – Freddie Garcia maybe/maybe not but someone.

            and dont let thee pen stand stagnant. sign juan cruz – he is a stud

            • 'The' Steve says:

              “he has said he would take 150 of ben sheets innings over most any other pitcher in baseball giving 200.”

              He’s absolutely right about that, Ben Sheets when healthy is better than AJ Burnett, and is one of the top 10 pitchers in Baseball. But if his medicals are bad, then you can’t count on him even giving you the 150.

              • Mike Pop says:

                I dont agree with this at all. Let Sheets pitch in the AL East when hes at his best then look at his numbers. I think the numbers will be closer than you think.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Also I can name a better amount then 10 in no particular order “when healthy”
                  I might even go Wang and KAzmir but thats nitpicking.

  12. I was most offended that Manny was behind Jason Giambi. I mean is there a comparison between those two? He must think that Giambi is “the more complete player” because he plays first base so well.

  13. Infamous says:

    Is there going to be a press conference to introduce Tex? I havent seen anything since they said he had agreed to terms with the Yanks.

  14. E-ROC says:

    I’m not getting the MLB Network. The individual provider’s customer service couldn’t tell me why. Thank you, Time Warner! You’re the best!

  15. Manimal says:

    Anyone here excited for that movie Notorious, OMG I can’t wait till the 16th

  16. Joey H says:

    Al is going to tell us why AJ isn’t going to get injured anymore. I’m anxious to hear this.

    • Manimal says:

      Wow, he sounds pretty confident.

      • Joey H says:

        It wasn’t an argument I haven’t heard before. A strong one nonetheless.

        • Kevin G. says:

          What was his argument? I was having dinner and I didn’t hear it.

          • Joey H says:

            In summary, that he was a thrower and was more for how hard he can throw and hit 100 than he was a pitcher. He not gets how to actually pitch and not just throw flames.

        • Evan says:

          I don’t think it was THAT strong. This isn’t to say Leiter’s argument is without merit but it would have been more convincing if he mentioned that Burnett’s throwing mechanics have improved (whether or not that’s true is a different story, of course).

      • VO says:

        from what i have heard these 2 days al is showing hes a yankees fan and hes backing really the yankees decision making in the stuff i have watched, for instance, joba in the rotation and now aj is goign to be healthy

        • Jay CT says:

          Well he probably is making more from YES and knows where his bread is buttered

        • whozat says:

          Well, first of all he’s not “being a Yankee fan” by advocating that Joba remain a starter. He’s just right.

          As for AJ staying healthy…what was his argument? Maybe he’s got something legit to say. Was it all the stuff about how he “learned from Halladay” and has decided to stop going max-effort on every pitch? If so…he’s just repeating what AJ said in his own press conference.

    • 'The' Steve says:

      Al isn’t exactly an unbiased source. He’s been friends with AJ since they played together on the Marlins and was one of his biggest FA boosters within the Yankee fold. He’s kind of ‘invested’ in AJ’s success, so the glass will always be half full in his eyes.

      Personally, I’m glad Al is off YES. He’s too sensitive, too thin skinned. The pitcher is always the one getting screwed, has been since the 60′s, blah blah blah. It’s tough to take. I found myself screaming “Oh please, cut it out!” at my TV set on a regular basis.

      Now if we could just find Flaherty a job at MLB Network, I’d really be thrilled.

  17. Manimal says:

    More Brian Roberts rumors but this time to the White Sox. Poor Guy is rumored every day.

  18. Bobby says:

    Why does lincecum always wear this type of hat? I mean wouldn’t he be hot considering he is in California (i have been there and I never considered wearing a hat). I just find it weird, but I still want him in pinstripes that guy is an insane pitcher.

  19. Manimal says:

    I love how 90% of the content on MLB Network is Yankees.

  20. Ivan says:

    Peyton Manning won his 3rd MVP today.

    I think he deserved it no?

    • Jay CT says:

      More interesting that Chad was 2nd. Also, Chad wins comeback player of the year for the 2nd time in 3 years. Meanwhile, Brett Farve is back home in Mississippi with his friends shooting more Wrangler commercials

  21. liam says:

    Mike A is an idiot. heyman wasn’t ranking the top 20 free agents in order, he just listed them alphabetically. abreu, bradley, burrel . . . get it???

    • Mike A. says:

      Except for when Garret Anderson, Freddy Garcia, Cliff Floyd and Tim Redding rank 17-20, right?

      • anonymous says:

        It has to be in alphabetical order.

        1-16 are

        I mean he has Jon Garland higher then Lowe and Pettitte. The last 4 seem to be tacked on hastily and not corrected by the editor.

      • liam says:

        right, sloppy by heyman must have failed to put in a best of the rest for those last 3. but c/mon it is obvious that 1-17 are in purely in alphabetical order, look at what he writes about manram, he all but calls him the best fa out there

      • christoper says:

        so lets see ..thats 2 bench players and 2 spring trainng invitees to battle it out for the 5th slot

        what a joke

        and everyone know the man with the BIG C on his Jersey should be number 1

    • Nady Nation says:

      You may have a point, but is the “idiot” comment really necessary? Grow up

    • Steve O. says:

      Oh so that’s what alphabetical order means. Makes sense, but what explains the last five Varitek, Wolf, Anderson, Garcia, Floyd and Redding?

    • A.D. says:

      If that is true that Heyman does a shit ass job explaining that in the opening, generally when you number something like that you are ranking them, I know thats what I thought when I read this article earlier, before it was posted on this site.

  22. Manimal says:

    TNT is showing my Big fat greek wedding.

    That is the Greekest movie ever, and unfortunately 100% true. Every greek can relate.

    • whozat says:

      I do like the movie, but really…change the cuisine and the words-borrowed-from-the-old-country and it could be Jewish or Italian or Peurto Rican or whatever.

      It’s basically “My Big Fat Non-Wasp-Ethnic-Caucasian Wedding”

      Still funny, though.

  23. yankees fan says:


    “Hail the Champions”

    All Promoted Team


  24. Stephen says:

    Ha .. Here’s another argument that Joba should be in the pen: http://bats.blogs.nytimes.com/.....ba-debate/

    The clincher:
    “A popular argument for having Chamberlain start is that you should not waste a player with such ability as a reliever because the more innings he can pitch the better. Wouldn’t you rather have 230 innings of Chamberlain rather than 90? The problem with that argument is that you can say the same thing about Boston’s Jonathan Papelbon or a number of other great relievers. Are the Red Sox wasting Papelbon’s talent by limiting his innings and not converting him back to a starter?”

    Essentially, his argument is “some people make that argument about other pitchers. Therefore, it’s wrong.”

    • 'The' Steve says:

      Papelbon was put in the bullpen due to a shoulder injury, not because they valued the 9th inning more than 1-8. If Joba can’t stay healthy as a starter, then the bullpen is a fallback position, .

      I’m firmly in the ‘Joba Starts’ camp, but there is one good argument to be made for using him as reliever. But using his as either a closer or automatic 8th inning guy would be a complete waste of his ability. He would HAVE to be used as a true ‘Fireman’, a ‘relief ace’ who comes out of the bullpen in tough situations and preserves victories that might otherwise be lost. He could affect the outcome of more games that way. That’s their best argument, and its a good one.

      That of course, assumes that you have at least a league average starter to GET YOU to the late innings in a position to win a game, which is a huge assumption that the ‘Joba to the bullpen’ camp just passes over, as if its no big deal. Right now, I can’t assume we have a league average replacement for him on the roster. We have some candidates (Hughes/Aceves) but nothing I can rely on just yet.

      • Steve H says:

        Papelbon also doesn’t have the arsenal that Joba has. Paps is a 2 pitch pitcher, with an average 3rd. Joba has 3 above average pitches, with a 4th that’s at least average. The Sox thought Paps would peak as a #3 starter, while Joba could become a #1.

      • Ryan S. says:

        The “fireman” as you put it (I’ve never heard that before, but I like it) is arguably the more valuable relief player, which is why if was a Mets fan, I am absolutely thrilled that they have Putz … I’d be more excited about him than K-Rod.

        I’ve read about the idea of creating a stat called a “stop”, which would basically quantify what a fireman does – come in at critical situations that are in the 8th, 7th, or even 6th inning and shuts down any type of threat. Its such a useful role, and to me, equally valuable as the closer.

        One of the reasons Mo is so freaking amazing is because he often does become that stopper for us … whenever there’s trouble in the 8th, you got Rivera ready to go whenever you need him.

        • Mike A. says:

          I agree that Putz is the bigger pickup. I’d rather let K-Rod be the guy coming in to start an inning (the 9th) fresh with no runners on, and have Putz be my high leverage, use him whenever you need him reliever. One of the biggest stats I rely on for relievers is the percent of inherited runners they allowed to score, but that info is so damn hard to find.

          This also happens a lot in college. It’s common to see a team bring their closer into a game in a big spot in the seventh inning to have them “put out the fire” before staying into the close out the game. The schedule has a lot to do with this obviously, because college teams don’t play every day of the week.

          Also, one of the newest trends in college baseball is teams using their best arms in relief. Clemson with Danny Moskos, Houston with Ryan Wagner then Jesse Crain, Maryland with Brett Cecil are some examples. Of the course this also reinforces the point that starters are more important that stud relievers, because none of those teams have done squat in the postseason, if they were lucky enough to get there in first place.

          • Ryan S. says:

            Putz has better stuff than K-Rod … Mets are very lucky to be in a position where they have a good excuse to use Putz in non-save situations whenever they need to.

            K-Rod’s former team, the Angels, has done a fine job with their end back relievers as well. I think Arredondo/Shields/Fuentes is going to do real well for them next year … honestly, I’m not that high on Rodriguez. Can’t go for more than 1 inning, his velo is down, puts himself into trouble as often as he’s able to get out, and his delivery is freaking wild, its a good thing Mets only have him for 3 years, because I think his shelf life is going to be disappointingly short, and I don’t see the Angels doing much worse with Fuentes this year.

            I like our potential to put out fires whenever we need to as well, especially if we keep Coke in the bullpen. That gives us two quality lefties who are good enough to be more than just specialists. For a team who started last season with Billy Traber as our lefty out of the pen, its an awesome upgrade. Besides them, Bruney/Albie/Veras and just maybe Melancon all have the pure stuff to be worthy of the fireman role this year. I really can’t get over the upside of the ‘pen, I’m very excited, especially since Girardi’s most redeeming quality is how well he is able to amange one. And then there’s that Rivera guy who does ok in the 9th.

  25. Kevin G. says:

    What was Leiter’s argument on why he thinks Burnett won’t get injured anymore? I missed it.

  26. populoso says:

    Wow, Heyman is terrible.

  27. populoso says:

    I love how Burrell is “limited to the AL by a declining ability to play the field” while Abreu is this moron’s top remaining free agent.

    • Matt says:

      Well, it was alphabetical.

      But otherwise, I’d say Abreu still has a decent arm which gives him a little bit of value in the OF–not much, but some.

      • Steve O. says:

        Any value that Abreu has in the field is quickly torn away as he was the worst rightfielder in terms of defense, and he won’t go anywhere near the wall.

        • Matt says:

          Well yeah, but I’m saying he has more redeeming value than Burrell in the field because Burrell has an awful arm.

          • Steve O. says:

            Both are horrible outfielders and should be DHing, but to choose one of their defense over another is like choosing between watching American Idol and The Bachelor. Take your pick. *Shivers* It’s like cutting off your arm to save your leg. I can go all day. Just compare their offenses. A lot more appealing to say the least.

  28. christoper says:

    short term – nobody on the free agent list has more value than Manny. he showed last year that he can carry a team and is the only guy left who can do that.

    if you are talking 3-4 years I say Dunn, Bradley, and Abreu in that order. how do you ignore the impact that 40 homers and a guy on base 40 percent of the time has on the team. Bradley if he can stay healthy is thebest all around hitter of the three and if you are loooking for consistancy you have abreu (as yankee fans we tend to always be looking at the other side of the grass. this guy gets his 100 RBI nad Runs every year abd never gets hurt) In oour community he doesnt get the respect he deserves. If cashman thought that he was going to sign Tex going into FA, I think Abreu is a yankee. he is better than nady, swisher gardner or melky, maybe vene a heealthy matsui.

    onto the pitching it is high risk(although getting lower attention cashman)high reward. lowe will give you the consistancy of a 3-4 starter, but a relatively low upside. A healthy sheets could legitimatly win a cy young, something that cannot say about low.

    as for raning of the the remaining guys – i am a gambler on upsides
    4. Sheets
    6. Lowe

    • Matt says:

      I’d say
      Manny: Duh

      Dunn: Love him, a lock for 100+ BBs and 40 homers, a great addition to any team.

      Lowe: Not great, but still pretty good for an NL team. I put him ahead of Bobby A because a starter will most likely be more valuable than an aging corner OF.

      Abreu: Still alright, but not worth what he’s looking for. The fact that he’s in his decline years doesn’t help either.

      Bradley: Bradley’s a great hitter (was the best on the Rangers this year) but the fact that he’s only played 100+ games three times in his career hurts him, IMO

      Sheets: Big red flags in terms of injury, but could be a huge impact guy.

  29. Ryan S. says:

    My top 8:

    1. Ramirez
    2. Lowe
    3. Dunn
    4. Abreu
    5 Bradley
    6. Pettitte
    7. Sheets
    8. Giambi

  30. christoper says:

    please excuse the off topic comment, but i missed the last thread. obviously this is a move for the dodgers to sign manny and possibly adam dunn. They already had 45 million ready for manny so this gives them the money for dunn as well who they have been talking to.

    What /i didnt see is why would Jones do this. I think it is pretty obvious he want out of LA. He is still very young and maybe he wants to go somewhere else and get a fresh start with a fresh attitude. For 5 million dollars the yankees have to take a chance on this guy. If he doesn’t work out, what is the loss? 3 months of playing time for gardner and the possibility of losing the 40th man on the 40 man roster. We may lose that for a third string catcher and nobody complained.

    You have to take the shot that he is motivated. If there is ever a gamble worht taking it is staring cashman right in the face. It was only a couple of years ago that his guy was great and looking at a HOF career. Even if he returns half to form, he will give you the number that mike cameron would have and, if he is in shape, play a much better center.

    Again, sorry for getting off topic, but I was shocked at how many people were opposed to the idea of getting him.

    • Ryan S. says:

      Non-guaranteed roster spot deal only.

      Why make a trade for Jones when we can just get Mike Cameron instead?

      • christoper says:

        higher upside

        half the salary

        and the Brewers think he is more valuable than he is and they are treating him that way

        it is about potential and i would expect that if any deal was made the yanks would wait until spring to take a look at him

        • Ryan S. says:

          If Jones is looking like his former self in ST, and he’s still with the Dodgers, than I bet there are teams more desperate than us that will give up more to get him.

          I just don’t see it happening for us, and even for $5M, the risk/reward doesn’t even out in my mind…its $5M that could be better spent elsewhere.

          • Matt says:

            “I just don’t see it happening for us, and even for $5M, the risk/reward doesn’t even out in my mind…its $5M that could be better spent elsewhere.”

            Bingo. I know Jones is a big name and has more power, but I’d rather go with an internal solution than trade for him.

            • Ryan S. says:

              As of right now, Jones was a big name who had more power. In 2008, he was a slug. That scares me … a lot. The Braves, who I’ve always respected as a well run baseball organization who usually makes good personnel decisions, didn’t even consider resigning him when he became a FA and that says a lot to me. They obviously saw he was going to fall apart, and I don’t think he’s worth more than a $1M non-guaranteed roster spot contract right now. Definitely not worth trading away prospects and paying him $5M. If he happens to get cut by the Dodgers before ST, as is a likely possibility, than we might be able to take a flier on him … that’s the only time the risk/reward factor would become worth it to me.

            • christoper says:


              and if they were to get him and another guy came along, do you not think they could come up with the extra money.

              we could have a food drive for hal and hank

          • 'The' Steve says:

            The biggest indictment of Jones in my mind was how completely out of shape it was reported that he showed up in camp last year. Don’t be fooled by his age, guys who don’t work out and stay in shape can be washed up at a very early age, and he appears to be one of those guys.

            I would only trade for Jones if I went to his home in Duluth and saw him absolutely chiseled. Even then, I don’t give up much to get him.

        • yanks27in09 says:

          it’s definitely an interesting thought as Jones was obviously one of the best in the game, just 2 seasons removed from 51 HR and GOLD GLOVE center field play.id only take him for a 1 yr minor league deal at maybe 1 mil.

    • steve (different one) says:

      For 5 million dollars the yankees have to take a chance on this guy.

      this may be the craziest idea yet on RAB.

      no way in hell.

      there isn’t a team in baseball that would touch Jones for $5M.

      MAYBE for $500K and a NRI. maybe.

      there is bad. then there is terrible. then there is Andruw Jones in 2007. then there is abysmal. then there is brutally awful. then there is Andruw Jones in 2008.

      i am stunned that anyone would want to piss away real money on this guy.

      • steve (different one) says:

        sorry, i didn’t realize the $5M figure was being tossed around in the previous thread by other people.

    • steve (different one) says:

      here is my guess: Andruw wasn’t 19 in 1996 and he’s older than his listed age.

      sure would explain a lot.

  31. Matt says:

    Anyone think my Huskies will overtake Buffalo and Barkley’s favorite coach tomorrow?

  32. A.D. says:

    Some life from Bama

    • Steve O. says:

      Alabama is the most overrated team in the country and John Parker Wilson has the same stats in his career as Graham Harrel has in ONE season. Alabama has a pretty good defense and Punt/Kick return man. Alabama gets killed 41-21 Utah is far superior.

  33. J.R. says:

    So I was tihnking about it and when they add Texiera to the 40 man roster who will thye drop? And its looking like Shelley Duncan. Just my thoughts though.

  34. Joey H says:

    Fuckin vince carter. ANOTHER buzzer beater. The Nets are a team to watch

  35. 'The' Steve says:

    The latest guest post on LoHud from Respect Jeter’s Gansta is fucking great. Loved the Bonds line.


    • Jack says:

      “The next one I got pretty much said the same thing,” Hank said. “That if I traded him he would punch my horse, but this time he specified ‘in the face.’

      That’s fucking awesome.

  36. Joey H says:

    I cant believe some nitwit called Mike an idiot. Unreal. Time to start using the banning button. Today was a rough one. I have seen Get Bonds, Sosa. Trade Melky IPK and Nady for Ryan Howard. And many Many more. A classic LoHud Spillover.

  37. Manimal says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen Yes Man I really suggest you go see it. Its hilarious.

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