Scott Proctor lives

Open Thread: The Xavier Nady debate
Testing Scott Boras

While Joe Torre and Scott Proctor will no longer be joined together in bullpen bliss, the former Yankee has latched on with another team. He has reportedly signed a one-year deal with the Marlins worth up to $1 million. I, like Torre, always had a soft spot for Proctor. Hopefully, he can overcome his elbow troubles and have a good year in Miami.

Open Thread: The Xavier Nady debate
Testing Scott Boras
  • Kevin G.
  • christopher

    good for him..maybe he can actually have a year where his arm doesnt fall off

  • Tom Zig

    Scott Proctor come back to the Yankees! I was so upset when we traded him for Betemit. Rightfully so. I suppose we got the better end of the deal?

    • steve (different one)

      yes, we did.

      Proctor was worthless last year and predictably got injured.

      Betemit wasn’t great off the bench, but he was a main piece in the Swisher trade.

  • ????

    I would have given proctor 1 mil this year to pitch with us. I used to love him. If he really does suck then just send down (if possible), trade or designate for assignment. If he can return to what he was before Torre destroyed him than he would be great.

  • Leigh

    The only year Proctor pitched well for the Yanks was the season he threw all the innings.

    • VO

      look whos sponsering his page

      • Kevin G.

        If you click on the link it tries to take you to a page in b-ref that says “At least before Torre destroys your arm for good”

        • VO

          wow lol good catch

  • A.D.

    Is he going to be ready for opening day?

  • E-ROC

    Good luck to Scott Proctor.

  • dan

    What does Andrew have to say about this?

  • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

    Just saw several places the deal is suppose to be 750K plus 250K in reachable incentives if he stays healthy.

    Hope Scott does well.