Posada to play in WBC


At least that’s what this ESPN Deportes report says. Posada’s father says that Jorge has already signed on, and will DH for Puerto Rico. Here’s the translated article. The article says a team official denied the report, and that Posada wil not play because of his shoulder injury. Since he finished the year on the disabled list, the Yanks are allowed to step in and stop Posada from playing. If he’s just DH’ing, what’s the harm I say.

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  1. VO says:

    I think if he believes he can play without injuring himself (and a doctor says ok) then the yankees should let him dh

  2. Ben K. says:

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to get Posada some game action in March beyond Spring Training. He hasn’t played much at all in a very long time now.

    • Joey H says:

      Yeah and you’ve got to know a guy like him is itching to get in on some game

    • Sam says:

      My only concern is that he is now, a by an age standpoint, an old (no hyperbole here) catcher. His body will tire even more so than before over the course of a season. And what makes posada valuable as a catcher is his relative hitting prowess. His bat will be average at best as a DH, esp. in the division. But I do agree that he needs to get his timing down to be that well above average offensive catcher.

  3. Joey H says:

    The second he throws a baseball the contract gets voided. Infact if he even touches one. Rip it up

  4. Lanny says:

    The harm is he doesn’t get to work with all the new starting pitchers that are coming into camp and all the young guys he didn’t get to work with last yr.

    Catching is more than hitting.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don says:

      We have a winner here folks. Lanny identified the real problem. Not only the new starting pitchers but the guys he has not caught in a year, plus all the young guys. If Posada plays in the WBC it is a poor move on his part.

  5. Translation I did of the article earlier:

    BRISTOL—A diferencia del torneo anterior, el receptor puertorriqueño Jorge Posada afirmó el martes que sí jugará con Puerto Rico durante el Clásico Mundial de Béisbol 2009.

    Unlike the earlier tournament, the Puerto Rican catcher Jorge Posada affirmed Tuesday that he would play for Puerto Rico during the WBC in 2009

    Jorge Posada


    “Sí, él va a jugar. De hecho, ya firmó para jugar, y está practicando en Tampa”, dijo Jorge Posada padre a ESPNdeportes.com.

    “Yes, he is going to play. He has said he is going to play and he is practicing in Tampa”, said Jorge’s father to ESPN Deportes

    “Él sí estuvo operado del hombro, pero está recuperado”, agregó Posada. “Va a jugar como bateador designado, por lo menos. Él me lo ha dicho enfáticamente en dos o tres ocasiones”.

    “He had surgery, but he has recooperated”, said Posada. “He is going to play as a designated hitter, for now. He has told me he has done so on two or three occasions . (not sure if this is accurate)

    Según informó el martes un oficial de los Yankees, Posada, quien no jugó durante el torneo del 2006 con la escuadra boricua, tampoco jugaría con Puerto Rico en la edición del Clásico 2009.

    After being informed on Tuesday, a Yankees official said that Posada did not play in 2006 with _____ (‘escuadra boricua’ is not familiar to me or in my dictionary), nor would he play with Puerto Rico in 2009.

    El receptor de los Mulos solamente jugó 51 partidos con 168 turnos al bate en el 2008 con los Yankees.

    The catcher of _ (mules?) only played 51 games with 168 ABs in 2008 with the Yankees

    “Él está lesionado y no va a jugar”, dijo una fuente del equipo a ESPNdeportes.com.

    “He is injured and is not going to play”, said a source with the team to ESPN Deportes.

    Posada sufrió una lesión en el hombro que lo llevó dos veces a la lista de incapacitados, hasta que finalmente fue operado en julio y perdió el resto de la temporada.

    Posada suffered an injury that had him on the DL twice, and was finally operated on in July and lost the rest of the season.

    Según la fuente, los Yankees no le han prohibido jugar a Posada y éste podría tener la opción de jugar en el Clásico 2009 si se siente recuperado.

    Following the source, the Yankees have not prohibited Posada from playing and Posada has the option to play in the WBC in 2009 if he is feeling better

    That last paragraph doesn’t make as much sense when taken in conjunction with the others but the basic gist I got was that Posada said he’s going to play for Puerto Rico in the WBC and there’s a conversation like this:

    Posada: I’m going to play
    Posada’s father: He’s going to play
    Yankees: No you’re not!
    Posada: But I’ve been DHing!!
    Yankees: You’re not going to play!
    Posada: But I feel better!
    Yankees: Oh, all right, if you’re feeling better…

  6. A.D. says:

    If he’s DHing I’m fine with that, get his swing going.

  7. E-ROC says:

    As long as Posada is batting right handed, I’m all for it.

  8. Jack says:

    The recipient of mules played only 51 games with 168 turns at bat for the Yankees in 2008.


  9. Jack: I think it’s an idiomatic expression.

    “El receptor de los Mulos”

    Receptor is catcher; de los mulos means “of the mules”. I think it probably has to do with him usually taking on a normally heavy load or being the starter catcher, but alas my dictionary doesn’t include idiomatic expressions!

  10. Manimal says:

    DH’ing I’m fine with. My guess is that he wont actually throw a ball until May or June.

  11. On the plus side, the Puerto Rican team just got grittier.

    And more urine-i-er.

  12. Jamal G. says:


    While both involve hurling a ball towards home plate, starting and relieving are still remarkably different. Relievers are, in general, failed starting pitchers who are given an easier task that their skillset will allow them to handle. They are selectively managed to face hitters whom they have the best chance of getting out, and they get to throw at maximum effort on nearly every pitch, giving them greater velocity over their shorter appearances.

    Nearly every starting pitcher in baseball could be a useful relief pitcher. Very few relief pitchers could be useful starting pitchers. The distribution of pitching talent is skewed very heavily towards the rotation, and because of this and the extra skills required to pitch 5+ innings per start, we use different replacement levels for starting and relieving in order to capture the additional value added by starting pitchers above and beyond simple run prevention.

    If only the B-Jobbers could read and comprehend this passage.

  13. Brooklyn Ed says:

    hmm..don’t Posada got to learn the new pitchers reportire?

  14. A.D. says:

    “If they need a left fielder that can still lace them up, get on base, and steal a few, they can always give me a call”

    Gotta love Ricky

  15. A.D. says:

    Steve Phillips favorite signing of the winter, after all he wins ballgames


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