Scenes from the new Stadium

PHing for PA: On Damon's contract
Open Thread: The Xavier Nady debate

In left field, a manual scoreboard represents a throwback to another era.

Via Shutterfly member KEVINF279 (and with a hat tip to Sliding Into Home) come new pictures from inside Yankee Stadium. Construction is set to wrap up on Feb. 17, 2009, and the new stadium looks great.

Once inside, the Great Hall will honor Yankees of years gone by while a rather large screen dominates center field. The entire scoreboard complex dominates the view, and a new façade rings the stadium. Monitors ring the entrance

As the field awaits games, the new stadium features a smaller foul territory. While the Yanks are trading outs for a better view of the field, the recessed upper decks shouldn’t seem as far away as they otherwise would.

We have some more views of the stadium after the jump. Click the images to enlarge.

The center field display and the left field seats await Opening Day.

In a few months, these seats will be packed.

Concession stands await long lines.

Across the street, the old stadium awaits its impending destruction.

PHing for PA: On Damon's contract
Open Thread: The Xavier Nady debate
  • ????

    Anybody have any thoughts on the manual scoreboard? I kind of like it.

    • dan

      see below haha

    • Robert DiStefano

      It looks the same as the scoreboard from the original stadium. When I was a kid, I used to go to the stadium every weekend in the early sixties to see Mick and Rog and gang.

  • dan

    Great, just one more thing for Damon to hurt himself on.

  • The Evil Empire

    Why MUST they destroy the old ballpark? Can’t they leave it up, or will it be expensive to keep an old building on its feet?

    • Neil deMause

      They can’t leave it standing because by law they have to replace the public parkland destroyed for the new one, and there’s no place else convenient to put ballfields. Knocking it down has been part of the deal from the beginning, though Randy Levine & Co. did their best to play it down.

  • The Evil Empire

    I’m guessing the walls will be different in height but the field will have the same dimensions?

    • Ben K.

      The outfield has the same dimensions. There’s less foul territory behind the plate though.

      • The Evil Empire

        And the height of the walls? Did the mean that too when they said the dimensions will be the same.

        • Ben K.

          Based on these pictures, I don’t really think anyone expects the walls to be the same height, but I don’t know for sure. I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Mike

    The new stadium is starting to grow on me. I like the manual score board and some of the views have me curious what it’ll be like watching a game there.

  • Simon B.

    I’m glad the seats are a proper “Yankee blue” instead of the tacky 70s-era light blue.

    Any idea what color the outfield walls will be?

    • Joe Lauria

      In the original stadium the seats were hunter green and the outfield walls were black between the old bullpens and green near the foul lines, and only about four feet high there. To have made a more accurate replica they would have returned to the green seats and black walls and it would have looked better than blue in my opinion.

      • Robert DiStefano

        I agree! There was something classy about that green.

        • Francesca

          Yeah, that classy green is called ‘Fenway’

          • Francesca

            Pardon me… what I meant to add was that is a shame that the Stadium could not be renovated as Fenway has been. To lose that history and that beautiful place is unnecessary and just wrong.

  • Brian

    1) That is not a façade, it is a frieze. The façade referred the outer-walls of the old stadium, before they were altered in the renovation. A similar façade was built on the new stadium, but it doesn’t “ring” anything.

    2) It really sucks that they made foul territory smaller.

    3) I’m going to be sad when the old stadium is gone.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

      What Brian said. The one positive I got from the new pics I have been seeing is it is starting to look like Yankee Stadium more and more if you know what I mean.

      Also another great positive is that it wont stink like the old one increasingly did the last few years (smell wise I mean).

  • VO

    At first i hated the new stadium, but now im starting to like it although i still hate how its more like a mall then a ballpark, also does anyone know what their doing with thurmans locker

    • GG

      I think its being put in the museum at the new stadium rather than the locker room since moving it would remove the aura of it being in the same place

  • GG

    the article on mlbtr about lowe is funny. hes more ridiculous than pettitte, at 36 he should be thrilled about that money….Omar should spend that sum on Manny instead of Loew, of course pitching is very important and hard to find but Manny is muccccch more of a sure thing

  • the most felonious vocalist in the wide world of showbusiness

    Sorry to be off topic but I don’t see an open thread. The MLB Network debuts tonight and within their first hour of existence they’ve got Harold Reynolds and Barry Larkin saying that Joba Chamberlain should be in the bullpen. Al Leiter is there to serve as the voice of reason and even asked them why other teams don’t move their ace to the 8th inning but Reynolds and Larkin remain unconvinced. I’m really excited about the channel (213 on DirecTV) but it sucks that it’s probably going to be dominated by people with this kind of thinking.

    Tom Verducci and Jon Heyman were on earlier talking about free agents and that was pretty comical. Verducci has been off base a few times but he seems like a good guy and he tries to embrace better analysis so I’m happy he’s on the network. Jon Heyman basically exposed himself as a puppet of Boras. He says Texeira’s AAV is the baseline for Manny and he’ll end up getting 3/75 from the Dodgers, maybe even four years. He also said that Derek Lowe will end up getting a much better offer than the current Met offer of 3/36 because he’s clutch and an automatic 12 game winner. Verducci pointed out that another team would have to get involved and Heyman said he could see the Phillies getting involved even though they’ve already made some good signings. Is he talking about Raul Ibanez?

    • Ben K.

      The open thread is right here.

      I’m not surprised to hear any of this about the MLB Network. It’s a ratings game, and saying ridiculous things drives up ratings.

  • DaveA

    Has anyone be able to confirm the rumor that this Spring they are going to offer pieces of the Old Stadium Sod as memoriabilia? If they do, it will be the only living piece of history from the Yankee Stadium.

  • bobtaco

    Is anyone here an amateur astrologer?

    I hope the Yankees checked exactly the best time to complete the stadium construction, as that would effectively be its birthdate, and it is 2/17/09.

    Mystique, Aura, The Ghosts, and hopefully a strong birth chart.