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Baseball is taxing
Open Thread: It was 89 years ago yesterday...

Via, er, I mean, MLB Trade Rumors, we get some commentary from Hall of Fame journalist Peter Gammons. He spoke of Mark Teixeira, the Yankees’ choice of A.J. Burnett over Derek Lowe, All-Star Catcher Jason Varitek, and the AL East. So let’s hear what Gammo has to say.

First we’ll start with Tex. Gammons doesn’t add much to the story we’ve come to know over the past two weeks. He does say that the Red Sox were kind of blindsided, and that Boras kind of hemmed and hawed in order to get things going with the Yankees:

They didn’t know it. They were waiting on the day that he signed . . . they thought that they were going to get him. They tried to close the deal on Monday night [Dec. 21], and Scott [Boras] said, ‘Well, the Teixeiras are flying, and they haven’t quite done this, and they haven’t quite done that,” and he kept putting it off an all along it was to just finish the language with the Yankees.

Shortly after this quote, Gammons goes on to note the “testiness between Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira when they played in Texas together.” He doesn’t comment on what that could mean for the Yankees, but allow me. It won’t matter. They’ll be together in New York, with no-trade clauses, for the next eight years. They’re professionals. They can handle it.

After saying that it might have taken $220 million for the Sox to actually nab Tex, Gammons goes on a little rant about the media, specifically as it exists on the Internet:

What happened this winter is that, as the internet has expanded to become the media power, the flow of information is quickly controlled by agents. A lot of general managers and those of us in the business kid about a couple of sites referred to as, and Scott will float things out there and throw it out there and people will report it, you know, ‘The Brewers are jumping in on Derek Lowe.’ They’re not jumping in on Derek Lowe. I mean, please. ‘The Red Sox are really hot for Derek Lowe at $16 [million] . . . ‘ No, they’re not. But Scott floats this stuff out, and he’s able to get people to report it.

Not only does it get reported, but it’s then aggregated at MLB Trade Rumors and other similar sites. So the news does spread rather quickly.

Next topic: Derek Lowe. As Gammons tells it, he could have easily been a Yankee if not for the efforts of A.J. Burnett’s agents:

[Lowe] could have gotten four-times-$15 million from the Yankees, but A.J. Burnett’s agents stopped Scott Boras [who is Lowe’s agent] and beat him to the Yankees. The Yankees wanted Lowe, but A.J. Burnett’s agents did a better job.

At the time, considering the market was still pretty wide-open, I have a hard time believing that Derek Lowe would have taken a four-year, $60 million deal. Then again, since he’s probably not going to get that now, maybe he would have. I don’t know.

On the subject of Jason Varitek, Gammons, like most of us, can’t believe he and Boras declined arbitration:

How Scott Boras looked him in the eye and said, ‘By the way, I turned down $10 million [in arbitration],’ is beyond me.
I know the players’ association was strongly advising agents not to take arbitration. They felt that teams were trying to control players for one year at a lesser amount than they’d have to pay down the line. But again, if you’re Jon Garland or Ben Sheets or Orlando Cabrera or Jason Varitek, it cost you a lot of money.

Finally, on the AL East:

I picked the Red Sox second, just because we don’t know about the health of David Ortiz and Mike Lowell, and I think Josh Beckett will be fine. You never know about J.D. Drew’s health. And the Yankees, with the innings that [CC] Sabathia and [Chien-Ming] Wang can give them and all the offense they should have, they clearly have to be the favorites.

There’s plenty to discuss here, so fire away.

Baseball is taxing
Open Thread: It was 89 years ago yesterday...
  • Pastafarian

    The Yankees should become more interested in Lowe again now that Pettite (the dumbest *&^*^& ever) snubbed the Yanks $10 million dollar offer. I like Lowe actually and if he wants 16 million why give it to Andy???

    • DP

      Because Lowe wants multiple years, which we don’t want to give him.

      • Pastafarian

        3 years like the Mets had offered him is not such a bad idea, but I would rather see a two year deal. This is all far fetched though b/c he is 36 years of age.

  • Bruno

    I’m surprised Gammo picked the Yanks to wine the East and not Boston to go 173-0.

  • Frank

    My only comment is that Gammons is clown. He controlled by the Red Sox front office and above as much as he claims the “internet media” is controlled by Boras.

    I have a lot of respect of what he’s done in the past. I’ll leave it at that.

    • celerino

      The same rumors that are on the internet used to be the exclusives of guys like Gammons, Madden etc. Boras is doing his job, The GM’s should be doing theirs.

  • Mike A.

    I, personally, enjoyed when Gammons said the Indians may have had the best offseason of any team.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      Have the Indians done anything other than sign Carl Pavano?

      I am so missing something here.

      • DP

        Signed Wood, traded for DeRosa

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

          DeRosa might be a good move, but Mark Teixeira, he is not.

          Well, in Mark Shapiro’s defense, it’s not like he’s running the Orioles or the Mariners…

          • Jay CT

            Actually he gave up very little to get DeRosa, who according to FanGraphs was worth 19.4 million last year. He was a steal. Wood was the highest upside play of any of the relievers according to KLaw. All in all, with not spending too much, he added quite a bit of talent (the Joe Smith move I thought was pretty good as well.) And he still has money left for another starting pitcher apparently. If Hafner (which I doubt) and Victor Martinez (which is more likely) begin hitting again, they could be quite dangerous.

    • The Third Yip-Yip

      LoL, $21 million for two years of a reliever who’s not even that great, I’d have the ambulance on speeddial if I were Shapiro.

    • ‘The’ Steve

      Too many commas. Either

      “I, personally enjoyed when Gammons ”


      “I personally, enjoyed when Gammons”

      . . would have been fine. Let’s not even get into the fact that “I” and “personally” are intended to convey the same information, making any sentence beginning with “I personally” unnecessarily wordy.

      • lilstevie

        look at the big brain on “The Steve”

        • Bruno

          that actually made me LOL

        • ‘The’ Steve

          mmmmm yyyyyessssss.

          I’m just busting his balls.

          • lilstevie

            sorry “The” Steve I couldnt resist

      • swolansky

        Actually, both of your suggestions are incorrect. It only works with either no commas or two commas.

        The only thing worse than grammar nerds is incorrect grammar nerds…… which is convenient for me to say, since I’m clearly the former :-P

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          I’m FedExing all you cheeky bastards copies of “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves”.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

      If is, Peter Gammon’s life is two sites and IamMadThatSomebodyElseCanMakeUpRumorsAndGetMoneyOutOfIt.Com

      Gammon’s was at one point a decent writer / groupie type who turned himself into a clown on ESPN in order to get known more. He used ESPN’s huge mass of hours and their need for a named writer to be on there to get in everybody house and his face plastered on their TV all the time. That was a good move on his part but with that exposure he showed what he really was. He is just a shill for the Sox.

  • Abe

    Gammons really is just a Sox fan at heart – I dont think that RAB quoted this, but in the same interview he really sounded like sour grapes when he remarked:

    “He wanted to go to the Yankees, his wife doesn’t like Boston — apparently she doesn’t like the stores on Newbury Street or something — and in the end that’s the way it goes.”

    I don’t know about any of you, the comment about Tex’s wife as well as the rest of interview just struck me as though Gammons was bothered by the whole thing. I’m sure if he signed with the ox he wouldn’t have mentioned that Ortiz and Tex don’t get along (not true – just an example).

    • Joseph P.

      I had the Newberry Street thing highlighted, but didn’t quote it. As it is, I think I copied and pasted more than a quarter of what he said.

      • Abe

        Yea i wasn’t criticizing your reporting – I just thought that was a slight, but unmistakable knock on Tex and his wife and the Yanks. Gammons just really bothers me at this point.

        • The Third Yip-Yip

          Just imagine when he SINGS!!!

          The skies open like the Red Sea at Moses’ beckoning, and flaming German shepards fall like rocks from the heavens. Then, Fenway’s grass gets incinerated, ruining the team’s plans to sell the sod in order to raise funds for a park that isn’t discriminatory against fat people.

          • Jay CT

            The interview was quite lengthy so Joe you did a great job pulling info from it

          • Jay CT

            Lol, thats pretty funny, lol

    • The Third Yip-Yip

      “Hey Peter, why do think the Sox traded Crisp away for a bag of @#$^?”

      “‘Because he’s … b..b..…

      …blocking Jacoby?”

    • Ben K.

      It’s completely unnecessary and sexist too. Way to be classy, Peter Gammons. I lost some respect for him with that comment.

      • ‘The’ Steve

        I thought half the article was flat out wrong, but you’re being unfair. TEX was the one who brought up in the press conference how “His wife loves Manhattan” and I believe made a comment about her loving the stores.

        So that comment isn’t sexist, it wasn’t some bigoted comment based on no information other than her gender. It was a defense of Boston vs Manhattan, that’s it.

        • Ryan S.

          Kim Jones said to Tex’s wife “I think you’ll like shopping here” or something to that affect. That’s all I remember hearing about shopping.

          • ‘The’ Steve

            Maybe that’s what he was referring to. They did both say a few times how both he and she love NY, and Kim did say something to her about shopping.

            In any case, Gammons intent was clearly to defend Boston, not attack her gender.

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

      “Gammons was bothered by the whole thing”

      He obviously was. Just as he was when the Yanks got Johnny, and when the Yanks got A-Rod. His close associations with the Red Sox, their employees, players and owners is fine to me. My issue about this with him is that he is paraded around ESPN as this fair and balanced baseball knowledge god. He is not. He is a geeky guy who never played the game, and is a groupie of the Sox. He has some interesting ideas and or perspectives from time to time, but no more than anybody else who has worked in baseball for the time he has.

      Without ESPN, Gammons would just be a writer who did some good, bad and great articles for SI just like countless other non famous writers.

  • The Third Yip-Yip

    I like how Gammons is trying to pawn off the baseball media as some sort of ruthless, deceiving, corrupting movement when he is on the board of directors. Peter, was it not you who wouldn’t leave Billy Beane the #@$& alone in Moneyball ?

  • DisplacedYanksFan

    How do you not hammer the vaunted “journalist” Peter “I bleed Sawx Red and White” Gammons for disparaging Teix’s wife by saying that she didn’t “like the stores on Newbury street or something”? Really? This is a “hall-of-fame comment? Now I’m not one of those people that think that public figures should apologize for everything that they say, but when you are a “journalist” and you are giving quotes or talking on the record about a story, as a “journalist” you have to remain objective. Mr. Gammons didn’t do that and, personally, I think that it puts a stain on his otherwise unblemished reputation. Then he goes on to talk down to the “new media” sites on the web (blogs). At least bloggers don’t hem and haw about where their true loyalities are like “journalists.” Peter Gammons now ranks up there with Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in my book. Screw him!

    • Abe

      A bit harsh – but he really is just a Sox puppet – I said similar things a couple of posts ago.

    • Bruno

      Peter Gammons now ranks up there with Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in my book. Screw him!

      It took this article for you to realize that reality?!?

      • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

        As much as I am sometimes or ok most of the time irritated by Tim McCarver and to a lesser degree Joe Morgan, Peter Gammons should not be mentioned in the same sentence as these guys.

        Joe Morgan was a GREAT baseball player. One of the best, and some very knowledgeable people say THE best all around EVER at his position.

        Tim McCarver was a very good player, at a hard position. Tim also has done a decent to good job in certain media jobs. He is not bad on his interview rain delay type show he has. He is however god awful on TV most of the time.

        Peter Gammons was never one of the best of what he does, EVER. (and as I have stated on this thread already he did a few great pieces for SI back in the day)

        Jon Miller is just a voice to me, nothing more.

        Joe Buck is the worst guy I have ever heard do a national broadcast for baseball. Without his dad being who he was I think this mook would be washing trucks for a living.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          IMO, what Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver did as players has virtually nothing to do with their aptitude as TV personalities. The fact that they played does not make them better (or worse) broadcasters.

          Apples and oranges.

        • Klemy

          And Michael Kay should be doing the drying.

  • Chazzy

    At least he concedes the Yanks are the favorites. I would’ve guessed he’d say the Rays. ( In the wake of the obvious Red Sock underdog-ery.)

    • Abe

      Yea he is doing that – just replacing the Rays with Yankees

  • GG

    I wonder why on earth he wouldnt pick the sox as the favorite, either a. he knew it would just look ridiculous in the wake of the Tex deal or b. theo told him to

  • Jay CT

    It is simply astonishing that someone who clearly writes with such a slanted opinion works for ESPN. I have no problem that he is pro Red Sox, but since he speaks on behalf of the biggest sports network around it is ridiculus. If he were a beat writer for The Herald or The Globe it would be one thing. I am sure that I am looking at it with a major bias, but seriously… come on. The whole “doesn’t like the stores in Boston” is the icing on the cake for me.

    • ‘The’ Steve

      Gammon is so respected as a Baseball writer because

      1-Boston a Baseball crazy town, one of the best baseball markets in the country

      2-He’s one of about 3 grown ups (Him, Shaunessy, and . . . I’m thinking . . . ) who write about Baseball in that town. The rest of the Boston sportswriters are largely hacks who don’t know the difference between a valid criticism and a personal attack. They also cant report a shred of info without editorializing about it in some Boston-centric way.

      Gammons used to be good, but he’s fallen into the “editorializing” category way too often in recent years.

      • Jay CT

        If you have read the book Feeding The Monster, its basically Gammons and Shaunessy, I agree. Maybe I am going overboard, but I think ESPN fires people or suspends people over some pretty stupid shit, but Gammons can say something like this (in regards to Tex’s wife), something totally sexist and just overall unnecessary, and it will get ignored. I just think its not fair and the Hall of Fame genius should be taken to task. The fricken guy couldn’t even write what a feat CC Sabathia accomplished last year without including Pedroia. The two had NOTHING to do with each other: “Faced with the prospect of a $161 million contract, to go out and make one start after another on three days’ rest was an extreme outward sign of Pedroia’s motto: “It’s all about championships.” ”

        • ‘The’ Steve

          That’s interesting, I will check that out. I know this from having read and listened to these guys all too many times, and having a sense of what’s fair and what’s over the line.

          You know the old line about Boston.

          “They love 3 things in Boston. Sports, politics and revenge”

        • GG

          was that pedroia thing an accident??

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Referring to CHB as a grown-up is undoubtedly the best compliment he has received in quite some time.

  • The Third Yip-Yip

    I hope I’m not the only one exposed to this blasphemy:

    Showed up at about 5:55 p.m. when I refreshed.

    • Jay CT

      Well that is just a waste of advertising money, lol

  • NC Saint

    Cute that Gammons has so much scorn for the internets trading in bogus rumors floated by agents. The tubes took the sports media’s job away!

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

      Gammons “Diamond Notes” were always half made up BS, yet he dares call out people on the net. is a great site. If he has beef with them and what they do he needs to re-read the title of the site. Peter Gammons is a pompous ass.


      He is the model for all these writers who want personal fame and to get on TV and be somebody. If ESPN was based out of some other area, it would be a different goober who would now be who Gammons is to the world.

  • Nick-YF

    That comment about Teixeira’s wife is sexist. Not much else to add to that. I know it’s not a big deal on a thread about baseball and Gammo is from an older generation, but unless she actually did complain about the shopping in Boston (I haven’t read this anywhere), it’s sour grapes on Peter’s part and sexist crap.

    Meanwhile, the way the market has developed is pretty shocking to me. I am completely surprised that agents and the PA had it so wrong about arbitration cases. Boras and a lot of other agents are having a bad off-season.

    • ‘The’ Steve

      No its not, see my above reply to Ben’s post on the same issue.

    • A.D.

      5th ave > Newberry

  • napred

    Gammons is Old School, and it looks like the older reporting generation dont like the fact that we “the bloggers” get some of the info before they do…

    He’s also a huge Red Sux simpathiser. Too bad, I kinda like the old guy.

  • GG

    its funny how he calls out Boras and the internet yada yada yada..go back to november and he’s on sportscenter talking about the tex going to the red sox saying…”look, theyre gonna get this thing done”….in one blog he wrote he was saying how it was all but done but they just needed to hammer out details….Peter is a clown

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      Just like Santana was going to the Red Sox last year.

      …to be fair, Gammons is pretty well-connected when it comes to Boston’s sources. He’s more than a Red Sox shrill, I think, although he does – occasionally – play that role, perhaps even unknowingly. After all, if there’s one thing the Boston front office is good at, it’s spinning the media a story, and having the ear of a well-respected journalist (whether that respect is deserved these days or not) is a great way to do that.

      So no, you’re not going to get unbiased reporting from Gammons, considering his sources. And you probably won’t get unbiased analysis from him, either, as this story clearly indicates. There are worse reporters and analysts out there, though…

      • Jay CT

        I agree in some ways. If he were just a local guy, its one thing. He is basically the face of baseball on ESPN, the Hall of Fame hero. My cousin is one of the producer’s of Outside The Lines, and is friends with Buster Olney. I send him emails, and he passes them along to Buster all the time. I have debated bringing this up in the past on here cause I don’t want to sound like a pompus asshole, but I thought it would be cool if we could get him to do a 1 hour chat. He is a really cool guy…

        HOWEVER, anytime I send my cousin an email about Gammons, I can’t even get a fricken response. Its like people on campus are afraid to talk about him or write about him. Its ridiculus.

  • jim

    Gammons is a red sox fan and I think he was excited about the sox getting TEX.
    When Henry flew to Texas and then left , Gammons was getting the feed from the Red Sox , so he essentially was part of the negotiating team.
    The headlines in boston were “TEXAS HOLD EM” making a reference to Henry calling Boras’s Bluff.
    Gammons was reporting it that way and was telling the story about how Henry bested Boras with dice K “threatening to pull out , getting on the plane, etc” and then Boras had to capitualte and Henry got the better of Boras and Dice-K.
    Gammons basically had the storyline (straight from Henry) of “Henry whips Boras again ” “The Henry Legend grows” etc
    I think Gammons probably likes Henry and is upset that they lost out.
    On Sports Cable in Boston , the commentatotos said “Boras Kicked Henry in the Teeth” and “Henry was going to use this to leverage for a new ballpark”

    I think that is the real story .. the sox really felt it was just the nationals and sensed the weakness coming from Boras and pounced, but he had pocket aces.

    so now its internet reporting and Tex’s Wife we hear about. But the truth was told on boston cable sports show. “Henry was kicked in the teeth” and gammons too

    • Charlie

      agreed. Boras is smart and he obviously knew that Tex going to the yankees would destroy Manny’s hopes of getting a fat contract, and his fat commission. there is no way that Boras was working a complicated master plan to arrange a Tex/Yankees union at boston’s expense. the facts were the yankees offered more money than the red sox and tex wanted to play for new york more- that’s why he’s a yankee now. not because boras tricked anyone.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Hold on, I have a question… Who are these people through whom Boras is supposedly (not that I doubt it) funneling information? Gammons clearly blames “new media,” and I assume he means blogs etc. I get that these “rumors” are getting reported on the internet, but are they not being reported by people employed by “old media” (i.e. newspapers)? I mean, before a site like MLBTR picks up on a rumor it’s usually published on the website of some local paper or similar entity, it’s not like Scott Boras has a hotline to Tim Dierkes through which he’s funneling his information. With that in mind, is Gammons really just complaining about the speed with which information can be disseminated? In the end isn’t he complaining about “old media” types, and about the speed and ease with which information can be reported today? I mean, why doesn’t he just yell “GET OFFA MY LAWN” while he’s at it? The world is changing, change with it, Peter.

    • ‘The’ Steve

      Bingo, that’s why attacks on all sorts of internet news sites from Drudge to MLBTR are mostly unfair. All they do is link to the so-called “Old media”.

    • Jay CT

      MLBTR only sums up what legit sources are saying, and Tim freely admits that he trusts Heyman and Rosenthal the most.

    • Joseph P.

      “With that in mind, is Gammons really just complaining about the speed with which information can be disseminated?”

      I think he’s also complaining about volume of information out there, and how much of it is false. I know he used the “Brewers interested in Lowe” rumor as an example. Clearly, as he notes, the Brewers were not interested. But many people saw the initial report of their interest, and missed the updates discrediting the original.

      • ‘The’ Steve

        “I think he’s also complaining about volume of information out there, and how much of it is false.”

        Well, one way to lessen that would be to stop reporting so much wrong information yourself.

        • Glen L.

          dude … what the fuck are you talking about?

    • Hawkins44

      The teams do the same thing as Boras…. you don’t think that’s why John Henry sent his email discussing negotiations? You always hear from “team sources” on offers…the game DOES work both ways.

  • Januz

    I actually like Peter Gammons, and find his stuff entertaining. He grew up in Boston, wrote for the Globe etc (The Globe is an excellent read on Sunday’s during baseball season). I can’t condemn him for being a GENUINE Sox fan, he likes his team like I like mine (I wish I could be paid lots of money to do it (Not to mention being in the writters wing of the Hall of Fame)) The guys who bother me are the Yankee HATERS. Lupica, “Mad Dog” Russo, most of ESPN & WFAN and the like. There is a clear difference between the two.

    • Bruno

      Well said.

    • John

      Nice way to put it in perspective.

  • GG

    Its also really annoying that since the Sox, the media’s darling, lost you hear Money hungry Tex gets his deal, Boras decieved the Sox, etc etc…..How often did you hear headlines like this: Tex Leaves 5mil on the table to be a Yank

  • LeftyLarry

    Interesting that Tex said friction between him and Arod is absolute nonsense and that Arod did nothing but help in Texas and that he admired Arod and looks forward to being his teammate again.

    • GG

      Does anyone have good insight on the Jeter thing as well? All I know is what Jeter said a year or two ago, they are not as close as they used to be…..and way back in the day Alex told SI Jeter had a much better supporting cast, which he did….Is there any reason to believe they actually have any bad feelings about one another?

  • ‘The’ Steve

    “[Lowe] could have gotten four-times-$15 million from the Yankees, but A.J. Burnett’s agents stopped Scott Boras [who is Lowe’s agent] and beat him to the Yankees. The Yankees wanted Lowe, but A.J. Burnett’s agents did a better job.”

    So the tail wags the dog. If Pete had bothered to check with ANYONE linked to the Yanks in NY, he would have known that they had the hots for him all year, since his (many) brilliant performances against them in 08. He would also know that they have always preferred pitchers with swing and miss ability, especially for post season purposes.

    He would also know that the Yanks had some bias against pitcher from the NL, especially the NL West. And no, CC pitching in the NL for 2 months does not make him an NL pitcher.

    So, so wrong.

    • GG

      yea that was just false, only thing Lowe has is great proof of durability…hes also 36 and not worth more than 2 yrs 3 max…Burnett was basically being recruited in the middle of the summer when he was goin out to dinner with Damon, Jeter and whoever else on a roadtrip to NY

  • Phil McCracken

    MLB Trade Rumors says the Reds have talked a lot with the Yankees about Nady and Swisher and they want to move one of them.

    Is there any way they could get Bailey if they upped the deal and made a package out of one of them?

    • Bruno

      NO to trading Nady. HELL NO to trading Swisher. HELL MO’FO NO to picking up Bailey (even for Kevin Cash)!

      • Phil McCracken

        I’m not saying I want them to trade Swisher or Nady, especially with Nady/Damon/Matsui all off the books next year. Swisher should stick around, especially since he’s got a few more years on his contract and Nady is worth more in draft picks.

        But if Cashman has to make a trade, I’d like to see if we could get Bailey in return. He struggled, but he might be able to turn his ship around.

    • Jamal G.

      Yonder Alonso and Jay Bruce; get it done, Cash!

      • ‘The’ Steve

        Actually, between Votto and the almost MLB ready Alonso, they do have an extra 1B. Too bad we don’t need one anymore.

        We need a 5th starter, so if were talking to them I would imagine its about one of their pitchers, hopefully Harang.

  • Jamal G.

    I don’t know which article I enjoyed reading more today: the Gammons article or Gordon Edes’s ( report on the events of the Mark Teixeira negotiations.

    Per Edes:

    What Teixeira failed to mention while expressing his gratitude to the Yankees was that the Boston Red Sox had constructed an offer with vesting option years in what would have been a 10-year package for even more money, and that agent Scott Boras had pitched a similar proposal to the Los Angeles Angels late in the process that would have kept him with the team he helped to the playoffs last season.

    That’s just sexy right there.

  • Ken O’C

    A.J. is way better than Lowe (pitched in the pitiful AL West that has no good hitters) and even if A.J. misses some starts , Girardi will have him ready for the post season and he will dominate and he will turn out to be great signing. Put him on a good team in front of a sold out crowd every start like the Yankees and he will be a beast.

    It is obvious Peter Gammons (who was a Boston Globe sports write) hates the Yankees and he always has. The other thing I picked up this off season that when Buster Olney announced Tex’s decision to join the Yanks you see in his face and the tone of his voice that he was so exasperated. I looked up Olney on Wikipedia and found that he grew up in Vermont (population 100% Sox fans). Mike Lupica seems like he hates the Yankees too. He always writes these whiney columns about the Yankees spending money on free agents. He was born in Onieda, New York and went to Boston College. Could he be a Sox fan too?

    • GG

      I feel exactly the same way my friend…we have the money but they have the media…Once we start winning rings again, instead of them, its going to become a whole lot harder for them to dump their constant biased point of views on us….of course at first, were gonna have to put up with how we “bought it”…thirty+ yrs into free agency is there really such a thing anyway

      • Evan

        Olney is a yankee fan.

        • Grego

          Olney actually grew up a dodger fan. He’s discussed it a few times in the past.

          • Jay CT

            I think thats a total reach. A- Wikipedia should NEVER be refrenced as they can be changed by anyone and are not reliable. However, they recently stopped allowing famous people to be altered.

            B- You are attempting to read his body language? As Grego said, he is a Dodger fan, so you are wrong in your assumtion. I for one believe Olney to be fair. The press got it wrong, no one knew the Sox wouldn’t get Tex. But Olney did not look exasperated in my opinion. And yes Lupica grew up in Mass. He claims he is not a Sox fan, but his father is a die hard. He does not seem to care for the Yankees though.

            I do think your right about the Burnett signing. I was rooting for it, even though I was in the minority, I don’t mind a 5 year deal

  • Shamus

    Not that I had much respect for him anyway, but I lost every last ounce of it with the crack at Leigh Teixeira. Of course, if Tex signed with the Sox, it would be a different story.

    What a rude, bitter, biased old pickle-puffer Peter Gammons is.

    I mean seriously, could he bend over any further and grab his ankles any harder for Theo and Co.?

    I think he is getting senile and forgets that he isn’t at the crappy Gammons Globe anymore, and that he works for a national media outlet. What a shill mouthpiece this guy is.

    And, as the RAB fellas pointed out from Vegas, he walks around in $3000 suits, yet apparently hasn’t seen a dentist since Jesus wore short pants.

    Does ESPN not offer dental? Or is Gammons to busy playing guitar with Theo and smacking John Henry’s mackerel to get his teeth cleaned?

    Okay, okay… sorry — rants over!

  • kel varson

    Gammons is clearly a Sox fan but he is one of the few people on ESPN that really know baseball. For that reason I like him. I don’t mind that he roots for the Sox.

  • Ken O’C

    Trade Swisher, Nady for prospects, bring Abreu back for 1 yr., 1/2 price?

    • GG

      his defense is just soo bad..if anything him as DH would be awesome, but were not going to be able to move Godzilla…That guy better have a good year

  • Ken O’C

    Damon, Jeter, Abreu, Arod, Tex???

  • A.D.

    I love how Gammons complains about the media, when most sites just cite his ESPN mates or Ken Rosenthal. The puppets are shitty beat writers with their own blog, like the guy in Milwaukee, that print crap, so really its Gammons own type, actual journalists for published news sources, and not pure bloggers that are the “problem”

    • Phil McCracken

      Kinda like when Gammons reported that an inside source told him there was no way Sabathia would sign with the Yankees.

  • matt

    Was Gammons drunk during the interview?

  • Josh

    The worst part of the interview with Gammons was his comments about Brad Penny and A.J. Burnett. He said the two are the same. If these comments weren’t absurd enough, he goes on to say that Boston did a great job of signing Penny because he would perform at the same level as Burnett this year. YIKES…

  • AL

    With all due respect to Peter Gammons, its time to hang up & ESPN should change their name to Red Sox fron office, cos all their baseball analyst drink Red Sox coolaid. to name a few.. Gammons, Buster Onely, Seth Everet, Eric Esilius.

    • Ryan S.

      Buster Olney is in my cool book.

  • Patrick T

    1. is likely referring to Heyman. He’s a known Boras mouthpiece.

    2. I can’t believe that people are more annoyed about his idiotic Mrs. Tex comment than the bitter, shrill “He’s the perfect Boras client” crap at the end of that segment. He played Henry, that’s it. He’s in NY because he wanted to be a Yankee not a Red Sox. The money was there from Boston, Washington and NY, and he picked the place he wanted to go most. As many have said, the Yanks signing Teixeira hurt Boras more than if the Red Sox had, because it took NY out of the Manny bidding.

    Gammons is a bitter, bitter old washed-up prick. You cannot trust anything he ever says about Boston as anything other than playing the pipes that the Red Sox FO tells him to blow on.

  • AL

    Hey Gammons CREST whittening really works, try it.

  • Phil McCracken

    For anyone who cares, Teixeira denied having any issues with A-Rod during his interview with Michael Kay the other day. Said that he went out to dinner with A-Rod when he signed with Texas and picked his brain.

  • gio

    Olney’s no Yankee hater. If any of you are older than, say, 16, you’d know he covered the Yanks during their ’90s glory years for The Times.

  • Peter Gammons

    Boston Sucks and I hate the Fact that the Yankees are Better!!!!

  • Ken

    How many Yankee fans grew up in Vermont? Zero. Onley hates the Yankees. You can work in NYC as a sports writer or a Carpenter and still be a Red Sox fan at the same time.

    • Joseph P.

      Two of my best friends are Yankees fans who grew up in Vermont.

  • Thomas A Anderson

    Funny, I don’t remember any yankee fan hammering Peter Gammons like this when the Yankees were winning World Series every season.

    I am not saying that writers and media members, no matter what their stature should not be open to criticism when they are erroneous in their reporting or are obnoxious in their agenda. But to impugn someone’s character like most of you are doing because you actually think Gammons is cooking up spin to deflect blame from his favorite team is really not fair.

    We’re all fans at heart, reporters included, but I do not believe that Peter Gammons is surreptitiously trying to bail out the Red Sox in the national media. They are big boys, they don’t need defending.

    I am a Yankee fan myself, but I do not take issue with what he reported or how he did so.

    Call me crazy, but It seems as if people are just a tad too defensive about the moves that the Yankees are making because they are afraid that the Yankees won’t win it all next year and the maelstrom of criticism and ridicule that would follow.

    • Andy

      Michael Kay is more objective about the Yankees than Gammons about the Sox. The guy has zero credibility with me. If that is me being a meanie fan, so be it.

      And for my two cents, I think Onley is a Yankee fan, and 1000 times more fair than Gammons.

  • Virginia Yankee

    We won’t know until the games are played — choosing favorites is a time honored tradition of no value unless the Front Office is lulled into overconfidence

    What might be wrong

    — last year we were worried about losing Posada and then we worried about his age and the 3 year contract. NOW WE ASSUME he can recover play catcher and provide better than average offense for C – if he can’t play C he may not put up better than avergae offense in a DH platoon of some kind with Matsui

    — Last year CMW was a near certainty to go 200 innings with #1 or #2 rates

    — He may not recover his mechnaics from the foot injury – maybe he isa #3 – maybe he is just innefective — without the mechanics for the power sinker he may not even be any good at all unless he can throw other picthes with confidence

    — Burkett was not al that great against the rest of the league — if he can stay healthy he may or may not put up better rates as a Ynakee in Yankee stadium.

    — Jeter is one fastball on the hands/wrist from being less effective than 2008 – we know he will get hit the question is how early, how often, how severe – at his new age — he stil has inadequate range and needs to be moved (we do want to keep him)

    — Gardner (my choice) or Cabrerra – can either hit well enough to hold the posiiton and can they get enough support from RF and LF to afford their Offense.

    — Nady – reversion to the mean or a late bloomer

    — Swisher reversion to his mean — he is young has show flashes has time. But he has not time to find himself if gardner melk struggle and Nady fails to impress in walk year.

    — Matsui DH and sometime outfielder – I wonder about his swing and knees – balance etc – the lwoer body movement he has always used – and how productive he might be over 162 games — he and Posada

    — Cano is a cipher – will he or won’t learn to — the are some notorious HOF “bad ball” hitters – but the ted Williams approach – Wade Boggs approach seems to be the more successful approah

    — ARod is entering the decline years. Last year an injury took a toll — wil this year be the same – still great — I am not an ARod basher but this club may need to be carried and he needs to be healthy the entire year and be on top of his game. Annecdotal as i don’t have game by game data – but i remember frequently commenting on his “failure” to use the right field gap approach – the “Mattingly Intervention” — to work out of his bad streaks (I hate to us the sl_mp word).

    — Teixeira — the team needed him for tal the reasons articulated on RAB and elsewhere — we wish and hope for a stellar year — trust the fans don’t give him the Tino / Giambi Hell untill he “prooves he is a real Yankee)

    — Pitching Mo – if Mo breaks down (just fearing father time) will the Ynakess grab for Joba esp since he has “only 160 innings or so to give”

    — who is #4 and #5 – a mixining match guessing game — how much patience the Ynakees have may be directly correlated to how ell Sabbathia, Burkett, Wells do from the start – if they dominate and build a cushion – and allow th eoffense to avoid pressing maybe thi syear works out

    but this may also be the 2nd year of the curse of Santana

  • jim

    Actually, it is important to note that Gammons was being interviewed on WEEI in Boston.

    Gammons probably said some things on EEI that he wouldn’t have said on ESPN and the shops on newbury street was probably a joke.

    I do think he is doing damage control for Henry, but not to the national media , but to the red sox fans.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was watching a sports round table on boston sports channel and they were ripping Hnery , saying boras kicked him in the teeth. This group of reporters was saying the Red Sox needed Tex the night after they lost to the rays.

    The Buzz in Boston , referred to as “conventional wisdom” was that Boston was getting Tex because Boston was a team that competed for a world series every year and the nationals don’t. At the same time there was some fear that the yankees could swoop in Damon style.

    When the yankees swooped in and nabbed him there was a huge backlash that was being voiced on WEEI by the hosts and the callers.

    here is one story on tex.
    Red Sox were close to a deal for 8 yrs 184 million and flew down to Texas, Boras bluffed them and Henry flew home “not going to be a factor”
    In actuality it was more like 8 yrs 168 million they offered

    It was reported that the yankees offered 8 for 180 and were told the red sox were going higher and Cashman held pat at 180.
    Tex to Yanks

    This type of perception leads an average fan to think that if the red sox had actually offered the 8 for 184 , they would have had him.

    That has led to the backlash. The fear is that Ortiz and Lowell are done, and suddenly the red sox will be at a disadvantage for the next several years all because of about 1.5 million a yr.
    If yanks get AJ and CC , and boston gets TEX it feels even, but CC,AJ, and TEX to the yanks feels like trouble

    Gammons is speaking directly to this fan base and he is doing damage control.

    the message is that “it is not Henry’s Fault”
    Why did Tex go to the Yanks ?
    ? because the yankees outbid them by 1.5 million a year ?
    he was always going there , bucky dent , the wife , etc

    Was it Fair?
    the message is no. in other words Henry never had a chance and was a victim, thus he can not be blamed.

    WEEI asks specifically “was there a number?”
    gammons 220 .. the jist is that boras asked the red sox for 10 yrs for 220
    in other words he is saying that boras kept upping the price for the red sox and Henry was on the phone trying to close but was told tex and wife were in the air etc.

    But keep in mind, on the thursday night that the red sox were close it was being reported that the red sox were prepared to go 8 for 184.

    it is also reported that the nationals offered 192 for 9. this is reported as higher than the yankees 8 for 180 , but it is actually lower per yr.

    could the red sox have gone 8 for 184 and landed TEX, probably

    What gammons has done is damage control.

    Then make tex look bad and Boras ..
    Boras is not fair , boras lied , boras leaks lies to the internet , programmed client , “its a good thing boras didn’t call that night”

    I like also that now varitek gets beat up .. “2 million”
    varitek is actually very important to the red sox. He is an excellent catcher who handles their pitchers and makes them better. When Vtek got hurt in 2006 , all of a sudden the pitching took a nose dive.