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Melvin Croussett | LHP

Born and raised in Santa Domingo, DR, Croussett is the child of the world’s first female areo-nuclear chemical engineer and a world record setting shotputter/javelin thrower. His talent for throwing a baseball was obvious at an early age, as he used to ward off rodents at his uncle’s sugar cane farm by throwing softball sized rocks at them. He initially worked at a distance of about 20 feet at age five, but eventually reached as far as 430 feet by age thirteen. Yankees’ scouts first noticed him when he picked off a bandicoot at 325 feet from the back porch without getting out of his chair or spilling his beer.

After one workout at the Yanks’ Dominican academy, the Bombers offered Croussett a four year Major League contract with $7,500,000 guaranteed. Croussett refused, instead agreeing to pitch pro bono with the strict stipulation that the Yanks donate the $7,500,000 they would have paid him to The DREAM Project. They instead donated $10,000,000 to the charity.

Pro Career
Debuting with one of the Yanks’ Dominican Summer League squads at age 18 in 2007, Croussett was limited to relief duty because he wanted to give the other players a chance to develop as starters. All told he made 17 appearances on the year, throwing 38 innings. He allowed just 22 hits, but walked 25 batters because the league strictly enforced a 6-inch by 6-inch strike zone whenever he pitched. Croussett struck out 55 in those 38 innings, finishing with a 1.42 ERA & 1.24 WHIP. He was the recipient of the first annual Melvin Croussett Award, an all-encompassing award given to the league’s Most Valuable Player, Best Pitcher, Best Humanitarian, and Most Handsome Player. He was also given the nickname “Baby Mo,” and received a special exemption from Rachel Robinson (Jackie’s widow), allowing him to wear number 42. See photo above.

Croussett returned to the Dominican Summer League in 2008 by choice, as he transferred his visa to an aspiring brain surgeon wishing to study in America. He again made 17 appearances, throwing just 28.1 IP this year because of the new mercy rule, which the league created specifically to level the playing field whenever Croussett pitched. Now held to a 3-inch by 3-inch strike zone, Croussett allowed 21 baserunners (12 hits, 9 walks), striking out 47 in the process. He finished with a 0.64 ERA & 0.74 WHIP, winning his second Melvin Croussett Award and first Noble Prize for his work concerning the transition states of chemical reactions using femtosecond spectroscopy.

Scouting Report
Croussett’s a baseball marvel, having honed as many as eight pitches by age fifteen. His bread and butter is a lively 96-98 mph fastball, touching 102. He claims to be able to throw harder, but notes that the fans complain about the noise from the sonic boom. He backs up his heater with a Vulcan changeup that comes in around 40 mph and fades away from lefties. Croussett’s also been known to throw a power curveball, a slider with two plane break, a splitter than breaks unusually hard and late, a buzzsaw cutter, two variations of a gyroball, and a pitch that is believed to have never been thrown in the United States. For now it’s known as the Melvinball, and the pitch can best be described as a reverse splitter, rising up as it gets to the plate instead of diving down.

Standing just 6’1″, 168 lbs, Melvin’s mechanics are fluid and he has incredible balance throughout his delivery. He’s an extreme strikethrower (with a regulation zone), painting the black like Claude Monet. Croussett also has impressive durability, having never been injured. He also claims to have never felt soreness in his arm, and only ices his shoulder and elbow during periods of heavy flooding, when there’s too much water to go around.

2009 Outlook
The Yankees will again attempt to lure Croussett to the states in ’09, however it will be up to him. If he accepts the invitation, the Yanks will have him start the year in Extended Spring Training not because that’s where his talent he should be, but because he can teach Nardi Contreras a thing or two about pitching. He’d then jump to the Rookie level Gulf Coast League Yankees when the season start in June, only because the Yanks don’t want to push him too far up the ladder so soon and give away their secret weapon.

My Take
Croussett is the best Yankee pitching prospect since Whitey Ford, and even that’s debatable. It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Croussett didn’t develop into a bonafide top of the rotation starter and Hall of Fame caliber arm. The best MLB comparison I can think of is Randy Johnson’s raw stuff plus Greg Maddux’s smarts plus Pedro’s mean streak plus Roy Halladay’s command of his full repetoire plus Mo’s ice water veins plus Boomer’s love of a good time plus Andy Pettitte’s dedication to church and family plus Mike Mussina’s wit plus CC Sabathia’s durability plus Tony Clark’s nice guy-iness plus Jon Lester’s feel good story. Keep an eye out for this guy.

DISCLAIMER: I may have made up some or all of this post. This one’s for you Andy.

As the stadium economics turn
Open Thread: Oh no he di'int!
  • Simon B.

    I like this new method of captioning.

  • jsbrendog

    ok. so i figure melvin crousset isnt even a real person.

  • jsbrendog

    PS. the kid in the picture has a glove on his left hand and is obviously right handed….so melvin croussett is also obviously ambidextrous

  • jsbrendog

    pps, when googling his name the riveraveblues “its melvin croussett’s birthday” thread is the first, yes, #1, thing to come up in the results. congrats.

  • JR

    Wow, i was so pumped up and was scared of how good you made him.

  • UWS

    I confess, I don’t get the joke.

    • kunaldo

      he’s real, but the prospect profile is extremely hyperbolic…although the numbers are right, 47Ks in 28.1 IP last year….

    • Mike A.

      It’s for Andy in Sunny Daytona. I’ll let him explain.

      • UWS

        It was very funny, I’m simply curious to find out whether the Melvin Croussett meme came from in the first place.

        • Andy in Sunny Daytona

          Actually, this picture is an obvious fake. Melvin Croussett doesn’t even use a glove. No one is able to hit off him, so why need the glove.
          BTW, you guys are the best. Thank you for so much for letting more of the world no about this special, special ballplayer.
          I actually talked to Melvin in person, and I asked him what his main goal in life is and he said, “Quiero a la huelga de Lyle Mouton”.

          Lofty goals Melvin, lofty goals.

          • A.D.

            this is special interest pandering in prospect profiles

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

            I actually talked to Melvin in person, and I asked him what his main goal in life is and he said, “Quiero a la huelga de Lyle Mouton”.

            It’s only a shame that RAB wasn’t around back in 1992 so that Mike could have written up a profile on Lyle Mouton. The world needs to hear the story of how he developed a cure for AIDS in his spare time, but the CIA derailed his career to keep it from ever seeing the light of day.

            • Lyle Mouton Sr

              I am Lyle’s father you may contact me about him.

    • kunaldo

      oh and it’s very funny…well done

  • Tom Gaffney

    I am gigging like a mothereffer right now (not sure why people who eff their mothers are so giggly, but it probably has something to do with the crazy factor). Funny stuff. How come you picked this particular kid for the funning with the stuffs?

  • huuz

    how does his real scouting report read?

  • Jamal G.

    I’m expecting a prospect profile of this ilk on Harold Garce. That would be fucking hilarious; get to it, man.

  • Will (the other one)

    I enjoyed this post.

  • Conan the Barack O’Brian

    I didn’t even think you followed the Latin American prospects, Mike!
    Wow. From the heart of my bottom: nice work.

  • 7 Angels

    this just in, peter gammons is reporting he has the same winning attitude as youk and pedroia, but not the heart.

  • Adam

    Melvin Crousset > Sidd Finch

  • Kevin G

    Best. Article. Ever

  • jeff

    Very funny. Nicely done.

    • celerino

      George A. King III is reporting that Crousset has been traded for Ken Phelps Jr.

  • Jake H

    Love the profile. Hilarious.

  • freddy

    please stop toying with my heart, i thought this prospect was real

    • celerino

      King is now reporting that the Phelps Jr. trade is off. Croussett failed the physical due to non-baseball injuries sustained when he saved his best friend Yu Darvish from a vicious Komodo Dragon attack.

  • dan


  • Accent Shallow

    I wonder what the odds are that this kid’s stuff ever translates to the states?

    While it’d be nice to have a scouting report, he’s so far away that it’s hardly worth worrying about.

    (I’m sure I’ll see his name somewhere down the road and remember this post. Maybe he’s on the list of players the Yankees release in 2013, maybe he’s coming out of someone’s bullpen as a LOOGY . . .)

  • Dave M

    Dickhead :-) You had me for about 1 or 2 sentances.

    • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

      Me too!

  • Lanny

    Finch was better

  • Matt L

    There are alot of people hyping this kid on other boards, while I know the profile is a joke, is this kid worth following or is he just a player in the DSL?

  • Mike

    That was awesome!

  • AL


  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    STOP, PLEASE!! My jaw hurts! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!

    Mike, you are the best. Loved every word of it. Absolutely hilarious!

  • robert skollar

    Plus…he tied Yankee hot-shot prospects Phil “Franchise” and IPK for wins last year!

  • Brad

    This cheered me up tonight!

  • Flipper

    Let’s trade him for Grienke.

  • robert skollar

    Also fluent in Kabbalah…

  • Mike Pop

    This really was hilarious.

    Mike A is sitting back in his chair saying, wow Im the man.

    • Mike A.

      Mike A is sitting back in his chair saying, wow Im the man.

      And how is that different from every other day? ;)

      • dan

        I saw that coming a mile away.

        what credentials do you have to be conducting this chat?!!??!?!”

  • junior

    i know mervin scouting report not read

  • AL

    Croussett’s a baseball marvel, having honed as many as eight pitches by age fifteen……wonder what the 8th one is, one that drops from the sky?

  • Don W

    Melvin’s left arm is the only thing that beats a royal flush.

  • emac2


    • poster

      You must be referring to everybody who isn’t Mo, Melvin, or Montero, right? Because if so, I agree.

  • AL

    Signed by the Yankees as a non-drafted free agent on 6/4/07.

    Made his professional debut in 2007, going 2-2 with two saves and a 1.42 ERA in 17 relief appearances with the DSL Yankees…struck out seven batters in 3 2/3 IP in 8/14 loss at the DSL Devil Rays.

  • Ed Mitchell

    Isn’t he the nephew of Sid Finch?

  • Brandon

    LOL good one but you guys won’t be laughing when he hits the states. :)

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